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This is my first fanfic so if you have tips or ideas plz comment and tell me.
This story is the life after Breaking Dawn for the Cullens,the Wolf Pack and Charlie.There is conflict,heartbreak and the journey in finding the true meaning of love.Nessie is now a teenager in my story.There are going to be aat least 4 different P.O.V.'s including Bella's-most of the story,Edward-at least 3 chapters,Nessie-mostly close to the end,and Jake-at the most 2 chapters.
Hope you enjoy my story.Plz comment with your opinions.

Chapter 1:The Big Day
Bella's POV
I realized it was morning when Edward started to get out of bed,when he did this it meant that Nessie was waking up and would be in here momentarily.
"Love, your going to want to get dressed Nessie is waking up now."Edward said coming out of the massive closet that Alice designed and stocked full of clothes that I'm supposed to wear.
"Okay I'll be there in a minute."I said slowly getting out of bed.
The only thing I don't like about the mornings is having to wait for Edward's 'We have all night'.
When I came out of the closet Nessie was already in our room waiting on me.
"Morning Mom." Nessie said coming up to give me a hug, "Dads waiting outside"
"Okay,Do you know what today is?" I said walking towards the door.
"Umm Monday?"She said with a question in her voice.
"Yes it is Monday but what makes this Monday special?"
"Ummmmm.......Oh! I know it's our birthday!"She said jumping out the door.
"Yep,But really it's your birthday not mine, mine is on September 13th."I said grabbing Edward's hand as he swung Nessie on his back.
"Now love you know it is one of your birthdays today too so don't be a pain today."Edward said squeezing my hand.
"Yeah Mom its your birthday too!"Nessie said as she clung onto Edward."We aren't just going to celebrate my birthday we are celebrating your vampire birthday too."
We finally got to the house to find Jake,the whole wolf pack and Charlie & Sue.Charlie and Sue had gotten married so Sue could move in with Charlie,Sue gave her house to Sam and Emily while Leah and Seth moved in at Charlie's with Sue.
"Hey Nessie!"Jake said holding his arms out for her to jump into them.He had two big boxes behind him along with Quil and Embry at his flanks and Leah at his side while Seth came over and stood by Edward.Him and Edward had a strong friendly bond within each other.
Leah probably wouldn't stay long,like always,it always made her uncomfortable to be around so many vampires,even though her stepsister is one.Seth on the other hand loved having Edward as a step-brother-in-law it made their bond stronger.
"Jake!!"Nessie said jumping into Jake's arms.
"Hey shorty whats goin' on?"Leah said when Nessie was in Jakes arms.Leah loved Nessie almost as much as everyone else,one exception being Jake.
"Nothing much." Nessie said patting Leah on the shoulder.
"Lets get inside it feels like rain." Sam said gesturing everyone towards the door.
When we got inside Alice was putting the finishing touches on her decorations,they were the same ones she used for our Graduation party,which i vaguley remember.
"Hey Nessie come over here and tell me what you think of the decorations." Alice said gesturing Nessie over.
"Too much like always but they're great!" Nessie said wrapping her arm aroud Alice.
"God you are so much like your mom when it comes to party decorations." Alice said patting Ness on the head, "Which reminds me Happy Birthday you two!" She said giving me a 'please don't ruin it' look.
"Trust me I won't." I said and Alice smiled and every one else gave me a wierd look. "Its nothing."I reassurred them.

It turned otu that the two boxes were presents for Nessie one from Jake which was a new laptop for her and the second box was from the Rez which was tons of Quiluete stuff that I didn't know what the meanings were.
"Now I know you didn't want anything but me and Sue wanted to give at least one thing." Charlie said as he handed me a little box probably holding a piece of jewelry.Charlie now new about vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters so the need to know doesn't apply any more.
It turned out it was a piece of jewelry but it was a generation necklace from the Quiluete tribe.
"Oh Charlie,Sue it's amazing,thank you!"I said giving them both a hug.
"Bella don't get mad at us but we got you something too."Esme said walking towards me."Here you go,you are now officially part of the Cullen family." She said handing me a bracelet with the Culen Crest on it.
"Oh thank you so much you guys!" I said running up to give everyone a hug.
"Hey Bells Nessie and I got you something too,please don't get mad."Jake said handing me a little box. "It was my sister's and she said I could give it to anyone I wanted."
He got me another charm for my bracelet.It was a wolf with a human standing by it.
"Its supposed to be Jake and I so you can always have a part of us with you." Nessie said walking over to Jake and wrapping her arm around him.
"It's beautiful thank you"I said walking over to give them both a hug,"Now I have a question for everyone......are there anymore presents?"I said turnig so I could see everybody.Nobdy raised there hand or spoke so I was glad.

Later when we were all talking we heard a knock on the door. We all thought it was Laeh becuase she had left a while ago but decided to come back.
Carlisle went and answered the door,"Hello,what may I help you with my friend?"
Edward crouched into a protective stance in front of Esme and Nessie who were sitting on the couch together.I immediatly crouched too at Edward's flank.Jake and the wolf pack morphed and were ready for what was coming.

"Give me Renesmee!" A familiar voice said.Nahuel.
Jake growled so loud the house shook.Esme,Jasper,Emmett,and Rosalie moved in to get peoples flanks,Jasper had mine.Probably to watch my newborn emotions which were probaby going out of wack right now.
Then everyone was in protective mode around Nessie.
"I'm sorry I can't do that." Carlisle said closing the door "Goodbye."
"NO! GIVE HER TO ME!" Nahuel said ramming into the door.
Then out of nowhere Leah comes and jumps onto Nahuel's back.
"You aren't going anywhere!" She started to scream.
"I'm stronger than you!" Nahuel warned "Your just a puny little girl!"
With that Leah morphed while still on Nahuel's back.
Then everyonelet up just enough so Emmett and Jasper could grab Nahuel.
"Why do you want my daughter?" Edward said with his hands in fists.
While he was talking Jake morphed and grabbed a pair of pants out of the closet before grabbing Nessie and walking towards the door. "Jake wait where are you taking her?" I said not taking my eyes off of Nessie.
"The cottage."He said and then left

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