The Twilight Saga

Edward never left Bella in New Moon, But what if he left her after He killed Victoria, And Bella was pregnant, With Edward's baby? Who will get Bella through this? Will she die when the baby is delivered? Will Edward come back?


He left me in the woods. 

It is dark.

 I can't see a thing, I heard a rustle in the woods. As I curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.  

Why Edward?


Read, Comment, please leave advice! 

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Queens of Volturri - There Before:

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So write it!!!
That was like three sentences... COME ON MORE ALREADY!
Chapter 1

Everyday is like living without air. My stomach look oddly big I ran to the pharmacy that day. When I got home I ran to the bathroom and took the test.

I waited for a minute as I looked at the results. There showed a + sign I broke down. I cried. I knew he was the father. I ran toward my bed.

I sat there in silence. As I tried to sort things out in my mind. He didn't love me. I has been a month since he left me.

I was afraid. But I cried myself to sleep.


I wanted Jacob's Help for this he help me out lately. (a/n She doesn't know about werewolves yet. she didn't get to see any of them in the war.)

I grabbed the keys of my car and ran towards it. I haven't seen him since the Newborn war. I walked slowly as I reached his house.

I knock on his door As Billy answers.

"hello Bella" He greeted

"Hello Billy, I need to speak to Jacob" I really needed him

"Oh ok... Jacob!" he yelled.

I waited patiently As Jacob got out and froze. He grinned And I smiled back But I was still miserable. As I walked with him toward his room.

"Hey jacob. I've got to tell you something.... Important."

"Anything Bells" He said

My eyes were glossy as I began to speak " Jacob...... He left me." His hand clenched into fists.

"Why'd He leave you Bells! I thought he loved you?" He yelled A tear fell from my cheek as he pulled me into a hug,"It's ok Bells" He said reassuring me

"Jacob no it is not! There something else too. And I'm not sure if you'll like it" I said my hand flew toward my stomach. His mouth opened as if he already knew

"Im pregnant with his baby" I said As I began to bawl once again. He hugged tighter " I'll get you through this" He said
Sorry if it bores you a little
Not really. I. Just. Want. More. lol UPDATE alerady!
SORRY im not able to write today
It wasn't boring to me at least. I just wish it was longer. Keep up the good work.
It's interesting. Update soon!
Chapter 2 BPOV

2 months later

The pain had filled me.

I was delivering a baby now.

I heard a faint cry. I knew my work was done. Until i heard someone walk in it wasn't Jacob.

The person crept forward. And I blacked out. Then something 'Bit" me. But I knew it was to late. I prepared for my fate.


6 years later

Me And E.J (a/n yeah i think some of you were expecting Renesmee!) Decided to move to Italy The Volturri

-I had no idea who they were until they first showed up- came to us in forks. They told us to stay here so they can keep an eye on us.

We owned a pizzeria there. We lived in the cloudy part part of Italy And learned to speak Italian.

Unfortunately a lot of Italians speak English. I called E.J "E.J!!! Today you work!" i yelled with my new voice as clear as a melody.

He ran down stairs, He reminded me so much of him. He had his bronze hair, his face. But he had my clumsiness and Brown eyes.

"Good morning mom" he said.

"Good morning E.J, now get dressed cause your running the shop today" I said. He let out a sigh as he ran back up the stairs.

He ran a little faster than a human. but it still looked normal. He came back with a calculator. We need those for the shop.

He fell down the last step. I giggled. As he got up and laughed to He went to the shop and I went out. I need time to think now.
sorry if my chaps are to small
But thats all i got time for these days!
this is awsome! im glad you chose a boy instead of renesmee cuz shes starting to get annoying.
Thanks Corrina! I know me too
this is good keep posting i really love it
Even if they are short, something is always better than nothing. :-) Loved it, keep up the good work!!!


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