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Chapter 1
Me and Edward were perfect for each other.He loved me and I loved him.I was walking to work.I was so excited because I am supposed to get to be the head editor.I was hoping for it.I was walking in the buliding when my phone rung.It was Alice.She was supposed to be on her honeymoon with Jasper.I answered it.'Hey Alice arent you supposed to be on your honeymoon'I asked her.'Yea I am on my honeymoon its just...I'm pregnant'I dropped the phone.O my goodness.Alice was pregnant.I picked up my drop phone.'Alice are you sure'I could hear her freaking out.'Yes.I am...I dont know..what should I do Bella'I had no clue.But I cant tell her that.'Tell Jasper then come home...I will be here when you come so will Rose..ok'She was crying inthe backgorund.'Yea..can you make sure my parents come'I looked at my feet.'Yea I will..'I picked my head up.'Thanks I have to go Jaspers here'.'Ok call me when your leaving ok'.'Ok thanks Bella'I hunged up and went to my office.'Greg how was the date'I set up Monica and Greg.He smiled.'Wonderful thanks'I smiled and nodded my head.'Your welcome.'He got my starbucks.'Oh and Mr.Hamlton is in the conference room now'I nodded my head and went to the conference room.'Hello Mr.Hamlton.'He got up and shoke my hand.'Hello Mrs.Cullen'I smiled at the name.I nodded my head.I got books from Greg who was behind me.I passed out the book I had.'These books I am handing out are the progress we have been doing..and here on this screen is the progress we will do by next year....'I smiled.The meeting went on and on.When it was over I shoke everyones hand and left.'Greg what about you go and get lunch I am meeting Edward in minutes'He nodded and smiled and went to Mnica I smiled and went to my office to collect my things.My office phone rung.I answered it.'Bella Cullen'I asnswered.'Hello Mrs.Cullen Mr.Hamliton would like to speak to you'I got my things redy.'Ok I will be there'I walked to his office and hesitated.'Hello Bella..I wanted to congratulate you on being the editor in cheif'My eyes went wide.'Thank so much Mr.Hamliton'I said shaking his hand.'Bella Grace will show you your new office in an hour ok'I nodded my head.'Thank you sir'He smiled and I did too.When I walked out I screamed.I walked to the cafe I was supposed to meet Edward at.I saw him and went to him.'Did you get the job'I nodded my head.'Yea I did'We smiled and he kissed me.'I am so proud of you'I smiled.I turned to a girl at our table.I looked at Edward.'Bella this is Bethany Hilton'She was pretty I shoke her hand.'Nice to meet you'She was so pretty.She had brown hair and brown eyes.Wait she looked like me.I was kinda freaked out.'Bella Cullen I am a huge fan'WOW!This girl is crazy.I smiled.'Great'I looked at Edward and she did too.Just then a phone ranged.It was Edwards.'I am going to get that'He said and stepped out.She was such a copier.'I am such a huge fan...I want to follow your life'I smiled and had a stiff laugh.'Really?My life isnt that great it toke me like 5 18 years to be with Edward and then 3 more years to be boyfriend and girlfriend and 1 year to be engaaged and 1 year to get married'I said.She just smiled.'Your so lucky'I looked at her werid.She looked at the clock.'Well I have to go bye'I nodded my head.Once Edward came back.'What where you thinking Edward she is crazy'I said.'Well she is my new asitant'I looked at him werid.'Edward she is my stalker..I have a stalker and she is going to stalk you too'He looked at me.Like I was right.I was right.I looked at my watch.'I have to go get my new office..I will see you tonight...and dont say anything about us to Bethany ok'He nodded and I left.It felt like someone was following me.Which was werid.I got to my office when Greg came up to me.'Bella I packed your things for the move'I nodded my head.'Great'I said and got my coffee from my desk.We got to the elavator and went to my new office.It was bigger.'Wow'I said and smiled...This was the start for something bigger......

