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Well hello Twilight fans! It's been a while since I've written on this site, but I felt the need to share this story with you lovely people. First of all, know that I am not a HUGE Twilight fan, but I am NOT a hater, nor will I condone hating on other people's writing. It takes a lot of time to write a novel and a lot of energy. So without further ado, please enjoy this Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover about a young witch who falls into the lives of our favorite vampires... and brings magic and Hogwarts with her! And a side note... there is no Bella in this story. My greatest apologies to her fans, but my OC replaces her. Now... ON WITH THE SHOW :) Less than three!


Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever claim to, own Twilight… that belongs to Stephanie Meyer and her imagination. Nor do I own the Wonderful World of Harry Potter… that brilliance belongs to Ms. JK Rowling. I own Addison Smith and her mother, Juliette Smith. That’s about it, please enjoy!




Prologue: My Wonderfully Magical Life


I live in the United States in the twenty-first century with my single mother. My last name is Smith. I, like the rest of my fellow teenagers, attend some form of high school. I couldn’t get any more average if I tried…Yeah right.


My name is Addison Smith and I am a witch. Apparently, I’m something called a Pureblood because my mom is a witch too and she said my dad was, even though she won’t tell me who he was. She said it’s for my safety. Up until lately, I attended Salem School for Young Witches. It wasn’t actually in Salem, Massachusetts… it was in Andover a couple miles away, but that’s beside the point. It was founded by the Salem Witches themselves, before they were burned of course. They wanted their legacy to live on. We were taught pretty advanced magic, and our curriculum revolved around Potions and Defense because we were always ready for a fight. There was some type of war waging in Europe, but as Americans we stayed out of their business… still it was nice to be prepared. Our government was fairly new compared to theirs, and a lot more laid back about control over magic. I only know these differences because my mom is British and grew up there. She has such a nice accent, and I do too, but I turn it on and off as I please… because I’ve been in America since I was five.


I asked my mom so many times why I couldn’t go to school where she went, at Hogwarts in Scotland, but she just told me every time that it was too dangerous with that damn war. So I contented myself to learn with my friends at SSYW, but a part of me was always curious. In America our schools were really different. We started much earlier, like our normal Muggle schools, at age 6-7. The grading system ran parallel to muggle schools, because it made living among muggles so much easier. Also, we prided ourselves on being some of the most advanced witches of the world. And, being that we were in America, we tried to mesh technology into our lives as much as possible. So when I wasn’t at school, I was like every other music and texting obsessed teenager. We used minimal magic in my house, because my mother always mumbled something about a Trace, even though that only existed in Europe.


But everything I knew, and everything I’d been prepared for was tested that day I came home for Christmas Break. I lived in Salem, so it wasn’t really a problem for me to walk to the edge of campus and drive home. I wasn’t expecting the scene I came home to. We had extensive protection, magical of course, on our house because my mother was paranoid. So I didn’t really expect a break-in. But my mom wasn’t waiting on the lawn like usual, and there was no smoke coming from our chimney. But there was smoke coming from everything else… FLASHBACK!


I cut the car engine and sighed happily as I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk. It felt good to be home for a weekend. You see, we celebrate American Holidays in the wizard community so I was home for Labor Day weekend, which was only a month into school, but they let us visit parents. It was all great until I turned around to the smell of smoke.


“MOM!” I shouted in a panic. My house was on fire. And it was getting bad. I called 911, but they said they’d already sent a truck out and it hadn’t found my address. We secluded ourselves in a small home in the woods, and the dispatcher scolded me for playing a joke. Well, no help from the muggles, I thought bitterly.


“Aguamenti!” I shouted, trying to down my house in water. It worked after a half-an-hour and I went running in to try and find my mother, but she wasn’t there. The only thing that seemed to be in tact was an old teddy-bear of mine and I picked it up gingerly, tears brewing in my eyes. Instantly I was transported. The thing was a freaking Portkey!


And that’s how I basically found myself in the middle of a forest I didn’t know, curled in a ball and crying because I had no idea what was going on.


Welcome to my Wonderfully Magical Life.


