The Twilight Saga

This takes place in New Moon, Edward left, and Bella is good friends with Jacob, this is when she is waiting for him to come so they can go cliffdiving. And remenber that alice cant se bella when she is with Jacob.
and as you all know, all the characters belongs to Stephenie Meyers.

Chapter 1 - the begining of something new.

Bellas POV.

I went to Jacobs house, we had planned to go cliffdiving, Billy said that he was asleep and that i could wake him up, but i kneew that Jacob haden't gotten much sleep since he has been protecting me from Victoria. I decided to go to the beach myself, and wait for him there, i sat down at the cut down tree and was just staring out at the ocean. God i missed Edward, i missed his face, his beautiful face. He's smile that always made my heart skip a beat. i missed his smell,his arms, his kisses, and the way he held my waist when we where walking. I knew i had to hear his voice again, guess its time for a little trip on the motorcykel soon. i couldn't stop thinking about him, i felt like i had a huge hole where my heart was supposed to be, wich kinda makes sence , since he had taken it with him when he left me .. oh god, he left me. he doesnt even love me anymore and i still cant keep hoping that he will come back.

"Bella, why are you crying?" Jacob stood behind me, and i didnt even noticed my cheeks where wet. i quickly wiped them with the back of my hands.
"Ooh, i dont know, i just .." i trailed off, not knowing what to say. Jacob had an understanding look on his face.
"It's okay bella, i know its hard, im sorry, i shouldn't have asked .. i already knew the answer." ofcourse he already kneew the answer, he knew me so well, what did i do to deserve a friend like this ? Jacob - my personall sun. that always understood me and gave me light when all i could se was dark.
"It's okay jake, im just .. i .. i cant talk about it." I helt my hands tighter to my chest. He lifted me up, and sat me on his knees , wrapped his arms around mine and wispered
"Im here Bella, dont ever forget that, im here whenever you need me.." I know you are jake .. i know you are . but it kills me that im to messed up to be there for you .. why couldnt i just say that, so he knew how sorry i was about me always being such a wreack everytime we hung out. instead i just opened my mouth and said.
"Thanks jake," God, im hopeless. this talk was getting to emotional for me, Jacob cleared his throat as if he knew what i was thinking.
"So Bella, You ready to do some cliffdiving?" ready as i'll ever be.. maybe i'd even get to hear Edwards wonderfull voice again.
"you bet i am! so i just jump in or what?" i asked.
"no not really, come, ill show you." he walked to the cliff and waved me in. i walked to him and stod looked out at the water. he stood mehind me and directed my pose. he bend my knees and then he took my arms, taking them above my head, so my hands where formed like the beginning of an arrow. i felt his breath on my neck, but all i really could thing about was how i wanted it to be Edwards cold breath, not Jacobs warm.. He woke me up of my thoughts as he started getting closer to me and i knew where this was leading, he always tried to get the right moment to "Show" me how he felt, and as soon as i feelt it going in that direction i always changed the subject. never giving him a chance. i wasent raddy for this. not yet, not ever. i know Edward wouldnt be coming back for me, but i couldnt imagining me loving someone else.. ever. I know this was what jake wanted, and i really wanted him to be happy, and maybe one day, i could settle for the next best thing. but that day isn't today. i felt jacobs hand going down to my wais and he was just about to say something when i cut him off.
"oh, thanks, i think i got it now!" with that i took two steps forward and took the positon he taught me, and before i knew it i was going for the water.
"Noo! Bella, you fool! The water is to strong for you" I heard Edwards voice, just as clear as if he was right beside me, holding me, i smiled when i hit the freezing water.


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crazy deranged pixie luvs its write more
this is really good. keep it coming!! love that edward is back. so love thaT!!!!!!! more please
WOW!! I love the plan!! Sneaky!! AWESOME!!! That was genius!! I would be mad like rose too if I didn't get to snuggle with Emmett!!! LOL!!!

Post more soon!!
Im so glad you like it !! i have some plans of how the next chapter is going to be, hopefully you will like it :) Thank u for commenting, really keeps me going :)
WOW, I love it........ Alice is so crazy hahaha but I still think she is awsome............ Love it plez keep on going write at Vampire speed......plez keep me updated and keep on going its so good...Love it!!!!
Thank u so much, im really glad you like it, i will keep u posted, and i promise i will write :) vampire speed. Thank u so much for commenting, it really makes me want to continue more :)
hehe ok i know u didn't ask me 4 a banner, but i was bored and started reading ur story and its gr8! so u can use the banner if u want, but u don't have 2!

Oh wow, are you kidding , i loved it :) Thank you so much ! im so glad you liked my story, actually i am just about to post the next chapter. Hope you like that as well !
And if you are still bored then read my other fanfiction, i dont have a banner to that one, and i would really love one ! i just started it yesterday, here:s the link

Chapter 11 - school with the Cullens.
Bellas POV.

