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I have a new idea for a fanfic, here it goes, but first a few things you need to know.

1) This is set after New Moon
2) Edward comes back and asks for Bella's forgiveness, but she hates him and the rest of the Cullens for leaving her alone and unprotected.
3) Bella is with Jacob now.
4) Jacob is Bella's age.
5) Jacob transferred to Forks high school to be with Bella, before the Cullens came back
6) Jacob is still a werewolf and Edward is still a vampire
Edward still loves Bella but when he returns she has moved on. He decides to fight for her and realizes that she is with Jacob now, a werewolf his enemy. Can both of them handle being in the same school fighting for the same girl. Do they have that much self control? Will Bella ever forgive Edward?
Before I post the first chapter I would like to hear your opinion.

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i like it!! its different and good
please write about it, i'll read it :)
it sounds interesting
i like it!
u should totaly write it=D
Ohh darn.

I thought there was gonna be a chapter after reading that.

It is an excellent idea.

I love Jacob and Edward fighting =]

Now hurry and writer x x

Let me know when you have posted new chapters tho.

Shantelle x
you deffinitly have to post this story
send me updates when you`ll post first chapter
anyway can`t wait to read this story
I love the Idea please write it and if you need help just ask and Please if/when you write please keep me posted thanks :)
i want to .. .plz write it
wow, that souds great. i really think you should write it. i wanna know what happens. + i think your a great writer :D keep me posted if you deside to write it!
“They’re Back”- Chapter 1
After he left me my life was desolate, it was like he left a hole where my heart was. I thought I would never get over it. I thought, like most teenagers do, that I would die of heart break. I didn’t. I have one special person to thank for that. Jacob. I had never seen him as anything other than a friend till recently. After Edward left we started dating. I would like to say that I love him with all my heart, but that would be a lie. My heart isn’t whole anymore because that monster tore it to shreds. Thankfully Jacob is putting it back together. I never thought I would fall for another mythical creature but I guess I’m a magnet for them, you see Jacob is a werewolf.

I ran towards the window when I heard a honk outside. Outside waiting by his car was Jacob. He looked as handsome as ever. All six feet of him. I ran downstairs and grabbed an apple, then headed outside. “Hey Bella.” he said as he pulled me into his embrace. Ever since he transferred to Forks high school this was our routine. He would drive me to and from school. He opened the door for me and hurried to the drivers side. We got to school, and walked to our usual spot. We sat at a table inside the cafeteria with our friends. Jessica was talking animatedly to Lauren. When Lauren met Jacob at school she had a sort of crush on him. He never really noticed, but I did. She flirted with him but Jacob didn’t even know her name.

The bell rang and we walked towards our class. I had biology and he had math so he walked me to the lab. He spun me around and kissed me passionately on the lips. It was really embarrassing because though I was enjoying it I knew that people were probably staring. All of a sudden Jacob tensed. He pulled away, I was sure my face was full of shock. He started trembling, and got in a protective stance in front of me. I walked around him and was surprised to see all of the Cullen’s standing there. Edward looked angry and hurt, the rest of them looked shocked. Except for Rosalie she looked amused and disgusted. “What are you leeches doing here?” questioned Jacob. With those words, all of the Cullen’s turned to me with questioning gazes. I glared back. “She didn’t tell him, he knows from his tribe.” Edward said angrily, probably answering the question on everyone’s mind. Jacob grabbed my wrist and was pulling me away. Just then the principal stepped out. “Students head to class…” he paused and stared at the Cullen’s and then at me and Jacob. “Oh, how are you?” he asked the Cullen’s awkwardly he could sense the tense atmosphere between us. “Good, we just returned to Forks, Esme really missed our old house.” Alice said with fake enthusiasm. “Well its good to have you back, please head back to class. You to miss Swan and Mr. Black.” he said. I gave Jake one pleading glance and a quick peck on the lips, “Don’t do anything rash.” I warned him and walked into biology. I heard a growl behind me and turned. Jake and Edward were glaring at each other. Edward had a smug smile on his lips as he walked into the class after me. Jake looked like he was debating whether or not to grab me and make a run for it. I gave him the best smile I could manage. He walked away towards his math class, his whole frame trembling. I turned towards my table and saw Edward sitting on the seat next to me. I walked towards my table set my things down and moved my chair as far away as I could from him. Our biology teacher walked in and informed us that we would be working with our partners all period. I groaned, this was so not my lucky day. I turned my face towards Edward, he was smiling the smile that used to dazzle me so much, now all I felt was anger. “Hello Bella.” he said quietly.

