The Twilight Saga

Forever Sun (BPOV) *this takes place AFTER breaking Dawn* P.S a LOT of my work was just deleted,and this is only a few paragraphs into the first chapter.i will rewrite allagainwhen i have time

Chapter One : Sunrise


If my silent heart would ever beat again, it would have been beating as lightly and as fast as a dragonfly's wings. I felt lighter,as if a rock had been lifted off my chest,allowing me to breathe easily and fill my heart with hope once again. It had been almost two weeks since our triumphant escape from the Volturi and their plans to kill us all,but i could not shake the feeling of glory that lifted my spirits up to a new high. Of course, it was probably a jinx to now say we had nothing to worry about,but i was too happy to care. My family was safe. No one would be put in danger again because of me,or the trouble we ended up in. Even if we did, i know we would all stay united and fight like we always have,and again, I would be prepared to join them in battle as i so longed to do during my weak human days in a past life. My darling daughter Renesmee would be able to continue to grow up,happy and care free. She would not have to fear any longer,and i would love her forever. My husband, Edward would stand by my side until our eternity comes to an end and we would love endlessly. The rest of my wonderful family,all of the Cullen's,the wolves down in La Push and of course Charlie,would be safe. I could continue to have them all in my life just as i always hoped. I felt like I could finally see the sun, after a dark night,and it would forever stay high in sight.


I sighed in contentment as i looked up into Edward's eyes and my favorite,breathtaking smile of his spread its way across his face. It continued to leave me breathless and i wondered if i would ever get used to it. His smile,so perfect,and jubilant would have certainly stopped my heart when i was human, but now it only filled me with love and happiness. Seeing with these new eyes, i could take in every inch of perfection ,and every ounce of glory in his soul. These new inhuman eyes made everything more beautiful and bright. The supposed eyes of a monster,with my auburn tinted irises,only made things seem more glorious, instead of dark. Edward wrapped his arms around me as i gently lifted Renesmee from her bed and latched her onto my other hip. In the past two weeks she had continued to grow at a rapid pace, now resembling at least a seven year old, but i still refused to let her childhood slip from me. I would not let any time that i still had to hold her in my arms go unwaisted,because within a week or so i knew she would be too big for that too. Renesmee blinked and opened her eyes steadily from her quite,peaceful sleep. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and then up at Edward,flashing us a perfect smile. She was no doubt the most perfect child in the world. She was so unique. Not only did i give birth to her while i was still human,and her father was a vampire,making her a half immortal child,but she also possessed a wonderful gift in this life,and was incredulously beautiful. She lifted her hand tenderly to my cheek to share her nights dreams with me. MY eyes unfocused as i flashed through the images she sifted through. Images of her,Edward and I running hand in hand,gently leaping over the stream that ran a few miles away from out cottage,images of her running into Jacob's arms, and posing for Alice and Rosalie. Dreams of her family that loved her so dearly 


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very good, you are a great writer.  please continue!
good .... pls cont nd keep me updated :)
thank you :) i will continue the end of this chapter tonight and hopefully more! :)


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