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Chapter 1
Me and Edward were perfect for each other.He loved me and I loved him.I was walking to work.I was so excited because I am supposed to get to be the head editor.I was hoping for it.I was walking in the buliding when my phone rung.It was Alice.She was supposed to be on her honeymoon with Jasper.I answered it.'Hey Alice arent you supposed to be on your honeymoon'I asked her.'Yea I am on my honeymoon its just...I'm pregnant'I dropped the phone.O my goodness.Alice was pregnant.I picked up my drop phone.'Alice are you sure'I could hear her freaking out.'Yes.I am...I dont know..what should I do Bella'I had no clue.But I cant tell her that.'Tell Jasper then come home...I will be here when you come so will Rose..ok'She was crying inthe backgorund.'Yea..can you make sure my parents come'I looked at my feet.'Yea I will..'I picked my head up.'Thanks I have to go Jaspers here'.'Ok call me when your leaving ok'.'Ok thanks Bella'I hunged up and went to my office.'Greg how was the date'I set up Monica and Greg.He smiled.'Wonderful thanks'I smiled and nodded my head.'Your welcome.'He got my starbucks.'Oh and Mr.Hamlton is in the conference room now'I nodded my head and went to the conference room.'Hello Mr.Hamlton.'He got up and shoke my hand.'Hello Mrs.Cullen'I smiled at the name.I nodded my head.I got books from Greg who was behind me.I passed out the book I had.'These books I am handing out are the progress we have been doing..and here on this screen is the progress we will do by next year....'I smiled.The meeting went on and on.When it was over I shoke everyones hand and left.'Greg what about you go and get lunch I am meeting Edward in minutes'He nodded and smiled and went to Mnica I smiled and went to my office to collect my things.My office phone rung.I answered it.'Bella Cullen'I asnswered.'Hello Mrs.Cullen Mr.Hamliton would like to speak to you'I got my things redy.'Ok I will be there'I walked to his office and hesitated.'Hello Bella..I wanted to congratulate you on being the editor in cheif'My eyes went wide.'Thank so much Mr.Hamliton'I said shaking his hand.'Bella Grace will show you your new office in an hour ok'I nodded my head.'Thank you sir'He smiled and I did too.When I walked out I screamed.I walked to the cafe I was supposed to meet Edward at.I saw him and went to him.'Did you get the job'I nodded my head.'Yea I did'We smiled and he kissed me.'I am so proud of you'I smiled.I turned to a girl at our table.I looked at Edward.'Bella this is Bethany Hilton'She was pretty I shoke her hand.'Nice to meet you'She was so pretty.She had brown hair and brown eyes.Wait she looked like me.I was kinda freaked out.'Bella Cullen I am a huge fan'WOW!This girl is crazy.I smiled.'Great'I looked at Edward and she did too.Just then a phone ranged.It was Edwards.'I am going to get that'He said and stepped out.She was such a copier.'I am such a huge fan...I want to follow your life'I smiled and had a stiff laugh.'Really?My life isnt that great it toke me like 5 18 years to be with Edward and then 3 more years to be boyfriend and girlfriend and 1 year to be engaaged and 1 year to get married'I said.She just smiled.'Your so lucky'I looked at her werid.She looked at the clock.'Well I have to go bye'I nodded my head.Once Edward came back.'What where you thinking Edward she is crazy'I said.'Well she is my new asitant'I looked at him werid.'Edward she is my stalker..I have a stalker and she is going to stalk you too'He looked at me.Like I was right.I was right.I looked at my watch.'I have to go get my new office..I will see you tonight...and dont say anything about us to Bethany ok'He nodded and I left.It felt like someone was following me.Which was werid.I got to my office when Greg came up to me.'Bella I packed your things for the move'I nodded my head.'Great'I said and got my coffee from my desk.We got to the elavator and went to my new office.It was bigger.'Wow'I said and smiled...This was the start for something bigger......

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whoot whoot .... we have a stalker :) heheh :)
Chapter 2
The Fight