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Chapter 17
I have been so tired recently.Ava has either been with Edward,Rosalie,Esme or my mom.It was nice to get a break.I could kinda relax.I am 9 months .But its kinda nice because I know what to expect.My hormones are going crazy.I even yelled at Edward and Rosalie.I was almost going to go into labor.Edward was kinda be pushy though.He was worried about me.Which is werid.Because the only thing he is worried about is me getting angry and going into labor early.Thats only going to happen when Edward keeps wondering and asking questions.I was worried because I didn't know the gender of the baby yet.We decided to keep it as a suprise.But we were hoping it was going to be a boy.We already had names in mind.If it was a boy it was going to be Mattew and it he or she was a girl her name was going to be Julie.I wa so excited!I was making dinner.I gave ava something to eat.Me and Edward already talked to Ava.She was excited about this being an older sister thing.
'Mommy..when is daddy going to be home'I was wondering that to.
'I don't know but he is working late'I said.She nodded and ate her food.Just then the door opened.I turned around and saw Edward.He came to me and kissed my lips.
'Hello'He said.
'Hey'I said.
'Daddy'She said and got up.Edward picked her up.
'Hey Ava how was school'Yep.Ava was in kindergaten.She started a couple of montha ago.It gave me a break.A big break.Edward sat down.
'It was awesome'She said.
'Good'I said.
'Thats great'Edward said.I smiled.
'How was your day'I asked Edward.
'It was ok..did alot of editing..and un-editing and proof reading and spell check..and lots of fun finding words in the dictoniary'I smiled.
'Whats a dictoniary'Ava asked.
'A dictoinary is a book..with lots of words..but now alot of people don't use it because of computers'I said.Edward got up.
'Edward what are you doing'I asked.
'Going to get a dictoinary'He said.
'We still have a dictoniary'I asked.He noded.
'Yep..from New York'He went to the closet.Then he came back.He put a tiny book on the table.It was from high school.
'Edward you stoled Mr.Banners pocket dictoinary'I asked.He nodded.
'Yep..he got on my nerves on graduation day'I laughed.
'Yeah..he got me mad everyday..I still have that picture of him underwear'I said.He laughed.
''I remember you and Alice did that and you also put his car on the roof'I nodded.
'And my dad didn't even find out'I said.He smiled.Ava was looking in the book.
'This is cool..its filled with everything'Ava said.I smiled.I looked at the time.
'Ava you should get ready for bed ok'I said.She was still looking in the book.I smiled.Ava put done the book.I put the book done on the table.She looked at me.
'Yes mommy'I smiled.
'Shower,bed'I said.She nodded.She got up and went upstairs.I got up and got her plate and washed it.Edward came behind me and kissed me.
'I love you'He said.I smiled.
'I love you too'I said.I kissed him.I pulled away.Edward put his hand on my stomach.
'I can't wait till she comes out'He said.I smiled and looked at him.
'Why are you so confident its a she'I asked.
'I don't know its just a feeling'He said.I laughed.
'You thought Ava was going to be a boy..its a very strong feeling huh'I asked.
' is'He kissed me.I laughed.
'We are almost there'He said.I nodded.
'Yeah...we are'I said.I was due Febuary 15.It was Febuary 10th.It was scary to be almost there.Even if you already went though the whole pregnancy cycle.I went upstairs and fell asleep.Just then I got a bad back pain.I breathed in and out.I got up and it got worsed.
'Whats wrong buddy'I asked the baby.It hurts really bad.I woke up Edward.
'What happen'He asked.
'Edward I have really bad backpains'I said.
'Come on we shoud get to the hospital'I shook my head.
'No..I don't want to do all that'I said.
'Bella please..can we just go'He asked.I nodded.
'Fine..what about Ava'I asked.Just let her sleep.I will call my mom ok'He said.I nodded.Edward got my suitcase.
'Whats that for'I asked.
'Just in case'He said.I nodded.I got in the car and Edward drove to the hosptial.I got in a wheelchair and got a room.I layed in the bed.Edward held my hand.
'I love you'He said.I smiled.
I love you too'I said.We looked in eachothers eyes.Carlise came in.
'Hey guys'He said.
'Hey'I said.
'Bella it looks like your early..your going into labor'I looked at him.
'Are you sure'I asked.He nodded.
' dilated 2 inches ok'I nodded.Carlise left.When he left I got my first contractions.
'Bella your doing good ok'Edward said.I nodded.
