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What if Bella never jumped off the cliff by herself?

What if she jumped with Jacob so Alice never saw Bella jump of a cliff?

Would she forget them or forgive them?


Since Edward left i have not been able to forget about him. Jacob and I have gotten really

close since the past 3 years but the way i feel about Jacob is almost nothing compared to how

much i loved Edward.

Chapter 1

"Happy 21st Birthday Bella" both Jacob and Charlie said at the same time. What the heck its

7:30 a.m and there waking me up this early they must be crazy. "Leave me alone I want to sleep

more" I moaned to Charlie and Jacob like a little girl. I heard footsteps leaving my room so i quickly

fell asleep in that same second. Then suddenly i felt hot lips crushing into mine which made me

wake up to kiss him back. He chuckled" Well at least sleeping beauty woke up" Jacob said as he

sat next to me in my bed.

"Did you have a good sleep, Bella"

"Yeah i did" I lied. I had a dream about the Cullens and my 18 Birthday. I couldn't tell Jacob that or
else he'll feel disappointed; worse i would hurt him.

Breakfast was awesome Jacob cooked me breakfast just as if i ordered it in Denny's only

it didn't take long. All day was great, they bought cake and everyone gathered at Bill's house to

throw me a surprise birthday party. But luckily there was no gift. The party was good but they started

to dance so i told everyone i would head home to go to sleep but continue the party and so they


Ahhhhh finally the day is almost over just a few more steps and you'll be sleeping. I opened

the door to my house and turned on the lights.It took me a long time for my eyes to adjust the bright

lights. As i turned my head to the living room i froze.

"Impossible" I said in a whisper

please tell me what you think about my story and if you want me to continue and if someone could please make me a banner for my story

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omg...that wasnt very nice... please post more soon

Thank you S@/ZW3D3/ for making me these 2 wonderful banners :)

Chapter 27
"Bella?" Edward said and he sounded-

like if he had more hope than he had last time.
"please Bella" Edward pleaded and it hurt my heart my how much pain he sounded. I heard the door open then close. Did Edward leave? Their wasn't a sound. I heard the door open again and i felt someone staring at me. It got pretty boring afterward. I couldn't open my eyes or move anything and only heard that annoying beaping sound. I eventually fell asleep but i didn't dream of anything. I know i was sleeping but could still hear everthing that was happening. Some time past by and i eventually just opened my eyes out of a sudden. I don't know how i did it but i did. First everything was very blurry and dark. I had to blink several times to clear my vision. I was in a very boring hospital room and i had wires coming out of my body. I slowly turned to my left and saw Edward. The love of my life sitting there with his hands in his face blocking my way to see his face.
"Edward" i whispered slowly and was surprised how my voice sounded. Very dry. Edward's head quickly lifted up and i saw pure shock first and then relief.
"Bella" Edward whispered and came quickly to me and holded me carefully and kissed my forehead.
"you don't know how much i missed you. Don't you ever scare me like that"Edward told me but i could sense the relief and the happiness that his voice sounded.
"i missed you too and i promise" i whispered to him not wanting to hear my dry voice again. We stayed silence for a while and he just kissed my forehead every few seconds. Oh yeah i think it was Carlisle that said i was out for 6 months wow. Wounder what day is it? The last thing i could remember was me sleeping in Edward's arms in the car and then its all blank.
"hmm.." he said with still his mouth on my head.
"what day is it today?" i still whispered.
"its the 15 of December Bella" he said. So my birthday past already and so did Halloween, thanksgiving, and almost Christmas. Wait what about school. And im 18 years old!
"so im 18 years old" i commented.
"yeah" he said. I moved my head to see him staring at me. We just stared at each other for a long time when i started leaning into him. Edward didn't hesitate but kissed me very carefully. If i could, i would put my arms around his neck but because of the tubes coming out of me i can't move mussel. He leaned back words and went back to kissing my forehead.
"i should probably tell everyone else that you're awake."
"don't go. I miss you."i said a little louder than a whisper but my voice sounded better and better every time.
"I promise i would be right back with you. I shouldn't be selfish and keep you for myself only." with that he left in a fast human pace. Then about 5 seconds later i heard screaming and it sounded like a whole bunch of people running. The door slammed open and i saw all of the cullens and Charlie and Renne. They all ran to me and Charlie and Rennee had tears in their eyes. By now i also had tears in my eyes. Renne and Charlie were the first to run up to me and give me a big hug that felt that they were holding for dear life.
"oh bella! im so glad you woke up" my mom said whipping the tears of her eyes.
"same here" i said and i looked at Charlie with pure joy on his face.
"its a Christmas miracle" Charlie said and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Everyone looked so happy that i woke up and this was my family that love me. Eventually the nurses and doctors came and checked me out and i fell asleep short after.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9 days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today was the last day that i was going to be here. I'm leaving in about 15 minutes to go back to the Cullens house because they are having a Christmas eve. party. Renne left verily today in the morning and apologized for not being able to spend Christmas eve with me. Of course i was okay with it, she spent lots of times here at the hospital with me while i was "sleeping".
Alice made me get into this red dress for the party. It fits me a little lower than my knee and im glad she listened to me at least about not wanting a dress that shows to much.

