The Twilight Saga

( This is only a fanfiction. All the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.)
( You can find the story on PDF, at the end of this post)
In this story Bella is already a vampire and meets the Cullens. But when an old enemy arrives, will the Cullens be able to win? Are the Volturi going to take part in the Cullen's future?

Chapter 1

It was February 1st, when my mom Renee told me that I should go live with my father Charlie, because her new husband, Phil, is a football player and he has to move a lot. I didn’t complain because I knew that my mom didn’t want me to suffer changing school almost every three months. I was leaving Phoenix in a month and was getting ready with my things and my mood, too. Fortunately for me, Bella Swan, I took after a lot of characteristics from my dad, Charlie, so we could stand in with each other.
After a week, I decided to go to the book store to buy some new books I wanted to take with me in Forks. It took me too long to choose the books ( I finally chose Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet) and I hadn’t realized it was too dark outside. I forgot my cell at home so I had to walk home. I was walking in dark street where the lights were all broken. I had a weird feeling like someone was following me. I suddenly heard a loud crack from my left and I quickly turn around to see what was it, but there was nothing. A shiver drove through my spine and I started running. Out of nowhere, a man stood in front of me! He had short black hair, pale skin and a diabolic smile on his face.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” I asked frightened.
“I’m sorry, but you smell so good and I’m really thirsty!!” he said
What the h*** ? What did he mean? I stared at him scared and confused.
“Don’t worry”, he said, “ I’ll be very quick and you won’t feel anything.
Then he suddenly disappeared and I felt a huge pain in my neck and I realized he was holding me. But then he just left and I heard some growls and sounds of fighting. I didn’t want him to catch me again so I run despite the excruciating pain I was feeling in my whole body. I run into the park’s forest and hid in a small hole under a tree.

Chapter 2

After three days of suffering I heard my heart accelerate and after a few seconds, it stopped! I didn’t know what to do, my heart stopped and I was still alive, was I? Then I understood I didn’t need to breathe but I liked it. I could also smell everything in the forest like the grass, the woods, I could hear everything , from the little squirrels to the cars in the next road. I could also see every color in the forest although I didn’t know their names. What had that man done to me? I fell weird and right know a strong burning in my throat, like thirst in a worse condition. I managed to get up and I checked the wound in my neck where the man probably bit me but it wasn’t there!
All of a sudden, I smelt a very tasty and sweet smell form the east and I couldn’t resist, so I followed the scent to find a man walking on the other side of the road. I sensed that my mouth had something liquid and that man was mouthwatering while I took a crouch position. I realized I wanted to attack him! Oh, my god! What am I thinking? I don’t want to kill people! I started to run in the opposite side so fast that I could barely see the ground under my feet, like I was flying! I didn’t know where I was going but I kept going until I reached a big forest in a cloudy area. There was a lake nearby, I could smell the water but although I was really thirsty the water was unappealing. I stood a the forest for almost a month and I was scared because I wasn’t hungry and dying, just unbearably thirsty. After a few more days I heard footsteps from animals. I walked to their direction and saw some elks. Without thinking I jumped on the biggest and bit its neck and I drained its blood. I killed two more elks and I figured out that I liked it and I was less thirsty and stronger. So, that I was going to do to survive? Being a monster that drains blood ? I couldn’t understand that, but I didn’t want to return to the city and kill a human. After my meal I saw I was a mess so I went to the lake to clean myself a bit. I got cleaned and noticed me reflection. WOW! I was really beautiful but my skin was pale and my eyes were a crimson, scary red!!! An another reason to stay in the woods then, I thought.
I have been leaving like this for almost a year. My eyes where golden-brown now and when I’m thirsty, they turn into black. I knew I wasn’t human anymore, but I didn’t know what either. I decided to travel at the north and live in another forest. After a few hours, I was running near a road and saw a sign: Welcome to Forks????? Am I really in forks? My dad lives there but I can’t see him! Oh, god…

Chapter 3

I kept going until I was deep in the forest. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise and smelt a sweet-lilac perfume nearby. I followed this perfume and I found a handsome boy, with bronze-messy hair and pale skin. His eyes, now staring at me, were just like mine- golden brown, and his was holding a dead now mountain lion. He was so beautiful, I couldn’t speak.
He took a step closer to me and instinctively I took a defensive position. He stopped and I heard his voice for the first time:
“Hi. Are you new a nomad?” he said with a velvety, sweet voice.
I didn’t know, so I nodded negatively.
“ I’m Edward Cullen and I live here”.
“What are you?” I asked him.
“I’m just like you, don’t you know what are you?”
“No, what am Ι?”finally, I’m going to learn..
“Um, we are vampires. Didn’t your creator told you?”
My creator? Does he mean that man who bit me?
“No, a man bit me and then he left. Wait! did you say a vampire??? Oh, my god!!!!That’s why I wanted to kill the man in the street!”
“Hey, why don’t you have read eyes?”he asked confused
“Err, should I?” What does he mean anyway?
“ Yes, you are obviously a newborn and newborns can’t hold the instinct to feed from humans!”
“Oh, maybe it’s just because I haven’t eaten any human yet.”
His eyes widen.” What??? Really?”
“Yes, is that wrong?”
“No, just rare. You didn’t tell me your name.
“Um, I’m Bella Swan.”
“Wait, is Charlie Swan your father?”
“Yes”. Then I told him what happened to me.
He was dazzled and was looking at me with a very tender way.
“What?” I asked him.
“Nothing, don’t worry. Err, me and my family live here, do you want to meet them? We have a permanent residence nearby.”
“Ahh, sure, why not”?
“Ok, follow me”.
We were running for two minutes until he stopped in a house in the forest. It was huge with great decoration!
“Wow! You have a nice house!”I told Edward.
He chuckled.” It is the only place we don’t need to hide. Please, make yourself at home.”
“Thank you”. I told him, he was really nice.
Then he called some names: “ Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme come here quickly, we have a guest.”
After a second, six more vampires were standing in front of me with curiosity on their faces. I got scared and growled involuntary ready to attack.

