The Twilight Saga

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Renesmee + Tom have everything they could have wished for,
Health, happiness, a gorgeous daughter and a wonderful family.
but life's never that simple.
Life's going to change.

Note- Set about 16 years after Breaking Dawn.
I do not hate Jacob Black in any way shape or form, i actually like him so please don't hate. It was just something that i wrote as a possibility.
Disclaimer - I do not own any of the characters, apart from my own; Tom + Callie. Etc.
Please don't copy either, be original please.

Forever Broken.

** Newest Chapter up.

Just to let everyone know, thanks to everyone who stuck by me whilst writing forever Broken && Forever Lost. I went through a hard time, which is what made me pursue my dream of writing. I just want to thank everyone, and i know it's only writing to some people but it is what helped me grieve for my best writing, writing all my emotions into the story, i know i started out as a rubbish writing but i have tried my hardest and feel as if i have achieved what i set out to do. I start sixth form in september, and will be taking English literature, and possibly english language, so yeah. lets hope i get somewhere with writing :)

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Hey sorry about before,
i got a violation on the site, because of swearing, here it is again... without it :)


Chapter 20- The Meeting (TOM POV)

It felt like years since I’d seen Callie, my little beautiful daughter. Everyone just wasn’t coping; Renesmee wouldn’t talk and cried herself to sleep, Cal’s picture held close to her at all times. Carlisle and Esme just sat staring into space when they eventually arrived home from searching, as did Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice. Bella and Edward were just torn, and me, well I just couldn’t cope. I felt so useless.

“You alright babe?” I sighed, handing Renesmee a cup of tea, rubbing her back.

She burst into tears, sobbing as the tears fell onto my t-shirt. “It’s alright babe” I soothed her.

“It’s not” she whispered, the first word I’d heard her speak for days.

“Stay positive Ness, come on” I kissed her forehead, getting up.

“Come on, lets get everyone together” I suggested, holding my hands out for Renesmee, she reached out for me and I gently tugged her downstairs, she was so weak.

“Hun, I know you can go without blood for a while, but your exhausted, you need some” I said worrying.

“I’m okay, I can’t go unless she comes back, or Ja-“ she finished, unable to say his name, “Unless they come back, I’m the one he wants Tom.”

“No, don’t you speak like that, I know what you are thinking Renesmee, and we will get her back another way.” I spoke sternly, letting go of her hand as she sat on the sofa next to her father. She cuddled up to him, like a little child after having a bad nightmare.

“Tom’s right Renesmee, you need some blood” Edward sighed,

“how about we go in 5 minutes, we’ll stay close and if you take your mobile if anything happens, we’ll be half an hour, topps” I persuaded her.

“30 minutes, no more” she gave in, pulling herself up off the sofa.


We’d arrived at the forest and found our self some elk when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Renesmee was busy trying to drain the blood of the male elk she had just 2 seconds before caught, I walked left and checked my phone, “unknown” I read.

“Hello?” I answered.

“If you want Callie back then you don’t tell anyone about this conversation Tom” Jake snarled.

“I...I...wont... what do you want?” I said, trying to not seem too scared. Be tougher tom, come on you idiot I thought.

“You’ll come meet me, 30 minutes at west ridge caves. ALONE.” He snapped, ending the call.

Crap, I thought. How the hell am I supposed to do this?

“What’s up tom?” Renesmee asked, touching my back, catching me by surprise.

“Um, nothing babe, I... my dads just rang, I need to meet him.” I lied.

“Oh, okay, has he found Callie?” she looked hopefully at me.

“Sorry babe, but he said he might know some people who can... um... look for her” I lied again.

“That’s great” she smiled. I hate myself for lying, but... at least we could get my daughter back, somehow.


I looked at my watch, I had 5 minutes left. Pressing my foot firmly down on the acceleration I swerved swiftly round the corner, I was here.

There he was, with my daughter in his arms. She started screaming the minute she saw me, “DADDY!” she shouted in relief. He snarled and put his hand over her mouth, “eat this” he said as forcing something down her throat.

“LET GO OF HER!” I shouted, running as fast as I could towards her as she choked before she drooped in his arms, almost lifeless.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you” he laughed, as I saw something glisten in his hands. A knife.

“Don’t. Just don’t hurt her. I’ll do whatever, just don’t hurt her.” I pleaded, holding my hands out for Callie.

“Cell phone” he ordered, holding his hand out whilst putting an unconscious Callie on the floor, I guessed he’d given her sleeping pills, well that’s what I HOPED they were...

I handed him my phone and stepped forward.

“Don’t even think out it” he said, holding the knife straight at me.

“I’m...I’m not.” I stuttered.

“Do any of them know where you are?” he ordered.

“No, no I told them that I was going out with my father” I said, whilst trying to figure out what to do.

“Stand over there” he ordered again, pointing to the far corner, far away from my daughter.

I edged away, keeping my face towards him.

“Why have you done this Jacob, why us?” I asked sternly.

“You took my one love away from me, you turned her against me, and you turned everyone against me” he said, moving the knife towards me.

“Just... Calm down” I whispered.

“You did this, and now you’ll pay. They get Callie if you’re dead.” He laughed...
hahaa, yeahh i realised i needed to get to work ! :L
+ thankyouu :) x
Goodness, Holliee! Must you do this to us! D:
arrghh, I've said this a billion times..but STUPID Jake! i hate him sooo much!!
Really nice chapter - and an ugly cliffhanger! ;]

excited for the rest!
OMG!!! No!!!!!!!!!!

More please
OME!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!
thankyou! :)
plzzzzz write more and keep me posted plz?
Hi Holliee,I have been reading you're fanfics from the beginning and I have stayed a huge and dedicated fan.
You are one of my favorite writers and the way you write is amazing.
I think that you should post the rest of the story and let us read it. I understand if you don't want to.
Twilight was a huge part of everyone's life on this site and I think we are all slowly moving on. Reading the end of the story and Renesmee and Tom getting their happy ever after will be a good note to close this chapter of our lives. And the movies will remind us all of our addictions!
Post the rest of the story. Please.


Hey ellie,
i know and i'm extremely sorry i deglected the story, and this site.
I've had problems after problems and i know i make excuses at the moment,
i've got my gcses at the moment, and have had for the past 3 weeks, meaning my mum has been really strict, i've had limited time on the internet, and have been sneaking to check my emails and responding to stuff. My GCSEs finish this tuesday.

I have already wrote one chapter, but i need to write the remainder, i also need to check and edit the chapter i have wrote. I PROMISE YOU WILL ALL MY HEART it will be up towards the end of next week.

seriously, i am so thankful of YOU and every other person who has stayed faithful. i wont dissapoint you, and thanks so much. The whole of the story will be finished by july time i think. I have also wrote another story but am deciding whether to post it or not.

thanks again, xxxx
Thanks Holliee, your the best :D
awwh thanks :D
thanks for sticking by me :)


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