I sighed and then looked at Rose and Alice.
“How are you two going to hide this from him?” I asked with curiosity.
“Oh, Please Bella, we have lived with Edward before you were even born, trust me. We have our ways.” Rosalie said, a little offended that I didn’t believe they could.
“Oh, right. That’s so weird.” Alice gave me a smile and then lifted me up to her back, starting to run for the house again. It’s true though, they had lived with him, before I was even born. But that felt so strange to think about. I’m glad that it wasn’t reversed. I could never imagine me without him so long, a world that doesn’t have any Edward… that’s just not the world for me. We got to the house in no time and she put me down on the porch, she whispered in my ear while giving me a push to go talk with Edward.
“Remember, tell him you don’t want him to push you into anything.” She whispered so low that I almost didn’t hear her. But I knew she had to, or else Edward would hear.

I walked in to see Edward, he was sitting on the couch, Jasper was sitting beside him and he quickly gave me a look along with Edward, oh right! Jasper could tell I was nervous. They exchanged a quick glance and then Edward nodded his head and Jasper went upstairs.
“What’s wrong Love, why so nervous?” Edward said, looking deeply in my eyes, trying to find something to read from my expression. I blushed, knowing what I was going to do, looked down and started walking towards him.
“Edward, can we talk? Without them hearing?” I said, nodding my head upstairs so he knew what I meant.
“Yeah sure, is everything okay?” he was getting worried, he’s so sweet. I nodded my head, and he lifted me in his arms, I buried my face on his chest, knowing I wouldn’t be cuddling with him any time soon. I could do it, he needed to pay for what he did. Besides, Alice would kill me if I didn’t. But it isn’t going to be so hard, I mean at least I’m going to be around Edward, maybe not cuddle with him, but just having him in my presence helps so much.

“Love, we’re here.” He said, Edward let me down on my feet’s. I looked to se Edward with worry in his eyes.
“Im so sorry if I made you worry Edward, I didn’t mean to.” I said while sitting down to the grass. He walked towards me, settling down just beside me, taking my hands in his.
“Ok, then tell me what it is you wanted to talk about, Love.” I looked at his eyes, wow I could just drown in them. Ugh! I was starting to regret ever agreeing to that stupid payback plan! Edward squeezed my hand lightly, taking me back to the now.

“Oh, listen Edward, all of this has gone really fast, I don’t know what to think.” I saw how he started to blame himself for leaving and how he had worry and insecurity written all over his face, it hurt me that he would ever doubt my love for him.
“No Edward, not about my feelings towards you, so take that look of your face. Its just that this has happened really fast, I don’t regret my decision, but I do wish that you could give me time to take in the fact that you are back. Can’t we just hang out, let me tell you when I’m ready. Don’t push me in to anything.” That last sentence was totally stupid, I knew he would never push me in to anything, but it was sort of a translation for “No cuddling, I will come to you when I’m ready.” I looked up at him, he had hurt on his expression, all I wanted to do was to tell him about Alice stupid payback, but I would stick to this one. It wasn’t that bad if you think about it, he wouldn’t be without me, I would be right there, unlike from when he left me, I was without him for MONTHS, he wasn’t even around. The only one this was unfair too was me, and I could live with that, cause the night that I tell him that I no longer need to think about it, I know it would all be worth it.
“Oh, I understand.” He pushed forward a smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“As long as I know you love me, I will wait for you.” I smiled at him and then he lifted me up again to return to the house. When we returned, it was starting to get late and I had school tomorrow. That got me thinking.
“Hey, Edward. Are you guys going to be attending school again?”
“Yeupp, we so are lill siis!” Emmet was behind me lifting me up in a bear hug. I hugged the stupid bear and waited until he let me down. I looked at Edward and he nodded. I felt so glad to know I would see him every day at school, sitting with him and the rest of the Cullen’s at lunch time.

“Bella come on now, you got to go home, or else you will never wake up tomorrow!” Alice came down the stairs and waved me to the door.
“I thought I was gonna give her a ride home?” Edward said in confusion.
“Nouppe, I am. You can pick her up in the morning if you’d like. Come on now Bells” I gave Edward a hug and walked towards alice. Edward just shook his head and chuckled.
We got in to the car and speeded off.

“Ok so Bella, Me and Rose will be at your house about 7.10 so try to have showered and eaten something before that ok?” right, I forgot the plan included that she and Rose had to fix me up.
“Sure Alice, I could do that.” I said, with my sweetest voice. Then Alice face went emotionless and she just looked forward not seeing what I saw, she was having a vision.
“Alice snap out of it! C’mon, look at the road we’re gonna crash!” Though it wasn’t any cars on the way it was still creepy knowing that she wasn’t paying attention to it, I grabbed the steering weal just in case something would go wrong. Alice snapped out of it and looked absolutely overwhelmed with happiness.
“Spill it Alice!” I said, curious of what could have been so good.
“Oh my, Bella our plan is so genius. They are all going to go nuts!” she squealed in delight and I couldn’t help but to laugh myself.

