The Twilight Saga

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Renesmee + Tom have everything they could have wished for,
Health, happiness, a gorgeous daughter and a wonderful family.
but life's never that simple.
Life's going to change.

Note- Set about 16 years after Breaking Dawn.
I do not hate Jacob Black in any way shape or form, i actually like him so please don't hate. It was just something that i wrote as a possibility.
Disclaimer - I do not own any of the characters, apart from my own; Tom + Callie. Etc.
Please don't copy either, be original please.

Forever Broken.

** Newest Chapter up.

Just to let everyone know, thanks to everyone who stuck by me whilst writing forever Broken && Forever Lost. I went through a hard time, which is what made me pursue my dream of writing. I just want to thank everyone, and i know it's only writing to some people but it is what helped me grieve for my best writing, writing all my emotions into the story, i know i started out as a rubbish writing but i have tried my hardest and feel as if i have achieved what i set out to do. I start sixth form in september, and will be taking English literature, and possibly english language, so yeah. lets hope i get somewhere with writing :)

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Chapter one – Growing up too fast?

“Momma” she quietly said, looking up at me. Her green eyes glistened as she smiled at me, waiting for my praise.

“TOM! “ I screamed, smiling at her. “TOM SHE’S SAID HER FIRST WORD!”

Tom ran into the room as fast as he could, and scooped our little girl into his arms, “now say dada” he chuckled, hugging her tightly.

“Dada” she repeated, laughing along to Tom.

I looked at my gorgeous husband, staring into his eyes; he knew exactly what I thought - She’s growing up too fast. Maybe this was how my mother and father felt when I was growing up?

Our daughter was only two months old, and she’d spoke her first two words. My mom warned me that even my daughter being a quarter vampire would have its disadvantages, at least she didn’t speak when she was a mere 7 days old – like I did.

I walked over to my wonderful family and looked at Tom, gently put my hand on his face, I said “what should we do?”

He looked at me and sighed. “I don’t know babes.” Then his head jolted up, “you best tell your family before Alice does, you know what they’re like if you don’t tell them before future telling pixie does.” He said laughing, though I knew he was right. I ran over to the phone and dialled my mom’s number.

The phone rang twice and then I heard a voice, “hey Renesmee, what’s up?” she said in a delighted voice.

“Callie’s spoke two words, and I’m pretty sure we could get a sentence out of her...” I said, cutting myself off. “But I’m not going to risk that” I added.

“Darling, we told you it would be a fast childhood for her. Do you want us to come over?” my mom asked.

“Its fine, we’ll be over in ten or so minutes, I think she keeps asking to fight Emmett again” I said, smiling.

She laughed and then paused, “last time that happened Emmett was going on about it for a week, and at least you don’t have to live here with him sulking constantly”

“Mom, I live not even five minutes away.” I told her.

“I know’re still my baby”

I smiled, and then tom walked over with Callie. “Well, we’ll be round soon. Love you mom.” I said, hanging up the phone.

“Are we going over?” tom asked.

“If that’s okay darling?” I replied.

“Sure” he said, kissing me. Callie made a sick sound and I laughed.

“Is Callie jealous? Callie wants a kiss?” I said.

She puckered her lips up and gave me a slobbery kiss. Afterwards she couldn’t stop laughing.

I wiped away the slaver from my lips and laughed, “thank you for my brilliant kiss baby.”

“We best get off Ness, they’ll all be waiting” Tom informed me.

“Oh, okay” I said, holding my arms out for Callie.

“I’ll get her jacket, I’ll meet you there if you want” he said smiling at me.

“Thanks” I said, running out the door.

The breeze on my face felt relaxing; I hadn’t been out in a while lately, just spending time with Tom and Callie.

I slowed down after a minute of running, and just walked through the forest, it hit me then. I realised this specific place, I hadn’t thought about it in a while. This was the place I almost died six years ago. The place where Tom was willing to die for me and where Jacob wanted to see me die.

I began to walk to a large uprooted tree and slowly sat down. The ground was muddy and slightly wet from last night rain, but I wasn’t bothered.

I shut my eyes and tried to picture that night; in immense pain, thinking I was going to die. Shuddering, I opened my eyes again. Trying to think on the bright side, I started thinking what had happened after that. My life had gone pretty amazing after that. Tom had asked me to marry him when we finished school four years ago and then earlier this year I found I was pregnant with Callie.

Everyone helped me through the pregnancy, especially Jasper, he was there throughout everything but the birth – the bloody made him nervous, even though he was very controlled around human blood.

I pictured the first time I saw my beautiful little girl. She yawned and then opened her big green eyes, and smiled at me. Her blonde hair glowed and she looked mesmerizing. She truly was perfect.

Then, on her second day alive she placed her hand on my chest, and I saw an image of a bottle. I screamed, thinking – did she have a power like mine? The family arrived and Carlisle told me that she had a power similar to mine, but Callie could only show me simple pictures. Tom took the news good, but I was unsure, I wanted Callie to be as normal as possible.

I looked around, it was autumn and the leaves were falling off the trees, huge piles of orange and brown crisp leaves were forming on the ground. It was like a scene from a movie, but who would have thought that this place would hold so many haunting memories. I surely wouldn’t if I hadn’t of known.

I began to stand up when I heard something. “NESSIE! NESSIE!” the familiar voice shouted.

“YES?” I replied.

“There you are! We’ve all been looking for you, Tom and Callie came through half an hour ago. They said you’d gone before and when they arrived we all went searching for you. “Jasper said.

“Sorry. Reminiscing.” I stated.

“No problem hun, we best get back, Callie’s been asking for you.” He said.

“And a few others...” he said quietly.

“Jazz...what do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“She can say almost all of our names, obviously nicknames though” he said, walking towards the house with me.

I grabbed hold of his hand. “I’m scared jazz. I don’t want her to grow up this fast.”

“Its okay ness, she’ll slow down soon. And anyway, think how we felt. You never stopped growing as a child” he said, laughing.
“Sorry Jazz” I said. He smiled and carried on walking, after abit I looked at him.

“So what does she call you?” I asked, intrigued.

“She calls me Jazz. Rosalie is called Ro. Alice is Al. Emmett is Em, of course. And then Esme and your mom are called Gan, and her father and Carlisle are called Gandad” he said, laughing.

“At least they aren’t full sentences” I said, reassuring myself.

Jasper went quiet and shut his eyes, “jazz... she’s talking properly isn’t she?” I asked.

He nodded, answering all my concerns.

“Crap.” I muttered, as we walked to the front door.

I opened it and was greeted by tom and Callie.

“Momma...missed you” she said in a sweet voice, I just smiled...

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aww she's growing up so fast, by the way, i'm crying

luv it!!! as usual!!
awww, i like it
oh my edward! Callie's soooo cute!
Perfect start, love the name Callie. no matter what if you love to write do let anyone stand in your way, there will be the followers always but that also means a small portion what follow but its the followers that make it count and worth while so stuff the rest!!!!
Where's the rest?!!!
You CAN'T stop here!!
It's just plain mean!! TT
YAY!!! U wrote a sequel :D please write more soon
I just got back from camp and I was so happy see that you posted the sequel! (:

I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to read the rest.
awww im lovin this! im sooo glad you went ahead and posted the sequel!
just remember if anyone says any crap about you or your writing just blow them off because i and so many others care about you and love your writing!
love ya
This was great, I'm glad you decided to write part 2. Keep up the good work. Please let me know when you write more.


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