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Forbidden to Remember
Terrified to Forget
Unknowingly Forgotten...
Forgotten Love

ok so here the main idea. It takes place in New Moon and Bella gets amnesia after she is riding a motorcycle for the first time. Alice doesn't see it because in the woods where they are at there are werewolfs that are interupting with her visions. While Bella is in a coma Victoria is killed by the werewolfs and Jake doesn't turn into a wolf.
Here's the first, extremely short chapter!!
Jacob’s point of view:
“Ok Bella, this is the clutch, and this is the brake.” I said showing Bella what to do, “Are you ready?”
She nodded.
I took a step back as she pressed down on the gas and shot forward like a gun out of a bullet. She let out a scream of pure joy.
Then it all came crashing down.
The front tire hit a rock and it shook from side to side. Bella was launched from the bike and crashed into a tree.
“BELLA!!” I screamed her name, running to where she laid unconscious.
There was a large wound in her head where blood was flowing freely. I took off my shirt and pressed it to her head. Then I whipped out my cell phone and dialed 911.
I have had this story in my head since like June i want to know if i should post the rest of it? Please tell me what you think!!!

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pretty good story, looking forward to more :D
******NEW READER******
i like it
cant wait to read more
plz post more *puppy face*
plz post more NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
post more soon pleaseee !! :)

plz =D

Sorry guys i know i havnt posted in an extremely long time!!

my computer has been acting weird lately and i have been busy with school and track and my volunteer work so i havnt had time....

but my computer FINALLY works again and im going on christmas break in a week so ill have three full weeks to write, chill, and go with my friends to their mountain cabin :D

oh and one more thing before i leave to get ready for dinner.....


ooh yay, ur story is the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
New reader dis iz awsum.i luv da plot wer dis stryz goin!cud u plz ad me az a frnd plz i cnt ad u cz im on ma phne ere n supid thing wnt clik on link.urgh!must b sumah rng wiv it-anywyz plz do n wryt mre imediatly!lol
New reader! Please update soon!!!!!!1


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