Chapter 4

“It’s okay, Bella. Don’t worry this is my family. Guys, this is Bella. She found me in the forest.”
The older blonde vampire spoke: “ Hi Bella, nice to meet you, I’m Carlisle.” He seemed good and he was also strange, like you were looking at the sun.
“Hi, nice to meet, too.”I said.
Then, I met Esme, Carlisle’s wife, Emmet, a huge, masculine, black haired boy, his mate Rosalie, a really beautiful girl, Alice, a little pixie-size girl with black hair and her mate Jasper, a guy with honey-blonde hair and a lot of scars in his whole body.
“Hey Bella, do you have any talent”, Emmet asked.
“I don’t know “I said, what talent?
“What do you mean ?”
“Do you have any special power? I mean Edward can read minds, Alice can see the future and Jasper can feel and control the emotions in a room.”
“Really? Wow! That’s cool. But, I don’t think I have any power.”
“I doubt that”, Edward said,” you see, I can’t read your mind”.
He can’t read my mind? Perfect. That means he didn’t hear I thought he was hot and handsome etc. That was a relief.
Everybody were looking me and Edward. If I were still human I would have blushed blood red.
“I think she’s a shield” Edward added.
That’s cool, I thought. I have private in my head.
But the others were looking at me with confusion on their faces.
“What’s wrong?” I asked a bit annoyed from their staring.
“Your eyes are golden-brown…” Carlisle started.
“ I know, you see…” Edward told them my story.
They were surprised.
“You mean you have never killed a human?” asked Jasper.
“Yes, but I almost did it my first day in this life.”I admitted embarrassed.
“Wow!” all of them said.
“That’s great.” Jasper said admiring me.
“Bella, do you have a home?”asked Alice with a hopeful face.
“No, not anymore, my dad lives here but you know, I can’t live with him, I might kill him.”
“Do you want to stay with us? Please, Bella, please??” oh, my god, Alice’s puppy face was unbearable!
“ You mean you want me here with you? This is so kind of you and I’d love to live with you but I don’t want to be a problem in your life” I said with sock and happiness.
“Oh, don’t be silly, we want you here, right guys?” Esme said.
“ Yeah!! Hurray!!” everyone yelled.
I had no words to describe my happiness. I almost started crying, if I could of course
“Thank you all, I can’t tell you how happy I am now. You are so good with me and you barely know me. Thank you again.” I said and hugged all of them, even Edward, who seemed to enjoy my hug more than the others. I think I liked that.
“ So Bella, do you want to see your room?” Alice said with excitement.
She took my hand and led me to the second floor where there were many rooms and started to showing me the rooms.
“This is Rosalie’s and Emmet’s room , this is mine and Jasper’s , this is Carlisle’s office, this is Edward’s room,” when she said Edward’s I stopped to take a better room but Alice was fast,” we have time for that later”, she said with a weird smile. Then she stopped to the door next to the Edward’s room. “This is your room. We have some furniture like bed, desk and a closet, but, don’t worry we are going to buy some more today.” she told me.
“Alice, thank you, you are great, you don’t have to buy anything to me, I don’t like causing problems” I tried to tell her but she look at me with a scary face.
“Bella, don’t you even dare and think that way again! You are family now. Besides I love shopping and you give me the chance to go for it! Go in, explore the room and if you get bored, the others will keep you company.” She said and hugged me. I hugged her back and I knew that we were going to be great friends. After that she left to go shopping.
I got in My room now. WOW! It was big, with a double-size bed in the east wall. The west wall was no wall at all, it was glass where you could see the river. I think I live in a fairytale. I walk to the bed and laid there. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I found a family who loves me, and a home, too. I was just sitting there, thinking, when I heard a little knock on the door.
“Come in” I said.
“Hi”, it was Edward, “sorry if I bother you, would like some company?”

