The Twilight Saga

So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
Heres the banner


Other stories by me,


Enemies Forever??

What if vampire hunters came 2 forks washington and met Bella and the Cullens? what would happen??


The Red Swan,

Isabella is a top chef in Paris ad Edward is an intern at the restaurant bella owns.


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love it. but not the cliffy
yeahh my apologize 4 d cliffy!! i just couldn't help itt!!
OMG! it was really really an awezome chappie!! write more s00n plzzzz!!!! i need more that cliffy wasnt fairrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD anyway LOVEd It!! <3

Luv u!!
Heyyy!!!!! haha glad u liked itt and h0w many times do i have to apologize for tat l0lz!! anyway hopefully i will post soon!!

l0ve chu 2!!! :DD
why did you stop
love it
cant wait to read more
update soon please
Yay!! thnx 4 reading sherry!! and yes i will try 2 update s00n!! promise i wont take as long as last tiem 2 update!!
oh.. bella tell him ur in love too.. haha.. hey when are you updating the red swan ff?? I really miss it!!
hahah well see wat happens!!! and yes im going to update that soon 2!!!
awesome job! please post more soon!! :)
please post more soon!!!
thank u!!! and sorry for not updating but i've been a little bussy though hopely ill update more often n0w since it is a new year l0l!!!! Happy 2011 to all!!!!!!!!!! luv u!!!!!!


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