The Twilight Saga

What do you do when the person  you loved, the person you were meant to be with was promised to another when he was promised to you first? Meet Helen.




-Click here to see what I imagine Rosie looking like.

-This click here to see what Helen looked like as a human. The picture of her in the banner is what she looks like as a vampire.



Flashback from 1918

I was the maid for his family, and I busied myself dusting the furniture and washing the kitchen floor. He was out hunting but it was an extremely hot day in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was demanding and always watching me from the corner of her eye, unable to put faith in me that I might actually be able or capable of doing something right. You see my mother was the head maid of the house, so once I was born I was destined to follow in her footsteps, I couldn't
really do anything about what family I was born into.

My sister, Rosie, pranced into the room as she always did and decided to bother me. She was two years younger than me at the age of fourteen, but she acted like an infant. “Helennn!!” she whined, drawing out the 'n' in my name,“can you cover for me when I sneak out tonight?” she asked, whispering quietly so Mrs. Masen wouldn't hear her talking as she was. I shook my head 'no', signaling I wouldn't do as she asked. “Why?!?! It's not like you have a beau or anything! Unlike you I actually have a life!” she whined, a little louder this time. I felt my body tense at the mention of 'beau', although I tried not to visibly show it much. I had, in fact, been thinking about when I would see him again, where and what time.


I quietly excused myself as I heard a door open and the rowdy talk of men just coming back from a hunt, and glass of beer. I tried not to listen to his voice, but I found it in the middle of a mix.

“She was a looker alright!” he exclaimed, laughing along with the others.

I knew it was always tradition for all the men to come to the Masen's after hunting, but right now I didn't want to deal with it, with hearing him talk about this girl, this amazing girl who wasn't me. I felt my heart slowly break in two, as I realized the nights we had together were just a joke to him, all the things he said were probably just lies.


It was later, after everyone went to bed when I was sweeping the floor by the staircase and I heard footsteps come down the stairs...his footsteps. I tried to remain calm, but kept on sweeping...I couldn't really stop, I didn't have time to waste. I felt hands pull me into a tight embrace as they gripped onto my waist. I turned around and let my eyes roam across Edward's face. It was beautiful, with a solid jawline, perfect nose, bronze tousled hair, with hazel eyes that bore into me, down to the essence of my soul. Although I wanted to hug him, kiss him, let him hug me, I resisted and pushed him away, not looking at the hurt and
question in his eyes.


“I heard about her. Did you really think I wouldn't?” I said, my voice steady, although I felt as if I were going to fall to my knees.

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O....M....G!! She did the nasty with him? Yuck! Disgusting! You know, he's suddenly a LOT less attractive than I thought he was. I miss him from the book. MAKE HIM COME BACK! MAKE HIM COME BACK! I LOVE HIM! Awesome update as usual, so keep on going with these update things!
haha well, you know i had to put how she got pregnant. It didn't just come from a stork :p &&yeah, he's a changed person now, in the present time, he's a lot better, he's learned more as his time as a vampire :p

Exactly, but then again she doesn't even know about helen, so edward would have to tell her the whole story of helen before he explained he wasn't a virgin :p Edward had also tried his best to suppress the memory because he did love helen and then he thought she was dead, so when he found that she's alive and then gone, remembering the details about their love life isn't exactly a necessity.

&&Thanks for reading!! [: <33

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!
haha thanks [:

Chapter 70:

“Helen! Helen! Snap out of it!” Rosie whisper shouted, snapping her fingers in front of my eyes.


“What?” I asked, shifting my gaze to her.


“You were just staring straight into space with your mouth open and the saddest look on your face,” she said.


“Oh,” I asked, but my voice cracked.


“Helen, what happened to your hair? It's all ….dark blonde now,” she said, fingering my long hair.


“I died it.”


“Why?! You're hair was beautiful! I always envied it!” she exclaimed. For once, she sounded like the Rosie I knew. The Rosie who had been obsessed with boys, and hair, and regular girl things. I laughed and pulled her in for a real hug. She stroked my hair like our mother used to, and comforted me as I held her loosely.


“I have a couple questions,” she began.


“Which are?”


“Well....number one, what's up with your eyes? And two, what's his name?” she asked. I laughed when she asked me about my eyes, but I didn't when she asked me who he was. I had many 'him's in my life, it was hard to choose just one.


“Actually, I don't really know why my eyes are like this. I think it's because I drank sea animal's blood first, and never stopped. And his name is ...Jacob. Black. Jacob Black,” I said, letting his name roll around in my mouth. Rosie plopped herself on the bed, her legs crossed.


“Oooo is of us?” she asks, her eyes widening. It almost hurts to look at how blood red they are.


“No.” I said.


“He's not a ...human... is he?” she asked.




“Then what is he?” she asked.


“Nothing. Nothing.” I didn't want her, or anyone else to know about Jacob, if only for his safety.

She said Jacob's name, not Edward. :-D Guess this means Helen has made her choice. Yay. Update soon.
haha you caught on :D aand sure :p
Aw... She said my Jakey's name. That's so sickly sweet, like Children's Tylenol. *tears*

woop amazing (:

write more s'il vous plait! <3


Chapter 71:

“I'm hungry, what about you?” she asked. I'd been starving myself for the past few days because our wonderful father wouldn't let me go near the ocean in fear I'd run away, and I had never had a drop of human blood...ever. Not even as a newborn, and just because I was sort-of hungry, I wasn't going to give into the desire.


“C'mon Lenny, you have to eat something! You've been starving yourself for the past few days.”


“No, I'm not going to eat a human,” I said.


“Please? For me?” she begged with her eyes.


“No.” Her mouth turned downward into a frown, and then she shrugged.


“Fine, suit yourself, Father says we're supposed to reach our destination by the end of this day.”


“Oh joy,” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.


“Oh c'mon, it'll be fun. You'll get to meet the rest of our family, and mom will be there.”


“Mom? She's alive!” I almost yelled.


“Yes,” said Rosie patiently.


“Lets get going now!!! Now!!” I said, running to the door. She followed me and then we knocked on our father's door. He appeared almost immediately and we left.


In Volterra Italy


We were here, finally here. Italy was beautiful, and the countryside just took my breath away. We were currently in front of the castle, the doors were tall with marble, and engravings. I just stared up at it, not taking my eyes away from it for anything. My father was talking to some people but I didn't take any notice to them. He called my name and I looked over.


They were wearing black capes, and there was only two of them outside guarding the entrance. Rosie was standing beside our father and they were talking animatedly with the men. Rosie then threw her arms around one of them, and the hood of his cape fell from him face.


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