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*This is a story of Edward and Bella. They're both human, they are the best of friends and have been together since they were four. They are as close as any two friends can be. Can their friendship make it through new relationships and circumstances??? Are they really just friends or is there something more.

Chapter 1
“Our story”
My name is Isabella Swan, but I go by Bella. I'm 17 and was born and
raised here in lovely Forks, Washington. I live with my Father Charlie.
He's the chief of Police. My Mother died during child birth, so I never
truly knew her. But Charlie manages to find a way to bring her up every
day. So his memories became mine.
Charlie and I don’t have your typical Father/daughter relationship. We're more like buddies, but he knows when, and when not to, pull out the Dad card. It works for us.
I'm the cook in the family. I do so every night, working off my Mother’s old recipes. Charlie gave them to me when he saw how much I enjoyed cooking. He thought it would be a nice way to have a piece of her.

But Charlie isn't the only man in my life...There was my best friend
Edward. Aside from Charlie he was the most important man in my life,
seeing as though I had yet to have a boyfriend. But that was ok. They both filled my life.

Edward moved here when he was four. His parents died in a car accident leaving him with no family. He was put into foster care, and moved around a bit, until they found him a stable home with the Mason's.
The Mason's cared for Edward, but never really looked at him as "their son." It only became more evident after they, through years and years of trying, conceived their own child.
Edward was given anything he wanted...The Mason's were "well off" to say the least. They gave him everything but attention and the love every child needed.

And that's where Charlie and I came in. Because of us, Edward didn’t feel alone. In fact he felt like he had everything he needed.

We spent every waking moment of every day together growing up. We never left one another's sides.
Charlie looked at Edward as a son. He taught us both to ride a bike, how to swim, he took Edward fishing, and when the time came, he sat us both down together and had the birds and the bees talk...that wasn't awkward or anything.
While The Mason's provided for him financially, Charlie and I took care of the rest, and as Edward has told us time and time again, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Edward was my first and only kiss. We were 7 and were playing in our clubhouse that Charlie had built for us. It's like all little girls and boys do. We were curious...then like every other boy and girl that age we wiped our mouths and talked about how gross it was.
We never kissed again.

Edward. Edward was handsome, many of the girls thought so, but they all stayed away. I'm not sure why. He jokingly insists it's because I scare
them off, and that’s normally followed by me socking him one in the arm.
That's how we were...he made fun of me and I usually ended up hitting him.

But it always made me wonder, why did they stay away? I guess it could
be that he doesn’t pay them any attention. He isn’t arrogant, but he’s an old soul. The girls at our school aren’t what he’s looking for. They’re not nearly as mature as he is.
Although he can have fun, and be lighthearted with me, he's very deep, and smart, and musically inclined. His music is very important to him.
Every night after dinner, he plays my Mom’s old piano for Charlie and me. It’s part of our daily routine.

We were by no means the 'outcasts' in school, but we were not part of the 'in crowd' either. We had our group of friends at school, but it was
usually just me and him out of school and on the weekends.

So in a nut shell, that's who we are. Edward and Bella, best of friends.
People always asked why we weren't together. Why we weren't a couple. They always said how cute we were together, and they couldn’t understand how or why we chose to be friends only.
They just didn't understand how two people, so close, so trusting of one another, who cares so much, could just be friends.
Edward and I usually just looked at each other and wrinkled our noses, as if we were disgusted by the mere thought of it.
That’s just the way it was. That’s how it always was and will always be.

Edward greeted me every morning by laying on the horn to his pride and joy…Lucy…his silver Volvo. Yes Lucy. Don’t ask me why he picked Lucy, but that’s what he picked. I guess she looked like a Lucy.
He picked me up late, everyday. I think he did it intentionally, just so he could race to school. Edward loved speed. Everything he did, everywhere he went, he did it fast. He loved the adrenaline.
I on the other hand hated it. It scared the crap out of me. But over the past 13 years, we’ve learned to pick and choose our battles.