Chapter 5

Hell, yeah!!!” You are not bothering me, of course I would like some company” I smiled.
He sat in the bed next to me.“ Alice will be here soon with your stuff, I should warn you that you mustn’t complain for anything she gives, you ‘ll just waste your time.” He chuckled with his melodic, velvet, fascinating voice.
“Oh, my god, se shouldn’t spend money for me. I don’t worth it.” I said
“Bella, don’t be silly, of course you worth it, like she said you are family now”, he said and his golden-brown eyes smoldering tenderly. I couldn’t take my eyes from his, I was like in hypnosis, and although I didn’t have to breathe, my breathing accelerated, as did his. His sweet breathe irrigated my face. I wanted to bent and inhale it but I controlled my shelf. I thought he wanted to do the same. Then I bent my head down, unlocking my gaze from his, a bit embarrassed.
He realized my embarrassment and tried to hide his smile unsuccessfully and asked me: “ Bella, how old are you as human?”
“Seventeen, you?”
“As human seventeen ,too and as a vampire 110.”
“Wow! Really? You don't seem that old!” I teased him.
He rolled his eyes and laughed. His laughter was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. God, I think I like him, no, maybe more than simple like, I think it’s something stronger, but I don’t know what.
He kept asking me questions about what I like, movies, especially books, favourite color, and music. When I told him that my favourite song was Clair de Lune by Debussy, his eyes widen in surprise.
“What”? I asked him embarrassed.
“ This is my favourite, too.” He smiled and his eyes were shining with excitement. Now, I was staring at him, looking at every part of his face, his golden eyes, his perfect nose, his full lips, his perfect body admiring his perfect existence.
He noticed and stared in my eyes again, locking his gaze with mine. After a few seconds, I felt like sparks and electricity were released from our bodies and I leaned a bit forward involuntary. He haltingly raised his hand and stroke my cheek, sending strong ways of desire through my body. Our breathing accelerated and he leaned closer to my face, always looking in my eyes. Then we both heard footsteps in the hall and the he let his hand to fall and let some distance between us. It was Emmet, who came to pass some time with me. He also noticed I was with Edward alone and a diabolic smile appeared on his face.
“Hey, guys, having fun?” he asked a bit ironically.
“Actually, Emmet, we were talking”, I said.
“Well, you must have been talking really low, because I didn’t hear anything!”
I rolled my eyes, wishing he hadn’t come and interrupt My moment with Edward. I suddenly realized that Edward was the only one in this family with no mate. I smiled a bit in that.
Emmet noticed” You know, Bella, be careful with Edward, he is really innocent. You don’t want to take his innocence, do you??” Oh, my god, why is he so annoying? I turn my head to the other side, fully embarrassed. I heard Edward growl.
“Emmet, why don’t you go and annoy someone else?” he said.
“Because I have new jokes for you, lovebirds! And I’m going to enjoy it!!
“ Ha-ha, you think you are funny, Emmet?” I glared at him coldly.
“Oh, scary!! I’d better go, I don’t want you to cry! See you!” he left laughing.
“ I’m sorry, he is always like this.” Edward said apologetically
“It’s okay, I think I have to get used to it sometime.” he smiled again a crooked smile that could stop my heart if I were human.
“Em, I think I need to go hunting, do you want to come with me?” I asked.
“ Yes, I didn’t have enough, because you found me”, he said.
I just laughed. We jumped from the window and run in the forest. I caught a mountain lion, for the first time and it is better than the elks. After two elks, I felt full, and went to find him. He had just finished.
“Are you done? I was ready to search for you”, he said.
“ Yes, I think I’m full now.” More than full, to be honest.
He took some steps closer to me, looking in my eyes.
“ Your eyes are so beautiful in golden-brown”, he whispered.
“Thank you”, I said shyly and lowered my head.
He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face up. His touch was sending waves to my whole body. His eyes stayed on mine for a long moment. I swear, if I were a human now, I would have blushed crimson red!!
“It is so strange to me not being able to read you thoughts”, he told me, still gazing my eyes.

