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Chapter one

“Mom, do I have to go?” Forks, this is the place that my mom now exiled me to. I already knew the answer to my own question. My mother wanted her freedom, so, the answer was yes…I had to go

“Bella sweetie, I’m sorry, but with all that is going on right now I think it is for the best. We are going to be moving to a different place, it is going to get a little hectic for a bit. I’m sorry but Phil needs my support right now. Everything will work out, you’ll see.” She said with a smile.

She seemed to be saying the last part more to herself. I was tired of arguing with my mom, it seemed like she no longer cared for me. All her concentration and energy went on Phil.
“‘I know mom, but Forks.”

“I know Bella, I’m sorry but your plane is starting to board, email me when you get settled.” She said as she put pressure on my back to rush me on.

“Ok love you mom, bye.” I said quickly, not really getting the chance to tell her that I would miss her.
With that I was flying towards a different life. I will miss the sun; I will miss my mom, though I am still mad at her. I can’t believe she is doing this again; Phil’s contract was cancelled again. She up and quits her job and is moving to whatever city, with another whatever team that will take him now. I feel sad admitting this to myself, but I don’t even know Charlie. I’ve probably seen him a grand total of two weeks in the last two years. But since I refused to go to Forks he didn’t make the trip up to see me that often. Our visits usually ended up with him watching television in one room and me reading in another. Actually the relationship I had with both of my parents was awkward. I was never girly enough for my mom and I wasn’t outdoorsy enough for my dad. If I was being honest with myself, Renee was never one for kids, she just didn’t have it in her, and she never said anything but I could tell. I hope Charlie doesn’t try dragging me out fishing again. Not being the handiest capable person. I don’t have a disability or anything. I usually trip over my own feet trying to walk across a smooth stable surface never mind trying to navigate around rocks, streams and boats. I honestly don’t know what to expect from Charlie, we don’t exactly have the normal father daughter relationship. It was more like I was the unwanted stepchild. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that I only have two years of high school left, and then I can move away. The flight ended all too quickly, they were announcing that we were about to land in Port Angeles.









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i cant wait for more
thanks for reading chantelle, will try and have more up soon
thanks for reading bianca, for sure


I was preoccupied all day; it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t see what was going to happen. I kept trying to look ahead, but to no avail nothing. I wonder if Rosalie is right, should we attack first. It was all unclear. Bella seemed to pick up right away that something was off, that’s when I dove into details of our shopping plans for this weekend. Which seemed to distract her for a bit, but she is very observant it seems. She seemed to see through me straight off. I was going to have to deal with her another day. Rosalie didn’t even try to bug me that day at lunch; she was also preoccupied with all that happened. Emmett was just excited that he might be able to fight someone, figures. The day couldn’t end soon enough for me, I wasn’t sure of what to tell Bella. I wasn’t sure of the future; my visions have been slipping a lot lately. I wasn’t sure if it was Forks or me, this place did seem to have a mystical feeling to it, almost magical. I ended up telling Bella that I had a bunch of chores that had to be done. Her eyes were telling me that she was sceptical of my explanation, but she said nothing about it, so I told her I would call her later that night.


