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Chapter one

“Mom, do I have to go?” Forks, this is the place that my mom now exiled me to. I already knew the answer to my own question. My mother wanted her freedom, so, the answer was yes…I had to go

“Bella sweetie, I’m sorry, but with all that is going on right now I think it is for the best. We are going to be moving to a different place, it is going to get a little hectic for a bit. I’m sorry but Phil needs my support right now. Everything will work out, you’ll see.” She said with a smile.

She seemed to be saying the last part more to herself. I was tired of arguing with my mom, it seemed like she no longer cared for me. All her concentration and energy went on Phil.
“‘I know mom, but Forks.”

“I know Bella, I’m sorry but your plane is starting to board, email me when you get settled.” She said as she put pressure on my back to rush me on.

“Ok love you mom, bye.” I said quickly, not really getting the chance to tell her that I would miss her.
With that I was flying towards a different life. I will miss the sun; I will miss my mom, though I am still mad at her. I can’t believe she is doing this again; Phil’s contract was cancelled again. She up and quits her job and is moving to whatever city, with another whatever team that will take him now. I feel sad admitting this to myself, but I don’t even know Charlie. I’ve probably seen him a grand total of two weeks in the last two years. But since I refused to go to Forks he didn’t make the trip up to see me that often. Our visits usually ended up with him watching television in one room and me reading in another. Actually the relationship I had with both of my parents was awkward. I was never girly enough for my mom and I wasn’t outdoorsy enough for my dad. If I was being honest with myself, Renee was never one for kids, she just didn’t have it in her, and she never said anything but I could tell. I hope Charlie doesn’t try dragging me out fishing again. Not being the handiest capable person. I don’t have a disability or anything. I usually trip over my own feet trying to walk across a smooth stable surface never mind trying to navigate around rocks, streams and boats. I honestly don’t know what to expect from Charlie, we don’t exactly have the normal father daughter relationship. It was more like I was the unwanted stepchild. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that I only have two years of high school left, and then I can move away. The flight ended all too quickly, they were announcing that we were about to land in Port Angeles.









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Absolutley love Alice. WAY better than the real book. Very creative, now hurry the hell up and finish it!!!!!!!


As soon as Bella fell asleep, I went out for a quick hunt. I didn’t to go too far, in case she woke up, but I didn’t see anything happening, so I wasn’t too worried. A couple hours later I was headed towards the house when I caught scent of some god awful stench. I followed the trail for a bit, but it veered away from forks and towards the Quileute reservation, I decided to call Carlisle and ask him about it.

“Carlisle I found a strange scent, I’ve never smelled anything like it before, and I’m not sure what it is. I think all of us should see this.” I quickly explained where I was and hung up.

“Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, can you all come down here.” With that everyone was down stairs a second later.

“What’s going? What happened? Carlisle, it’s that dam human isn’t it? I knew we should have just killed her.”

“No Rosalie it’s something else, Alice isn’t sure what it is, she came across a strange scent and wants us to have a look at it.”

“What do you mean a strange scent, where was it going?”

“She never said, but I think we all need to go and see what it is.” With that we were all out the door and heading towards Alice.


In no time at all Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were here. “What do you think Carlisle, I’ve never came across anything like this before, have you?”

“I’m not sure Alice; did you track where it was going?”

“No not yet, I wasn’t too sure what we are dealing with, I can’t see anything either, it is very frustrating.”

“Well I think we should investigate what it is, we should know what we are dealing with, and if it decides to hang around, I think we should be prepared for anything.”

With that we were following the scent towards La push, we crossed into the reservation and noticed that the scent was a lot stronger here, Like it’s been here a while. That was when we heard a large animal approaching, it was too fast for any animal that we knew but you could definitely hear four paws running towards us, we tensed up not sure of what to expect, that is when we got a huge surprise. A giant wolf suddenly came into the clearing, it didn’t look like one of the children of the moon, but it was definitely a werewolf. It eyed us all, then as if making a decision started advancing on us. That is when Carlisle for whatever reason said.

“We mean you no harm; we did not come for a fight.”

I have lived with the Volturi, this was not one of the children of the moon, it appeared to be in more control of itself. That seemed to strike through and stop it in its tracks, it looked at Carlisle for a moment, he had his hands raised, as to show no threat, we weren’t as relaxed but we held back against our instincts. It looked us all over again, and then it started backing away from us. It disappeared in the trees, and then a few moments later a man walked out. How was this possible? We were all taken back by this, nobody said anything at first, we just stared at him, and him at us.

“I know what you are, if what you say is true then why are you on my land, I know what you thirst for and I can’t allow you to exist.”

(Emmett let out a growl at his last statement.)

Carlisle ignored it. “How do you know what we are?”

“My people have our own legends that are passed down to all of us. There are some who still remember. Why are you here, if you mean no harm you will leave?”

“We don’t mean any harm to you or any else.”

“How can that be, you can’t change your nature, you filthy blood sucker.”

Emmett took a step forward at that remark; at the same time the guy seemed to start shaking uncontrollably.

“Hold on Emmett, wait.” It took a minute for the guy to calm down. “We mean you no harm, as I said before, we do not hunt humans, we hunt animals.”

That seemed to take him by surprise.

“You lie, that can’t be.”

“Look at our eyes, see the truth I’m telling you.”

How can this be they have yellow eyes, their eyes are supposed to be red, that’s how it is in all the legends that are told, this has to be a trick, it cannot be. “How?”

