The Twilight Saga


                                                               FORKS HIGH               CHAPTER 2

So the next morning as i got up out of bed, i walked down the hall to the bathroom, to brush my hair and brush my teeth. So i guess i am ready i say to myself. As i walked down the steps i grab my stuff. I step out of the house to go to my truck i sliped on some ice my dad seen me fall, and walk's over to help me up then i walk over to my truck and open the door and step inside and close the door. I start my truck and it rumbles to life, pulling out of my driveway. Driving down the road on my way to the new high school i will be going to for the next four years. As i pulled up to the school, i spot a parking spot so i guess this is where i am going to be parking. As i parked my truck i open my door to step out just a few kids looked my way. As i walk up the steps to go inside the school as i got to the top i open the doors, i walked down to the office i had to tell them that i am Isabella Swan,'' and that i am a new student then she gave me a map of the school, a paper for my teachers to sign, and my schedule. As i was looking over my stuff a boy came walking up beside me and said your Isabella Swan right? Just bella i told him. I am Eric the boy said,'' i am the one with the eyes and ears of this place.'' As i am walking to my first class it says on the paper my first one is gym class. So i walk to gym class when i got there i handed the paper to my gym teacher for her to sign, she hands it back to me then,'' she tells me that its volleyball week. I try and tell her that i dont play sports, but she dont care, i am stuck playing anyways. I went to spike the ball, and it did not go where it was suppose to, it ended up hitting a boy in the back of the head. I ran over to tell him, sorry and to tell him that i tried to ask them not to let me play, then he replied,''thats ok,'' he Then he said to me, my name is Mike and you are,'' Isabella Swan,'' just Bella i said.'' Then, a girl came over and she replied,'' she has a great spike don't she? By the way my name is Jessica.'' After gym class it was lunch so i looked on my map and it said lunch room, so i followed the map once i found it i opened the door to go in. I spotted Eric, Jessica, Mike and another girl that was sitting beside Jessica. While we were talking i looked to the windows and i seen some different kids. I then looked at Jessica and said who are they? She then replied,'' Mr. and Mrs. Cullen's kids. As the kids walked in she named each one the blonde she said was Rosilie, the big dark haired one is Emmett, the little dark haired one is really wierd and her name is Alice, and the one who looks like he is scared is Jasper. Then just as i was about to look away, the last boy walked in who is he,?she repiled,'' thats Edward Cullen,'' i looked his way and i saw him smile a little half smile. I knew there was something different about them but i just didnt know what. So as lunch ended i was ready for my first class of the day biology, as i walked in Eric greeted me and was asking me something about songs i really wasn't paying no attention, then Mike walked in and said,'' what's up Arizona, then i walked over to hand my teacher the paper, there was a big fan behind me, blowing my hair all over the place, then the teacher said for me to take a seat, the only one i seen was beside Edward so walked over and sat down beside him, i could see that he was starring at me, i tried not to look his was way but it was too hard not to look at him. I did notice his eyes there were the color black he must have had those colored contacts in or, something i said to myself. As the bell rang, he stormed passed me, its like he was mad at me or maybe he just didnt like me sitting next to him, whatever it was, it made me mad because well for one he didnt even know anything about me. I had to go to the office for something guess who i see? Edward, I felt like telling him off, but i didn't i just stood next to the door. Then he walks passed me mad as ever, I just didnt understand. Well my first day was okay i guess, as i walked out to the parking lot to get to my truck i was standing beside my truck, with my music in my ears i turned looked, and saw a van coming right in front of me then, before i could even had time to think Edward, is right there beside me pushing the van right out of my way. As i look at Edward and he looks at me like what did i do?, then he was gone in a flash "WOW" i thought to myself. What just happened before i could think everyone comes rushing in i think someone called 911. So off to the hospital i went i tried to tell them i was fine but they said i needed to go anyway. When i got to the hospital my dad was waiting on me but they took me to the little room so as i am waiting to be checked my dad comes in and ask if i was ok i say i am fine Tylor was on the other side he was trying to tell me he was so sorry, dad told him that he would see to it that he never drives again. Dad i am fine,'' but Bella you could have got killed'' Yeah, but i didn't''. So before i could say more the doctor walked in, he looked like Edward the only things that were different were the color of his hair and his eye color. When he walked in he said,'' this must be Isabella Swan,'' the cheif's daughter, its just Bella,'' i said for the 100th time today. I then told doctor Cullen that Edward got to me really super fast. Dr. Cullen, said that i am very lucky to still be here. As Dr. Cullen began checking me, my dad asked if Edward was his boy, Dr. Cullen said yes he was. When he got done with me, and dad walked back out to the waiting room as dad went to pay my bill, i walked around to the end of the hall and seen Edward talking with his dad and Rosilie. He looked my way and i asked if i could talk to him for a second, he walked over to where i was then,'' i told Edward that he was way over by his car, then he replied to me,'' Bella i was next to you'',then i replied back,'' no you were not, then he replied back to me,''yes i was you hit your head really hard,then i replied back to him,'' i saw what u did u pushed the van with your hand and out of my way.'' Then he replied,''back to me,'' no one was going to believe my story ,then i replied,'' i wasnt going to tell anybody then he walked away. That night as i got ready to go to sleep, i woke up all of a sudden, and looked all around my room, no one was there i must have been dreaming or was i? I thought i seen Edward standing in my room, no he could not have been, i guess i was just dreaming. So i try and lay back down but i cant, everytime i close my eyes i see those, eyes looking back at me. But whatever it was i do know, this i wanted to be near him always, and to find out more about him. I finally closed my eyes and before i knew it, i am asleep.  

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