I can’t believe it all that has happened, it has been three days since my life changed forever (flash back). I was just a normal teenager, somewhat. My dad was still out fishing with Charlie and Harry so I had the house to myself. I was starting to get a little bored, that was when I remembered my dad’s old truck. I wasn’t old enough to drive legally yet, but occasionally I would sneak the truck out for a drive when my dad wasn’t here. I didn’t really want to tour around the reservation so I decided to head towards Forks. It was raining a little more than usual so I had to concentrate a bit more to stay in my lane. I just got through town when the worst smell I ever knew in my life came to my nose. I was dumbfounded; my body had the weirdest reaction. My body started shaking; the only thing I could think of was getting back home. Everything was almost a blurry haze, I could barely focus on the road, and this was not good. I barely noticed when I almost hit a girl that was walking on the side of the road. I couldn’t even think straight enough to stop and see if she was alright. I don’t remember most of the drive home; it was almost all a bad dream, well except for the dream part. As soon as I got home I started to burn up, fever, it had to be a fever. All I knew was that I’d never felt sicker in my life. Maybe it’s all a bad dream, maybe if I sleep it’ll go away. Where was my dad, I ended up calling Sue Clearwater. She’d always helped me when I was growing up, whenever I needed a mother figure she was always there for me. She was worried about me, and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told her no, I’ve fought off fevers before this one will be no different. Billy didn’t return that night, Sue never left the house, she sat there and talked to me till I fell asleep, while keeping a cold rag on my forehead. I did not sleep much that night. Sue was there lovingly holding my hand when I woke up, it was nice to have someone care for you. She asked me if I was feeling any better, I think it might have gotten worse, I was about to answer her when my dad and Harry Clearwater walked through the front door. That’s when I realized I was still in the living room. Immediately after entering Billy and Harry rushed over to me and started questioning me about what happened. After I was done explaining Billy and Harry seemed to share an anxious look. I was not sure of what to make of it, that’s when Sue asked me if I was hungry. I told her no, that was when Harry suggested to Sue that she head home and get some rest; they would look after me and call if it got any worse. Sue reluctantly agreed, but she looked dead on her feet, I told her I was feeling a bit better and said that she should get some rest. A little white lie never hurts. As soon as Sue left Harry and Billy immediately went into the kitchen to use the phone, I assumed they were calling the hospital but was I in for a surprise. About ten minutes later Sam Ulley showed up, I remember seeing him around but what is he doing here. He can’t help me. That was when the three of them brought me out to the cliffs where the elders sometimes meet. I didn’t understand. That was when they asked me if I remember all the legends I when Harry asked me if I remember any of the legends of our people and where we came from. I said yeah, I remembered most of them, but why they are just legends. That is when they told me what I was to become. I was dumbfounded at first, they were crazy, why would they even try to mess with my head like this. That’s when I suddenly got mad at all of them. Sam told Harry and my dad to back off, that brought me over the edge, and he was also trying to calm me in an authoritative voice. I just saw red at that point, I don’t exactly know what happened, but the whole world seemed to explode. I had to get away, I started to run. That was when I heard Sam’s voice in my head commanding me to stop. It felt like all the life was sucked out of me, I couldn’t physically move, I wanted to but I couldn’t. That was when I truly noticed the monster that I had become. I was no longer on two legs; it was true, I was a monster. That was when Sam found me and truly explained what had happened to me, how we protect our people from the cold ones. I remembered the stories from when I was a kid but this was surreal. Sam had a power over me, sometimes during his explanations I would want to rip his head off or I had the urge to run away again, but he would command me to stop and this body would fall down in defeat. It was many hours later that Sam was able to coax me into phasing back to my human form. That night he made me sleep under the stars, like camping I guess. He said it would be too dangerous for me to sleep at home. Apparently if I get too mad I will phase into a wolf and I could actually hurt Billy unintentionally. I took his word for it, there was a few times when it all became too much for me and I would phase, but Sam was patient with me and would coax me into calming down. The next morning Sam said that I was calm enough to go home and have some breakfast. He couldn’t have said it sooner. I was starving, found out later it all has to do with being a werewolf. The next few days seemed to pass in a blur, Sam hung around the house the first day, and at first this annoyed me. Then I remembered he was there for my dad’s safety. Those first few days of getting used to being a werewolf were exhilarating. Once you got over the fact that you turned into a giant wolf. I loved to run; it was amazing (end of flash back). That was when Sam brought me out of my reverie.


“Jacob, we’re going to start running patrols tonight, I think there might be something in the area.”

“Awesome, think we might find anything?” I was ecstatic, I didn’t really care if we found anything, I just wanted to run. Sam wouldn’t let me run by myself; I didn’t have enough control yet. I might hurt someone, so I was pretty much stuck in the house when Sam wasn’t there.

“This is just precautionary, it is probably nothing.”

