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So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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Ok good cuz i liked writing in epov 2!!! thnx 4 reading!!
Its been soo long but thnx 4 finally updating!! i loved it! and yes i 100% want u 2 write more in EPOV!!! it was awsome!!!!..... :p update asap!
Love Alie, xxo
thnx Alie! i'll try to post asap but it might take a while since i'm working on a new ff. check it out its called The Red Swan!!! i sent u the link.
~Paris luv ya2!! XD
Chapter 8:

When I came home last night Charlie was asleep-thank god- and I didn’t get questioned about coming home so late from Alice’s. And it was a good thing too because I hated lying to Charlie. But I had really forgotten to tell him about my date with Edward, then when Alice so kindly reminded me I knew it would just cause problems. Charlie would want to meet Edward and etc. Besides it wasn’t like we were a thing or anything. It was one date and believe me I was super surprised when he called. I mean why would a rock star like Edward want to go out with me? I wasn’t that interesting. Who knows but I’m glad I went because I did have a great time with him. And it was so interesting talking to him and shearing life stories, we had completely lost track of time. But it’s not like I considered it to be a romantic date. It was more of a friendly type of a thing I thought, which was fine with me. I had only known him for 2 days, it wasn’t like I was in love with him. Sure he was cute and had those amazingly beautiful green and gold eyes that you could stare at forever and drown in. But still I would rather be friends and get to know him better before anything serious happened.

So it really surprised me when he was about to kiss me. And what was I supposed to do say ‘What are you doing’ or ‘stop’ or ‘hey I don’t like you in that way’? What if it hurt his feelings or he never called again? I really did want to get to know him better so I was just going to go through with it when a miracle happened. His phone rang right before the kiss- a sound of angels singing- which caused him to sigh and pull away from me. He seemed genuinely disappointed and a little annoyed when his phone interrupted us but I didn’t give him a chance to look at the phone and say something like ‘Oh it’s not important’ turn it off and try to kiss me again so I left and he said goodnight. And the whole time all I was trying to do was mask my surprised.

When I went to bed at night I was surprised to realize when I woke up this morning that I had dreamed about Edward and the kiss he was about to give me. And how warm and nice his hand felt on my arm when he stopped me from going. In my dream we had actually finished the kiss but we were lying on grass in a beautiful meadow. That’s about all I remember.
It was definitely a weird dream considering I just told you I didn’t like him that way but the way I saw it was like this; Dreams are usually just randomly picked nonsense that happened to you in our day that get mixed up with our wild and crazy over creative imaginations. Sometimes dreams actually mean something like my mom used to say that it could be a message some spirit was trying to communicate to you and could only do it through dreams but wasn’t always obvious. You couldn’t take dreams literally. The way I interpreted my dream was that I should be friends with Edward and get to know him. But it wasn’t that I imagined we would finish the kiss in that meadow. Like I said dreams couldn’t be taken literally. Maybe the kissing part meant we would be close friends.

Or then again maybe I’m completely crazy and I had dreamt that because Edward had tried to kiss me not 5 minutes before I fell asleep and I was thinking about it. Or maybe I was just reading into it too much. But for some reason I couldn’t just shake off the dream. It stuck with all morning as I made breakfast and did some laundry. So I decided to write it down imagining that maybe if the thoughts in my head transferred to the page in front of me they would leave my head forever. Well it didn’t totally erase it but it worked and I could finally concentrate on something else rather than that stupid dream I kept replaying in my head. I did the one thing I thought would most distract me. I called Alice. It rang 4 times and it was about to go into voicemail when Alice answered sounding out of breath and adrenaline rushed like she had come from jogging 10 miles.

“Hello” gasped Alice out of breath.

“Hey Alice it’s Bella” I said guessing she didn’t have time to check the caller ID. Even when Alice didn’t know who was calling she’d answered the phone with a sure confident ‘hello’ like she’d known you for years and you were old time friends. She never answered in a form of a question.

“Oh hey Bella what’s up?” she said casually getting her breath back and sounding normal again.

“What were you doing before I called?” I ask her curiously.

“Jake is here” she replied in a sing-song voice. Jake was Alice’s and her sister’s personal trainer that her parents insist they see twice a week to keep in shape. Though as you might know have guessed 90% of those personal training things usually end up being way more personal than trainer and so Alice had been going out with him for about a month so far.