When we got to my house I gave her a hug and stepped out of the car, looking at the road until I couldn’t see her car anymore. I walked in the door and in front of me stood Charlie. Crap! He didn’t know anything!
“Where have you been young miss?! You should really get a phone cause I didn’t know where you were!”
“Oh I am sorry dad, I didn’t think about it, I should have written you a note or something.” How could i forget? But it was too much in my mind lately, cause Edward finally came back.
“I called Jake, and he said that you probably were with the Cullen’s and that you would be fine, is that true, were you with them?!” Charlie’s face got reed of anger. I knew he wouldn’t approve of me hanging out with the Cullen, not after Edward had left me and all. Wow I was surprised that it didn’t even hurt to think of it any more, Edward was back, my life was perfect.

“Yes its true dad. I was with the Cullen’s, they are back and they are going to stay.” I said with a hard voice.
“You are not going to be spending time with that boy Bella, you hear me?! I forbid you” That made me so mad. Who was he, coming to tell me who I was allowed to love and hang out with.
“For your information, dad. I am an adult, I can do what I want, when I want. You are here for me when I need you to be, and I am grateful for that, but this is not a mistake dad, I want this. And nothing you can do will make me change my mind. So just accept it, or try to pretend you do!” He got even more mad and took his keys, marching to his car. I know he just needed some time to cool off so I let him. I walked to my room switching to my pajamas. I laid down on the bed falling to a dreamless slumber.

I woke up by my alarm at 6.40, I quickly got up and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair and went down stairs to eat some breakfast. On the sink was a box and a little note.
“I know that you are an adult, and capable of your own decisions, but Bells. I am so afraid to see you get hurt again, you don’t know how much it hurt me to see you down like that. I will respect your decision, but try to respect my opinion as well, especially with my reasons. I want to give you this so I can always reach you. Love you hunny, -Dad.”
I opened the box and there was a phone, I laughed and opened it, it was charged to full battery and I called Charlie.

“Hello, Charlie here.”
“Hi dad, thank u so much for the phone, I love it”
“Oh, hi Bells! I am glad you did, I am so sorry I can’t talk right now, I have to do this thing and-“ I cut him off.
“No dad its fine, I just wanted to call and thank u, besides I have to hurry to get ready for school. Alice and Rose will be here in 10 minutes so I need to eat some breakfast before they start torturing me” I laughed. I could tell he still didn’t take the news about the Cullen’s any well, but he loved Alice, so he started laughing to.
“Alright then, I will see you later. Bye”
“Bye dad” I hung up and then started to eat some cereals.

When the clock was 7.10 I could hear a car outside, a second later Alice and Rose walked thru the door. I put my plate in the sink and walked towards the stairs, I could hear how Alice and Rose were preparing the things in my bathroom. I just walked right in and sat on the chair. Rose started the straightener and Alice started with the makeup, when they both were done and pleased with their masterpiece I walked to my room. Alice had bought me a bunch of clothes and even though I didn’t like it I knew I couldn’t make our plan work without it, not with the things in my closet, so I let it pass… for this time.

Alice gave me skinny jeans with black heals, a tight shirt with white and black patterns. I put it on and went to look at the mirror. My face was framed by my long straight hair and the beautiful make up Alice had worked together, the clothes sat perfectly on my body, making every curve visible.

When the clock was around 8.10 I heard another car outside, I grabbed my bag and locked the door after we all were out. Alice and Rose got in to Roses red car and I walked towards Edwards shiny Volvo. I saw his eyes narrow as he saw me walk out the door, I blushed a little and he smiled at me with desire in his eyes. Hah, payback plan has just gotten started! Edward stepped out of the card to open my car door.

“Hey there, ready for school?” He smiled at me. This would be awkward, nobody knew the Cullen’s were back.
“You know it” I said while smiling back. Edward headed off with a speed that would have killed anybody who was in the way, but I knew he would never allow that to happen. When we got to the school he hit the brakes leaving a tire mark where he parked, everybody in school faced the car. Just like Edward to make an entrance. Edward got out, and walked over to open my door. Everybody gasped at the sight of us two together again. My cheeks turned 10 different shades of red as Edward grabbed my hand and we walked to enter the school. We walked past Mike and Jessica, Edward gave Mike a real angry glare, I didn’t really catch why, he hadn’t even said anything.
Jessica almost drooled when she saw Edward walking past her, yeah right, like she could ever. He went to drop me of at math class witch I had with Alice, she stood there when we came. He gave me a hug, remembering “not to push me” and then walked on to his own class.

