The Twilight Saga

Sunrise- Continued.


When Renesmee finished recreating her dreams for Edward and I she let her hand fall down at her side.

"Beautiful Renesmee. We're both glad you slept well." edward appraised her as he read the dreams through her mine. "But, if i were to be able to dream, I would most certainly be dreaming of only you, Belle, my love" He continued,staring down into my eyes. He swiftly kissed Renesmee on the cheek and then kissed me softly on the lips. If i could,blood would be pooling underneath my cheeks and my heart rate would have surely accelerated. Even the softest touch sent my body into chills. I sighed contendtly and set Renesmee down on her floor. She flitted from the room into the living room of our cozy little cottage. Edward and I floowed at a human pace to find her sprawled out on the rug in fron of the warm,crackling driftwood fire. She stretched and blinked,still waking up from the night. Out of habit,Edward pulled me by the waste and led me to go sit down on the couch. It was quite for only a few seconds,but with so much room to think with this new brain,those seconds felts more like minutes. Then, Renesmee sat up and strolled over the couch were she plopped herself in my lap. "Momma,what are we doing today? Are we going to grandpa's or are we staying with Auntie Alice and the rest of the family?" She asked in her tinkling voice. She aksed with question every morning because she was always so eager to start the days activites. Renesemee hated routine, but we found that the contrast between the human world we hid among,and the immortal world we lived in please her. So, every so often we would go over to Charlie's or Alice would take her on trips to Port Angeles. She even came with me once down to Sue Clearwater's and played with Jacob as I caught up with my dad.Charlie and I haven't talked much since his first visit, and if we did it was always very general,or about Renesmee. Neither of us were people of many words,but i did miss the times we could have a decent conversation. As i absentmindedly thought about this i answered Renesmee, "Well, you're going to be visiting Grandpa alone today. He is very excited to spend time with you Renesmee, and he's taking you out to eat so you can't missbehave alright? Remember to hide your visions from him, he does not want to know about the wolf people or about us ok? And you must eat real food too, he doesn't know about our unusual diets." Renesmee spending the day with Charlie worried me. She had never been alone with him,and without someone there to contain her,her enthusiasm might get the best of her and he might slip up. We didn't want to frighten Charlie any more than we have, but then again,she was a smart girl and I trusted her to maintain some control. "Your mother and I will be home today Nessie, so if you need us you know how to get in contact with us." Edward reminded her. I felt like she was grown up,and leaving for college already. It was hard to believe this mature,witty,energetic,full grown child was just born only three short months ago. She was incredibly smart and eager to learn at all times. Soon we'd put her in school,but first she had to perfect the art of "dumbing it down" a bit so she could blend in. Renesmee's face beamed and she flashed us a perfect perly white smile as she jumped up in excitement and raced off into her room. She was back in a second,fully dressed,coat in hand and ready to leave. Renesmee had the best children's clothes money could buy,compliments to Alice and she was dressed in faded denim flare jeans,a light pink camisole and a beige cropped blazer. Her beautiful bronze ringlet curls bounced gently when she moved and hung loosely just above her hips. She was absolutely beautiful. Edward and I exchanged glances and then got up to go get ready to take her to Charlie's.

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nice update...please continue you are doing a really good job.

its nice :)


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