Chapter 6

“But also very comfortable for me”, I smiled.
He chuckled and took my hand. After a few minutes, we arrived at home. Alice was already there, and jumping up and down from excitement.
“Bella, come on, come on! You room is ready!!!”, she almost ripped my arm off, trying to pull me upstairs! We reached at my room’s door and she jumped on my back keeping her hands on my eyes so I couldn’t see.
“ You could always use a ribbon or something, Alice!” I complained.
“No, no, no! You might cheat. Now, take five steps”, I did it, “ ok, open you eyes!”
She got down from my back, letting my eyes free to see…OH, MY GOD!!!! Is that MY room?
My room was all light blue now ( my favourite color) with a blue carpet in the middle. She had replace all of the furniture and put a lot of gadget! My bed was a double-size blue, a huge desk and a library were at the east wall. On the desk was a really new-technology computer, a touch-screen cell and an installed home-video! Also, a huge shelf with movies and music. Alice told me to take a look in the closet so I went there, opened the doors.. and a room-size place was there with about a thousand clothes and shoes in it!!! I was speechless. Alice was amazing. I hugged her really hard and started spinning around !!!
“ Oh, Alice thank you so much!!! You are amazing! You are the best friend and sister ever!
“I’m glad you liked it! Can you put me down now? I want to breathe”, she said
“Oops, sorry!”I set her on her feet.
“Ok, now take your time with your stuff. And, at about 8 o’ clock, come to the living room, we are going to play a game and watch a movie.” and she left.
I hadn’t realized that Edward was in the room.”Wow! She did a very good job!” he said.
“Yeah, she really did!”I agreed.
He stood there, feeling uncomfortable I can say,” so, umm, I’ll leave you to enjoy your new things”, he said and took an unwillingly step to go. I couldn’t bear to watch him leave.
“Hey, don’t go! I need someone to show me how this things work”, I nodded at the cell and the home video.
He chuckled.” Alright, then, I’ll show you.”
I sat on the desk’s chair and he came behind me hovering up from me. I lightly shivered and , fortunately, he didn’t noticed. He took the cell in his hands and showed me the buttons and the tricks. While he was speaking, his sweet breath, was reaching my neck in every single exhale. It was destructing. I took the home-video computer in my hands and he took my hand in his, pressing his fingers on mine so I could press the buttons and understand what they were doing. His hand was smooth and warm and very soft and careful against mine. I was feeling the urge to turn around and hug him, but I didn’t do that, because I’m really shy to do such things and I don’t know if he wants that.
“Ok, that’s all. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.” he said.
We got up from the desk and I went with him at the door. Then, all of a sudden to me, he bent down and kissed lightly my cheek.
“ Have a good time”, he said with my favourite crooked smile on his face and left.
It was like me cheek was in fire. Am I dreaming? Did just this beautiful boy kissed me? Yes, I must be dreaming. Anyway, I liked it! Maybe he likes me, too. No, that’s not possible. Oh, god he drives me crazy!
After a while I noticed it was 8 o’ clock and I went downstairs, in the living room, to meet the others. Everyone was there, waiting for me.
“Hi” I said and went near them.
“Hey, Bella, I was ready to call for you, come on let’s play my favourite game!” Emmet said
“Ok, and what is that game?”I asked suspiciously.
“Truth or dare!!!!” He yelled

Chapter 7

Oh, holy crow, he must be kidding me, I hate this game, it’s so embarrassing!
Emmet sow my grimace and teased me” Are you afraid, little sister? Come on , I don’t bite…a lot!!! HAHAHAHA!!”
“Hohoho, very funny Emmet!” I said
We took our places on the floor, Alice next to Jasper, Emmet next to Rosalie and I next to Edward. I saw Emmet’s grin. Oh, no, that’s not good, I thought.
“Ok! I go first!” Emmet yelled like a child,” so, Bella truth or dare?
“Hum, I don’t know, dare!.”
He grinned diabolically.
“So, I dare you to sing in front of us, Poker Face while dancing in a swimsuit!”oh, totally embarrassing.
Alice brought me a swim suit and I went to my room to change. I had a fit body, but I can’t dance, so this is going to be hard.
I went downstairs in my swimsuit. Emmet started laughing” Wow, Bella, you look really good! HAHAHAHA!”
I didn’t paid attention at him but with the corner of my eye, I saw Edward’s eyes pop out. I started dancing and singing, trying not to think about it. I end the song, and changed back my clothes and sat next to Edward.
“So, I think is my turn now, right?”, I asked,” well, Emmet, truth or dare?”
“Dare of course, truth is for chickens!” he said smiling.
“Ok, Emmet, I dare you to eat human food and not chew it out for an hour!”
“Oh, men , that’s disgusting! You are really evil!” he said
He went to the kitchen, took some cereal with milk and started eating, making grimaces the whole time. He succeeded eating the food and came in the living room again, with a sick face.
“Ok, Alice”, he asked,” Truth or dare?
“How many times have you seen Jasper naked?!!
He is so irritating!
Alice seemed a bit uncomfortable.” 36.500 times!”she said teasing and smiled apologetic at Jasper. Jasper simply laughed.
“Ok, Jasper truth or dare?”she asked Jasper.
“Dare” he answered.
“I dare you to dance a childish dance only in your underwear!”
He snorted, but did as she told. We all burst into laughter at this site!
After that, he wore his clothes back and sat next to Alice.
“Alright, Rosalie! Truth or dare?” he asked
“I dare you to kick Emmet’s a** really hard!!”
I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s impossible! Emmet looked really sad after Rosalie’s kick, like a puppy.
“Oh, poor Emmet, don’t worry you’ll get over it, some day!!! HAHAHAHA!” I teased him.
He didn’t respond but shot me a death glare.” OH, scary!” I teased again.
“So, Edward”, Rosalie said”, truth or dare?”
“Dare”, Edward said with his velvety voice.
“Well, I dare you to tickle Bella for 5 minutes”
Edward had a devilish grin on his face.”Oh, no! Please, don’t do that! I’m very ticklish!
I started running while everyone were laughing, but Edward was really fast and caught me.
He tackled me gently on the floor and tickled me for 5 minutes. AHHH! His warm hands were soft against my skin but also were causing tickles, except from the desire. I couldn’t breath (although I don’t need to). I stayed on the floor until I regained my breath. Edward took my hand and lifted me from the floor.
“Are you okay?” he asked a bit regretted.
“I think so. But you are going to pay that!” I threat him
“Oops”, he said teasingly.
After the game, Alice put a thriller on the DVD. Every one sat on the couches. Emmet and Jasper, took Rosalie and Alice, on their laps, leaving for me no room, except I sat in Edward’s lap. He offered the seat to me but I didn’t want him to sit on the floor. So, I sat on his lap. Emmet grabbed the chance and started teasing, and every one but me and Edward were laughing. I sighed in frustration. Emmet is always Emmet.