"Morning sunshine." He said overly enthusiastically.
"Agh" can't you just be crabby and irritable at 7:15 am like every other high school kid for once. I barked.
"Oh I’m sorry” he replied with fake empathy.
“Let me try it again…*sigh* Sup?” He tried to sound tired and cranky.
I rolled my eyes, as the corner of my mouth lifted towards a smile.
“There it is…I see it…you want to smile…I know you do.” He was taunting me now.
I remained speechless and slapped his arm.
“Damn Bells, you’re grumpier than normal. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, or wait, what day is it…26, 27, 28…Oh, did you get a visit from your monthly visitor today???” He was laughing. He was the only one laughing. He knew me too well.
“You’re too much.” I retorted.
“I give in, ok. You win…here’s my happy face.” I gave him the cheesiest smile I could.
"Soooo, its one week till the dance Bella. We've come to our deadline,
and neither of us has dates. What say you?"

Prom. I hated going to any dance, but Edward insisted we had to. It's a
right of passage he says. To me, it was a night of torture, dancing to cheesy music, wearing a cheesy dress, and wearing the most uncomfortable shoes.
But he always managed to convince me. Edward and I went to every dance together except the one where he took our friend Jessica. They tried to date, but it just didn't work out, and he ended up spending most of the night texting me from the dance.

I knew deep down, he was dying to ask Natalie Miller. She ruled the
school. Even though she was a junior like Edward and I, she had all the
guys, including the seniors drooling over her.
Edward was no exception. He didn’t drool per say, but she definitely peaked his interest.
He had liked her since she arrived from sunny California our sophomore year.
She, although not the sharpest tool in the shed, did share one interest

They talked every now and then when they had classes together, or in
passing, she'd give him a quick "Hi." But it ended there.

Sure she had the body of a Brazilian model, mixed w/ the face of a beauty queen but I didn't think she was anything special. Even Edward wasn't taken aback by her looks. It was more of the music interest that he liked about her. He said he can see how music influences her.
Every time he said that I pretended to stick my finger down my throat to make myself throw up.

We pulled into the school parking lot, parked in our usual space, and
Edward, being the gentleman he always tried to be, opened my door.
And as our morning routine panned out, the first people we saw were
Natalie and her followers. Edward stared in her direction trying to make it seem as though he wasn’t looking.
I joked that every time he stared at her it was like a movie... I could picture it happening in slow motion,
when a guy sees the girl he likes pass by, her hair slowly blowing behind
her...I smacked him upside his head.

"I could get you binoculars if you’d like.” I whispered in his ear. Then shouted… “Snap out of it Edward. She's never going to like you."
I know it sounded harsh, but if his best friend couldn't tell him the truth, who would. And besides, I knew he appreciated my honesty.

"I don't know Bella. There's something about her, I just don't know why she affects me like this." He was frustrated. He didn't want to be "that
guy." The type of guy that followed her around like a lost puppy. He made fun of those guys.

"You guys hardly talk Edward. How's she supposed to get to know you, if you don't talk to her, nor show that you're interested in any way?"

He gave me a playful little shove, that in his own way, admitting I was
right, and thus continuing our routine banter for the day.

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Cool, first person for your new story. Yay! I love the idea for your story, please post more soon.
Please post more soon!
Thank you...yes, that will play a part later on....
If you'd like updates please send a friend request my way. Thanks and glad you enjoyed.

OK, THIS IS THE DEAL, I WANT THEM TOGETHER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET RID OF THIS NATALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! i'll screw up your story I think if you do what I say!!!!

I know I should talk, I've got my little fan fic world, but if there is a Bella in the story, They have to be together!!! I love how you described their friendship, I think I'm already going crazy and hating poor Natalie because of your description about how Edward and Bella feel about each other--even though they are just friends. I can see it coming, I don't think they will be happy with anyone else!!!!!! I love the human part, and I love that Charlie loves Edward!

Yes, I'm gushing! Yes, I will be stalking!
Keep up the good work!
Thanks Tracey. I'm really enjoying this one myself. I'll be posting more very soon, it's already written. But I have to post for The Darker Side of Good too. I love their banter...that's actually how me and my husband are. Always joking around. That's how we were when we met. We'll have to see where life takes them.
I'm actually at work right now...I'll try to get some up over lunch. But in the meantime check out The Darker side of Good. Chp. 1-8 are already up.
I can't wait to see either!!!!
OMG! This story is amazing!!!!
BUT...I HATE YOU!! You made
me realize I'M in love with my best friend =(
write more plz
i like it

Alice Cullen♥
I'm beginning to love it.. Please post more & update me on your new posts!

The first few periods of school flew by. It was lunch and I was waiting at
our table with Jessica, Mike, Angela and Eric, when Edward joined us,
happier than usual.

