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So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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Please update soon!!

hey im in love with this story but you really need to update like soon





Chapter 12: B.P.O.V

Thanks to Edwar's insane driving and the fact that the hotel wasn't far from the beach we arrived in record time. Seconds after we pulled up infront of the fancy doors i spot Emmett's car parked behind us. Edward gets out to open my door and puts his arm around me as we walk up to the doorman. He greets us as Edward hands the valet parking boy his keys. We all squeeze into the elevator and everyone is chatting animatedly but I'm too distracted with Edward's words to the reporter to pay attention to the conversations. He actually thinks I'm amaizing and he loves me. How did an ordinary girl like me get so lucky? The elevator stops on the last floor and we step out onto the rugg covered floor. I follow next to Edward until we reach their suite; room 118. Edward and Jasper go get some drinks while I sit in the living room with Emmett, Rosalie and Jade.

"So Bella I noticed Derek talking to you at the party and he did not look happy afterwards" Emmett says to me smirking which makes me blush a little.

"Yeah. I didn't really know who he was when he was talking to me but he seemed like a jerk" i say honestly.

"That must have wounded his big ego" Emmett says laughing real loud which cause me to laugh along with him. Jade then gets up to hoock up her ipod to the stereo and play some music. I realize she has Jasper's same dirty blonde hair complimented with shocking blue highlights and I can't help but notice that they look alike.

"That guy is a looser and he has a thing for taken girls" Rosalie huffs annoyed rolling her eyes as she sits on Emmett lap and it makes me wonder if this Derek guy flirted with her too. Edward and Jasper then show up with drinks in their hands. He hands me one and i sil it curiously holing its nothing strong and find its actually iced- tea with lemon.

"Thanks" i say as a pleasent smile spreads across my face and when Edward smiles back at me I cant help but stare at his beautiful face. What does he possibly see in me? Surely he can have any girl he wants. I'm soon distracted from my negative thoughts when Edward sits next to me so close our thighs are touching. Adter Jade puts her music on she comes to sit with us as Jasper hands her a glass. And I'm proud to say that i actually recognize the band that starts playing from her ipod which is Paramore.

"So Bella how did you and Edward meet?" Jade asks me after taking a bug gulp of whatever is in her glass.

"I bumped into him at the afterparty of the concert" I say shyly causing her to laugh at my clumsiness. Jade reminds me of a more punk version of Alice in a way because they share similar personalities. They are both outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic girls. I also note that Jase doesn't look much older than me and she seems a little young to be in the band

"Jade is Jasper's little sister and also the drummer of the group" Edward explains as if reading my thoughts. Or maybe he noticed my obvious starring at Jade. Oh well that explains the similarity in looks and her age. It was funny how this small blonde girl with a baby face could be a drummer.

"I may be his little sister but I'm way more badass than him" Jade says proudly sticking her tounge out at Jasper.

"You keep believing that" Jasper mutters rolling his eyes at his sister. But behind the amusement playing in his eyes i can see the love he has for his sister.

"So how did the group start?" i ask them curiously.

"We were friends back in highschool when we discovered our talents. We were just a group of crazy teenagers who decided to form a band and audition for the school talent show. We were all really doing it for fun, and we actually won the competition, but it turned out there was a producer looking fir young fresh talen. He loved Edward, told him he would be super famous in the right hands but he offered him a solo deal. Edward wouldnt take it though, he said we were a group he either signed all of us or nothing. So eventually the producer signed us all and Edward turned out to be a big hit. I then met the sexiest mort beautiful girl in this world and Rosslie and i have been together ever since" Emmett explains gazing at Rosalie lovingly. And i cant help but think how loyal Edward was to his friends. Anyone else would have probably taken the solo deal but he chose to stay true to his friends. We talked some more and i discovered that Rosalie actually was a super model who i was embarrased to say i didnt know. But thankgoodness she didnt seem to mind and the more i talked with her i realized she was actually a really cool girl. We spent the rest of the night talking and having a good time and for the first time i actually felt in place and not at all akward like i usually felt with anyone but Alice and Sami. But unfortunately the night couldnt last forever and the time came when i could barely keep my eyes open.

"Bella I think it's time for me to take you home now. You're dad is probably not going to be very happy" he says nervously glancing at the time on his fancy phone.

"What time is it?" i ask worriedly.