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Of course :)
Hey ... great chapter .. luv it :)
Loved it, loved it, loved it! I loved it ( If you couldn't tell )!
OOhhh, I wonder who her father is. And her 'secret friend', he sounds familier XD And the family with the red hair, and the father with the spacey girl, and the girl with the white teeth....
Good connections(:
This is getting interesting! I can't wait till the meet Harry! ( <3 Harry )
Please update soon!

I'll post Chapter 5 later today and I'm still writing Chapter 6. Thank you for your feedback!

Chapter Five: Hello Halls of Hogwarts


It wasn’t long before we found ourselves, in three cars, parking in the long-term lot at the Seattle Airport. It had taken us about an hour to get there, since our favorite vampires like to drive almost double the allotted speed limit. We could have run, but the idea seemed to make Professor Dumbledore nervous. So once we were parked and walking, easy conversation started up again and Edward took my hand while gently stroked his thumb up and down the outside of it. I smiled up at him, happy that we would stay together, since our relationship had only just begun.


“Carlisle,” a tall, Caucasian man dressed in a pilot’s jacket and aviators shook hands with Carlisle before an exchange of money was made discreetly.


“Thank you Frank,” he nodded stiffly and the man called Frank left.


“Um who’s flying this thing?” I asked suddenly. Edward laughed.


“Who else but the pilot, Addie?” Emmett laughed and clapped me on the back. Oh lord, I thought while rolling my eyes.


We all settled in on the private, jet-like plane and Esme handed a water bottle to both myself and Professor Dumbledore.


“Now to settle the more business details of the trip,” Dumbledore relaxed into his swiveling chair and addressed the rest of the plane. “I think it would be best if, as your children, Edward, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie should all be enrolled as students. You can all pass for either sixth or seventh year students. Carlisle, I’m sure our resident nurse Madam Pomfrey would love to learn some muggle medicine techniques; though I doubt she will use them. Esme, I’ve been in the market for a new Muggle Studies teacher. Professor Burbage seems to be unable to recruit new students. Perhaps you will have more luck,” he rambled happily.


“Oh, Albus I’d be delighted,” she answered and Carlisle nodded likewise to his position.


“What would being a student entail?” Jasper asked curiously.


“Well I would either sort you into one of the four houses, and you would reside there or you could reside in the private quarters with your family and attend the classes you select with no particular houses. As transfer students, I wouldn’t require you to be sorted,” he said carefully, seemingly contemplating each word.


“SORTED?” shouted Emmett from the cockpit. Him and Rosalie were sitting up there so that he could fly the plane.






“Of course you can,” I sighed.


“Being sorted would mean that the sorting hat peers into your mind and places you in one of the four houses based on your qualities. The thing is, there is no guarantee that you will all be sorted into the same house; nor is there a guarantee that you will be placed in the same house as Harry, which would make it difficult to protect him,” Dumbledore explained. The idea seemed interesting to me. Would I be a Hufflepuff like my mother?


“Sir, is that what you kept muttering about back at the Cullen’s house?” I asked.


“Oh,” he started, “you heard that? Yes I was. I was gauging your properties and where they would place you. You have a very even mix of different houses, so ultimately it’s up to what the Sorting Hat sees in possible future actions, not past,” he smiled gently.


“But we wouldn’t all be together? And Carlisle and Esme would be in a different dorm building?” Jasper asked. Dumbledore laughed.


“Oh no. Hogwarts is a castle. All of the classrooms and dormitories are in the castle. Because of the magic that flows so deeply in the castle’s foundation, it often magically expands on the inside depending on what the needs of the students are. I suspect there will be magnificent quarters waiting for you when we get there. If you decide to be sorted, the dorm rooms you are in will get bigger and have an extra bed,” his eyes twinkled with excitement.


“Oh a castle! How is the decor? Is it very medieval?” Alice squealed. 


“Very, Ms. Alice,” Dumbledore nodded in response.


“Children,” Carlisle broke the chatter. “We need to make our decision. We’ll take a vote.”


“I would very much enjoy socializing with humans that I don’t have the urge to drain,” Jasper chuckled.


“Alright, Alice?” Carlisle looked at her. She stared at the floor, eyes glazed for a moment.


“I won’t share the future with any of you,” she smiled mischievously. “But since I know, I’ll follow Jasper,” she laughed.


“ROSE VOTES TO NOT BE SORTED,” shouted Emmett. A smack was heard before Rose appeared in the doorway between the cockpit and the seats.


