The Twilight Saga

I have a new idea for a fanfic, here it goes, but first a few things you need to know.

1) This is set after New Moon
2) Edward comes back and asks for Bella's forgiveness, but she hates him and the rest of the Cullens for leaving her alone and unprotected.
3) Bella is with Jacob now.
4) Jacob is Bella's age.
5) Jacob transferred to Forks high school to be with Bella, before the Cullens came back
6) Jacob is still a werewolf and Edward is still a vampire
Edward still loves Bella but when he returns she has moved on. He decides to fight for her and realizes that she is with Jacob now, a werewolf his enemy. Can both of them handle being in the same school fighting for the same girl. Do they have that much self control? Will Bella ever forgive Edward?
Before I post the first chapter I would like to hear your opinion.

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please write soon and keep me updated i love the story please add me as a friend
you should write about it !
i prefer Jacob to Edward , so .. :b
I love it =]

Please write more soon x
I say it should be wait for Peter and his girl I think it would be knda kool you no everyone thinks Edward but you pick I know you will make it awsom no matter who you pick luv it too , luv Ash
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think its Edward!!!!!!!!!!
: )
i really love your story please post more and i think its edward
umm either Alice or Edward....maybe Jasper for good twist....
many might think it's edward but i really think it's alice... love your storys!!!
love it!!!!!
omg hurry up who is it?? it will be Alice or Edward defos let me know when you post more
cool store add me please and keep me updated


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