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A/N: My first fanficton, so be gentle. :) It's in Claire's Point of View. Bella and Claire are fraternal twins. They are both 17 (Seniors) and live in Forks. Edward and Bella are together; Bella knows he Vampire but Claire doesn't. Edward can't read either of their minds. All the wolves are fully changed, Bella and Claire only know Jacob though.

Chapter 1

Claire's Point of View

The weekend couldn't have came faster. It seemed like school had went over forever. I was waiting by my truck. Well I shouldn't say MY truck since it technically was given to both Bella and I as a homecoming gift by Charlie.. I mean our dad. I still called it my truck since Bella, my twin sister, always rode with her boyfriend Edward.

Edward and Bella have been going out for little over a year now. Anyone that looked at them could tell that they were head over heels in love with each other. Bella and I have always been close, being that me and her are twins and all, but I had a feeling that she was hidden something from about their relationship. Something important. We would talk all the time but I could tell she was cautious when she talked about Edward around me. I couldn't put my finger on it. Knowing Bella like I do, I knew she would tell me when she was ready.

Where could Bella and Edward be anyways. I turned towards the parking lot to see if they were by his car. Nope they weren't. Instead I saw one person I was hoping to avoid today, Mike. He came running towards me as soon as I caught his eye.

Mike has been in love with me and my sister since the first day we moved to Forks. He got over my sister as soon as her and Edward started going out. Now he just focuses his attention on me. I've told him time and time again that I wanted nothing but to just be friends with him, but it seemed that he liked to keep his hopes up that one day I would finally fall for him.

“Hey Claire. Are you and Bella still going to La Push Beach with the rest of us this tomorrow?”
Of course I was going. I had to see my best friend, Jacob. Jake and I have been close ever since I've moved to Forks. I could tell him anything. Sometimes I'm closer to him than I am with Bella, and that's saying something.
“Of course I'm going!” I stated with much enthusiasm.
Mike's face light up with that. I think he took my enthusiasm the wrong way. “Great! What about Bella?”
I knew it would be tricky trying to separate Bella and Edward but I knew how to do it.
“Ya, Bella's going too.” I told him.
“Okay well meet by my family's shop at 3pm tomorrow.” He finished walking away.
I had to remember to call Jake when I got home to tell him my plan.

Just as Mike walked away Bella and Edward appeared.
“Were have you guys been?” I questioned.
“Claire it's been like 5 or 8 minutes since the bell has rang. Chill” Bella stated.
5 to 8 minutes? It seemed like so much longer.
“Oh whatever, you still forever. Where's Alice?”
Alice was my second best friend after Jacob. I considered Alice my long lost sister. Since we both loved all the same things; shopping, traveling and fashion. I would I have never meet another person who has the same passion for fashion as I do, until I meet Alice.
“I'm right here” An angelic voice came from behind me.
“Alice!” I jumped into her arms. You would have thought I haven't seen her all day, when it's really been just two periods ago.
“Claire! I have so much planned for this weekend!” She stated.
“Alice I can't Bella and I are going to La Push Beach with Mike and a couple of other friends.” I looked over at Bella to see if she noticed that I added her to the list. She sure did.
“What do you mean Bella and I? I'm not going anywhere this weekend.” She said firmly.
“Do you want to make a bet that you're going.” I stated more than questioned.
“Actually I would. How could you make me?”
“Bella you already know the answer to that question.” I pulled out my phone.
“You wouldn't”
“Want to see?” Just like that I hit speed dial number two. Calling the one person I knew could make Bella come with me, Jake. As soon as Bella saw me put the phone to my ear she tried to grab it. I ran around my truck and opened the passenger door. I locked the doors as soon as I got in. Bella was banging on the doors yelling for me to let her in. Alice and Edward were laughing at us fighting.

“Hello?” Said a husky voice on the other end of the receiver.
“Jake! I need your help.”
“Anything Claire, what's up?”
“Nothing serious. I was going to La Push tomorrow with a couple of friends tomorrow. Only Bella doesn't want to go! Since I know you oh so well, I know you can convince her to come with me.” I finished.
“I'll try their's no guarantees.” He said sarcastically.
I rolled down the window with a smile of victory on my face to hand Bella the phone. She grabbed it aggravated with me and walked away so I couldn't hear. I turned to talk to Alice and Edward waiting for Bella to come back.
“So how were your guy's day today?” I asked them both.
“Mine was fine thanks for asking” Edward said politely. He was pay a lot of attention to Bella so I moved on to Alice.
“And you Bestie?” I asked her.
“Mine was wonderful! I'm actually planning on a shopping trip to Seattle this weekend.” She looked up at me mischievously I knew what she wanted.
“Well your not going without me. Will go Sunday.” She was extremely happy with that news.

Bella came back then. She handed me my phone and walked to Edward's car. Ha. I knew I would win. I rolled my eyes and said bye to Alice. Since Edward ran over to comfort Bella. I got in my truck and went home to wait and to talk to Bella when she cooled down.

When I got home Bella wasn't there yet. So I took the time to tell Charlie our plan for tomorrow. He was sitting on the couch watching Sports Center when I found him.
“Hey dad Bells and I are going to be go to La Push tomorrow with some friends. Is that alright?” I asked not wanting to sound rude.
“Ya that's fine. Did you call Jake already?”
“Of course! He said he'll meet us on the beach.”
“Okay that's fine.”

I went to the Kitchen to start to prepare dinner when Bella came in. She saw me and walked straight up into her room. Charlie gave a confused look but I told him just to wave it off that I'll go deal with it now.

I walked up the stairs into Bella's room.
“Bells..” I said knocking.
“What” she said laying on her bed.
“I'm sorry for going that low that I called Jake. That was just the only way I could think of that was a guarantee that you would go. I'll do anything to make it up.”
“Ya you did go low. You could have just asked me yourself.”
“But you wouldn't have went.”
“I know but now to think of something for you to do in return? I will tell you after dinner.

Dinner was quick and easy. Edward came over after. I sat on the side of the coffee table talking with Edward and Bella. I never realized how much they really were in love. Just looking at them made me want it. I wanted to be in love, and I wanted to be loved back. I couldn't stand this anymore. I went up stairs acting like I was tired.

When was it going to be my turn to be in love?

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