'Yeah..I now'I said.He kissed me.Just then Rosalie came in.
'Oh..I can't beleive your going into labor feels like a day ago you found out you were pregnant..and then a month ago you had Ava then you dated Mike Newton'I looked at her.
'I history Rose'I said.She nodded.
'Sorry'She said.
'Edward what time is it'I asked.
'Its 1 o'clock in the moring'I nodded.He yawned.
'So how are the contractions'Rosalie asked.I shrugged.
'Good..better than the ones I had with Ava'I said.She nodded.
'I know its werid..same with Cole'She said.I then had another contractions.That one was really bad.I was so tired and stressed and ready to go into labor.
'I wish I could do that hard work for you Bella'Edward said.Me and Rosalie looked at him.
'What..I am tired'He said.I nodded.My mom came in.
' are you doing'She asked.
'Good..I dialated 2 incheds'I said.She nodded.
'Thats good'She said.
'I can't beleive you are having my 2nd grandchild'Rose looked at her.
'What about Cole and Rebbecca'She asked.
'Oh..I know..I met from Bella's dna and Edwards'She said.She turned to us.
'No'She mouthed.I laughed and went into contraction.I screamed alittle.Carlise came in.
'Bella your almost there dilated 3 inches'I nodded.
'We should get ready'I nodded.
'We should go.'My mom said.I nodded.I hugged her and Rose.
'Good luck you two'Rosalie said.I nodded.I kissed Edwards lips.
'Ok..Bella get ready to push ok'I nodded.
'1..2..3..push'Carlise said.I pushed...
I was so tired but I had to be there for Bella.
1..2..3..puh'He said.Bella pushed her hardest.
;Here we go! Okay, keep pushing! Wait! I see something.'My dad said.
I wanted this baby to come out already.Dr.Long said something and Edward talked in a worried tone.
'What?You do?You do?'He looks.
'Oh my God"Edward said.I went into shocked mood.
;Don’t say, "Oh my God!" Oh my God what?'I asked.
'What is that?'Edward asked.
'It’s the baby’s buttock, he’s breech.'Did she just say He.I am having a baby boy.Oh my god.I was was happy now.
;Oh thank God, I thought she had two heads.'Edward said.
'God. Is he gonna be okay?'I asked.
'. he’s gonna be fine. Okay, he’s in a more difficult position so you’re gonna have to push even harder now. Go! Push!'I tryed too.But I couldn't
'Go!'Edward said.
'You want me to go'I said.Edward looked at me in shocked.
'Sorry'I said.
Bella you’re gonna have to push even harder, nothing’s happening!'Dr.Long said.
'I’m sorry, I can’t!'I said.She shook her head.
'You can ok'I shook my head.
'Yes you can!'Edward said.
'I can’t!'i SAID.
'Hey! Come on! You can! I know you can do this! Let’s go!You did this before"
'I can’t. Please, you do it for me.'I said.
' No! Come on let’s—One more time! One final push! Ready? 1…2…3! 'I push so hard my head snaps up and heads buts Edward and kincked him down.I looked down.
;Good!'Dr.Long said.
'Its not good.I just head butted my husband'I said.
'Keep pushing"Edward said from the floor.
' Are you okay?'I asked.
'You have no idea how much this hurts.'He said. all of us women looked at him and glared at im.
'Keep going!Keep going!'He said.
'Here we go!'Dr.Long said
'Oh! Oh! he’s upside down but he’s coming!he’s coming!'Edward said.
'Oh God!'I said.
'Oh! Oh my God oh! Oh my God he’s here.'Edward said.I smiled.Dr.Long came around and gave him to me.I smiled and started to cry.
'Oh..he is finally here'I said.He nodded.
'He sure is'Edward said.I smiled and kissed him.
'I am so sorry about your head'I said.He nodded.
'Yeah it hurts'He siad.I laughed.
'Do we have a name for him'I nodded.
'Yes..Mathew'I said.She nodded.
'That fits him'She said.I looked at his beauitful eyes.He had Edwards eyes and my hair.But had Edwards nose.I smiled.
Febuary 12,2010 at 2:00 in the moring Mathew Kent Cullen.I smiled.Just then everyone came in.