“I’m sorry guys, I just prefer to interact with humans as little as possible. They annoy me,” she shuddered and Dumbledore smiled kindly before she left.


“And Emmett obviously votes for being sorted. He wants to have a team to root for,” she rolled her eyes and turned around to leave. All eyes turned to me while they waited for my answer.


“I, well I,” I stammered. “I don’t know. I want to be with all of you, but I also want to experience Hogwarts as a real student,” I bit my lip.


“Your house is not everything. Aside from the designated feasts, you can sit wherever you like in the Great Hall and you have classes with two houses. And before curfew you can be anywhere on the grounds you like with anyone you like,” Dumbledore explained.


“Yes but it’s after curfew most are worried about,” I chuckled. “But I think I’d like to not be sorted,” I said indefinitely.


“I will go where you go,” Edward said quietly before wrapping a comforting arm around me.


“The votes are three and three then,” sighed Carlisle.


“Perhaps we can reach a compromise,” Dumbledore tapped his chin in thought. “You will be sorted, as per the usual and of course you are welcome in your common room at any time. But you will be allowed to have rooms to stay in with Esme and Carlisle,” he clapped his hands in celebration at his conclusion.


“That sounds like it would work perfectly Albus, thank you,” Carlisle smiled graciously.


“It’s the least I can do. I honesty did not believe that you would even come with me to Hogwarts. I feel as if I will owe you a debt,” he muttered.


“But Albus, how are we to protect the boy when we have no magic?” Esme worried.

“You’ll be protecting him from other students, and if it becomes necessary, attacks by Voldemort. As strong as Voldemort is, his followers are not nearly as strong. Their magic will not be able to affect you. Few people would be able to affect you. Myself, Lord Voldemort, and obviously young Addison here are the only few that comes to mind. Perhaps the Dark Lord’s right hand Bellatrix, but maybe not even her. It takes more than a ridiculous amount of energy to affect such a strong hide. Almost like training to shoot magic through a dragon or an acromantula,” he said simply.


“So physical body guards? Like a ‘take the bullet’ sort of deal?” Edward asked.


“Yes, exactly like that. Only if the need should arise,” Dumbledore confirmed.


“What’s an acromantula?” Alice chimed in.


“A giant tarantula who can speak and has a very powerful and valuable venom,” Dumbledore smiled.


“AH!” I shouted. “Oh, I HATE spiders… and snakes. And bugs that crawl on me,” I shuddered.


“Then I don’t believe the Basilisk we housed a few years ago would be your cup of tea. Nor do I think Slytherin is the right house for you,” Dumbledore chuckled.


“Oh! Tell us about the houses please,” Alice smiled.


“There are four houses, each with a founder, colors, and an animal symbol. Ravenclaw, founded by Rowena Ravenclaw, is the house for the supremely intelligent and book-smart wizards and witches. They tend to also be very creative. Their colors are blue and bronze and their symbol is the Eagle. The next house is Hufflepuff, founded by Helga Hufflepuff. Their house qualities include loyalty, hard work, tolerance, and acceptance. Their colors are black and yellow, while their mascot is a badger. Slytherin, founded by Salazar Slytherin, is the most misconceived house of the four. Many believe that it is a house only for those with evil intent, purely because it is the house that Tom Riddle… that’s Voldemort when he was a student…was in. But the only reason they believe that is because only purebloods are generally allowed in Slytherin, as was the founder’s request. Salazar Slytherin was not an evil man, but he was confrontational and he believed in blood purity, much like his ancestor Tom Riddle,” Dumbledore paused with a sigh.


“So he started it all, huh?” I asked in a small voice.


“In a way, I suppose so. But he discriminated, he did not harm,” Dumbledore said wisely. “Regardless of the rumors, Slytherin is a place for the pure of blood and the leaders who use cunning and resourcefulness to follow their ambitions. They pride themselves with green and silver… and a snake.  And of course for every misunderstood house, there is a counter; Gryffindor, the house I was sorted into and the ‘house of a one, Harry Potter’ was founded by Godric Gryffindor. Now the one thing that most forget is, as honorable as Godric Gryffindor was, he was a fool and he was stubborn. His values for his house were bravery, loyalty, nerve, and chivalry. The mascot is a lion and the colors are red and gold. But Godric Gryffindor drove away Salazar Slytherin by refusing to compromise or even discuss compromise. The stubbornness of the two started the now centuries-old feud between the two houses,” Dumbledore sighed unhappily.


