The Twilight Saga

What do you do when the person  you loved, the person you were meant to be with was promised to another when he was promised to you first? Meet Helen.




-Click here to see what I imagine Rosie looking like.

-This click here to see what Helen looked like as a human. The picture of her in the banner is what she looks like as a vampire.



Flashback from 1918

I was the maid for his family, and I busied myself dusting the furniture and washing the kitchen floor. He was out hunting but it was an extremely hot day in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was demanding and always watching me from the corner of her eye, unable to put faith in me that I might actually be able or capable of doing something right. You see my mother was the head maid of the house, so once I was born I was destined to follow in her footsteps, I couldn't
really do anything about what family I was born into.

My sister, Rosie, pranced into the room as she always did and decided to bother me. She was two years younger than me at the age of fourteen, but she acted like an infant. “Helennn!!” she whined, drawing out the 'n' in my name,“can you cover for me when I sneak out tonight?” she asked, whispering quietly so Mrs. Masen wouldn't hear her talking as she was. I shook my head 'no', signaling I wouldn't do as she asked. “Why?!?! It's not like you have a beau or anything! Unlike you I actually have a life!” she whined, a little louder this time. I felt my body tense at the mention of 'beau', although I tried not to visibly show it much. I had, in fact, been thinking about when I would see him again, where and what time.


I quietly excused myself as I heard a door open and the rowdy talk of men just coming back from a hunt, and glass of beer. I tried not to listen to his voice, but I found it in the middle of a mix.

“She was a looker alright!” he exclaimed, laughing along with the others.

I knew it was always tradition for all the men to come to the Masen's after hunting, but right now I didn't want to deal with it, with hearing him talk about this girl, this amazing girl who wasn't me. I felt my heart slowly break in two, as I realized the nights we had together were just a joke to him, all the things he said were probably just lies.


It was later, after everyone went to bed when I was sweeping the floor by the staircase and I heard footsteps come down the stairs...his footsteps. I tried to remain calm, but kept on sweeping...I couldn't really stop, I didn't have time to waste. I felt hands pull me into a tight embrace as they gripped onto my waist. I turned around and let my eyes roam across Edward's face. It was beautiful, with a solid jawline, perfect nose, bronze tousled hair, with hazel eyes that bore into me, down to the essence of my soul. Although I wanted to hug him, kiss him, let him hug me, I resisted and pushed him away, not looking at the hurt and
question in his eyes.


“I heard about her. Did you really think I wouldn't?” I said, my voice steady, although I felt as if I were going to fall to my knees.

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it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

FierceFanpire: Sure[: It sounds good. &&Yep, i'll send an update when i can. Sometimes its hard to even get out a chapter.

Paula Ruben: What's in the middle of the book?My secret. I can tell you it is definitely life changing for helen.


Chapter 68:

I flipped to the middle of journal.

Summer of1918, for I have lost track of the days

Itis beautiful out. The trees are in bloom, and Helen has been actinghappier lately ever since about a month ago. I fear she has discovered boys, young love, the rest of the world. I know children must grow up so they may be something more than their predecessors, but it pains me to see her grow more and more apart from me. She is so young, only sixteen, and I fear I have sheltered her so long she does not know of the real world, or it's consequences, or the people that would possibly want to deceive you. I fear she believes everyone in this life is good and well.



Helen is dilly dallying with the Mason boy, our employers son. He is a very handsome man, and will inherit much money, but I worry for Helen. His parents will never accept her, and I believe she has this idea he will marry her. I hope they love each other enough that they will marry, I only want the best for Helen, but I don't want her to be left hurt, broken, and alone, just as I was when I found out I was bearing her.

I have completely avoided the topic of her and Rosie's father, only to protect them. They were all that mattered to me anymore in this world, and I feel if I tell them the truth about their father, they will think it is their fault Daren left them. It is not. He was the most handsome man I had ever met, and I was only a young girl when we met. I was foolish, and I fell in love with a man who ultimately left me.

