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Just aother boring morning,another boring day,another boring outfit to match my dull mood.Something i knew Alice would chew me out for later.The only upside of the day was getting picked up in the morning,and leaving school in the afternoon because Edward was the one driving.

I've had a crush on him since 7th grade when he was dating that h** Tanya. I didn't have the guts to tell him though because she was a little scary and Edward and I knew eachother since,since forever.


When i walked out the door...he wasn't there.He was usually there before i even opened the door that was weird.




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that was short lol.

Please update when you have more!
Sorry so short my sis was being nosy i can't update now but it really is a good story i will most likely update tomorrow THANX!
loved the idea
keep going
i love it
i guess i should say something to the few people very few people who actually read this story and i know its been more than a while and then some days but i think i should make an effort for anyone who even remembered this story sooo.....


I honestly dont even remember how in the world it came to this.I knew it wouldnt be long before my family finds out about this its weird because of all the people in this world bella my best friend who has always been able to see straight through me has managed to stay oblivious to everything i have been doing this past month.
Either my mind is repressing the events that had taken place or i just couldnt remember i had really wanted the second one to be true but i know its a load of crap because i see it every night in my dreams nightmares whatever u wanna call them.

The drugs quickly took affect numbing me and relaxing me into a temporary bliss.The worst part was that my thought patterns even my thoughts themselves were enhanced yet clouded in a strange way,all the room i had to think when the most pleasant of thoughts would float into my head they'd always be sunken by the horrible realization how this might affect me and my family and the even worse realization that in my condition i really couldnt give less a f***.


I cant believe i let bella drag me to another one of these stupid parties but i couldnt see myself leaving anytime soon as much as she was enjoying herself.
Her wide smile bright eyes and long hair mesmerized me as she danced with friends.I could even imagine her having any feelings even resembeling my own.I cant imagine ever hurting her.I cant imagine living a life with anyone but her.It was a somewhat sad existence for me,pawning over a love that doesnt even know i hold more than friendly love for.
I guess i might as well try to enjoy my self i started tomingle in an attempt to meet some different people seeing as bells was obviously occupied.
I came across a few guys talking amongst themselves getting curious when they actually called me over not by name but it was still weird because id never seen them a day in my life.
i slowly aproached uttering a small "hello"
The larger of the three spoke"looks like we got a shy one you guys!"
another spoke as well "I apologize mike can be a huge a** we just saw you standing there and thought you
might like some company right guys?"
"Hells yea" They exclaimed.
"follow us we have something you might wanna try." the smallest had said.


Time was slow my head was spinning i knew i should have freaked when mike offered the needle.I should have known better when he said it was 'harmless' .I shouldnt have have been so damn naive.
But everything was enhanced and blurry colorful yet dull it felt so good i could hardly bring myself to regret my choice.We all stumbled from the room theyd led me too heading down the stairs laughung at something that never even happened when i spotted bella who seemed to be looking for me.My attention turned from mike,rich and tyler i made my way towards her seeing her eyes light up when she noticed me and setting in confusion as she took in my appearance.i got closer.
"you ready to go?" she asked.
"yea" my bliss state of mind amplified with her around and i knew i couldnt wait for next time.


and an even sadder existence began causing me to to slowly detach.
Every single prick the needle made causing me to drift.
Its time to go.
No more of my own self more constant mask.No more of a bigger chance of my family finding out.
It time to go.

Alright now please please if you value my sanity REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!
awesomme please keep me updated
omg!!! post more asap!!!!!!


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