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Hey ya'll! I have started the first chapter of the sequel to 'Verge.' To all my rabid readers, i really do appreciate all your compliments and time for my fan fiction. :)

So here's to you! :)





Chapter 1:

Part 1:

Part 2:




******** Hey! Sorry guys, been reeeeaalllyy bussy lately. Hope your not mad. :) Here is the next chapter. enjoy!


Chapter 2:

Part 1:

Part 2:


**** Enjoy :)  

Chapter 3:

Part 1:

Part 2:


**** Hey you guys :) I'm reeeeeaalllyyyy sorry I havent updated in MONTHS. i've just been a little HELL OF A LOT busy. So to make it up to you, i have posted more. I will not be surprised if no one reads the next few chapters since, well, i've kinda been AWOL, but all the more, to all those who still care: ENJOY! :D


Chapter 4:

Part 1: Seth's POV

Part 2: Violet's POV


Chapter 5:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Chapter 6:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Seth's POV:


**** I'm sorry, again, for the late update. Now that i am starting school in Senior year, i'm finding it hard to write some more chapters, but this is what i have so far. :) hope you enjoyy. i'll probably be updating again in a few more days... hope y'all are still intrigued by my story.


<3 ւòւаяоѕe.clєаrωatзя


Chapter 7:


*** Heyy there! I'm back! So deeply and utterly sorry for the very very very very very very very very very very verrryyyyyy late update!!

My new school year is very hard. Been busy with my assignments lately.. (Grrr) but all is good. I write when i can, which is very little time, but here is the newest chapter (Hooray!)


i dont blame anyone if no one reads the next chapter... i havent really been around lately.. but all the more, ENJOY! :)

thanks for your time as well!


love, ւòւаяоѕe.clєаrωatзя.ღ



Chapter 8:







Woah, i havent been on in ages! almost forgot my password... but all the more, my absence has not gone to waste. i've had an epiphany in the form of a new direction for this story. :D


I've changed what happens after Chapter 5. The rest of the chapters are REMAKES. :)

Oh, and i've also changed my style of writing. In my previous chapters, i've written in a past tense, in these new chapters i've written in present tense.


I hope you enjoy my new direction with this, and i THANK YOUUU again for hanging on with my story. :D




chapter 6 REMAKE: (Minor changes near the end of the chapter)


chapter 7 REMAKE:


chapter 7 REMAKE: (Seth's POV)


...For some strange reason i cant add anymore chapters :/ ... my internet is probably too slow.. will try again tomorrow. Sorry!  





Hello there, for anyone who is still reading this.

Gosh, i havent been on this site in almost a year! Damn, I have totally forgotten about it. But, no need to worry, I have updates! *wooo*

On another note, I have also changed the name of the sequel from 'Free' to 'Released.' I think this title does more justice to Violet's journey through all of this chaos! :D

Thanks to anyone who is currently reading this!

Hope you are enjoying my fan fic! 


Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

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Yay!! I'm happy you made a sequel! I really hope everything works out!
awww yay i love the new chapter and i can't wait for more
omgg i still cant get over how amazing this story is! please keep me updated?
I just reread the whole story I LOVE IT! update soon pwease?

sorry! jst tryin to finish writing this chapter... I just came on to check on whats happening.

I will probably be posting the next chapter tonight...



all i can say is wow and will she ever make it back to her family

Keep me udated when you continue! I LOVE this story! (Hope you update soon!)

I hope you update soon!!!!

i love the remake and i can't wait for more!

WHOOOOOOOO!!! Finally updated! Fantastic! Keep me updated, please! XD



More chapters! :)


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