“What would every day be like?” I quickly changed the subject.


“Breakfast is served from 7am-9am everyday in the Great Hall. It works like an American muggle college. Come, eat, and leave when you are ready. Classes start precisely at 9am and are an hour long, unless you have double of something. There is a ten minute break in between each class hour for you to travel from each class. At 1pm, there is a lunch hour and then classes continue roughly around 2pm. Classes end at 4pm, 5pm if you have a double class last hour. As older students, you will take fewer classes and have frequent free periods for study,” he rambled.


“Oh, Addison… the testing systems in America are different, are they not?” he asked.


“Yeah, in our ninth grade we take the WAWTT tests (Why Are We Taking This) and in the tenth grade we take the *edited by mod* tests, well there is an actual name for the tests, but we dubbed them the *edited by mod* tests because we didn’t understand why we were forced to take them. Then this year, eleventh grade I was preparing to take the NTAP (Now There’s A Point). And the last year, twelfth grade, you take the YBTTS (You Better Take This Seriously) test. Each year, the tests get harder and more complex. You also take one less class each year. In tenth grade I got an A on my Astronomy WAWTT test and dropped it. Last year I got an A on my Herbology *edited by mod* test and dropped that. This year I was going to drop Defense Against the Dark Arts, because I didn’t want to drop Care of Magical Creatures. And then next year I was going to be taking Potions, Charms, Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. Then I’d have three free periods,” I droned on about my previous plans.


“How in the world do you memorize all those acronyms?” Edward asked incredulously.


“They’re funny,” I shrugged.


“Well then I think missing the OWLs will not be a problem for you,” Dumbledore chuckled again. “However at Hogwarts, we have a six class maximum because of our schedule. So you’ll only have two free periods if you plan on taking all of those classes.”


“Well sir, I probably won’t because your curriculum is a little behind ours. I am very far ahead in DADA, so I won’t take that. I’m probably ahead of even your teacher in Charms so I won’t take that. I’ll take Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions,” I decided.


“Interesting choices, may I ask why?” Professor Dumbledore asked curiously.


“I want to help preserve magical species and raise awareness of their rights and dangers so Care of Magical Creatures and Potions will be helpful,” I shrugged. “And my mom always raved about the Transfigurations teacher so I decided I want to meet her.”


“Well Professor McGonagall is one of the best,” Dumbledore agreed. “As for the rest of you, I suggest a class schedule where at least two or three of you are in each of Harry’s classes. You will take his classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology and Transfiguration. Now that leaves no room for an elective class, but you’ll need the free periods for study. As you have no magic, I’ll have to charm wands to perform basic spells for you, but you will not excel in the physical part of your classes. Excel in your bookwork and theory and you should be fine,” he winked.


“Sir, what about our…condition? What are we going to tell the students?” Jasper asked.


“Parents would throw a fit if I brought Vampires in to teach and learn, so we will have to smear the truth a bit. I can charm you with a warming charm so that you feel warm to the touch of other students. You can hunt the non-magical wildlife on and surrounding the grounds. Keep your eyes that nice gold color. You can get away with pretending to eat food. It will be complicated, but Addison can help me. We will make food appear like it is on your plate, but in actuality it is just an illusion. That way you appear as though you are eating, when you are really just pretending to chew and swallow,” Dumbledore smiled.


“The sun, sir,” Alice worried.


“Our classes are all indoor, except Care of Magical Creatures, which you are not taking. If we do have Quidditch games this year, it is easy enough to cover yourselves,” Dumbledore didn’t appear worried as well. “It is only direct contact that harms you, correct?”

“Yes Albus, we’ll be absolutely fine,” Carlisle smiled. I looked at my watch. It’d been three hours already. We still had a good six hours to go.


“The staff will know the truth of course, so do not worry,” Dumbledore added on. I yawned. What a Christmas. “By the way, Happy Christmas. Ours was yesterday, so I forgot when I visited that I was interrupting your holiday.”


“Yes Merry Christmas to you as well Albus,” Carlisle said politely.