He was beautiful though, more beautiful than any mere human. I remember one night we were laying together in bed and I asked him why he wasso beautiful, so flawless, why he seemed so unreal. His simple reply was that he was not in fact human. For the remaining days that he stayed with me, he never elaborated.



I fear Helen is bearing a child. I don't know when her and Edward would ever have the time to be alone together, but she is too young to be bearing a child. She is just too young, like I was. I don't want her to have the same fate as me, I do not wish her this life she has right now. I wish she would be able to grow a bit older before bearing children, able to accumulate enough money to properly support them.

Sheis beautiful, a beautiful young lady she has become. She has been showing signs of being pregnant for about a week. She has been sleeping more than normal, vomiting nearly every day, and has been eating everything she sets her eyes on. Her bleeding has also beenirregular, not to mention her frequent headaches and backaches. She is my baby, and soon she will have one of her own, another mouth to feed.


WHAT?!?! Where in the WORLD did you get an idea like this!!!! I LOVE IT!! I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WAS PREGNANT!! I am shocked.

ahaha like i said, the journal completely changes everything. Like, before i write stories I usually think of big twists to add to keep things interesting hehe and it all ties in with everything. &&I know, she was pregnant but her mother never told her and she never suspected anything was wrong except for maybe a cold or something.

wait did she have a kid or did it die? huh? what hold on dang we're confused
This is her mother's journal from 1918 before she was a vampire. Her mother described symptoms of being pregnant and thus concluded helen was pregnant with Edward's child. But as it will later be explained in the story, when she was changed she was only like, 3 weeks pregnant so when you're changed you're basically frozen in time, because the baby wasn't developed inside her other than embryo basically so basically it's just a frozen undeveloped embryo inside her. It's neither living or dead, just frozen in that state. Because she wasn't deep into the pregnancy, it doesn't look like she's pregnant.

HELEN'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!??????? O.O

poor frozen embryo...

haha ikr
Oh. My. GOD!!!!!! That was AMAZING!!!!!!!! She's pregnant?!!? Oh my god, please, please, please, please, please continue QUICK!

Chapter 69:



Helen has contracted the Spanish Influenza. I fear for her life, and for her baby's, for I am sure she is pregnant with child. I have prayed every night for her, my daughter, my life. Dear God, please do not fail me now.


I snapped the bookshut, painful realizations flooding into my mind. I had not known it,not even thought of the idea, that I could possibly have been pregnant with Edward's child. The possibilities, had I lived, weretoo real that it pained me to think of them. I could have had a little girl. She would have had Edward's beautiful hazel green eyes,and my light blonde hair. She would have been beautiful. We could have had twins, a boy and a girl, or perhaps a boy and a boy, ormaybe both girls. Either way it would have turned out, I would never know now. My mind turned back to a flashback.



We were kissing under the stairwell one night after everyone had gone asleep. It was quiet in the house except for the sounds of our lips and tongues desperately searching for one another's. My arms were wrapped around his neck and his arms were around my hips. He pulled away from me to just stare and then his pretty lips turned up into the most beautiful smile. It illuminated the darkness that swallowed up the space around us. I traced the sharp lines of his cheekbones, down his nose, and around the curve of his lips. He did the same to me, and then his hands returned to my hips.

“I don't want tostop,” I whispered. He just smiled again, and picked me up, my legs still wrapped around his waist, and proceeded to carry us to his room which was just down the hall and the only room on the first floor. He dropped me on his bed and then proceeded to shut the curtains.

He walked over tome as I was sitting on the edge of his bed. He bent over me and kissed my neck. My hands hastily reached for the buttons on his whiteshirt, and pulled it off. I ran my finger over the crevices in his perfect, sculpted stomach and he did the same. It was like a game of mirror, copying each other's movements. The moment was absolutely perfect, it was beautiful, it was a time with just the two of us. It was all us, for once, and one of the only times I really felt likeour souls were stitched together with thread, that we were one person in two bodies.

End of Flashback



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