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This story is during New Moon. Edward Left her. He saw Bella jump off the cliff. He did not hesitate to go to the Volturi to die, to forget the pain. Meanwhile, Jacob was not a werewolf because the Cullens left Forks but his feelings for Bella were the same. Bella did not know anything about Edward going to the Volturi because Alice had to rush to Italy to stop Edward. She has no time left to tell Bella.. How are they going to live? Will they forget each other? Please read and find out! And please write comments. This is my first discussion ever!

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Edward's POV

Preface: It was like I had forgotten everything. Where was my parents? My Family? What am I? I had lots of questions in my mind but my heart was asking only one question. Who did I love?

Chapter 1
I shut down the phone. A boy said that Charlie was in the funeral. That was one of the evidence that meant Bella ... died. I tried to push back the pain. I cant live without her. I cant. Sudenly, I thought about the Volturi. I ran without thinking. If Bella died, I will go with her.

After about an hour, I reached Volterra, Italy. I walked in human speed to the Voluri's place. When I went in, I saw Aro and the others. He looked at me with a smile. I quickly told him before he could say anything else, " Aro, please kill me. I beg you". He was shocked about what I said.I felt impatient. He held out a hand, wanting to know what happened. After 2 minutes passed, his face was torn. "I am sorry about what happened." Then his face lifted," but, I know
Aro said," I know one vampire who has the power to forget all your memories, especially your pain. But, you will change to human and never remember a thing about being a vampir. All you have to do is tush her hand and you will not remember the pain, about being a vampire and everything else." I wanted to forget Bella's death that I forgotten about forgetting my family. Still they would understand. " Do it.", I said and one girl aproached besides Aro. She just held out one hand to touch me. I held out my hand too. When our hands meet, The kast thing I heard was Alice's voice. Alice?" Edward! NO!!" And I fell on the ground.
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did bella die cause jacob didnt save her since he is not a wolf????
Alice's POV

"Edward! NO!!!" I yelled but I was too late. My whole family came to see what happened to Edward. I ran to Edward's side. Why did he have to do this? Why did Rosalie tell Edward Bella died because I saw Bella jump off a cliff. I did not have time to see if Bella survive. Of course she would have died. I saw her jump off a cliff! Aro was surprised that we knew Edward. He only knew Carlisle last time, not our whole family. "Carlisle! It is such a long time since you visited us! What brings you here at this time?" Aro asked, being curious.

"I am sorry but that is my son" Carlisle pointed to Edward,"What happened to him?" Aro shook his head and said," I am sorry but he pleaded me to kill him to forget his pain about his loved one, Bella. But I know dying is not worth it but since he wanted only to forget the pain, I asked Andenea here, to cure him". By that time, a girl stood besides Aro. We were all curious. How did Andenea cure Edward whe he is lying down on the floor?! "Andenea has a gift of changing vampires to humans but they must forget their memories about vampires. Unfortunately, that includes you and your family, Carlisle." Aro said in a sad voice. Suddenly, I saw Edward waking up in the future.

" He's about to wake up", I said. I carried Edward and we were about to run when Aro warned us," Oh, before you go, I must tell you, don't tell Edward anything related to our kind. When he wakes up, he will be human and all of us know that humans cant know about us. He cant even know about his love for Bella because one simple information will let him remember everything, the pain, the informations and the death of his loved one. So, I warn you not to give too much information.." Poor Edward. Hes going to live in a house full of vampires without even knowing it. Hes going to live in a house with 3 lovers and he does not even has one.. And if we are going to have to keep our vampire beings a secret, we may need to hunt everyday so he would not suspect our eye changing... This is going to be hard... and I can see it coming..

I am very sorry but I dont know much about Aro so he may not have a good personality.. By the way, all the characters are Stephenie Meyers' excpet the ones that are mine of course! PLease keep commenting!!
i ♥ this book
poor edward
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o well...
To all who is reading, please tell your friends to read this... Anyway, now you are Edward's POV. *sighs* I wish I could tell you what will happen... I already know what to write.. but I dun think no one's going to read it. I'll give you a sneak peek.. to make this more interesting... Tanya will be coming.. And so will Jacob.. Edward will marry someone and has a son, Bella will marry someone and has a daughter.. Now, the love triangle will be more complicated.
holy crap!! but but but but!!!!! bella isnt dead!! lol. sorry i just cant think of edward with anyone else. wat if he married Jessica and had a kid with her!! ewwww!!! hahah!! and Bella married Mike. again ewwwww!!!
what if it isnt mike??? wat if its jacob??!!
This is very good! I like it alot!

Hey, guys! Marrissa Rose made me a banner (thank you by the way) and thank you for reading my story... Here is the third part of the story...

Edward's POV

I woke up and saw six faces surrounding me. Who are they? Who am I? "Edward, do you remember me?", a blond young man asked me. I guess he answered one of my question. My name is Edward, then."Who are you?, I asked. All of them had two things in common. They had a pair of gold, ocher eyes and they were all devastatingly beautiful. For the next three weeks, they explained to me that they were my family and that we were in Seattle. Today was February 5. They always got out every night and came back late.

Alice is a really good sister. Rosalie is a bit annoying. Jasper and Emmet always fights oer small stuff but got over it at the end. And so,I was living with three couples and I am the odd one out. All the questions on my mind was answered The one question in my heart was still a mystery until now. Who did I love? My family told me I had an amnesia but they did not tell me if I had loved someone before.

I was eating beakfast . Esme always cooks the best foods but I am the one who should eat all of it. The rest of my family doesn't eat. They always say they are busy or in a hurry. I wonder what is wrong with the food. Esme gave me a plate of bacon and egg when I asked her, "Esme, do you know if I loved someone before I had amnesia?" Esme's expressions were unreadable."Well,yes. You did but you left her alone." She was depressed about that fact. Why would I do that? "Her name is Bella. Bella Swan. You left her for her own good. All of us left her." Esme sighed, "And, until now, we still mised her." I knew there was someone I loved, even though I forgotten everything else. And whhat does Esme mean by 'for her own good'?


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