I heard a knock on the door.
"umm.... come in" i said and the door opened slowly to show Edward looking very handsome in a tux.
" you look beautiful." he said while wrapping his arms around my waist.
"thanks" i said and blushed. Edward started stroking my cheek when i felt someone pulling me.
"come one bella. don't do that here" alice said and pulled me out of the room. Edward followed quickly behind us and stayed quiet. Their outside of the hospital was Rosalie's car. Everyone was looking gaging it and i think i saw a guy starting to drew.
They quickly pulled me inside and i was between Edward and Alice. The ride was the usual, fast. I still haven't told Edward about my dream but i have been trying to avoid that thought as much as possible. I couldn't bare think Edward and the Cullens leaving me. And jacob and me......i don't think of him like that, not more than a friend. I didn't tell that we stopped when i heard everyone open the door. And Edward helping me get out of the car like a gentleman he is. We walked hand in hand into his house. The house look so absolutely beautiful, It looked like a cute little Christmas eve. party. Alice had asked if i could stay with the Cullens for tonight and Charlie was a little stubborn about it but Alice convinced him. The party was actually awesome. I cant believe it that Alice didn't go to overboard with it. It was sweet and well i went up to sleep at 9:30 with Edward behind me. Edward showed me where i was staying and it was his room. He opened his door and i saw a big bed in the center of the room. I was literally shocked i thought i was going to sleep in his couch.
"You didn't think i would let you sleep in the couch would i my love" Edward said and kissed my forehead and led me to the bed.
"umm... i gotta go change."i told him and went quickly to the bathroom covering my face for he could not see my blush. Luckily the bathroom had my clothes in it and Alice packed me very soft and warm pjs. I brushed my teethes and got out of the bathroom. Edward was waiting for me just where i left him. I got to the bed and went under the covers. Edward laied down next to me but on top of the covers.
It was quiet for a long time.
Finally Edward broke the silence.
"What did you dream about love? the whole time you were asleep."
"well....i had a dream about some weird things, sad things happening to me."
"Would you care to tell me?" Edward asked and i did. I told him everything and he listened quiet. In some parts i started crying but still continued. I finished my dream and it was quiet.
"Bella, you know i would never leave you right?"
"right?" i said but it came out as a question not a statement.
"I would never leave you in my life or put you through any of that pain." he said and kissed my head.
"i love you" i told him
"i love you more then you can imagine. Now go to sleep love and don't think about me leaving you because that would never happen." he said and i fell into a deep sleep.

okay guys this is the end of Forgive or Forget. This story was very different then i imagined it to be and i learned what it is to make a fan fic and if i do create one in the future i would have to do planning and maybe type the whole story first. Thank you all for reading my story
i love it but im confused like Rachel said i thought she was a vampire and 21 2?
owemgee.. so it was all a dream. pheww! but its sad that this is the end of this mazing story, but at least ure stilll planning to make another, haha.. so.. yeah..
ily yani! :) tc alwayz!
love it
kool story!!
******NEW READER******
love it
who was in the livingroom
got anymore

love it!


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