The Twilight Saga

ok this is my first chapter only. this is also my first time writing a fan fiction... soo i hope you like it.

7 years later...

chapter 1 (Renesmees POV)

"Where did it go!" Renesmee thought. Shr was walking back and forth in her room looking for the braclet that Jacob gave her 7 years earlier.She grows at very fast speeds so even though shes 7 she loks and acts like she 15/16 years old.

"Yes! Found it!" she said a little loud.

"Found What?" her mom Bella walked in and asked.

"Oh, um, just my braclet that Jake gave me. Remember?"

"Yeah i remember. Its his birthday today right?

"Yep and he should be here any minute to pick me up, so can i finish geting ready?"

"Of course hun." then Bella kissed Nessies head and walked out of the room.

thats it for now. PLEASE leave your comments/questions.

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