The Twilight Saga

Edward never left Bella in New Moon, But what if he left her after He killed Victoria, And Bella was pregnant, With Edward's baby? Who will get Bella through this? Will she die when the baby is delivered? Will Edward come back?


He left me in the woods. 

It is dark.

 I can't see a thing, I heard a rustle in the woods. As I curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.  

Why Edward?


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Queens of Volturri - There Before:

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Thank you!!!
this sounds really good so far! :D
please post more soon!
Chapter 3


I looked at the elk I just drained. It was small but the right amount for me. As I walked out of a shadow. My skin didn't Sparkle.

I Ran back home.


My mother told me we were going back to Forks! I nearly yelled I was going back to my birth place! I ran upstairs to get packed.

When I stumbled upon something. A picture. With my mom and Someone else. I flipped the picture to read the description.

Me and Edward on my 18th birthday

I heard a gasp from a far distance. I stared at the picture. He was the one who changed her wasn't he? He had my bronze hair,

Or I had his bronze hair. I dropped the picture Immediately my mother got it just in time before it hit the floor. She looked at me a frozen stare.

I ran to my room and looked the door. I began to pack. I tried to forget. I packed my bags. Who cared if mother dated a vampire when she was human?

I ran to the door. " MOM!" She came in a blink," What does E.J stand for?" She froze again thinking if she should tell me. She took me in my room

And sat on my bed. "E.J stands for......Edward....Jacob?" She stuttered. Jacob? Oh... She told me about him around the time i was 12.

Jacob helped her through her pregnancy with me after Edward left her. Of course she would say 'he' instead of Edward. I was shaking a little.

I wanted to meet him when we went back to forks and when we go there I want to search for this Edward. I ran back to the forest to frustrated.

How could she name after her best friend and the man who left her. My father. I walked back home. I got my bag and waited down stairs.

I was silent the rest of that day. I couldn't speak to her, not right now at least
YAY! it is a little longer! =) anyway what'd you think
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OMG!!! Please post more and keep me updated plzz!!
love it
i love it! :))
I love it :)
Thank you!
Chapter 3


I knew It was the right thing to tell him. I was pretty sure we would encounter the Cullen's Once again when he go back to forks.

He would probably want to know both Edward and Jacob. I froze. Why'd I say his name? I was still broken. He never loved me.

I would be prepared if we Would meet again. Hoping not.

***** FORKS ******

I sighed once we reached the Seattle Airport. We were Being eye'd at. Wowed. Stared. I didn't like Attention. I hated It. I ran to the car rental.

We rented a car and left immediately we both hated attention. He had my personality. I drove to my old house. Charlie's House.

We got an Invitation 3 years before.

Saying Charlie was getting married! He was marrying Sue Clearwater. The Bad fact was Leah was now my sister. And She is a Werewolf.

Who kill people like me. Vampires (a/n when jacob got her through out her Pregnancy he had told her about it)

I sighed At least I got Seth! he was great! Like the brother I wanted and now he is.

And E.J had a Uncle and Aunt. I finally reached it. Charlie Retired from being Chief Police. He got A LOT of money. I looked at the house.

I knocked on the door. Prepared for a shocked Charlie. And that is Exactly what I got. E.J looked at him tilting his head. Of course he didn't know about Charlie.

I had been gone for 16 years and visited once and now I'm back with my son. Charlie did the same. He looked older. He got some white hair but other than that he looked the same.

I smiled.

"Hey Charlie" I said He looked at me, getting out of his trance. "Hello bells What are you doing hear? you look younger?" he said.

" Who's this boy here?" he asked referring to E.J

I froze again. And decided to tell him " This is my son... E.J" I said. He was stunned. " Bella why didn't you tell me?"

" Well I'll tell you when we go outside." i said

He nodded. we weren't going to live here but I wanted to see Charlie. One more time probably
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ok, im really loving this! plz keep me updated! i have to have more!


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