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ok so here the main idea. It takes place in New Moon and Bella gets amnesia after she is riding a motorcycle for the first time. Alice doesn't see it because in the woods where they are at there are werewolfs that are interupting with her visions. While Bella is in a coma Victoria is killed by the werewolfs and Jake doesn't turn into a wolf.
Here's the first, extremely short chapter!!
Jacob’s point of view:
“Ok Bella, this is the clutch, and this is the brake.” I said showing Bella what to do, “Are you ready?”
She nodded.
I took a step back as she pressed down on the gas and shot forward like a gun out of a bullet. She let out a scream of pure joy.
Then it all came crashing down.
The front tire hit a rock and it shook from side to side. Bella was launched from the bike and crashed into a tree.
“BELLA!!” I screamed her name, running to where she laid unconscious.
There was a large wound in her head where blood was flowing freely. I took off my shirt and pressed it to her head. Then I whipped out my cell phone and dialed 911.
I have had this story in my head since like June i want to know if i should post the rest of it? Please tell me what you think!!!

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omg i love it keep me updated and post more soon : )
Really short, but nice. keep going and updated soon.
omj! plz keep going! and keep me updated!
ok...pleez calm down!!
let me finish typing it and i'll post the first chapter!!
post more luv the idea
ok!!! here is the first chapter!!!
Chapter 1: Birthdays
Bella’s Point of View
“Bella!! Hurry up or we are gonna be late!” Jessica called from downstairs.
“Kay! I’ll be down in a second!” I answered back grabbing my purse and checking myself again in the mirror. Jessica and Angela were taking me to Port Angeles, to an Italian restaurant; for my nineteenth birthday and they said it was had to be just us girls. So I agreed happily and told them it sounded like a lot of fun.
I ran down the stairs and knocked into Charlie who caught and steadied me.
“Whoa, careful Bells.” He said with a small laugh
“Thanks Charlie.” I said.
Finally after practically forever I was allowed to call my dad Charlie. I guess he figured I was now old enough to call adults by their actual names.
“Have fun on your girls’ night out Bella. And happy birthday hun.” He said leading me to the door. “I’ll let you know if Jake calls.”
Laughing, Ang and Jess grabbed my arms and pulled me into Ang’s car. About half an hour later we pulled into the parking lot at Port Angeles across the street from the restaurant. Angela parked next to an extremely impressive looking car. It was a red convertible, a BMW according to the labeling.
“Dang, nice car!” I said with a laugh.
Jess and Angela just exchanged a look they sometimes had that I never understood, and said “Yeah, sure.” Then they turned and walked into the restaurant. I followed behind them.
We entered the restaurant and I had a sudden feeling of déjà vu. It tended to happen a lot so I never thought anything of it. I thought I was just crazy.
“Bella, is something wrong?”Angela asked me as Jessica asked for a table.
“Um, yeah. It’s weird; I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been here before.” I said looking around.
Ang just shrugged and followed Jessica and the waitress to our table.
We were seated at a booth in the back corner.
The waitress took our orders; I got the mushroom soup and a coke, and then left us to talk.
“Oh my gosh Bella! I cannot wait until we go off to NYU!!” Jessica said with a squeal.
Jessica, Angela, and I had all gotten into the University of New York. We were all going to pitch in our money to get an apartment. I was so surprised Charlie and Renee were letting me go across the country to live in New York.
“Yeah, I know right? I’m just gonna miss Jake though.” I said, pulling out my phone to check if he had called. I had a text message from him.
It read: Hey love! Happy birthday! Sorry I’m not there, Billy wanted me to come on his stupid overnight fishing trip :( but I’ll see you tomorrow! Wanna hit the beach? <3 Jake
I let out a little giggle and sent a message back telling him that it sounded like fun.
He replied with a smiley face.
“Bella, Earth to Bella! Were you listening?” Jessica asked waving a manicured hand in front of my face.
“Yeah, what were you saying?”
“I was just saying we should go to New York soon to go apartment searching.”
“Sure Jess, that sounds fabulous!” I said with a laugh, “Now excuse me, but I got to go to the bathroom.”I stood up and walked around to find the bathroom.
I took the time I was searching to look at the people. It was not often that I could get away from my job at the Newton’s to get out of Forks. Sitting next to, thank god, the bathrooms, was a beautiful couple.
The girl had perfect blonde hair that waved down her back in perfectly curled ringlets. She had an amazing statuesque beauty about her that made me want to cry.
The guy she was with seemed to go perfectly with her. He was large and muscular with dark curly hair.
Both their eyes were of the strangest shade. Gold.
And the weirdest thing was, as soon as they saw me their mouths dropped, gaping. I blushed and looked down concentrating on not tripping.
I hurriedly pushed open the door to the women’s room, embarrassed.
When I came back out the couple was sitting closer together, a phone between them that they were very quickly talking into, their lips barely moving. They looked up at me again as I passed.
I got back to the table and sat down. Our food had come.
It was really fun.
The mushroom soup tasted extremely good and it was fun hanging out with Jess and Ang. Apparently, while I was in the bathroom they had asked the staff to bring me a cake with nineteen lit candles and sing me happy birthday. I laughed and blushed as the whole restaurant looked at me and sang and Jessica took pictures.
sorry it's not that long and that not that much happened:(
i just wanted the first chapter to have some insight on Bella's new life without Edward.
let me know what you think and comment please!!
lots of hearts to whoever is reading!!
<3 alice the pixie
love it
who did rose and em call
keep me posted please
Her is bella's birthday outfit!!

Angela's Outfit!!

Jessica's Outfit!!

totally cute outfits! I would prob wear Bella's outfit- little black dress can do no wrong


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