The Twilight Saga

Jake's engined stalled outside our cottage and Renesmee was the first to flee from the house into the front seat of his car. She hugged him eagerly and his face lit up at her enthusiasm. "Hey kid! I missed you!" he thrilled,as he patted her head gently. I grabbed her from the seat and placed her in the back with Edward. I slid in the front and closed the door behind me. "Hello Edward,hey Bells! I missed you too! how is everything here?" Jacob said, my favorite warm smile spreading across his face. "Great Jake! boring actually, there's not a bunch of  monsters set out for my death right now so I'm pretty much bored out of my mind" I retorted. HE laughed and i felt a surge of warmth through me. My feelings have left for Jacob,but he was still my best friend. I hadn't had much time to spend with Jake since my transformation. Well, not alone at least. He was always around for Renesmee, and he was in great spirits towards me and towards the Cullens, but i missed our conversations. Now a days it was all about Renesmee. Of course i was more than willing to talk about my pride and joy, but I still had to get used to the fact that Jake cared about her just as much as me, and pretty soon in a few years,they would be dating. I stopped myself from thinking of it, knowing it would make this car ride quite awkward. But, i was happy she would have such a great protector. Renesmee was the only one who did not know of her plans in the future,as of now, Jake was simply her big brother,or her best friend. I intended to keep it that way for as long as possible. Edward was even more intent on keeping her innocent for quite a while. He was friendly with Jake now of course,but he hadn't gotten over the imprinting at all. As i stared out the rain splattering the window,contemplating all of this Jake and Edward talked about small mindless things like sports, while Renesmee quietly sang a song to herself, her wind chime voice ringing in the beautiful melody. I turned my attention back to Jake and struck up a conversation with him. "Hey Jake, how are the wolves? They haven't been around too much and i haven't been to La Push in a long time. Is Billy OK? Charlie hasn't talked much about him." I left out the part that Charlie was still keeping distance form Billy because he was uncomfortable about the world he lived in, but i knew those walls would fall considering him and Sue's new found closeness. "Everyone's great Bells! Emily has asked for you a bit, and you're invited to their wedding. Billy is good as always, but he's upset about the distance with Charlie. But oh well, it'll be fine. " We continued like this until we pulled up into Charlie's driveway to see him standing in the front door, a smile on his face. Renesmee bounced in her seat and ran from the car. She hugged Charlie around the legs and he picked her up, and kissed her head. "I'll just be a second." I told Edward and Jake, as i got from the car and walked toward the door. They left the car idling outside while i talked to my dad.

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its nice :)

good update...can't wait for your next one.


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