Chapter 8

The thriller was really scary, even being a vampire, I couldn’t watch it and I hid my face in Edward’s chest. He unconsciously hugged me and stroke my hair, in order to sooth me. Finally, the movie ended and Emmet and Rosalie left for their cottage, a few miles away, I think for their privacy, as did Jasper with Alice. I was alone now with Edward, and still, on his lap, but he didn’t seem to notice. I didn’t want to leave, either. It was warm and comfortable in his lap. I laid on his chest and I sighed in joy. He hugged me tighter then, and I inhaled his tasty perfume. Surprisingly, he stuck his face on my hair and, inhaling my perfume he settled me a kiss. That felt so good. I heard my breathing accelerating. He did, too. Oh! This is so awkward! I lifted my head up, wanting to meet his gaze and let my eyes get lost in his beautiful golden-brown. He was looking at me, his eyes tender and smoldering, making my heart melt. He stroke me cheek lightly, making me shiver with desire. I didn’t want to do something uncomfortable for me and I laid my head on his shoulder, enjoying the moment.
“Can I show you something?”he whispered.
“Of course.”I replied.
He stand up from the couch and took my hand, leading me in his room. It was big, just like mine, with glass-walls, and gold curtains and a gold carpet, matching his eyes. Next to the east glass-wall was a huge black piano. He went there and sat on the seat, patting the space next to him for me to sit. I eagerly sat and he started playing a very sweet and touching song, that made me speechless. I would have cried if I could. I watched him playing to the last melancholic note, ending the song.
“You wrote this?” I asked him admiring.
“Yes, right now, you inspired this one. Its name is Bella’s lullaby”, he said, his velvety voice had a tender sound.
“You wrote a song after me?” I asked, impossible for me to understand.
“ I guess I did. Do you think you don’t worth this either?” he asked teasing
I lowered my eyes blushingly, unable to stand his smoldering eyes, that made my heart like a butter.
He chuckled lightly, and took my hand in his and held it there, until I looked at him. He was looking me in an adoring and serious way, sending electricity in my veins. Surprising me more, he leaned his face to mine and placed a kiss to my cheek, staying there. I closed my eyes, feeling his skin against mine. He took his face from mine and I opened my eyes, his face an inch away from mine. I obeyed the urge and stroke his smooth cheek and left my hand there and he closed his eyes, bending his head to my hand. We both sighed in satisfaction the same time and started laughing to each other.
“Bella, since you are a shield, do you want to try your gift?” he asked me curious.
“Yes, that sounds good, I ‘ve never tried that before. But, how can I do that?”
“Well, a friend from the Denali’s coven, said that she uses her gift, imaging that an elastic maze sprawls on her body and she pushes it where she wants.”
Hm, that’s a bit difficult. I searched in my mind and I sensed for the first time something elastic, wrapped strongly in my whole body. It was hard, but I pushed it away from me and I wondered if it had worked and I heard Edward catch his breath.
I opened my eyes and his was staring at me, his eyes wide with surprise.
“What is it?” I asked worried.
“Bella, it worked, I heard you! Didn’t you wonder if it had worked?”he asked excited.
“Then it worked, I heard your voice!!!” he smiled full of joy.
“That’s cool! I’ll try again”, I said and closed my eyes. I concentrated even harder to push away the shield. I wasn’t sure if it worked, but involuntary, my mind filled with my thoughts about Edward, imaging him kissing me and that I liked him and such things, until Edwards voice interrupted my concentration.
“You really mean that?”he asked me, his voice muffle, looking at my eyes
“Oh, god, this is so uncomfortable! I’m sorry, Edward!” I hid my eyes in my hands, really embarrassed.
He took my hands from my eyes and made me to look at him.
“Why are you apologizing? I like you, too, more than you imagine, and I am not ashamed of that”, he stated.
I felt my eyes pop out.” Really”, I asked in wonder.
“Of course I like you, silly, shy and beautiful girl”, he chuckled.
I stayed there in wonder and joy. He said he liked me , too. I, again, closed my eyes and pushed my shield away. I let my mind think about his velvety voice, his perfect voice and body, the sense on my cheek when he kissed me, my joy when I was at his lap and...
For a second time he broke my concentration, but this time with a kiss. His soft and gentle lips, brushed tenderly mine and I tangled my hands in his hair. After a while he put his hands on my waist, pulling me tighter and closer, against his chest. He broke the kiss, only to trace all the way to my neck with his lips, and back again to my lips. I was gasping for air, although I didn’t need it. He pulled away, and rested his forehead on mine, scanted of breath.
“I also want to tell you that I don’t just like you, I love you”, he said whispering.