“Merry Christmas all around,” I yawned. “But it’s time for a nap,” I leaned on Edward’s shoulder and closed my eyes.




“Addison, Addison,” Edward’s voice woke me up from the blank sleep I was in, accompanied by his gentle shaking.


“Are we there already?” I groaned.


“Yes,” he chuckled. I blinked slowly and realized we were the only ones left on the plane.


“That did not feel like six hours of sleep,” I complained as I stood up and stretched. As I walked off the plane I realized we were at a major airport in London. I could see Big Ben. We did not make conversation as we left the airport, walking down the streets of London. It was breathtaking. I fingered the charm that Alice had given me on my necklace.


“I’m glad that wish came soon,” Alice whispered in my ear as she gave my shoulder a squeeze. I nodded wordlessly and tried to take in the sites of the city. I didn’t remember it from when I was a child, but it was more than I could have ever remembered. We were walking toward a less lit part of the city, as the light was just beginning to leave the sky.


“Sir,” I tapped Dumbledore on the shoulder.


“Shhh” he directed as he stood in front of some shabby-looking buildings and closed his eyes. Slowly the buildings began to move, revealing a home that hadn’t been there before. There was a brass number on the door: twelve.


“Follow,” he instructed, as he walked up the steps and knocked on the door.


“What in the-“ a voice was heard from within the house. It, I assumed it was a he, began cursing and muttering before the door opened a crack and a striking grey eye was seen.


“Oh Albus! You gave me quite a scare! Why don’t you send an owl next time? Yeesh,” the door opened all the way and a man with grey eyes, tattered clothes and a smirk that topped even Edward’s best smirk appeared. The thing that got me was his hair. It was exactly like mine, but shorter and with grey. The tangled, wavy black mass fell to just above his shoulders in a style that rather bothered me. Guys should not have the same hair as girls.


“I apologize Sirius, but we had to make a bit of an unanticipated stop. We couldn’t Portkey to Hogwarts out in the open and this was the closest I could think of,” Dumbledore explained pleasantly. The man, Sirius apparently, waved his hand dismissively and walked down the hallway with all of us in tow.


“Would you like something to eat before you go?” he asked as we entered the kitchen. Everything in the house was dark and creepy.


“Well my friends here, except Ms. Smith, are vampires so they won’t be needing food,” Dumbledore shrugged.


“ALBUS!” Sirius choked on the soup he was eating. “You brought vampires into my house?” he demanded.


“Relax Sirius, they are friends and do not feed off of humans.”


“Oh,” his eyes scanned all of us until they fell on me.


“Then you are the non-vampire,” he stated.


“Witch,” I corrected. “The name is Addison Smith,” I offered my hand and he took it, eyes traveling my face as if looking for something.


“The name sounds familiar,” he tapped his chin thoughtfully.


“Maybe you knew my mother, Juliette Smith,” I offered.


“That’s probably it. Oh yeah, I think she was a few years younger than me. Do you go to Hogwarts? You look around Harry’s age,” he asked.


“Not yet, but I’m transferring there,” I replied.


“Well if you see him, tell him Padfoot said ‘hi’,” Sirius shrugged and continued eating his soup.


“Alright now we will use a Portkey to get to Hogwarts,” Dumbledore smiled and directed us into a sitting room of types, which was also dark and covered in dust.


“Sir, we could apparate now that I’m here to help,” I interrupted.


“No, you were born here in England. Therefore, you were born with a Trace. In America, the Trace is null and void, but here in England it is active once more. I’m afraid you won’t be able to perform magic outside of school until you are seventeen,” he said in a solemn tone. My jaw dropped, but I quickly recovered.


“Well that’s in March, so not to worry,” I shrugged as he picked up a book to use as a Portkey.


“Really? You never told us your birthday! How am I supposed to plan the perfect coming-of-age party when we aren’t even home?” Alice pouted.


“Alice, I’m turning seventeen, not eighteen,” I laughed.


“Yeah, but we’re in England. While we’re here you’ll have one coming-of-age party and then when you turn eighteen back in the States, we’ll have another! Double the party planning!” she clapped her hands.


“Do you always speak with an exclamation point after each sentence?” I rolled my eyes. Edward snorted with laughter suddenly, but Alice simply huffed and stuck her tongue out.