With that we were out running the woods of La push . Sam saw me smiling inside his head, he saw how running made me feel. We were out for maybe twenty minutes when once again that stench hit my nose; I was seeing red all over again. It caught Sam off guard for a second but he composed himself quickly and started tracking the scent. I wanted to run as fast as I could to find this scent but he held me back, told me that we have to go in this with a level head. We then realized that there were five blood suckers that we were tracking. We could not win this battle, but they were here and we are sworn to protect our people so we continued on. Sam sensed that we were getting close now, he did the oddest thing he commanded me stay here until he called me. Their scent was strong in my nose and was clouding my vision, but I was powerless to take a step forward. I could see the blood suckers through Sam’s mind, I was trying to find the will to disregard his command and run to them. Once again his command rang through my head once more and I plopped onto the ground. The leader of the coven was trying to talk to him to get him to stop. Sam stopped at his words, looked them over, they had their hands raised as to show no threat.

“Jake, I’m going to phase, you are not to leave that spot, and I will talk to them.”

“Sam you can’t honestly think he is telling the truth.”

“It doesn’t matter if I believe him, we cannot win this fight. Don’t move, I will call you if I need you.”

With that he phased into his human form and he was no longer in my head. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, I wasn’t close enough. The minutes dragged on, seemed like hours. Then finally I heard Sam phase, and saw what those leeches told him. I could hardly hold back my anger; once again my will was taken away from me.


“You can’t be serious; you’re going to make a treaty with them?”

“Right now I think that is our only option, we cannot beat them.”

“They’re lying, Sam how do you not see it?”

“This is not our decision to make by ourselves. Jake go home, I’ll grab Harry and meet you there. No stops either, straight there.”

With that we were running in opposite directions. It was about a half hour later when Sam and Harry showed up, apparently they had to dissuade Sue from coming over. She was still worried about me and hadn’t seen me in a couple days, but they assured her I was feeling better and was sleeping soundly at the moment. Billy and Harry still didn’t know what this was about, boy were they in for a surprise.


“Ok Sam, what is this about? I take it has to be pretty important to wake us up at this hour.”

“Harry, Billy we ran into five blood suckers tonight.”

That caught them off guard; they were dumbfounded for a moment, Harry was the first to speak.

“So many... when?”

“About an hour ago, we were patrolling the woods around La push when we came upon their scent.”

“I’ve never heard of a coven of five vampires before.” Billy almost said to himself.

That was when Harry came out of his reverie. “What happened, you obviously didn’t attack, and did they see you.”

“Yes I saw them, I confronted them. They told me they did not want to fight. Their leader also told me that they don’t hunt humans, they wanted to make a treaty with us.”

“I’ve never heard of something like this happening before, how can this be? Wait, did you believe them and what answer did you give them.”

“I do believe they are telling the truth about not hunting humans and I didn’t give them an answer yet.”

“How do you know, what made you believe them?” Harry asked.

“Their eyes were gold instead of red, they said it was from hunting animals and also the fact that they did not need to make peace with me. If they were lying I wouldn’t be here, there was no logical reason for them to make peace with me. There were five of them; it would have been an easy kill.”

Harry was lost in thought at this; Billy was the one to speak now.

“I don’t see any other choice right now; I think we’re going to have to make a treaty with them. “
Thanks for reading Bianca
hey..even it is hard for u..but the story is really awesome just like the rest...
thanks for reading, I'll try and have more up soon
Hi J,

I wasn't aware that you had this here too. Many more readers here for you. Again, I love the way you brought the pack in. I haven't read a story yet that brings them into the present in this manner. Very good job. I'm thinking about bringing my new story here but we will see. Oh, sorry about the cliffie on the last chappie :).

This is where I originally posted it, a bit more than fffw, thanks again for all your awesome comments, glad you liked it, no sweat on the cliffe, eager to read more of your new story
loved it
glad you liked it, thanks for reading shelley
What a great idea! there's no history of ephraim black's treaty? So this would be the first. hmmm cool!

keep going, can't wait for more!



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