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What if Bella never jumped off the cliff by herself?

What if she jumped with Jacob so Alice never saw Bella jump of a cliff?

Would she forget them or forgive them?


Since Edward left i have not been able to forget about him. Jacob and I have gotten really

close since the past 3 years but the way i feel about Jacob is almost nothing compared to how

much i loved Edward.

Chapter 1

"Happy 21st Birthday Bella" both Jacob and Charlie said at the same time. What the heck its

7:30 a.m and there waking me up this early they must be crazy. "Leave me alone I want to sleep

more" I moaned to Charlie and Jacob like a little girl. I heard footsteps leaving my room so i quickly

fell asleep in that same second. Then suddenly i felt hot lips crushing into mine which made me

wake up to kiss him back. He chuckled" Well at least sleeping beauty woke up" Jacob said as he

sat next to me in my bed.

"Did you have a good sleep, Bella"

"Yeah i did" I lied. I had a dream about the Cullens and my 18 Birthday. I couldn't tell Jacob that or
else he'll feel disappointed; worse i would hurt him.

Breakfast was awesome Jacob cooked me breakfast just as if i ordered it in Denny's only

it didn't take long. All day was great, they bought cake and everyone gathered at Bill's house to

throw me a surprise birthday party. But luckily there was no gift. The party was good but they started

to dance so i told everyone i would head home to go to sleep but continue the party and so they


Ahhhhh finally the day is almost over just a few more steps and you'll be sleeping. I opened

the door to my house and turned on the lights.It took me a long time for my eyes to adjust the bright

lights. As i turned my head to the living room i froze.

"Impossible" I said in a whisper

please tell me what you think about my story and if you want me to continue and if someone could please make me a banner for my story

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Chapter 17

And then a horrible scream coming from my Bella.

Bella P.O.V.

As i just sat at this small little room underground i couldn't help but think of the Cullens and Jacob. How are they doing or if they even now that i have been kidnapped by the so called Volturi. Are they out there looking for me or are they too scared so are they just gonna hope. But what if i wil-

"Ah Isabella come with me" I think Jane said. They had be on a blind fold ever since they got me got me. Without even catching my breath she carries me out and into somewhere were i felt like all eyes were on me.
"Well Isabella it seems you have visitors here to see you. Jane if you may be a dear please take that blindfold of off Isabella's eyes."Aro told Jane. So I'm guessing that was Jane. As Jane did what she was told she took of that blindfold.
It took me a pretty long time to let my eyes adjust to the light. Then i heard someone gasp and started that way when i saw the Cullens with a shocked and worried face at me. I started at Edward for seemed like centuries. He had that face of if he could actually kill them all right now. But i hope he doesn't then he might end up dead or in pain. Out of nowhere Edward sprang toward Aro but then went crying to the floor in pain as the rest of the Cullens did the same. What were they doing i looked at all of them and all of them had big smiles on there face especially Jane. I started glaring at her when i felt some hard teeth bite me, after that the pain started.

Edward P.O.V.

As is still laid screaming in pain which seemed like years when i could finally move my fingers. One at a time a i had control of my whole body and i was able to stand up. Everyone was trying to stand up also but had a hard time. I helped Esme stand up because i guessing that Jane gave her more pain than all of us. I finally realized Aro was the only one in the room with such red eyes.
"Well it was about time. Fallow me and I'll show you your room and please don't try to do anything funny because then we are going to have to start all over again."Aro said with a smile on his face. Seriously when doesn't that man stop smiling.

Hmmmm that human girl was delicious. It was really hard to stop drinking her rich tasting blood. If it wasn't for her shield that she has as a human i would of drank all of her blood happily. Such a waste her blood was the most delicious blood i have tasted. When I'm done with these Cullens I'm gonna go send guards look for people that smell like her
Aro thought. I couldn't stop but let out a growl which he laughed.
"Okay here is your room enjoy" he said.
Everyone entered the room and stayed silent. Out of nowhere Alice had a vision of Bella as a vampire. Her pale skin and her read eyes. She looked so beautiful but the pain that she must be in right now must be unbelievable. I walked to the corner and sat there for who knows how long. Alice and Rosaline went to check the closet while everyone else minded there own business in the room.

"Edward come one we have to get out in 30 minutes Bella will be waking up!"Alice started saying to me while shaking me very hard i manege to get up and head to the bathroom. In there, there was my clothes. Ah Alice can't stop thinking what we are going to wear for at least what 3 days.

Edward's Outfit::

Edward's Outfit
Edward's Outfit by uselenas featuring Nike 6.0 shoes' />

I splashed some water on my face and headed for the door. Jasper was kind of wearing what i was wearing but i guess there is not so many choices for Alice to choice from. And Everyone else really seemed like if they like there outfit

Jasper's Outfit

Jasper's Outfit
Jasper's Outfit by uselenas featuring Converse shoes' />

Emmet's Outfit::

Emmett's Outfit
Emmett's Outfit by uselenas featuring etnies shoes' />

Carlisle's Outfit

Carlisle's Outfit
Carlisle's Outfit by uselenas featuring GAP' />

Alice's Outfit

Alice's Outfit
Alice's Outfit by uselenas featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes' />

Rose's Outfit:

Rose's Outfit
Rose's Outfit by uselenas featuring Alexander McQueen shoes' />

Esme's Outfit::

Esme's Outfit
Esme's Outfit by uselenas featuring Gucci' />

We headed out when i heard the most beautiful voice coming from a room down the hallway.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh beeellla !!!!!!
LOVE iT!!!!!
i'm soo excited for MORE!!!!
pleazZz let me know when u post more =D
<3 thanxx
thank you so much and sure will =)
I just loved it. please continue

thank you so much and i will continue
love it
that was amazing
Why do you have to stop there?!?!?! NOOOO!!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH too short!! LOVED IT!!! AHHH GRRR!!! Hurry!!
Keep me updated Please!
And update SOON!!
Love it!!
wow i just cached up and its really really really good...plez plez plez update soon.... I love you fanfiction......Can you plez keep me updated.... love ur story...
write at Vampire speed!!!
thank you so much I'm glad you like my fan fic and sure i will keep you updated =)
well i had to stop there cuz i had to go get breakfast lol and so sorry its to short
i'll try to update as soon as i can and sure will keep you updated
i lov e the story wright more soon!


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