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So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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wow really?? you will update today?? Please!!!
i luv it post more soon plzzzzzz
can u keep me updated?? (=
yeahh sure no problem!! glad u liked!!
Dear readers,
I am soo0 xtremely sorry 4 not updating when i said i would but i had forgotten i had a sweet 16 bday party to go to. Again sorry! but im working on the chapter and hopefully it'll be up tomorrow!!!! i know u probably dont believe me but i'm pretty sure i will post tomorrow since its sunday and i'll have time!!!
thnx 4 ur patience!!
~Lila~ :)
I will wait for your update!!!
Chapter 10: BPOV

I quickly got ready for the beach party Edward was taking me but I decided not to call Alice because I knew she would want to dress me up and I wasn’t up for that now. But the weird thing was that every time I went to pick a shirt from my closet I would hear Alice’s voice in my head advise me on what to wear. Like one time I picked out a dark pink tank top and I could hear Alice as clear as if she was in my room say “Oh no you don’t! that pink is so not your color so drop it” and I was seriously getting freaked out but I decided to justify it with the excuse that maybe it was the nerves of seeing Edward again. I mean it wasn’t going to be easy to tell him that we shouldn’t see each other anymore. Well I must have picked out like 15 shirts before I decided I couldn’t do this so I called Alice. I decided to call her because she would help me pick an outfit and maybe this crazy Alice voice in my head would shut up. Plus I really needed to talk to her. Alice arrived fifteen minutes later with two shopping bags and her make-up kit.

“Ready to get even more beautiful?” she asked me exited.

“Yes Ali just please don’t go overboard with this. You know I’m just going to tell him goodbye, it’s not that big of a deal” I reply sighing.

“You know Bella I seriously don’t get you, any girl would kill to just talk to Edward and your practically dating and according to the internet you’re his new hottie and your just gonna break it off with him? I mean really is he that bad?” she tells me.

“It’s not that, he’s actually really nice, well at least he seems that way so far” and really it’s not because of Edward that I plan to stop seeing him it’s because of the attention and what would I tell Charlie anyway.

“So then what is it? He’s practically perfect and I know he likes you a lot. I understand you don’t like attention Bella but come on give Edward a chance please? For me, and if it goes badly tonight then you tell him goodbye but just please!” she begs while shes finishing up my hair.

“Fine Alice but really why do you care so much if I date him or not?” I ask.

“Are you kidding? My best friend dating the rock star Edward Cullen is like the best thing that ever happened! We could get free concert tickets like all the time or invites to the Hollywood parties or meet really famous people and think of just how popular this would make us in school! I mean the first time he met you at the after party he gave us three tickets to go to his next concert and he didn’t even know you that well, imagine if you become like his girlfriend!” Alice is now practically bouncing of joy.

“Oh Alice your already popular and I think he was just being nice when he gave us the tickets” I sigh at the reasons she wants me to go out with Edward.

“And anyway what would I tell Charlie? I mean he’s bound to find out sometime. He may not read magazine’s but still I can’t just hide that from him” I tell her.

“So tell him Bella, I mean your 17 for god’s sake your almost an adult! I think you should be able to date Edward if you wanted too” she beams at me.

“Ok ok but what am I going to tell him about today. It’s Sunday and we have school tomorrow” I told her realizing for the first time that I had school tomorrow, great.

“Just…just tell Charlie we’re having a sleepover again at my house and that I’ll drive you too school tomorrow” she quickly replied as she did my make-up.

“Ugh I hate lying to him” I sigh.

“Don’t worry you won’t be lying, I’ll pack a bag for you and when you are done with your date tell Edward to drop you off at my house and tomorrow we’ll go to school together, see you won’t be lying you’ll just edit the truth a little” she says smiling and finishes my make up and tells me to open my eyes and when I do all I can think is that I love Alice because I look beautiful. My hair is in loose curls and I’m not wearing much make-up just some eyeliner, some light smoky eyes hadow and a little lip gloss ( bella’s outfit ) .

“Oh my gosh thank you sooo much Ali you’re the best friend ever!!” I tell her and hug her.

“I know” she replies smiling. Then we look at the clock and it’s almost time for Edward to pick me up so Alice quickly packs a bag for me and we go downstairs. I also call Charlie, to let him know of my plans, who is over at Billy Black’s house, Jacob’s dad. Charlie and Billy where always great friends and yet I never liked Jacob much he seemed kind of like a jerk but now that Alice is dating him I guess it doesn’t matter. Charlie was fine with my plans and soon after I hung up Alice left because she was going out with Jake tonight so she would be busy. I looked out the window and saw that Edward’s car was outside so I quickly hurried out and got into his car.

