The Twilight Saga

What if Jacob wasn't a shapeshifter yet so Alice could see them both cliffdiving off a lower peak together . Edward would have never found out and would have left bella alone or would he?

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this is really cool!!
plz continue :D
n keep me update thanx
sure no problem I'll start tonight and should have my first post up tomorrow
Bella's POV or jacobs ?
mmm bella or if u could both would me kool
Yeah sure
cant wait :D
keep me updated sounds good :]
Okay everyone this my first fanfic so please be nice! banners appreciated
PG -13 just to be safe


I sat waiting impatiently by the phone .Still no word from Jake and I was really starting to worry about my best friend . We had gone to the cinema three days ago with Mike Newton and he had left the cinema sick . Me and jake dropped him off at his house but then I noticed that Jake was really warm and he said that he wasn't feeling too good . After he dropped me home , I got sick and spent the next day on the bathroom floor . Mike told me that he had only gotten the bug too , so I was really worried that Jake still hadn't called two days later .
Ring phone ring . Ring phone ring . Ring phone ring
*Bring* I jumped out of my skin and hurriedly picked up the phone .
"Hello? " I asked anxiously.
"Bella , this is Billy, " Oh thank god , about time . "Hey Billy , how's Jake doing ,"I replied breathlessly . "He's doing great , it turns out that he just had an illergic reaction to something he ate and his system wasn't handling it very well . " He chuckled , obviously picking up on the hysterical edge to my voice "Don't worry , we're suck with him for now " he joked . "That's really really great Billy , when can I come down " I asked eager to see Jakes carefree smile and to here him say "Hey Bells" in the deep husky voice I had come to love . Again Billy chuckled " Well you better get down here quick because for the last three days all i've heard is 'wheres bella , when can I see her' and I'm about to lose it "

I laughed " I'll be there in ten Billy ".I hung up the phone and ran out the door . A new feeling washed over me : giddiness . I had always know that Jake liked me, ever since my pitiful attempts at flirting with him down at First Beach , but up until now it had been unreciprocated love , until now .
Was I really in love with Jacob Black . I knew the answer before I even finished the question : yes I was .Wow , I was in love with my best friend .
Then it hit me , I was also in love with Edward , man it hurt just to think it .Yes I was in love with Edward but he left , he left me . He had probably already moved on so so should I , right ? Yes , I should there was no point waitiing for someone who doesn't love you anymore to come back and sweep you off your feet .

As I drove to La Push I started reminising about my time with Edward as a final goodbye . I thought of the bright days spent out in our medow , watching him sparkle as if his skin was encrusted in millions of small diamonds . I thought of the way he used to kiss me , all the time trying not to kill me in the process . I thought of the way his perfect crooked smile used to make my heart beat at one hundred miles an hour . Throughout all of this for once , I didn't feel sad . It was as if a great weight had been lifted off of my chest , like I was finally free , free to give myself completely and willingly to Jacob .

How should I tell him ? Should I tell him or should I wait for him to tell me first , yes thats probably the write way to go about it . I couldn't wait to see his face when I looked up at him and said "I love you too" , he would never expect it . He thought that I was still in love with Edward but I was ready for him , finaly , I was ready to let go of the past and move on with my life . I smiled as I anticipated Charlies reaction when I told him about us . It defineately wouldn't be the same reaction he had when I told him that I had a date with Edward , that was for sure and certain . He would be happy for Jacob and me .

I pulled up in Jacobs driveway five minutes later . I parked my truck and practically ran inside to see Jacob sitting up in on the couch , looking uncharacteristically pale but good considering to circumstances . I studied his face carefully and was shocked by what I found . "Jake , you cut your hair !"I exclaimed loudly ." He looked up at me and smiled his brilliant wide smile .
"Bells " He shouted before gripping me in a bear hug .
"Jake , can't breathe " I wheezed as he squezed me strongly to his well muscled chest .
"Ooops , sorry Bella ,I just really missed you " he laughed as set me down .
"I missed you too Jake , but you'd miss me alot more if you smothered me in a bear hug" I smiled.
It strange how different I felt in the presence of Jake now than before , now it was warm and light and easy , I couldn't stop smiling !