“Oh ok then I won’t keep you long. I know he doesn’t like it when I interrupt” I told her. I remembered the first time I had interrupted and Jacob had actually took the phone from Alice, told me she was busy and to call her later and hung up.

“No it’s cool, we’re taking 5 so tell me how’d everything go with Edward last night?” she asked in a exited and teasing tone.

“It went good. We talked a lot, he’s fun and interesting and cute” I added the last one as an afterthought.

“Mhmm so are you guys like bf an gf yet?” I just rolled my eyes knowing she couldn’t see me anyway but I just couldn’t help it.

“No Alice it was just one date, nothing serious or anything. It was more casual and friendly than romantic which is fine with me because I don’t like him that way” I told her honestly. And from that point on Alice just kept quizzing and asking me about every detail of the date. Stuff like where did he take me, was he flirting, did you laugh at his jokes which I answered by telling her ‘just the funny ones’ and did he make a move. I answered patiently, after all I knew this was coming but when I answered the last one about if he had tried to ‘make a move’ she squeaked and screamed so loud you’d think she was in love with him and he’d kissed her, not tried. So I guess she was filling in for my lack of excitement.

“I cannot believe it! Bella it’s official he’s totally 100% into you!!” she squeaked.

“Yeah I don’t know about that but hey I gotta go I’m pretty sure it’s been 5 minutes” I tell her and consider telling her about the dream but think better on it and decide against it because Alice had a different opinion on the dream topic. She thought dreams expressed your hidden emotions or things to come so you could see why I decided not to tell her.

“Wait! Did he call today?” she asked eagerly back to the Q&A. I sighed.

“No he didn’t” but Alice interpreted my sigh all wrong and thought it meant I was upset that he hadn’t yet. She was way off.

“Oh don’t worry I’m sure he will soon ok Jake’s calling me ciao Bella!” she said and hung up. I hung up the phone and decided we needed some groceries. I went to the fridge, made a quick list and headed out to my truck.

After I finished shopping I passed by a magazine stand. I usually paid no attention to those tabloids who wrote nothing but lies but one of the magazines caught my attention. On the cover was a picture of Edward by a restaurant with one arm wrapped around a girl. What was so shocking was that I then realized the girl was me! The headline read:

---“Who’s the new hottie with Edward? Edward Massen was spotted entering the restaurant Bella italiana, in L.A with a new girl. Who could Edward’s new hottie be?”----

I was so shocked all I did was stand there with my mouth hanging open like a total idiot. The good thing was that I looked totally different from myself and hopefully people wouldn’t recognize me. I quickly composed myself and put another magazine on top of the one with my picture in it. Another good thing was that it wasn’t a real famous magazine so hopefully the story wouldn’t be too popular.

I drove home quickly not being able to erase that picture from my mind. I mean what the heck? I started thinking back to yesterday and then realized that there had been a bunch of photographers at the entrance of the restaurant. I mean how didn’t I think of that? Ugh I felt completely stupid and a little worried. What if Charlie saw that stupid picture? Then what? Surely he would recognize me. I got home, parked the car and headed towards the door to be greeted with an even bigger surprise waiting on my doorstep.

A/N: hey hope u liked, don’t forget to comment n srry about the little cliffy. I just couldn’t help it lol... :)
Yay first 2 comment!!! i absolutely loved it post more AT VAMP SPEED!!! CAN'T WAIT! N UR MEAN LEAVING ME HANGING LIKE THAT!!!!! GRRRR!! anyway is it Edward??

still love yah! even if u left me with that cliffy!
Hi Alie haha yeah well ur only first 2 comment cuz i txted u as soon as i posted it!!! heheh anywayz thnx n i can't just tell u so the answers 2 ur quesztion is .............
Rocketz of Love & comit kisses!!!!
~Paris M.M~ :)
thnx n sure will!!
Whisper screams because parents are asleep. Damn girl, you write fantastic stories. Oh I'm a new reader and I can't wait for more! Please keep me updated. Oh and what about Alice and Jas? I love them together.
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
haha thnx Kendraaa !! glad u liked!!
Ahh I really like the story but not the more soon
new reader love it!!update soon!!
Oh cool! i love getting new readrz. glad u liked it!!! :)


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