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This is my take on Twilight


Chapter one

“Mom, do I have to go?” Forks, this is the place that my mom now exiled me to. I already knew the answer to my own question. My mother wanted her freedom, so, the answer was yes…I had to go

“Bella sweetie, I’m sorry, but with all that is going on right now I think it is for the best. We are going to be moving to a different place, it is going to get a little hectic for a bit. I’m sorry but Phil needs my support right now. Everything will work out, you’ll see.” She said with a smile.

She seemed to be saying the last part more to herself. I was tired of arguing with my mom, it seemed like she no longer cared for me. All her concentration and energy went on Phil.
“‘I know mom, but Forks.”

“I know Bella, I’m sorry but your plane is starting to board, email me when you get settled.” She said as she put pressure on my back to rush me on.

“Ok love you mom, bye.” I said quickly, not really getting the chance to tell her that I would miss her.
With that I was flying towards a different life. I will miss the sun; I will miss my mom, though I am still mad at her. I can’t believe she is doing this again; Phil’s contract was cancelled again. She up and quits her job and is moving to whatever city, with another whatever team that will take him now. I feel sad admitting this to myself, but I don’t even know Charlie. I’ve probably seen him a grand total of two weeks in the last two years. But since I refused to go to Forks he didn’t make the trip up to see me that often. Our visits usually ended up with him watching television in one room and me reading in another. Actually the relationship I had with both of my parents was awkward. I was never girly enough for my mom and I wasn’t outdoorsy enough for my dad. If I was being honest with myself, Renee was never one for kids, she just didn’t have it in her, and she never said anything but I could tell. I hope Charlie doesn’t try dragging me out fishing again. Not being the handiest capable person. I don’t have a disability or anything. I usually trip over my own feet trying to walk across a smooth stable surface never mind trying to navigate around rocks, streams and boats. I honestly don’t know what to expect from Charlie, we don’t exactly have the normal father daughter relationship. It was more like I was the unwanted stepchild. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that I only have two years of high school left, and then I can move away. The flight ended all too quickly, they were announcing that we were about to land in Port Angeles.









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WOW! i know this is rude but.. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a really good start! you better post more soon! Email me when you update please!!!!!
thanks, i should have another up today
greaat storrry loved itt

keep me updateddd(:
thanks, will do, i've never really wrote anything before so i wasn't sure if it would be any good
Hey j! good first chapter... I'm going to go check out chapter 2 now...
I love tea. Earl grey, hot. ;)
Chapter two

Surprisingly, it wasn’t raining when my plane landed in Port Angeles. It took a little while for the plane to be unloaded so I had time to grab a tea. I didn’t notice Charlie anywhere, oh well theirs my luggage, still no Charlie. I had another quick look around and decided to read while I was waiting. I was lost in my book for a bit, when I looked at the clock again two hours had gone by. Still no Charlie, I don’t even have his number so I can’t even call him, though I don’t think he has a cell phone. Hmmm. Traffic, he probably got held up by traffic. Just then I noticed a girl walking towards me. She looked to be in her early twenties, she had tan skin, and she was pretty in her own way. The scowl on her face ruined that though, is she mad at me.


What am I doing here? Why did I agree to this? Why couldn’t Charlie come and pick up his own daughter? No he had to go fishing with my dad, then I got volunteered to pick her up from Port Angeles. I’m glad I made her wait an extra two hours, serves her right for ruining my Saturday. Hopefully she doesn’t try to be my friend, oh that must be her over there; she’s pretty plain looking, figures she’s a book worm. Leah thought with a disgruntled look.

“Is your name Bella Swan.”

“Yes. Who are you?” I asked, bewildered.

“My name is Leah. I was asked to pick you up today. Charlie and my dad decided to go on a fishing trip this weekend. They weren’t sure how long they were going to be gone for. Grab your stuff lets go.”
With that I spun around and walked off. See how she likes me, now I don’t have to act like I’m interested in her miserable life.

What? Umm, with that she turned on her toes and quickly walked towards the exit. I didn’t have time to think, it took just about all my concentration to keep up with her, while dragging all of my bags awkwardly. Leah didn’t try to talk to me again; the trip was just a long awkward silence. What did I do to her? Why does she despise me? What have I ever done to anyone but exist? Leah simply pulled up to a house on the edge of town and handed me a key. She had to be the rudest person I’ve ever met, it was very unsettling. And Charlie, I knew we never really got along but I thought he would at least be there to pick me up when I got off the plane. The house was older, outdated, two bedrooms, great one bathroom. It was simple enough to find my room, it had a small double bed in it, an ancient computer on an old worn out desk. He probably got the set in a garage sale for ten dollars. I’m glad I packed my own bedding because that stuff has definitely seen better days. It took me a couple hours to get the room cleaned up and all my stuff settled away. Wonder if Charlie would be mad if I threw this old bedding out? Better not. I guess I had to email Renee; there was just no avoiding it. Like she really cares about me, I’m glad I bought myself a laptop last summer, that ancient thing looks like it would explode if I turned it on.