"So how are you feeling today then " I asked Jacob seriously.
"Fantastic ,do you want to go for a walk down to first beach today " He answered , still smiling my new favourite smile .
"I don't know Jake , " I hesitated and his face fell , "It's not that I don't want to , I'd love to really , it's just that you're only recovering and it's wet outside ." I corrected hurriedly , not bearing to see him upset .
He rolled his eyes at me "Bella , in case you haven't noticed , we live in Forks and if you're waiting for a good day then you'll be waiting for a long time and besides I'm perfectly fine , I'll show you" He grinned and jumped off the sofa and picked me up , swirling me arond like a two year old .

"Okay , okay , let's go just let . me.down .NOW . "I screeched as he spun even faster . He set my down and to my major embarassment I giggled like a school girl. He looked pleased and flashed me my favourite smile before shoving me playfully out the door .


We walked down to first beach hand in hand , but that was nothing new , me and Jake always held hands before , we suddenly I remembered something .
"Hey Jake"I asked quitely
"Yeah , Bells "
"What happened with Embry and Quil , you know , are they still hanging around with Sam and his "gang" ? I asked
To my surprise Jake laughed and shook his head ."No , their back to normal now , all of them . As soon as the ... they left everything went back to the way it was before .It was like they just snapped out of it . The day after 'they' left Embry and Quil were on my doorstep asking if I wanted to hang out " He smiled and shook his head .
I noticed the lack of hair once again and decided to bring it up "Jake what happened to your hair ?" Your long perfect , beautiful , shimmering hair .
"I cut it " Was the detailed reply I got .
"Yeah I figured that much out for myself thanks , as hard as it was .Why did you cut it ?"I rolled my eyes.
"Oh the doctor wanted to rule out everything so he shaved it a bit to check for tick bites " Jake shrugged "I asked him to leave a good bit their so he did , otherwise he would have cut it all off "
"I like it , it suits you "
"Oh , I thought you preferred it long , thats why I asked him to leave it ",he mumbled looking down at his feet.
I smiled and brought his face up to mine , man this kid was tall and whispered "I love your hair what ever way you put it " and winked slyly at him.
I wished he would hurry up and say it all ready , I'm ready .
He blushed , thats a first , and smiled even wider than before .
My heart rate went through the roof , I could practically hear it myself .
"Bella , I need to tell you something"
FINALY , "Jake ,you can tell me anything ."I gazed up into his beautiful black eyes and found my home , my sanctuary , my love.
"Bella , I love you ."He stuttered and smiled.
I smiled properly for the first time months and said"Jacob Black , I love you too . "I exclaimed.
"What , really ?"He said , puzzled but still smiling .
I wrapped my arms around his neck , rolled my eyes and said"Yes "
I leant in to prove just how much I meant it.

Kissing Jacob was like nothing I had ever felt before , it wasn't slow careful and cold , like it had been with Edward but warm and soft and urgent . Once again I threw myself head on in to the kiss but Jake didn't have to be careful , he didn't have to worry about killing my accidently while kissing me . He showed me how much he loved me and how much he wanted this to happen . I pulled myself even closer to him and I could feel the hard muscles of his chest and arms up against me.

We broke apart breathless and I could feel the stupid grin on my face but made no attempt to wipe it off . I was with Jake , the one person I could be myself around , and looking into his eyes , I knew that I had finally made the right choice and I was going to be happy

A/N (This is not the end , I will post more A.S.A.P )

Laura Clearwater
I love it :] BTW I should have your banner done by today or tomorrow :]
thanks a lot
and no rush with the banner, whenever you're ready just keep me updated
let me guess...
edward's gonna come back later and she is gonna hav to choose?

i love it though!!
i love it :D
is edward ever coming back???
more more plzz :D


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