Alice took me by the hand and dragged me to our seats. Everybody in the classroom had faces of shock as they saw Alice enter again. When the lesion started we were going thru a math assignment for next week. I had already done that so I just sat there doing nothing. Then I remembered the phone I got, I picked it up from my bag and entered Edwards phone number, I could it by heart, and then started to write a message.

-Hi handsome! What’s up?- I smiled at myself, he had no idea that this was my number. My phone buzzed and I opened the message.

-Hello, who is this?-

-Oh, im a girl that have had my eyes on you like from the first time I saw you.-

-Really, are you any Good-looking then? I would love to meet you- What? Did he actually write that? Omg, he was picking up on some girl he didn’t even know.

-Yeah, I mean , that’s what I hear, but you can be the judge of that. I would love to also, shall we eat together at lunch?- I dreaded for the answer, I had told him I wanted to take it slow, but I didn’t think he would just take that as me telling him he could do whatever he wanted. This was chocking.

-Oh, I can’t at lunch, see I have this girl, and I can’t be seen with you, she goes to this school. But maybe after school, ill just tell her that I have something to do at home. Pick u up at seven?- Oh god, this really couldn’t be happening, could it? He would actually lie to me to go see another girl? My eye’s was starting to fill. Then I got a message.

-Hey Bella, just wanted to let you know I have some urgent family business later, so I can’t do anything after school.- I was just about to type back and ask why when I realized he sent the message to this phone. God, I thought I had tricked him when he in fact just flipped the whole thing over. I sighed in relief and typed.

-How did u know it was me all along?-

-Bella, I see you right now, I can’t believe you would think I would do something like that. I saw your face, I would never, I love you-
I smiled, knowing he could see me thru the eyes of everybody in the classroom.

-Well that wasn’t funny at all, I got really scared.-

-Don’t be Love, you’re the only one for me, I’ll see you at lunch-

The hours passed and lunch time came quickly. I walked out of English class that I had without any of the Cullen’s, behind me came Mike.
“Hey Bella, you look Beautiful. What you been doing during the weekend?” his eyes was moving their way over my body, ugh! These clothes was a bad idea.
“Not much I spent some time with the Cullen’s.” i didn’t ask him any question, I didn’t want to encourage the conversation.
“Oh yeah, so are they back for good now?” He had irritation clear in his voice.
“Yes they are Mike.”
“So you and Edward… are you like together?”
“No we aren’t, not yet.” He gave me a smile and hope glomming in his eyes. Did he really think he had a slightest shot with Edward in this world?
“Well I got to go now, See you later.” I walked off not letting him say anything else. I walked towards the cafeteria, Edward met me halfway, I smiled when I saw him coming.

“Tell me if he bothers you Bella, I will gladly talk to him” Edward said with a voice as cold as ice.
“No its okay, I can take care of it, he just doesn’t get it” I said, smiling a reassuring smile towards Edward. I loved that he was so overprotecting, at a certain point, sometimes it was just annoying. We walked and took a plate of food, for the Cullen’s it was just props, but for me it was like fuel. So we sat down with the rest. Alice sat beside Emmet and Rosalie sat beside Jasper, they really took this payback thing serious, Emmet and Jasper hadn’t realized the lack of cuddle they had received, but give it a few days and I swear they will be so cranky, so will Edward… I smiled at our wonderful plan. He deserved it more than ever now that he did that stupid text trick on me.

“Hey guys, so what are we gonna do this weekend?” Emmet said with a huge smile.
“We are going clubbing!!” The pixie squealed. Rosalie smiled and Emmet was jumping up and down of excitement. Jasper just laughed and Edward shook his head while chuckling at Emmet.
“Guys, I don’t think Bella is going to like that. Why don’t we do something else?” Everybody looked at Edward and so did I.
“Clubbing sound grate you guys! I would love to!” Edward looked at me with chock in his eyes but I just gave him an evil grin, he had no idea what was going to happen.

We were sitting and eating, well i was eating, they were just playing with the food. I looked over the cafeteria seeing Jessica coming over to our table. She had her eyes on Edward, while waving her hips from side to side while walking, she shook her head making her hair move with the wind, just like some cheesy movie.
Edward looked up, probably reacting to her thoughts, I could only imagine what she was thinking, who the hell does she think she is! She smiled at him, trying to look sexy, it made me wanna puke right then and there. Edward stiffened and gave me a pleading look. I took a deep breath, trying to prepare for what was coming next.

Oki guys, i really hope you like it, i have been really busy with school and stuff so i know it took me a while, i will be posting again tomorrow i think so you wont have to wate long. Hope you enjoy it cause i thought it was kind of booring, promise the next one will be better ! Also, if you have any ideas to what they could do too really get the guys crazy, then let me know and i will try to put it in! :) dont forget to comment!! Love you all.
Thank u Leanne, i'm glad you like it, i will post very soon :)
Hugs !


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