“It happens when we feed off of animals, it turns our eyes amber, and if we were to feed off of humans they would turn red.” There was a silence; we let him take in all of this information. “What are you by the way? You are not completely human, you smell different, I know you are not of the children of the moon.”

“Our tribe is special, I am a protector of my people, I keep them safe from blood suckers. Some of us turn into wolves; it has been this way for many generations. What are the children of the moon?”

“They are humans that were attacked by a werewolf; they have to be bitten to change into a one. They change at the full moon and not at all themselves anymore.” He seemed to think about that for a moment, then decided to move on and leave that aside for further thought later.

“I can’t allow you near my people, I am their protector. It doesn’t matter what your diet is. You’re all an abomination against nature, you shouldn’t exist.”

“We don’t need to fight, we don’t mean you or your people any harm, we just merely came across your scent. We have never come upon something like that before. Since it was in the vicinity of our house, we decided to follow it and see what it was. I was only looking out for the welfare of my family; it is also my job to keep them safe.”

“How can you live in one place? You’re all wanderers, you can’t live near people.”

“We try to live an ordinary life as much as possible, since we drink animal blood it allows us to interact with humans without hurting them.”

Our legends never said anything about this, but for what reason would they lie, they out number us, they could have easily taken the two of us down. Maybe I should talk to the elders, they will know what to do, they have to. “I am not sure of what it is you want then; I can’t allow you to come on the reservation.”

“We could make a deal, what if we stayed off your lands.”

“I will have to talk to the elders about this, it’s not my call to make alone. But if you stay off these lands for now I won’t do anything, meet me eight miles west of here tonight that is the border to our lands. Leave now, I must go.”

With that he was gone, and so were we. We were all quiet on the run back to the house, this was a bit to take in, people that shifted into wolves.

“You can’t be serious Carlisle, you can’t make a deal with them, what if the Volturi found out, they would know our secret, we have to kill him.”

“Rosalie we have to think about this, he is not human also, he also depends upon secrecy. Now Alice do you see anything, what will they decide?”

“I can’t see anything of him, it is like there is a blanket covering him, it just goes all blurry. Why does my vision keep slipping? I feel so useless.”

“I told you we couldn’t trust them, we should attack them before they attack us.”

“Hell yeah I’m up for a fight.”

“Emmett Rosalie, no, we will not fight unless we have to. I won’t provoke an attack, we will wait for tonight. If we can live peacefully we will. Alice let us know if you catch anything else, but all the same everyone be careful and stay away from La push, we will respect their decision and stay off there lands.”

“Carlisle, should we call Edward and Jasper?”

“For the time being Esme lets just wait, no need to alarm them.”

Aww crap Bella is going to wake up in a couple minutes, “Kay I’ll let you know if I see what they decide.”

“Alright Alice I guess you got to be getting back.”

With that I was out the door and heading towards Bella’s house

I wonder where Alice went, right on cue I hear her through the door.


“I’M UP ALICE.” It was too early for this. Alice ushered me off to get washed up, then with a little too much enthusiasm she proceeded to do my hair and makeup. Same as last night, she scolded me a few times when she thought I was fidgeting too much, but carried on in her own little world. I wonder how she would feel if someone went to her house and dragged her out of bed first thing in the morning tortured her, I wonder what Alice would consider torture. I could ransack her closet. She seemed a little on edge this morning, something is definitely wrong.

“All done Bella, now go and change.”

At first I didn’t even notice that she handed me a skirt. “Alice
are you crazy! It’s too cold outside to wear this.”

“Bella just put it on.”

I tried thinking of a way to get out of wearing the skirt, and then I heard Alice yell through the door again.

“The other skirt I have for you is shorter Bella.”

“FINE, fine evil little pixie.” I wasn’t at all comfortable in a skirt, and the blouse was a little too low cut in my opinion, I was definitely going to have to find a solution to Alice and soon. Alice seemed to be a bit off today, she would often rub her temples like she had a big head ache. I asked her about it a couple times but she would just wave it off. There was definitely something wrong, once she noticed me paying attention she dove into plans for this weekend’s shopping trip. It seemed all a bit forced, she was talking with a bit too much enthusiasm and there was something else. She was worried about something. Alice was absent minded all day, I didn’t really pay attention to any of my lessons, I was pondering my dream from last night and Alice’s erratic behaviour today. The day passed in a blur; before I knew it Alice was dropping me off at my house. She said that she had to get home, Esme wanted her help weeding her garden and she had some other chores that were piling up. My gut was telling me that she was lying and there was something else going on but I let it go. She told me she would call me later tonight after she’d finished her chores. With that she drove off.
I not exactly sure yet, the next chapter is going to be in more the wolves pov, so i guess you'll have to wait and see, glad you like it
hey..kept write this okay..i want more...
will do thanks for reading
for sure thanks for reading
AWESOME CHAPTER!!!!! sorry i didn't comment sooner. my internet was down :P BUT IT WAS STILL AN AWESOME CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no sweat thanks for reading, i'll try and have more up soon
Hmmm interesting development... :-)
hmmm interesting... just catching up with this! :-)
curious.. how will the wolves react... and uhm... sorta confused... did the wolf phased to a human? cause i think i never read something like that..hmm... i think its like that.. but i dont understand.. since ed is gone, there is no communicator for them, but i dont remember reading th wolf phasing.. well, its ni biggie.. love it.. as always:) ~wink wink~
yeah he phased when he backed out of the clearing and dissapeared for a few, thanks for reading


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