Chapter 9

My heart inflated in my chest, ready to blow. “Me too”, I tried to say but he silenced my lips with his. Then he took me in his arms and we stayed like this until the morning and we heard the others coming.
We both went to the living room to meet them. Carlisle and Esme were there, too.
“Um, Bella”, Carlisle said,” me and Esme work in the hospital and the guys go to school and we considered you should go with them, but, then we remembered that your father and the whole police are looking for you, so, I’m afraid you have to stay here for a while, until we move to another place”, he said sadly.
“Oh, it’s ok. I’ll just spend my time reading and that stuff. Don’t worry. Besides the others will be here in the afternoon.”I replied.
“No way, Bella, we are not going to leave you here all alone. “ Edward said, “we can think something.”
“ Yeah, you are right”, Alice said, “ but, we should go now, we are going to be late.”
Carlisle left with Esme for the hospital and the others went to the Cullen’s garage, waiting for Edward. He was really sad we was leaving, but we had to.
“Don’t worry, I’’ be back as soon as I can. I love you”, he said and kissed me lightly on the lips. I smiled at him and gave him a hug before he left. I heard a car engine start and a silver, shiny Volvo going down the Cullen’s street.
I sighed. I decided to watch a movie. After 5 movies I got really bored and I remembered the piano in Edward’s room. I went there and sat on the seat. I remembered my mom playing some classical songs and I new only one song to play: I will always love, by Whitney Huston.
I started play, completely lost in the song, when suddenly, two warm hands were on my waist and a head resting on my shoulder.
I turned around and saw Edward, with my favourite crooked smile on his face.
“Having fun?” he asked teasing
“I’m sorry I got in your room like that, I was bored and I remembered I could play this song.” I said shyly.
“You silly, Bella, you didn’t have to ask for my permission, you are always welcome. By the way, you play really good”
“Not as good as you.”I replied, “ by the way, I devote it to you”.
He rolled his eyes and kissed me. I liked that, I had really missed him.
“Let’s go downstairs, Emmet is getting suspicious.” He told me after a while.
“Oh, gosh! We’d better go now! I don’t want him to tease us for that, too” I said terrified
He chuckled.” We are going to tell him someday”.
“Yes, but not now, please”, I said and made a puppy face. He laughed.
Downstairs, the others were sitting on the floor and Emmet had a empty bottle in his hand. I realized in an instant what he wanted to play.
I left a heavy sigh.” Please, Emmet, show us some mercy!”
“Nope! You are going to get really embarrassed to day, sis!” oh, man, I hate his evil grin!
“Rules!” he continued,” boys and girls don’t kiss the same sex and can’t get away unless you have kissed the person the bottle shows. Agreed?”
“Agreed” we said altogether.
“I’ll go first!” of course said Emmet. He spanned the bottle and it stopped on… Rosalie. He was really lucky! He stood up immediately and kissed Rose with passion.
“Eww, Emmet! Get a room!” I teased him.
“Later, sis!” he teased back.
“Who’s next?” I asked.
“OH, me!!”Alice yelled. She closed her eyes, I’m sure guessing the future and smiled evilly at Emmet. She spanned the bottle and it stopped on Emmet!!!! We all started laughing except Emmet. She kissed him and after that he kept a disgusted face. I laughed harder at that.
“I’ll be waiting for your turn, little sis.” He threatened.
After that, Jasper kissed Rosalie, Rosalie on Emmet, again, and now is my turn! Oh, god, help me!
I took the bottle and spanned it, with my eyes sat. I heard it stopped and everyone burst into laughter! I opened my eyes and saw that the bottle showed Edward. Relief and stress filled my body, Emmet was going to be really teasing about that. Edward looked at me with sympathy. Emmet and Jasper started whistling and Rosalie slapped Emmet’s head, for my big satisfaction. I went closer to Edward and leaned my face to his, until our lips met. The feeling that ruled me now, was even stronger than the previous night’s. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he wrapped his on my waist. I don’t know for how long we stayed like that but Emmet’s chuckle reminded me that we weren’t alone.
I sat on my seat again with my eyes at floor, embarrassed to look at the others.
“Oh, I think we have something here”, said Emmet.
“Shut up, Emmet”, said the others and Edward took me in his lap, trying to sooth my embarrassment. I gazed at him and he was smiling. After a while, Carlisle and Esme arrived, and saw me and Edward. Esme looked at Carlisle with joy and Carlisle nodded at her. I didn’t understood that. I stared at Edward questioningly and mouthed “later”.
After that, Jasper with Alice and Emmet with Rosalie, went to their rooms this time, and Emmet winked at me. Aw! I’m going to kill someone!

