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This is my take on Twilight


Chapter one

“Mom, do I have to go?” Forks, this is the place that my mom now exiled me to. I already knew the answer to my own question. My mother wanted her freedom, so, the answer was yes…I had to go

“Bella sweetie, I’m sorry, but with all that is going on right now I think it is for the best. We are going to be moving to a different place, it is going to get a little hectic for a bit. I’m sorry but Phil needs my support right now. Everything will work out, you’ll see.” She said with a smile.

She seemed to be saying the last part more to herself. I was tired of arguing with my mom, it seemed like she no longer cared for me. All her concentration and energy went on Phil.
“‘I know mom, but Forks.”

“I know Bella, I’m sorry but your plane is starting to board, email me when you get settled.” She said as she put pressure on my back to rush me on.

“Ok love you mom, bye.” I said quickly, not really getting the chance to tell her that I would miss her.
With that I was flying towards a different life. I will miss the sun; I will miss my mom, though I am still mad at her. I can’t believe she is doing this again; Phil’s contract was cancelled again. She up and quits her job and is moving to whatever city, with another whatever team that will take him now. I feel sad admitting this to myself, but I don’t even know Charlie. I’ve probably seen him a grand total of two weeks in the last two years. But since I refused to go to Forks he didn’t make the trip up to see me that often. Our visits usually ended up with him watching television in one room and me reading in another. Actually the relationship I had with both of my parents was awkward. I was never girly enough for my mom and I wasn’t outdoorsy enough for my dad. If I was being honest with myself, Renee was never one for kids, she just didn’t have it in her, and she never said anything but I could tell. I hope Charlie doesn’t try dragging me out fishing again. Not being the handiest capable person. I don’t have a disability or anything. I usually trip over my own feet trying to walk across a smooth stable surface never mind trying to navigate around rocks, streams and boats. I honestly don’t know what to expect from Charlie, we don’t exactly have the normal father daughter relationship. It was more like I was the unwanted stepchild. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that I only have two years of high school left, and then I can move away. The flight ended all too quickly, they were announcing that we were about to land in Port Angeles.









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writeee moreee pleaseee nooow love this storryyy
thanks for reading, i'll try and get another one up soon
What is this obsession with tea, J? Are you a closet tea-drinker? LOL

Loved the whole Jasper and pills thing. That made me laugh out loud. Seriously. It's after 1 AM on Monday night, I have to get up at 7 to work in the AM & my husband is sleeping in bed behind me, and I just woke him up laughing at that. Good job!!!! I don't laugh out loud while reading often, it's a compliment!!

And Bella...only a couple of small spills...ah, clumsy Bella. How I understand how you are. Great job, J, keep going!
realllyy good chaptterr right more i love this storrry (:
i'll try and have more up soon
Bella: I've spent more time there (in the hospital) than I care to." Awesome.
Chapter four

I was deep in thought over the last vision I had. Jasper and Edward made the decision to go to Denali. I could see that this would help Jasper out in the long run, but in the vision I stayed in Forks. I wasn’t sure on the timeline yet, they went on impulse, they figured we would have talked them out of it. They left shortly after they finished hunting. They figured I would see them leaving and left it to me to inform the rest of the family. Jazz needed solitude right now; he needed time to sort through all his emotions. A month I think, there are too many variables that could change right now. The only thing stopping me from going up to Denali was the fact that I would be actually slowing Jazz’s progress. He needed this right now, and oddly enough I think Tanya will be the one to give him a different perspective and help him deal with his thirst for blood. Jazz needs this right now, at least that was what I kept telling myself, yeah his future is solidifying a bit, he will be back in a month. That was when I got another vision, a girl; she had brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale complexion. I was destined to know her, Bella, that’s her name. I think we are going to be great friends, what is she wearing? She looks like a farmer. She just moved here from Phoenix, to her dad’s house, they don’t seem to be especially close. She was walking down the road; it seemed as if she was concentrating really hard on where she placed her feet. Then all of a sudden her future disappeared, no we are supposed to be best friends, it feels like I’ve lost my sister. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was turned around and racing towards Bella, no she can’t be gone! Just as I was coming around the last corner I saw a black truck heading straight for her, she was diving for the ditch, the driver swerved back at the last second. That was when I caught a glimpse of him, he was a bronze color, with black hair, and he didn’t even look old enough to have a license. Would it count as a slip up if I dragged him out of the truck and snapped his neck? Hmmm……I wonder. Oh I better check on Bella, I can see her going into hysterics if I’m not there.

“Are you ok, do you need to go to the hospital?”

I was sure she was fine physically, but I could see her trying to reign in her emotions, that would have been sure to blow up if I wasn’t here.


Why is this happening to me? Then a voice appeared out of nowhere. Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital? Breathe Bella, breathe, you’re ok, your fine, then I remembered her question. I was ok, I didn’t want to go anywhere near a hospital, I’ve already spent more time there then I care to.

“No I’m ok, I think I’ll walk it off.”

“Do you think I’m going to let you walk home after that? Don’t be silly I’ll give you a ride.”

“Really, I’m fine.” But by that point she was already gathering up all of my groceries.

“I’m Alice by the way, come on just get in the car’’

I was about to protest, but I could see that there was no use arguing with her.

“Ok, thank you Alice, I’m Bella.”

As it turns out Alice just moved here with her family too. She was starting school tomorrow too and offered to drive me, since I didn’t even know where the school was and my only other option was walking, I agreed. Wow it looks like Alice just won the lottery, wow is she bubbly! At least I wouldn’t be the only new student tomorrow.


Yay! Me and Bella are going to be great friends, there is no way she is dressing herself tomorrow. I can see her putting up a bit of a fight but she’ll agree to wear the clothes I give her. Oh so much to do, shopping, make up, clothes, shoes, and I get to dress Bella up tomorrow, yay!
That's nice - Bella met Alice first... I like it...
WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!
i'll try and have another post up today
POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you i'll try and have more up soon


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