"Bells come here I need to talk to you privately." He sounded serious.

"Ok what is it are you ok." I asked concerned.

"Yeah, better than ok. I think. You're not going to believe this." He
looked confused at his own statement.

"Well talk already!" I impatiently stated.

"How upset would you be if we didn’t go to the dance." He looked as though he was concerned he was hurting my feelings, and afraid I would start crying.

"Edward, are you kidding, I just polished my Chuck Taylor’s to go with my dress. What am I supposed to do now?”
He cocked his head to the side and grinned.
“Seriously though, what’s up? You got a better date?”
"This is the part you're not going to believe...I asked Natalie." He
hesitated before saying her name.

"What. You're kidding right." I just stared in disbelief.

"No. I know it's hard to believe, but I did, and she said "Yes."

"How did you...why did you...what made you..." I was speechless and confused.

I managed to get out my next question. "I thought she was going with
“Well apparently she and Cole had a fight, and she needed a date. All the other guys had asked other girls after finding out she was going with Cole, so no one was left.” He scrunched his eyebrows.
“Wait, that's not what I meant.” He pondered what he had just said.
“I mean…” he began to explain, but I interrupted him. I wasn’t going to give him crap for this. I knew how much it meant to him. And he was really happy.
I gave him a hug, “Edward, I’m really happy for you. I guess I was wrong about you too huh?”
“Well, I wouldn’t have put money on it myself.”
“I guess now you won’t have to worry about me stepping all over your feet, right.” I tried to make a joke, but the tone in my voice didn’t go along with the words.
“Bells, are you sure you’re ok with this? I can tell her no.” He heard my tone as well.
“Are you kidding? This is the best news I’ve had all day. No stupid dress, no curly hair. Seriously, I’m really happy for you.”
The bell rang. Lunch was over.
“Ok, well, I’ll meet you at the car after school?” He asked already knowing the answer.
“Yep, I’ll be waiting.” I said cheerfully, but my stomach was starting to turn.
Was this how it was going to be now? Edward ditching me for girls. Ugh, I’m being stupid. I didn't even want to go to the prom in the first place. Besides, it’s one date, one dance. If I can’t survive without Edward for one day, then there’s something seriously wrong.
The car ride home was quite. Awkward. I didn’t know what my problem was.
I was kinda glad Edward couldn’t stay for dinner tonight. It’s was his little sister’s first dance recital. Despite the lack of relationship he had with the Mason’s, Edward really did care for his sister Emma. It would crush her if he wasn’t there.
I walked into the house, heading directly to the kitchen. I pulled open the fridge and freezer to see what I could make for tonight.
“Hey Bells, how was school today?” Charlie called from the living room.
“Um…good I guess. Nothing exciting. Oh except, I won’t be needing money for a dress. Edward actually got a date.” I gave him the best smile I could. What was wrong with me?!?
“Really! That’s great, who?”
“Natalie Miller.” I guess I had a slight unpleasantness to my voice when I spoke her name, cause Charlie shot me strange glance.
“And what’s wrong with this Natalie Miller?” Charlie asked simply to pacify my clear distaste.
“Oh nothing if you like that type.”
“And what type is that? Must not be all that bad if Edward likes her.” Ugh, such a Dad thing to say.
“Nothing it’s just that, ugh, never mind!” I was all flustered.
“Sounds to me like maybe you’re…” He stopped mid sentence.
“I’m what! What Dad, what am I?”
He knew he put his foot in his mouth. There was no turning back for him.
“Jealous…” He said sheepishly.
“JEALOUS! JEALOUS! OH MY GOD are you kidding? Ew, Dad, this is Edward we’re talking about. Edward! The kid that used to throw frogs at me…the kids that would pull on the stupid pig tails I used to wear…the kid that…that…” I drifted in thought.
“The kid that you’ve spent pretty much every minute of your life with.” Charlie said with raised eyebrows.
“Ahhh, what is it with you men today!”
I stormed up to my room and slammed the door.
I began ranting…
Me, jealous! No! No, it wasn’t like that. I was NOT jealous of Natalie. I didn’t like Edward like that. He was my best friend and that’s it. Nothing else. Nothing more. I didn’t like him like that. Nope, no way, no how. I couldn’t like him like that. He was my friend, my best friend. There is nooo chance it’s more than that!
Is there?

Hope you enjoy!!! Please leave comments. I love getting feedback.


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