"Almost 1:00 am" he replies standing up from the couch. He extends his hand to help me up and i almost start to panic when i picture Charlie's reaction to me coming home at this hour when i suddenly remember Alice said i should stay at her house tonight. I sigh in relief.

"Actually would you mind dropping me off at my friend Alice's house?" i ask him. He nods and i say goodbye to everyone.

"Hope we see you around soon" Jade calls out as we head out for the room.

I give Edward the directions to Alice's house and the ride is wuiet yet comfortable at the same time. All the while thanking God for having such a great friend like Alice to have my back. And I realize that if it wasnt for Alice i never would have met Edward. Sooner than i want we arrive at Alice's house. Edward parks the car infront of the door as i look up to find the lights are turned on inside.

"Will you be at the next concert in New York?" Edward asks looking a little down.

"Most defenetly" i reply trying to cheer him up but in truth I'm sad to be leaving him now. Its funny how ive known him for such little time and already im used to him and will probably miss him tonight.

"Good i look forward to seeing you again. Im kind of bussy this week but ill try to see you before the concert. And say hi to your friends for me" he says to me a small smile playing on his lips and suddenly im tempted to lean in and kiss him but i hold myself back. Just as im about to leave he places a hand on my shoulder to stop me from going. He leans into me and my breathing stops when i see hes about to kiss me. But instead of kissing my lils he plants a soft sweet kiss on my cheeck making me blush.

"I'll miss you. Sleep well" he says as he pulls away from me reluctantly.

"Goodnight" i say as i exit the car and walk up to Alice's door. I wave at Edward as the car drives off into the night. I walk into the house to find Alice sitting in the living room 'watching tv' as she snores lightly. I slowly shake her awake to help her up the stairs to her room.

"Bella youre home. I was starting to worry about you" she says sleepily as i help her get up from the couch.

"Oh Alice i had the best night ever" i tell her as we go up the stairs.

"Really?? Tell me all about it!" she says excitement filling her voice as she seems to wake up more.

"I will tell you everything tomorrow when youre well rested" i inform her as we finally reach her room.

"Nonsense i was just resting my eyes. Spill! I want to hear all the details!!" she exclaims anxiously. And so i begin to tell her about my awesome night. Its almost 2:00 am when im done telling her all about my night.

"Oh Bella Im so happy for you! I was so worried you were gona break it off with him but look at how the night turned out!" she yells sharing my happiness. We then proceed to head off to bed for a well deserved night of sleep.

The next morning after Alice and I have breakfast she drives me home. As we reach my house i notice Charlie's car is parked up front and wonder what hes doing here today. Shouldnt he be down at the station by now? I wonder as we enter the house. He's sitting downon the kitchen bar while sipping his hot coffee and reading a magazine. Thats weird, Charlie usually reads the newspaper.

"Hi dad" i greet him as i go set my bag down.

"Hey Charlie!" Alice chirps smiling down at him. Charlie isnt a guy who expresses much emotion but even i can tell how much he likes Alice but surprisingly he doesnt smile when he greets us.

"Hey girls. Im glad youre home Bella. Now would you mind explaining this to me?" he asks arching up an eyebrow at me as he raises the magazine he was reading for my eyes to see. And my heart almost stops when i realize its the stupid magazine from the newstand with Edward and I on the cover smiling. Oh crap.

A/N: Well i dont have enough words to apologize to you guys for not updating this story in like 2 years. Im extremely sorry! And i wont bore you with my list of excuses but if there are still any fans who used to read this story and still remember it then I hoped you liked this chapter! Im back now and i promise i wont forget about my stories like i did. Again really sorry!!
Plz comment! I love to hear ur thoughts on this. :D

Hi there,

I have just read all of it and it was fun.

I think the last chapter is the best written so worth the wait!

I'm lookling forward to more. Soon???

Best wishes


Hey Chris,
Thanks alot for reading your comment gave me hope that there are still some people interested in this story. I have to agree with you the last chapter is the best written and the reason is because in these 2 years i think ive matured as a writter. There is more coming very soon. No more 2 year delays! :)
Love & Rockets

I just found this story and I like it very much.  Please keep me updated!