'Hey'Alice said.
'Hey..I said say hello to Mathew'I said.
'He is such a cutie'She said.I nodded.
'He sure is'I said.
'Can I hold him'She asked.I nodded.I gave him to her.She started to cry.
'He is just perfect'She said.I laughed.Edward came to me and kissed me.
'He is totally prefect'He whispered in my ear.I smiled and kissed him.Rose came to me.
'I am so happy he wasn't late like Ava'I laughed.
'I remember Ava's brth very well'I said.She nodded.
'I know right'She said.I laughed and hugged her.Ava came in.
'Mommy'She said.I huged her.
'Hey sweetie'I said.
'Mommy what do I have a brother or a sister'She asked.I laughed.
'You have a little baby brother'I said.She smiled.I hugged her.Alice gave Mathew to Edward.
'I have to go to work..but I will be back later ok'Alice said.I nodded.
'Bye'I said.
'Bye you guys..bye Ava'She said.
'Bye Aunt Alice'I smiled.Emmett came next to me.
'Rosalie told me about mom forgetting me and Rose had two kids'I laughed.
'Yeah..that was a good pregnant joke'I said.He smiled.
'Come on Ava I need to get you to school'Esme said.
'Ok..bye mommy..bye daddy...bye Mathew'I smiled and she left with Esme.
'Congrats you guys'She said.We nodded.
'Wheres Rose and Cole'I asked.
' Rose had this P.T.A thing at the school'I nodded.
'Thats fun'I said.He laughed.Edward put Mathew in his little crib and rubbed his forehead.
'Stop that..your making me feel really bad'I said.
'Good'Edward said.
'What did you do'Em asked.
'I head butted his head'I said.He laughed.
'Just be happy she didn't kick you in the shin...Rose did that after Cole'I laughed.
'That makes me feel better'Edward said.I smiled.
'I am dont getting pregnant'I said.Edward nodded.
'Me too..your violent when your pregnant'I smiled.
'I should go..'Em said.
'Where are you going' I asked.
'I have um..uh..'
'Let me tickets for you could run away from your sister'I asked
'Yeah..pretty much'Em said and left.I got up.Edward came behind me and hugged me.
'I love you'He said.I kept looking at Mathew.
'I love you too'I said.He kissed my cheek.
'I am going to go get something to eat want something'Edward asked.I nodded.
'Yeah..a sweet tea and um..chips'I said.He nodded and kiss me and left.Mathew started to cry.I picked him up.
'Hey bud..your lucky I did this with your sister'I said.I smiled.I sat down and rocked him.Mathew yawned.
'Your tired..huh?I am also tired too'I said.He was so cute.I heard a knock on the door.I looked up.I saw my mom.
'Can I come in'She asked.I nodded.
'Yeah'I said.She came in.
'Oh...he is so cute..cuter than Emmett'I laughed.
'Can I hold him'I nodded.I gave him to her.Edward came in.He gave me my drink.
'Thanks'I said.
'Your welcome..hey Renee'He said.
'Hey'She said.
'You know he is actually cuter with you and Emmett combined'She said to Edward.
'Really'He asked.
'Yeah..I mean he has Bellas chin..your eyes and nose..Bella's eyes and hair..and then he has Bella's blush'I smiled.
'Thats werid..I haven't blush in years'I said.
'That is usally blushed all the time in high school'Edward nodded.
'I know you might as well call her a strawberry'I hitted him.Just then my moms cellphone runged.
'Its your dad..I should get that'She handed Mathew to Edward.I finished eating and Edward put Mathew in his crib.Edward sat down next to me.
'I just need to go home ok..I will be right back'I nodded.
'Ok..hurry back'I said.He laughed and kissed me.I then fell asleep...
omg!! So now Bella has Ava and Mathew. Sounds perfect and lovely. Loved this chapter. :-) Please post asap!
love it plz keep me updated
ooh, It's so cute! (:
omg this is awesome! i cant wait or more!=))
hey your stories great, my comp hasnt been working so we got a new one and im starting on all my banner request, urs is first on the list =) is there and preferences when it comes to pics? or do u want me to pick something out
I love it


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