This time I had spent apart from Bella was pure hell. That is why my family and I had decided to return to Forks. I wanted to leave as soon as possible but we had to pack. It didn’t take too long but Alice decided that she wanted to shop too. She kept trying to see how Bella would react to us but Bella’s future was blank. She couldn’t see it. It was like the static a t.v. gets. I was really worried and so was my family so we went directly to Forks high school. When we got there I scanned the school parking lot for her old truck. It wasn’t there, which worried me more. I started listening to students mind. Most of them were in shock that we were back. Then I saw something that made me sick to my stomach.

I snarled under my breath and ran at human speed inside. Bella was kissing with another boy. I guess boy wouldn’t be the right word. He was huge. I felt my dead heart would break if it were possible. Then I noticed that the boy was none other than Jacob Black. He started to shake when he smelled my family and me. He whirled around and faced us. My family was still in shock of seeing Bella with him. Her glorious face appeared from behind him and looked at us in shock. “What are you leeched doing here?’’ asked Jacob angrily. My families minds were all yelling in shock. “ She told him who we were?” they all asked. I looked into Jacob Blacks mind and was surprised with what I saw. This boy was a werewolf, and Bella knew. Bella didn’t tell him who we were, his tribe did. “She didn’t tell him, he knows from his tribe.” I told my family angrily. I was irate, I had left Bella so that she could be safe, and she falls for the only other mythical creature around. This girl was definitely a magnet for danger. Jacob grabbed her delicate wrist and began to drag her away. I was ready to attack him, when our school principal walked out. “Students head to class…” he stopped when he saw me and my family. His mind was reeling. He looked at Bella and Jacob and began to get worried, he knew about mine and Bella’s previous relationship and from Jacob’s and my face he could tell that we were both angry. “Oh, how are you?” he asked my family awkwardly. Alice was the one who answered I didn’t really listen to her all I saw was that my Bella was trying to calm that dog down. “You to miss Swan and Mr. Black.” was all I heard the principal say as he walked away. Bella gave Jake a pleading glance and kiss on the lips. “Don’t do anything rash.” she whispered and walked into the class. I walked after her but he blocked my way. “Stand aside.” I commanded he moved to the side, “Good boy.” I taunted he growled and I growled in response I saw Bella turn around and looked worriedly at Jacob. He was yelling profanities at me in his mind, he was jealous that I had this class with Bella. He was deciding whether or not to grab her and ditch. I walked into the classroom unable to contain the smug smile I was sure was visible to everyone as I walked towards our seats. Bella was still standing looking at Jacob as he stalked towards his class. She turned and saw me sitting at her table. She looked angry as she walked and sat down at her chair which she moved as far away from me as possible. As our biology teacher walked in I silently cheered at his plans for the day. We would be working in partners. This was perfect. The teacher then spoke his plans outloud and I heard Bella groan. I decided to not let that boher me. As she turned around I couldn't help but smile as I finally got to talke to my angel, "Hello Bella" I said quietly.
great chapter
can`t wait for more
i really hope that bella forgives edward...bella can`t be without edward, just like edward can`t be without bella
write more soon
love your story
btw can you keep me updated??
So true. I like it so far.
I love it your doing an awsom job please keep me updated thanks :)
I love it =]

It is soo intense, you don't know what is going to happen next etc.

But please please please make it all hard to get.

In most fan fics I have read they fall in love instantly, and Bella forgives Edward like that, *clicks fingers*, I want something differnet, and I am hoping this is the one.

You have very good spelling and grammer. x x


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