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What if Bella never jumped off the cliff by herself?

What if she jumped with Jacob so Alice never saw Bella jump of a cliff?

Would she forget them or forgive them?


Since Edward left i have not been able to forget about him. Jacob and I have gotten really

close since the past 3 years but the way i feel about Jacob is almost nothing compared to how

much i loved Edward.

Chapter 1

"Happy 21st Birthday Bella" both Jacob and Charlie said at the same time. What the heck its

7:30 a.m and there waking me up this early they must be crazy. "Leave me alone I want to sleep

more" I moaned to Charlie and Jacob like a little girl. I heard footsteps leaving my room so i quickly

fell asleep in that same second. Then suddenly i felt hot lips crushing into mine which made me

wake up to kiss him back. He chuckled" Well at least sleeping beauty woke up" Jacob said as he

sat next to me in my bed.

"Did you have a good sleep, Bella"

"Yeah i did" I lied. I had a dream about the Cullens and my 18 Birthday. I couldn't tell Jacob that or
else he'll feel disappointed; worse i would hurt him.

Breakfast was awesome Jacob cooked me breakfast just as if i ordered it in Denny's only

it didn't take long. All day was great, they bought cake and everyone gathered at Bill's house to

throw me a surprise birthday party. But luckily there was no gift. The party was good but they started

to dance so i told everyone i would head home to go to sleep but continue the party and so they


Ahhhhh finally the day is almost over just a few more steps and you'll be sleeping. I opened

the door to my house and turned on the lights.It took me a long time for my eyes to adjust the bright

lights. As i turned my head to the living room i froze.

"Impossible" I said in a whisper

please tell me what you think about my story and if you want me to continue and if someone could please make me a banner for my story

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thank you so much and I'll try to write more as soon as i can =)
and sure I'll keep you updated

u>Chapter 19

Carlisle replied to Rosalie's question,"Well Rosalie i think it would be best if we
stayed here for a week top i really have to go back to the hospital and you guys have to go to school.

Isabella (Bella) P.O.V.

Aro told Felix to show me my way to my room. While leaving the room Felix put his arm around my waist and brought me closer to him. I felt kind of uncomfortable but what if he was very special to me in the past and i don't want to hurt his feelings so i just let his arm be in my waist for now.

"Here is your room Isabella, I hope you fin everything you need in there and if you need anything please don't hesitate and ask me anytime."He said while giving me a smile and a quick kiss on my cheek. Hmmm...... Well i guess i should go and check out my room but my throat hurts so badly that i just ran off until i came to some woods nearby. My heard a noise it sounds like 4 pounding hearts. Without even thinking about it, I launched for its throat and drank all of the animals blood. The animal was a deer and it was a big fat one but i wanted more. As i started running again i saw a sleepy lion up on the trees sleeping. 'Just my luck' i thought to myself 'this one looks fat and lazy' without even letting the lion react i put my sharp teeth to its neck sucking all of its blood until it was life less. I think i had a pretty good hunt and its time to see my bedroom. I made my way to my bedroom and saw my room number was number 193. Wow i wounder how much rooms there are if I'm on the first floor. I don't even want to know. As i oped the door i couldn't help but gasp. It was just like if they gave me my own house. Everything just seemed to fit in. They do really car about me then why would someone go and give me this big room!!

Bella's Bedroom

I opened the closet to just find my robe ahhh i really need to go shopping and i mean now. I made my way down the hallway looking for a door that said Aro or something when there was a door that said OFFICE. I knocked two times and then entered the room. I couldn't help but gasp again. This room was just as pretty as my room. In a chair was Aro sitting down reading a huge book.

"Um Aro i was wondering if i might have some money to go shopping. I really need new clothes and the only thing i have is these clothes and the robe." i told Aro while still looking at the place


"Well Bella it is just fine with me here is your credit card and don't worry about going over board i would even be surprised if you spent 1% of this card. Just buy whatever you want with it. " He said while smiling to me.

"Thank you" i said while leaving. I walked to a mall and bought thousands of stuff including a car. Every second i go i just keep on getting stares by everyone and whistle. I just want to rip there heads off. What everyone is talking about human blood is not really that bad. They smell but not to get me to drink there blood. I spent most of my day at the mall and finally returned to the mansion. I went straight to my room and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom was just as amazing as the room. Its a good thing they don't have a toilet because we don't really use them and it would just take some space.

I took a long bath enjoying a water on my body and relaxing. Untill i finally thought it was time to get out i went out to my bed to find a note.

Dear Isabella,

We want you to join us to dinner tonight please come.

Sincerely the Volturi and Guards

Well know what can i wear for dinner. What the heck are we gonna eat and talk. But whatever it is i want to look very elegant for tonight. I wonder if the Cullens are going to be there well who cares there gonna leave right? I put on something simple but not to simple in my opinion

Bella's Dinner Outfit
Bella's Dinner Outfit by uselenas featuring Gucci shoes' />

I got ready and made my way down the hallway again. I saw i sign saw Dinner Meetings i really need to get a map to this place.I really want to see what cool places this house has.I opened the door. It seemed that i was the first one here so i will just have to wait until the rest of them show up.
I want that dress please.

great chapter

LoL i would give it to you but its a little bit higher than what i get with my allowance LoL
I am so glad you like my story =)
love the story
ooooooh fabbylicious !! Btw i love the rooms!!
thank you so much and so do i =D
keep me updated
sure will =)
realllllly goood
thank you so much it really means a lot to me =)
Love it like always keep on going!!!! keep me updated plez????love it number one fan!!!! lol


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