Thnx for reading! Will do! (;
Yay! You finally posted the chapter! I loved it! But plz update soon i dnt like cliffys :/ anyway glad ur back!
Love, Allie
Chapter 13:  B.P.O.V

My heart almost stops as I process what Charlie has just said. Before I reply I look over towards Alice to make sure I heard correctly and by the look on her face, this really is happening. All this time I had been fearing this would happen i just didnt think it would happen so soon. I mean how did Charlie come across this? He doesn't read those tabloid magazines, heck all he ever reads is the newspaper so how did he discover this? The tension in the room is so thick I could cut it with a butter knife.

"I didn't know you read those cheap magazines. They're mostly lies" I finally say breaking the silence. Alice laughs as if I made a joke and it causes me to look at her in a confusion but she just stares back at me shrugging as she shakes her head. Then I remember my best friend has a tendency to laugh when shes nervous.

"That doesn't answer my question Bella. And if you must knkw, Sue brought it over. She was by the supermarket when she happened to come across this. She rushed over here to ask me if you and this Edward person were really dating. Imagine my shock when I see you on the cover of this" he says interrupting his speech to wave the magazine around and then continues "with a guy who is apparently a singer and you are dating. I wasn't even aware you liked a boy. Why dont you inform me of these things Bella? Our father/ daughter relationship relies on trust and need to know information. And i think this falls under the need to know category" he finishes off throwing the magazine on the wooden mahogany table. Well.... what to I say to that? I think that has been the longest speech I've heard come out of Charlie's mouth. But like a guardian angel, Alice has my back and wuickly helps me out.

"You're right Charlie" Alice starts to say as my eyes widen up in surprise at her reply. Excuse me? How is that gona help my case. And I cant mask my shocked expression as I stare  at her but I manage to hold my tounge to see where this is going. Charlie seems just as surprised by Alice's response but quickly covers it.

"Bella should have informed you of our chance to meet Edward Massen in person but really we didnt think you would share our excitement. Bella, Sami and I met Edward at the afterparty of the concert and some sleezy papparazi managed to get a shot of Edward and Bella together. And they went ahead, made a story up and published it to make their boring magazine a little more interesting. Don't trust these tabloids, they print nothing but lies" Alice says and she sounds so completely convincing I almost believe her. There werent really any photographers at the party, that picture was taken the night Edward and I went out to the restaurant, but Charlie doesnt need to know those details. Charlie is quiet for a moment as he takes in this new information.

"Well ok. But next time something like this happens let me know. I might be able to do something about it" he finally says as he sighs and sips his now cold coffee. He grimaces at it and I take it and put it in the microwave to re-heat it.

"I will dad. And I'm sure you could stop these tabloids from publishing lies if you walked into the office with your gun and sherriff badge" I tease him as i feel a smile tugging on my lips as I picture Charlie doing just that. The microwave beeps signaling the coffee is ready so I go grab the hot mug and hand it back to him.

"Thanks Bella. And yes that would probably be effective" he jokes and goes back to finishing his coffee. After he finishes, he gets up to place the mug in the sink as he heads out for work since its monday. He then informs me that after work he will be spending the afternoon over at Billy Black's house and that I can stop by after school if I want to. We say goodbye and Alice and I head upstairs to my room. While i hurridly get ready for school, Alice lounges on my bed texting away on her phone. I hear her giggle and wonder who she is texting so enthusiastically.

"Jake says hi" she informs me, not looking away from her phone.

"Back at him" Is all I can reply back as we head out of the house. I dont know why but something about that Jake kid just rubbs me the wrong way. 

We jump into the car and head straight for school since we are running a little late and Samantha got a ride from her mom so thankfully we didn't need to pick her up.

We arrive at school pretty quickly and Alice grabs the first spot she sees to park the car. We rush out of the car and go right into the building. And as soon as I step onto school grounds i suddenly hear a very high pitched annoying voice yell my name.

"Bella! Ohmygod! I saw you on the cover of star magazine! Is it really true?!?! Are you and Ed-" Jessica Stanley is asking in a highly animated voice, as she waves the magazine around catching people's attention, when Alice and I panic and do the first thing we can think of. I put my hand over her mouth and as if on cue Alice and I pull her into the janitor's closet.

A/N: Hi guys! Thanks for reading. Please comment and let me know what you thought of this chapter. Have a good day ! :D
Ps. Srry if there are alot of errors, i had to type this on my phone.

Great chapter!  I love the way Alice handled the situation with Charlie!  I wonder what they will do with Jessica?

That was a very funny chapter. I can picture them going into the janitors closet!

Best wishes



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