I was waiting for Alice and Jasper with Rosalie by my side.'How can you get prego on your honey moon seriously'She said frustrated.I smiled and shook my head.'I dont know Rosalie...but can we try not to slap people please'She nodded her head.'Yea sure'I smiled and hugged her.Just then Alice came running toward us.'Did you tell him Alice'I asked she nodded.'Yea...Jasper is still trying to figure it out'We nodded our heads.Jasper came out.His face looked like he was in pain or saw a ghost for the first time.'Lets get home shall we parents are at the apartment'I said.I wish me and Edward would get a house.Or a townhome.I mean we have been married for a year.We got in the car and drove off the apartment.I opened the door and everyone was here.'Hey Alice and Jasper.Bella told us to come down is their something wrong jellybean'Alice dad Tom Bradon asked.Alice started to break-down.'Daddy me and Jasper are expecting a..little person in the family'Alice voice sounded worried.Alice mom smiled but Alices dad was mad.'Alison Mary Bradon Whitlock...I can belive your preganant before you even started your marrige'Her dad yelled.Me and Rose stepped out.'What do you think is happening'Rose asked.I looked at her.'I hope my vase doesnt break'I said.We nodded our heads.Just then the Bradons walked out of the door.'Thank you Bella'Tom said.I smiled and nodded.We walked back-in.'Is everything ok'I asked.Alice looked up from Jaspers chest.'Well my dad doesnt agree..he thinks I am the worst daughter ever...he wished I was you..what do you think'Alice said crying and sobbing.I went toward her.'Stop its because of you my parents dont approve...we are just going to leave'They got their things and left.I was so mad.Alice and I werent friends anymore.I ruined our friendship.I sat down next to Rose for a while.'Bella its not your fault'Rose said.I looked at her.'I lost my best friend my other maid of honor'I said.'I am just going to go to bed...goodnight'Rose nodded and let me go to the bedroom.I was so mad.I cant belive me and Alice werent friends anymore.I heard a dooropen.I looked up seeing Edward.He walked over to me with Chinese and wine.He put it on the bedside table.'So Rose told me about Alice and Jasper'I nodded my head while he gave me the food.'I always thought we were going to be parents first'I smiled and leaned against his chest.'I am sorry about you and Ali'I nodded in his chest.'Why dont we read fortune cookie'He asked I smiled and nodded.I picked up one.'Thats mine'He said.I looked at him.'We are calling fortune cookies now'I asked.He nodded.I got the other one and craked it.'You and a love one will be moving to a townhouse in New York'I looked up.'We are moving'I asked.Edward smiled and nodded.I went to hug him and kiss him.'We are actually moving to a house together'I said getting tears.He nodded and kissed me.'I am going to show it to you in the morning'Edward told me.I smiled.We watched some movies and went to bed.In the morning I got ready.Edward was already up.Just then a knock came onthe door.'Wonder who that would be'Edward said getting up and getting the door.'Oh..My..Gawd'Oh crap!It was the other me.'Hello Bethany'Edward said.'Its Bella eating a bagel'I smiled.Its always nice to see a stalker in the morning.'Sorry back to work..Edward you have a meeting in 20 minutes'I looked at Edward.He gave me a sorry look.'I am so sorry Bella..can we get another time'I nodded my head.'Yea..go..write another story..I have to go too.Greg is probely wondering about me'He smiled and nodded.He went to kiss me.'I will see you at lnch right'I asked.He smied and nodded and went out the door with Bthany.I hated her.I got out the door and called Greg.'Hey Greg can you find something about a girl named Bethany Dacher.'I could hear ink go on the page.'Ok Bella'I hunged up getting ready to see what Bethany has up her selve.....
Ooh, Nice chapter!
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i lve it post more and update me wats with the stalker
I love it
Chapter 3
The News

I walked into the office seeing Greg there.'Any news Greg'I asked him.He noddded his head and gave me a peice of paper.The paper said'Bethany Dachar has been a member of Women’s Prison Association in New York.By pretending to be a assitant to a married man and pretend to be a stalker to the man's wife.Has been seducing the man and has been killing the wife.If you have Betany on your hand call 555*****'I might die from this women.'Greg can you come in here'I asked my voice was shaken.Greg walked in.'Whats wrong Bella'I closed my eyes.'Can you please call Edward and tell him to come alone please'I asked.Greg nodded his head and went to call Edward.I cant belive I am going to die.I was freaking out.Just then I heard a door open and close.'Bella whats going on'I looked at him.'Edward Bethany is a bad person'I said.He looked at me werid and laughed.'Bella are you ok maybe you should go home'I shook my head.'No Edward I am serious...She is going to seduce you and kill me'He kept laughing.'Come on Bella...I am going to take you home'I shoke my head.He pushed me to the car door.'No..Edward'He pushed me in the car.Bethany was here.I didnt look at here.I didnt look at her.We got to the apartment door.Edward open the door when his phone rung.'Hi....yes..I just had to drop my wife..yes...I will be there in a mintue..'He looked up.'Bethany can you take Bella inside please and stay with here'She nodded and walked upstairs with me.I was so scared.I opened the door and step foot.When Bethany looked at me werid.'You know Bella I was going to wait to kill you but I think I am going to do it now'She pushed me to the floor and brought out a knife.I looked at her werid.'After your dead I will comfrot Edward and marry him but then kill him'She was about to put the knife on my neck but I pushed her down and got another knife.'You will never touch Edward'She smiled.But pushed me next to the window.She broke the window and grabed my neck.'This is the best way to die Bella'I knew I was going to die right here in my own home.I was blacking out when I heard a door open.'Bella are you ok'It was Alice.'Bella can you hear me'She was freaking out.I cant belive she came.I was scared but greatful at the same time......


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