“Do you always speak with implied sarcasm?” she countered, but the damage was done. Almost everyone was snickering at her.


“A little late for a comeback Alice,” I advised.


“Whatever,” she crossed her arms and glared at Jasper, who immediately ceased his laughter.


“Right, well off we go,” Professor Dumbledore smiled as everyone placed a hand on the book. The whirring feeling was something I’d gotten used to, but all seven vampires were on the ground when we landed on some very moist grass.


“Man, what a rush. It’s like the mythical version of getting high,” Emmett laughed.


“Emmett, language,” Carlisle raised an eyebrow.


“Sorry Pops,” Emmett laughed.


“Welcome to Hogwarts, everyone,” Dumbledore smiled as everyone turned to where he gestured. He was right. Hogwarts was a legitimate castle. It was the most breathtaking, and intimidating thing I’d ever seen. I knew it was safe, because it was infused with magic, but still the seemingly, crumbling towers were a little unnerving. Awestruck, we made our way up and into the castle silently. We made a series of twists and turns until we found the statue of a gargoyle, which leapt aside when it recognized Professor Dumbledore and we stepped onto some moving stairs. I didn’t remember how we got there, but having a family of vampires had its benefits. Everything was engraved in their undead minds.


“I suggest while you are here that each of you go by a different last name. I will be introducing you to the school as a group of American Exchange students, not as a family. It seems to be the more believable story and so a few name changes are in order. Do each of you remember your previous last names?” Dumbledore asked.


“Yes of course. Esme and I will still go by Cullen, as she is my legal wife and has been for many generations,” Carlisle wrapped his arm around Esme’s shoulder lovingly as she placed a kiss on his cheek.


“Previously, I was Edward Masen,” Edward confirmed.


“Emmett McCarthy,” Emmett announced in his never-quieted tone.


“Rosalie Hale,” Rosalie seemed incredibly bored.


“Jasper Whitlock,” a ghost smile passed over Jasper’s lips as he reencountered his name.


“Alice Cullen,” Alice sighed.


“Pardon?” Dumbledore asked.


“Alice doesn’t recall much from her past. It’s painful and quite blurry,” Carlisle said simply.


“Ah,” Dumbledore nodded in understanding. “Perhaps you could adopt a sibling’s name? Carlisle and Esme appear much too young to have children your age.”


“Alice, you’re my sister,” I smiled.


“What?” she asked.


“When my mother moved us to the US, we lived near this orphanage and one day when we were passing by, there was this little girl who was my age sitting out on the steps, crying. She had been left there over two hours by her mother who couldn’t handle the responsibility. Turns out, the orphanage hadn’t been active for years. So we brought you home with us and the next day you were legally and emotionally my sister,” I smiled. She crushed me in a hug and didn’t let go until Edward pried her off.


“Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” she squealed.


“Calm down monster, I get to be the baby sister, okay?” I elbowed her lightly.


“Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she smiled.


“Now that that is settled, we only have one more issue to sort out,” Dumbledore glanced around. “Sorting,” he chuckled.


“I’ll go first please!” Emmett took a step toward Dumbledore, who produced an old black hat from a glass case. The second the hat was placed on Emmett’s head, it formed a face and began to murmur quietly.


“Gryffindor!” the hat announced loudly.


“Good, Emmett that means you will be in the same house as Harry. We will sometimes need for you to be in the common room with him,” Dumbledore smiled. The hat was placed on Alice next and it quickly placed her in Ravenclaw. Jasper was placed in Slytherin with Rosalie. Edward was placed in Gryffindor and then it was my turn.


“My, my, my you have a strange mix of blood. I remember your mother. But you have Black blood in you as well. I don’t paint you as the Slytherin type, though you have the ambition. And though you have the loyalty and acceptance of a Hufflepuff, as see you as doing greater things. But you are smarter than a Gryffindor; you have skill and use it. I feel as though there isn’t a Hogwarts house for you, but I expect you will make a name for your house. I sort you as… RAVENCLAW,” it shouted. I frowned slightly. I was different than my mother. Was this my father’s house? And why was he talking about black blood? I’ve seen myself bleed, it’s red just like everyone else. I dismissed it as Dumbledore spoke once again.