Chapter 10

“Where would you liked to go?” Edward whispered to my ear, making me shiver.
“Um, can we go to my room?” he nodded in approval and took my hand.
We went to my room and sat on my bed.
“What was Esme’s meaning look?”I remembered.
He looked a bit uncomfortable.” Esme and Carlisle, the last 80 years, worried for me because I didn’t have a mate. But know they saw you and me, they are really happy. If Esme were able to cry, she would have.”
“She must love you very much”.
“She is my mother in a lot of ways” he said.
But then, again his eyes were smoldering. I couldn’t take my eyes from his.
“Bella?” he asked
“Do you want to be my… mate?” he asked hesitantly.
I wasn’t hesitant. I hugged and kissed him with passion, I was in heaven. This special, wonderful creature loves me and wants me!
“Is that a yes?” he asked between the kisses
“OOOOOOOHOO” Well done, guys!!!” everyone were there!
“Bella, I’m so happy for you!!” Alice yelled and hugged us.
“Alice..I…can’t..breathe!” I tried to say.
She just laughed and left with the others, leaving me and Edward, finally, alone.
“ I think we went unpunished from Emmet! Do you think he’s going to be worse?” I asked Edward in disbelief.
“Worst!” he answered with a face of fake horror.
After that, we laid on my bed. He pulled me on his chest and sang my lullaby for the whole night, enjoying OUR personal heaven.
Next morning, they all left again and I decided to go for a walk. I was crossing the forest, heading for the cost, when I suddenly smelt a horrible animal smell. It was parceling the forest in two pieces, the piece where I was at, and the other piece in front of me. I went close to the road and read a sign: welcome to La Pus, Quileute’s reservation. Ha, weird. What is that smell anyway. I followed the horrible scent, realizing it was until the sea, taking the best part of the forest. I stayed there for a few moments, when I heard a deep, male voice:
“Hey! You!”
I turned around and saw six dark- skinned men, obviously Quileutes, staring aggressively at me,

Chapter 11

but as soon as I stared into their eyes they got shocked and looked at me with wonder.
“Yes?” I asked suspiciously. Did they know what am I? And what am I going to do if the know?
“Are you new here? With the Cullens?” the older man asked.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Because I have to inform you that the Cullens are not allowed to cross this line. We have a treaty.” He said still admiring me. Ok, this is getting awkward!
“Sorry, I didn’t know that. What treaty, anyway?”
“Haven’t They told you? Cullens made a treaty with us, promised that they won’t bite a human in this area. If they do, we are going to fight.” He stated.
“And how are you going to do that? You are humans”. Are they crazy? Or they just want to die?
“As I can see, you don’t know anything. So, let me explain”, answered the older one, “ I am Sam, and these are Quill, Paul, Embry, Jared and Jacob, my pack. I am the leader.”
“Leader of what?” I asked pissed.
“Leader of the werewolves”.
“What??? Oh, Gosh! Are you kidding me? Except the vampires, there are werewolves, too!! Don’t tell me that there are witches!!!”
“No, I speak seriously. And now, I must warn you, you mustn’t cross this treaty line, ok? We don’t really looking forward for a war, do you?” Sam said,” What is your name, new one?”
“Um, I’m Bella, nice to meet you I suppose” I answered
We all laughed at this. How strange. I expected from them to be aggressive.
“So, are you vegetarian?” Jacob asked, “ cause I don’t want to kill you.” He said a bit teasingly.
“Yes, I am “vegetarian”! Will you kill me now?” I teased back.
“Nope, I’m really bored right now. And, we also have a good relationship with the Cullens. The doctor, Carlisle, had helped as in the past, so, we all act good” he said ironically.
I rolled my eyes. Of course Carlisle helps everyone. From the little I know him, I can tell.
“Anyway, puppy. I need to go now, my family will be back in a few minutes.” I said,” nice to meet you, again.”
The only one who laughed at me was the guy named Paul. Huh! What a jerk!
I arrived at home and the others ran up to me.
“Whoa! Guys, relax! What happened?” I asked surprised.
“Bella, where were you? Your future disappeared! You scared the c*** out of me!” Alice started yelling.
“I just met the woolfpack. They were really, nice, except Paul, as well and learned about the treaty, what’s wrong with that?”I asked annoyed.
They just stared at me unable to believe me
“What, Ok, I’m now getting worried!”
“Bella, sweetie, didn’t the wolves attack you?!” Edward asked.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

And down here, the story from Chapter 1- 15 on PDF. Enjoy!

Please, if you liked it, comment and let me know if you want me to post more

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loved it
my apologies to you and your mom! sorry! :)
I hope it will be soon, when you post. Please post SOON!!!!!
(Loved the chapter)