Email to Renee,

Hi mom! Just got settled, it isn’t raining, no big surprise, the trip was uneventful (not like it would do any good telling Renee that Charlie had some very rude girl pick me up, and he went fishing instead.) But I’ll talk to you some other time, later Bella

Might as well see what Charlie has for food in this place, old pizza, condiments, nothing to that I could cook. At least he has tea it always works to calm my nerves, after today I needed it. I ended up settling for a cup of earl grey and decided to try and get some sleep. I feel utterly alone right now.
Chapter three

I awoke to the sound of rain, perfect just what I need. I guess I already said my goodbyes to the sun yesterday, (winces), think positive. I didn’t really want to remember my goodbyes to the sun, and Renee. Five thirty, it was hard for me to sleep well in new places. I wouldn’t exactly call it a night’s sleep when I woke up to every different sound this house and this town makes. It sounded totally different then Phoenix. I wasn’t used to the sound of the forest, the rain, sleep was almost a lost cause after it started raining last night, I somehow managed. Stop crying over everything, I told myself. Might as well get ready for the day, although I don’t know why. Stop Bella…breathe.


So we are moving again, a little earlier than we planned. Jasper almost revealed our existence when a girl tripped on her way into school. She scraped her knee, to any normal human I guess it was a minor wound but she was upwind from Jasper and he tried lunging at her. Good thing Alice saw it a couple seconds before it happened. Me and Emmett had to restrain him, we were lucky that there weren’t too many kids around. We just said that he was having an episode and he forgot to take his pills. To avoid any further suspicions we decided it was time to move on. We were now exiling ourselves to Forks Washington. Esme just bought a house there a couple months ago and decided it was the perfect place to move to given the situation. Jasper is feeling pretty conflicted, he thinks that he’s failed us all, and he feels a lot weaker than the rest of us, because his inability to ascertain from human blood. He doesn’t like feeling weak, and I don’t really know if he is getting any better. Alice feels horrible she thinks it’s her fault because she couldn’t see it happening, until it was almost too late. To be totally fair Esme asked Alice to plan her and Carlisle’s wedding. They haven’t been remarried since they originally took their vows. And Emmett, Alice and Jasper weren’t there so Esme thought it would be fun to give Alice a project and to say their vows with the whole family there. Esme and Carlisle had only concern for Jasper and were willing to do anything to make him feel better. Rosalie was mad that we had to move so soon and was sulking by herself. Emmett didn’t really care; he seemed to be in good spirits no matter what happened. He was remembering the looks on the kids faces that saw them holding back Jasper. Their scared expressions and him laughing and saying he forgot to take his pills. I don’t know if anyone will ever get his humor, he finds the weirdest things funny.


I managed to find some oatmeal hiding in one of the cupboards, it’ll have to do for now. Let’s see today is Sunday. Leah never said when Charlie planned on getting back from his fishing trip. Hmmm. I might have to go and find a grocery store today; I definitely don’t want to live off oatmeal. Let’s see, I remember passing one when I drove through town with Leah yesterday, hopefully it isn’t too far of a walk. What else is there to do today anyway? Might as well look for the school while I’m out and about. Not looking forward to walking in the rain, anything cold and wet.


Awww I feel awful, I can’t believe I just about let everyone down. I usually see Jasper so clearly, why I didn’t see that girl scrape her knee sooner. Is my gift slipping? I need to get out for a bit. Let’s see, Edward took Jasper hunting, he needs his brothers right now, I feel so useless. It feels like there are holes in my visions, it’s all spotty, nothing solid. I am guessing it is the human equivalent to getting a head ache, it is really annoying. I guess a run in the woods is out; maybe I’ll take a drive around Forks, and see if it has any cool shops, that’ll distract me, it always does. Shopping small town style, yay.


The grocery store ended up being a twenty minute walk, with only a couple small spills, I was doing good. Let’s see, food, cereal, milk, lettuce, salad dressing, pasta sauce, hamburger meat, spaghetti, chamomile tea, it always helps to calm me down. That should be good for now. It took more of my concentration on the walk back; I should have grabbed my pack, oh well. I was looking where my feet were going so I just about didn’t notice the black pickup truck barreling towards me. I didn’t have time to think, I just dove into the ditch, the driver swerved at the last second, and the truck didn’t stop. Nobody cares, that was when I lost it.
This is just so sad - the last part... poor Bella... I feel so sorry for her.
Very interesting slant... having Bella being emotionally abandoned by her parents...
OMG!!!!!!!! WRITE MORE DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!
thanks glad you like it, i got the next chapte wrote i just need to put it on my computer and do a final edit


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