“Interesting, but the Sorting hat is always correct. Do your houses honor, and I will see you at the Welcome Back feast in a week. Dobby will see you to your quarters,” he smiled as he directed us toward the door and then turned to face his desk. A house elf appeared, twisting his oversized clothing and tugging on his socks.


“Dobby is here Professor. Did the nice Professor call him?,” he squeaked.


“Yes Dobby,” Dumbledore smiled. “Please take our guests to their quarters.”


“What is that?” Emmett whispered in my ear.


“Dobby is a house elf silly vampire,” laughed the creature.


“Yeah, silly vampire,” I snickered.


“Whatever,” he huffed. We walked through the corridors, again admiring each talking painting and moving staircase until we reached a painting of a forest, clouded with rain. It was exactly the view of Forks from out my bedroom window at the Cullens home. Ironic.


“Password?” came the voice of a deer that was grazing in the front of the picture. More irony. This castle had character.


“Sock,” Dobby smiled. That one, I didn’t get.


“If masters need anything, please to call Dobby,” Dobby squeaked before leaving. I sighed happily as we entered. I was at my mother’s alma mater.


The inside of the room was beautiful, decorated much like a medieval castle should be with rich velvet and warmth that rivaled the inside of the Cullen Mansion. It was a sitting room, complete with big comfy arm chairs, love seats, and a fire place. Near the back of the room was a hallway, which Emmett and I immediately raced to. Of course, he beat me and opened every single door on the way down the hallway. There were five doors. Five rooms. I didn’t have to room with Edward.


“Thank you castle,” I whispered.


“What?” Edward laughed.


“Oh nothing,” I shook it off. I didn’t want to offend him, but sharing a room on the first day of being an official item was incredibly awkward. I didn’t bother looking in everyone else’s, but mine was decorated with Blue and Bronze, the colors of my newfound house and was suite-style with a connected bathroom and incredibly large closet. Though we would only be wearing uniforms, so the closet was unnecessary unless you were Alice Cullen.


After casting a quick enlarging charm on my suitcase and setting it aside to unpack later, I sat on the bed. A soft knock at the door broke my train of thought.


“Addie?” Alice’s voice was quiet, for the first time since I’d known her.


“Yes?” I smiled as she walked in and sat next to me on the bed.


“I just wanted to say thank you for earlier and I’m glad we’re house buddies,” she said pleasantly.


“So am I,” I agreed.


“And also, you are so coming shopping with me tomorrow! While you were asleep we talked about school supplies and Dumbledore said the only place to get it is Diagon Alley, which is apparently this wizard shopping center! We have to get parchment and quills and school robes and wands,” she prattled on. I clamped my hand over her mouth.


“You’re giving me a headache. I have a wand already and it will be easy for me to transfigure my Salem uniform into a Hogwarts one. No sense in wasting money,” I sighed.


“Nonsense… we-“ she started.


“Alice!” I cut her off. “You’re money is no good here. You have muggle money. Only Galleons and Sickles and Knuts are accepted in the magical world,” I rolled my eyes.


“Oh,” she pouted.


“We’ll ask one of the Professors tomorrow how to make the switch,” I gave in and she smiled and squished me in a signature-Alice hug.


“Thank you!” she said for the millionth time.


“All I want now is for you to leave me alone so I can sleep,” I stuck my tongue out at her. She only laughed and hugged me once more before leaving. As if the room knew what I wanted, the lights dimmed and I was instantly lulled into a more peaceful sleep.


Author’s Note: I apologize that this chapter took me especially long to write. I’m going through a bit of a family crisis right now which includes not being at home and probably moving soon, so it’s been a little insane. But writing helps relax me so I decided to cure my never ending insomnia, I would force myself to finish this chapter for you guys. So here we are! Please enjoy! Less than three!



They're finally at Hogwarts! Yay ^^

I hope everything goes well on both the fanfiction and family :))

Love it trully!


- LoveCookkies

Thanks :) I wrote this a while ago and unfortunately, I'm still in limbo. But we found a new place and we are in the process of purchasing it so hopefully everything will settle down before school starts for me.


It's cool :) I'm a bit stuck on the next chapter, but I'm plowing through!

If you need any motivational(sp?) support, I'm here for you!!

P.S Caps lock fixed!

I want to write it, I'm just not sure how to word things. It'll come to me in a while.


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