Chapter 12

“No, they were really nice. Sam and Jacob explained me the whole treaty thing and I left to find you”
“Well, that’s a first. You see they try really hard to find any excuse to fight with us. You must have a talent or something. I can’t explain it otherwise” Jasper commented.
“Oh, is that bad?” I asked worried.
“No, It is just unexpectable”, he answered and sent a wave of calm at me.
“Thanks, Jasper”
“Anyway, Bella, don’t do this again! You don’t want to give a heart attack, even if that is impossible! Alice said, a bit angry still.
Some more days passed and we all decided to go hunting for the weekend. I was excited we were going together as a family. I reached the spot to get Alice pissed with my anxiety! Finally, Friday night, we left. Alice and Jasper took Alice’s Porsche, Emmet and Rosalie Emmet’s Jeep, Carlisle and Esme Carlisle’s Mercedes, and Edward and I his Volvo. We chose different places to hunt so to be alone. We also took the camping equipment to keep the human façade. Edward took me to a very beautiful place. We were at a beach with crystal water and golden-colored sand. It was magic to stare at the view, especially when you have Edward next to you humming your favourite lullaby in his fascinating, velvety voice.
After hunting a couple of deers, we explored the place. We saw the parrots and the other creatures in the forest, swimmed in the sea and we found a hidden waterfall in a cave. I took my clothes off and went after the waterfall, letting the water to flow through my body. I pushed my shield off, thinking Edward holding me in his arms. He was at my side in an instant and I giggled.
“You know, I really enjoy hearing you thoughts” he whispered in my ear.
I smiled, “Yeah, I probably know that.”
I turned around and kissed him with all my passion. He took his clothes off, too and lifted me in his lap, wrapping his arms tight around my waste. A lot of emotions drove through my body, love, passion, desire, last, confusing me. I wrapped my left hand around his neck and my right tangled in his hair. He broke the kiss and his lips brushed my jaw, all the way to my neck and ear and again to my lips. I pulled him closer than we already were. I felt his tongue tracing my lower lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue brushed mine. A low moan escaper from my lips making me embarrassed. My moan turned him on and his lips were more forceful and passionate against mine. He pressed me gently against the waterfall’s rocks and brushed my body with his hand, making me moaning and trembling. I traced the flawless lines of his perfect, bare chest and this time, he was the one who trembled. And we continued blissfully the rest of the night, until the sun rose, giving us the sign we had to leave…
We got back, all of us happy and freshen. The others had to go either at school or job and I decided to go for a walk again. Since the wolves didn’t have any problem with me, I decided to visit them. I reached the line and waited for a wolf. I heard a heavy breath on my left, I turned around and saw a huge black wolf and a little smaller russet one at his side. They obviously were the Quileutes and went in the woods and I heard them phase. Sam and Jacob came from the woods.
“Hello, guys, I hope I am not a threat here anymore” I said. Oh! Why do they have to look at me with that blank? Or dazzled expression anyway? I took a look of me. Everything fine. I wear my clothes , all buttons buttoned!
“ Is something wrong?” I asked
“No, not at all. It’s just you dazzle us in your every single movement, although some of us have already imprinted”, Sam stated.
“Really?” I asked lowering my head. This is really embarrassing!” What is that imprint?”
“Is something like love with the first sight, you can say. But far stronger. It’s the way the wolves find their mates” Jacob explained.
“Wow! Have you imprinted?” I asked shocked.
“ Only Sam, Quill, Paul and Jared. And it’s supposed to be a legend!” Jacob teased
“Well, I have to go, guys. I must run the perimeter. Oh and, Bella, you are free to come to our land anytime. Don’t worry about the treaty.” Sam said before leaving
“That was really kind of him. He didn’t have to do that.” I said shyly to Jacob.
“ Pff, relax, I could have done it, too, but he told it first.” He said shyly, too.
“Thank you.” I replied.
“So, Bella, where were you leaving before you came here?” oh- oh. I have to tell him about Charlie.
“Well, I’ll be honest. I am Bella Swan. Yes, my father is Charlie Swan, the chief of Forks’ police. I was about to come here to stay with my dad, but then a vampire bit me and you know the rest. I came here and met you and the Cullens.” He was shocked
“Oh, Geez! Charlie is my dad’s- Billy, best friend!” he said, still shocked
“Oh, no! Please don’t tell Charlie anything! He can’t never know the truth!” Dammit!
“Don’t worry, I won’t. But this is really weird!”
“Huh, you tell me?” I laughed
He laughed with me but then he took a strange face. He almost blushed.
“Em, Bella, please don’t laugh. Err, do you have a boyfriend or something?” is he kidding me? He is a werewolf for crying out loud! His unappealing said was all around me.
“Sorry, Jacob. But, yes I have a boyfriend” I said as lightly as I could manage.
“That’s cool. I was wondering if you and your friends- Cullens, wanted to come to our party this weekend. We have Embry’s birthday and we all would like you to come.” He said excited
“Yes, sure. I’m sure the others would love to come. Thank you!” replied, “But I am really curious, Jacob. Technically, vampires and werewolves are enemies. Why don’t you want to kill me?” I asked him seriously.
He seemed to be thinking about that for a moment.
“We don’t really know. You see, before you come, we did hate the Cullens. Then you appeared and it was like a shiny star came near us. You release an optimistic aura at all of us and we are able to think without prejudices. We realized that we really like you and that we could become good friends with you and the other Cullens, as well.”
“Wow! Do I really have this effect on people?” I asked shyly
“Hahaha! As you can see, probably yes.” He responded.
“Now, would you like to see La Push?” he suggested.
“Yes, I would love to! I wanted it from the first time but your scents kept me away!” I humorously accused him
“I see. We can’t bare your scent, too. It is sweet at point of disgust!” he laughed so loudly and the birds in the forest flew away, frightened.
“Hey! Stop barking, pup! I want to see the beach!”I pushed him lightly, teasing
He pushed back,” ok, little leech. But you have to beat me first!” and started running.
He really runs fast, but he was in his human form and I could keep up easy with him.
Awesome. I loved this chapter. Can't wait for her to see La Push
WOW that was soo amazinng keep me posted
Wow, loved it!
love it but wow thats to fast pleas read this story If they had never gone, I would be happy... but they did go
love it keep me updated plz
are you talking to me or billy
hurry up


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