The Twilight Saga

What do you do when the person  you loved, the person you were meant to be with was promised to another when he was promised to you first? Meet Helen.




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Flashback from 1918

I was the maid for his family, and I busied myself dusting the furniture and washing the kitchen floor. He was out hunting but it was an extremely hot day in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was demanding and always watching me from the corner of her eye, unable to put faith in me that I might actually be able or capable of doing something right. You see my mother was the head maid of the house, so once I was born I was destined to follow in her footsteps, I couldn't
really do anything about what family I was born into.

My sister, Rosie, pranced into the room as she always did and decided to bother me. She was two years younger than me at the age of fourteen, but she acted like an infant. “Helennn!!” she whined, drawing out the 'n' in my name,“can you cover for me when I sneak out tonight?” she asked, whispering quietly so Mrs. Masen wouldn't hear her talking as she was. I shook my head 'no', signaling I wouldn't do as she asked. “Why?!?! It's not like you have a beau or anything! Unlike you I actually have a life!” she whined, a little louder this time. I felt my body tense at the mention of 'beau', although I tried not to visibly show it much. I had, in fact, been thinking about when I would see him again, where and what time.


I quietly excused myself as I heard a door open and the rowdy talk of men just coming back from a hunt, and glass of beer. I tried not to listen to his voice, but I found it in the middle of a mix.

“She was a looker alright!” he exclaimed, laughing along with the others.

I knew it was always tradition for all the men to come to the Masen's after hunting, but right now I didn't want to deal with it, with hearing him talk about this girl, this amazing girl who wasn't me. I felt my heart slowly break in two, as I realized the nights we had together were just a joke to him, all the things he said were probably just lies.


It was later, after everyone went to bed when I was sweeping the floor by the staircase and I heard footsteps come down the stairs...his footsteps. I tried to remain calm, but kept on sweeping...I couldn't really stop, I didn't have time to waste. I felt hands pull me into a tight embrace as they gripped onto my waist. I turned around and let my eyes roam across Edward's face. It was beautiful, with a solid jawline, perfect nose, bronze tousled hair, with hazel eyes that bore into me, down to the essence of my soul. Although I wanted to hug him, kiss him, let him hug me, I resisted and pushed him away, not looking at the hurt and
question in his eyes.


“I heard about her. Did you really think I wouldn't?” I said, my voice steady, although I felt as if I were going to fall to my knees.

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coming right up! thanks for sticking with me! [:


Well first off, I'm SO SO SORRY I've let this go for soo long!!! :[ But i've had a lot of family stuff, trip type things, etc. etc. and even though i love to write this story, it's not my whole life :P Plus another reason i haven't been updating is i used up all i had at the moment because i wasn't writing it for a while, but i'm back and a lotof new stuff is going to be revealed. BUT here is a brand new chapter just foryou guys! thank you for staying with me this long and believing in the story! <3


Chapter 62:

“No, she's probably sick or know,” I said.

“Yeah, probably. Hey, do you know her number so I can call her?” he asked.


“No...I don't,” I said.


I turned back to look at Edward once more and my eyes followed his tense jawline, down his neck, down his arm and to his hand where he held pieces of a broken pencil. I gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head as if trying to say he was fine...except this time he didn't smile. The teacher clapped his hands loudly and though my eyes were fixed on the board, all I could think of was Edward, Helen and Jacob.


Helen. I didn't know quite what to think of her...honestly. I had nothing against her, but that didn't mean I particularly liked her either. Though I have no problem with her, she was thrown right in the middle of this mess, but then again I suppose any girl Jacob would have dated would be in the middle, just as she is now. As horrible as this sounds right now, I just want her gone. I want Jacob to myself again, and I miss his company. It's not that Edward isn't enough, but Jacob is my best friend and whenever Helen is around he'd just drop anything for her.


'Kind of what Edward does for you...even when his family needs him?'


If my subconscious mind was a person, I'd kick it in the shins. The niggling voice in the back of my mind did not cease ,and the guiltier I became. All I could think about was Edward, but I refused to let myself turn around again. I looked over at Mike and suddenly felt very mad. Just another person who loved Helen more than me.

Finally the bell rung signaling for the next class. I couldn't keep my eyes off Edward, because he was so beautiful, and the pain that twisted his face only made him more alluring. It sounded horrible, but I loved that he was mine, was always mine, would always be mine, and no one else's. He turned his head up to finally meet my eyes and in them was only swirling gold, seemingly looking like bronze flames licking his dark pupils. My heart thudded to a stop. I knew my Edward...which meant I knew something was wrong.

Even though he looked fairly normal on the outside, same roughly fixed hair, his gorgeous gold eyes, pale skin, etc. something inside him was broken and I knew it. His eyes looked completely empty, void of any feeling except for sorrow and despair, hopelessness and darkness. I could barely look away, they pulled me in, I needed to know what was wrong, I had to. I couldn't take his sadness, I needed to fix him, whatever I had to do I was going to do it.


will do, i will be sure to soon! [:

Grrrrr...... I WANTED TO BE FIRST!!! Well...I guess second is cool. I love this chapter, it's so emotional!! Post more ASAP!!

~Fierce Fanpire~

i think maybe because it's because it's bella's point of view, and bella feels things very deeply. but i'm glad you both liked it! [:

PS: fierce fanpire, i love your profile picture[:

Thank you; I'm sure you know I don't like that little stupid head Bella!!

great chap

yay more thaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone! a new chapter will be up tomorrow or tonight, but what I wanted to say is... I'll be starting a new story soon and I think you're all going to love it just as much as you love Forever Young! Don't worry, I'm not stopping this story anytime soon either, I'm just going to have two going at once. I'll be sure to put the link up once I get the story going! :]


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