“Hey” he said and I couldn’t help but notice how he kept looking at me up and down.

“Hi” I said and smiled. Edward looked very handsome today.

“You look beautiful” he said, then I thanked him and we headed down to the beach party in L.A. When we got there, there was loud music playing, lots of pretty lights out on the beach and it was decorated beautiful. But I also noticed there where a lot of paparazzi’s out there and that’s when I started freaking out. Edward took my hand and we started walking towards the beach entrance where the photographers where so I had to think fast about what I was gonna do. So I quickly put on the white glasses Alice had given me and kept my head down. Sure they would get some shots of us but it was dark out and I was hoping the photos wouldn’t be too visible. Edward lead me through the commotion of papparazis and then we where finally out of there reach because the beach had been closed off for the party.

Edward lead me to meet some of his friends which all happened to be famous and I couldn’t help that I was a little nervous I mean I had never been to a Hollywood beach party but they all seemed pretty nice and the one’s who weren’t just didn’t say anything. We went to sit down by the camp fire and that’s when I took the opportunity to talk to Edward but before I could say anything he interrupted me.

“Bella I’m going to go get some drinks do you want anything?” he asked and I nodded and watched him walk away. I just sat there on the rock by the camp fire listening to the music and watching all the people around me until I felt someone sit next to me.

“Hey what’s your name I haven’t seen you around before” said some guy who had sat next to me. I looked at him and noticed he was really handsome and i could have sworn I had seen him before. He had jet black hair, high cheeckbones and a well built body, where had I seen him before? Well it didn’t matter anyway all I wanted was for Edward to return soon.

“I’m Bella and you are?” I asked him.

“Your kidding right? Anyway are you here with anyone?” he asked laughing and I didn’t really understand what the joke was. I didn’t know who he was big deal.

“Yes” I simply replied and I saw the guy looking at me up and down which made me uncomfortable.

“Who?” he asked getting closer to me, god what was wrong with this guy?

“None of your business” I answered as I moved further away from him.

“I see you have a bit of an attitude but I like that. Why don’t you and I get out of here and go somewhere more quiet?” he told me moving closer to me again. God this guy was annoying.

“No, didn’t you just here me tell you I’m here with someone” I said really getting annoyed now. I mean where the heck was Edward?

“Really you can have way more fun with me, come on baby whoever you’re here with is a looser I mean what kind of a guy leaves a hottie like you alone?” he says to me putting his arm around me but I push it away. Then someone behind us clears their throat so I turn around to find Edward, thank god.

“The kind of “looser” who went to get her a drink. Now get away from my girlfriend Derek” Edward says sounding dangerous and handsome and I’m shocked that he just called me his girlfriend but fortunately it works and he stands up and leaves.

“Sorry man didn’t know she was taken chill” is what that Derek dude says before leaving and I now notice he looks a little drunk.

“Wow I can’t believe you called Derek’s attention, that just shows me I should keep a better eye on you” Edward says jokingly but it’s not like I’m going to let him change the subject.

“Girlfriend?” I say raising an eyebrow at him and he looks away looking embarrassed which makes me smile.

“Yeah sorry about that it’s just that I knew he would leave you alone easier if I said that and-“

“Hey don’t worry it’s ok” I say to him as we walk down the beach where it’s a little more quiet but suddenly we stop walking and he turns me around so I face him.

“Is it really ok?” he asks.

“Yeah sure” I say casually but from the look in his eyes I can see everything just got a little tense.

“Bella I have to tell you something” he says looking straight into my eyes.

“What is it?” I ask and he raises my chin lightly with his fingers so I stare straight into his eyes.

“Bella I think I’m in love with you” Edward says and I’m so shocked at what he just said that I’m practically frozen in place.

A/N : Oooh a little cliffy!!! What will Bella say????? Hahaha plz comment and tell me wat u thought of the chappie !!!!! thnx 4 reading hoped u liked!! :D
p.s this chapter was 4 pages!!! Yaaay! xD
p.s.s this was my first time ever making an outfit 4 bella soo0 i hope u liked ittt...
I love it!
awezome!! :DD
urggghhh!!!!! Another cliff changer!!!! I love Bella's outfit!!
Haha yeah sorry about that! yaaay glad u liked the 0utfit!! :DD
when will you update again??? yay!!! I can't wait!!!!
Hehe well im not sure cuz i'm a lil busy this week with basketball practice and saturday itz my b-day! yay!! so i might update tomorrow or after my bday on sunday!! so not sure yet :DD


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