The Twilight Saga

What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t choose. The three I loved, are all torn in two. But who to choose is the question. The ones I always trusted and were my friends? Or the one I always liked but hated the
other two? I remember how it all happened. Just another ordinary day at
Hogwarts or at least as ordinary being at Hogwarts can be. ..

I was walking down to the Great Hall for dinner, when I spotted him from the corner of my eye. I bite my lip nervous and clutched my books tighter, while my stomachs did butterflies.  He was standing with one foot on the wall and
his two sidekicks beside him. He threw his head and laughed at something, one
of them said. I feel goose bumps break the surface of my skin and tingle up to
my neck. Out of the corner of my eye I see him spot me. A small smile creeps up
his face and he turns his head in my direction.

“Hey! Granger, come over,” he says,

His one sidekick turns to him and snickers, while saying. “Draco, why are you talking to that Muggle?”

He narrows his eyes at Goyle who said that and jabs his elbow into his stomach. Immediately, Goyle stops laughing and gasps for breath. Goyle glares at Malfoy. Draco runs his fingers through his hair and raises his
eyebrows at me.

“Come here, Hermione. I won’t hurt you,” he says in his silky voice.

I bite my lip and begin to walk towards him and shake my head, snapping out of it. I narrow my eyes at him and clutched my books tighter. He memorized me with that voice of his. But he was the bad one. I
can’t trust him.

“Don’t be that way, Granger,” Draco says and looks into my eyes.

His grey eyes were like a drug. You can get addicted and lost into them. It took all of my willpower to look away and turn around. I bite my lip and hurry back to the common room without looking back even though
he calls me.  I say the password “Snape
sees you” and walk in. Ron made the password up, no wonder why it made no
sense. I walk up to the girl’s dormitory and put my books down and change into
my nightgown. As soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep.

I dream. I see Draco, as I do every night. But tonight is different. Tonight, he is sitting alone. Tears streaming down his face. I hear him mutter something, but I can’t hear all of it. I catch something about “him”
and “made me”. Who was him? What is he making you do? All of a sudden Snape
walks to Draco and pulls him up by his robes. He growls something at Draco then
drops him, letting him fall on the ground. Snape whirls around and his robes
flow in the air and he stalks away.

I wake up with a jerk. Crookshanks, my huge cat jumped on my bed and attacked my feet. I yawn and stretch then pet Crookshanks. I get dressed, grab my wand, and go down to the common room. No one was there yet, I
look at the clock it was 6:30 AM, of course no one was up yet.  I begin to walk down to the Great Hall for
breakfast, when a hand reaches out and grabs me. The hand pulls me into the
darkness and I look into the eyes. They were grey-Draco. I pull my arm away
from his.

“Hermione. Listen to me,” he says in a quiet whisper.

I glare at him, but amazed by his eyes I stay and listen. I nod letting him know, I will hear him out. He smiles slightly.

“You have to get out of here. Now. Death Eaters are coming to destroy Hogwarts. You have to leave.”

My mouth drops open astonished. One by Death Eaters entering Hogwarts. And two that he’s telling me this. Was this a trap? How would he know? Was Harry right-is he a Death Eater himself? But why would he protect me?
He acts as if he hates me…

“I’m not kidding Hermione. I don’t want to see you get hurt. You have to get out of here now,” he continues.

I give him a glare. Brown meeting grey. He lifts his hand and brushes my face.

“Please believe me,” he says.

All of a sudden it gets really dark. Thunder roars overhead and footsteps pound down the steps and from everywhere. Black robes whirl by, running. I hear people panting. Someone runs by, a pool of blood follows in its
wake. Were they here already? I look to Draco and he nods solemnly.

“I got you now, filthy mudblood!” someone screams in front of me and I whirl around.

It was Bellatrix, her black hair wild and eyes flaring with anger. She jabs her wand under my neck and it gags me. She glares at Draco, but focuses on me. More Death Eaters run by. People are screaming. Lights all
around, bouncing off walls.  Sounds of
thins shattering and breaking, because spells are missing.  I bite my lip-Dumbledore and Harry were gone.
Hogwarts was left defenseless. Bellatrix curls her lip and smirks at me. She
grabs my hair and forces me up, onto my weak feet. I bite back a moan of pain.
I would not give her the pleasure and show weakness. I let out a shaky breath,
as Bellatrix slams me into the wall. My elbow hits it first and I hear a crack.
Tears fill my eyes, and I watch Draco look between Bellatrix and me defenseless
and unsure what to do.

“Let’s see what Dumbledore taught you,” Bellatrix snarls at me.

I grip for my wand, but it wasn’t in my robes. I look at Draco did he take it from me? I know I put in there before. I glare at Bellatrix, as she raises her wand and waves it at me.  A green light shoots out of it towards me; I
jump to the right dodging it. Bellatrix laughs her high pitch laugh.  She raises her wand once more. The world stops
moving and I am frozen in time. I look at Draco helplessly and look into his
beautiful grey eyes once more; hoping to find some courage or help in them but
there was nothing. I turn back to Bellatrix.

“Avada Kedavra!” she shouts swishing her wand through the air.

I watch as the green light zooms forward, towards me. I can’t move I blink my eyes slowly and feel it hit me. I’m thrown to the ground, and the world around me stops. It was the end. I trusted him though.

“I’m so sorry, Hermione,” says a familiar silky voice.


do you think i should make it a story and not just a one-shot?

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Totally! Go ahead, start writing now! I LOVE IT! You might even make me like HP's bad guys! Hehehehe!


LOL Thansk so much Nessie!
Yes, absolutely! This is very unexpected one!
You Should Really Post More, It Is Very Interesting and Very Good!.

LOl Thanks!
thank you so much!
you should post it i would love to read it! thanks for reading!


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