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In this story they r all humans... Cullens= Carlisle, Esme, Edward is18 years old...the Swans= Charlie,Emmett is 20, Bella is 18..The Hales= Rosalie is 20,Jasper is 19 ..the Brandons=Alice is 19... aslo emmett adn rosa r engage..alice and Jasper r dating and last but not least edward and bella r friends.. but later on become more thne friends this story is about where Bella comes back to forks for the summer like she does every year.. during this summer its emmett and rosa's wedding which they all r going to b in.. once bella say she wish that it could b like old times before everyone grows up and everyone moves away..alice comes up with the idea to go camping... the all go camping but lots of things go wrong.. and Bella and Edward's friendship becomes more then just here is the first.. i know it mayb a little confuse but in the next chapters it will explain everything..i want to give A BIG THANKS TO I-RUN-WITH-VAMPIRES*TEAM CULLEN FOR EDITING!!!!! L= I WOULD ASLO LIKE OT THANK BRANDI BRADLEY FOR THE WONDER TITLE! well here it is so pls tell me want u think andi know it will be boring but in the next chapters will start the camping idea and stuff..well enjoy!!
Chapter One

Finally it was time for summer. I always loved summer because it means I get to go to Forks, Washington. I always go every summer. You see, here my parents got a divorce and I was stuck going back and fourth. We decided that I would stay with my mom during the school year and with my dad during the summer. My brother, Emmett, did the same thing with me too, but sense two years ago he turned 18 and he got to decide what he wanted to do. And for me, I will be 18 this year and Emmett is 20. For me, on the other hand, am visiting down here for the summer and then I will go on to college.

During this summer trip, I am going to be in a wedding. Not just any wedding. My Brother’s. He is going to marry Rosalie. I am glad he finally found someone he wants to spend his life with. I have also loved hanging out with Rosalie. Rosalie and Alice are my best friends down in Forks. Actually, they are my best girlfriends because Edward is my another best friend or my best guy friend, whatever you would call it. I also love hanging out with Alice. Don’t get me started on Alice, there are so many things I do down here with her during the summer. She called me once, actually more than once, when I was in Phoenix three years ago and she told me her and Jasper had started dating. Also her brother, Edward, hung out with us too. I always had a crush on Edward, but he was always with his girlfriend, Tanya, most of the time. Oh who you are you kidding Bella? You know you still like Edward. Yes, I will admit it, I still have a crush on him. But I have to get past that because last I knew, he was still dating Tanya. I was then brought out of my thoughts as the plane landed and it was time for me to get off.

I quickly grabbed all of my luggage and started walking toward the waiting area. It was not hard to find Emmett at all because who couldn’t find such a big, strong, muscular guy? Shortly after he saw me coming, he ran up to me and give me a big bear hug. He’s done this the last two times I came down here for the summer. Still same old Emmett, the brother which I love.

“ Emmett…can’t…breath.” I said, out of breath at the end and he then released me.

“Oh, sorry.” He said, starting to reach down for my luggage. We where on our way to the car when I notice there was no Rosa in it.

“ Where’s Rosa?” I asked as I started getting in the car and he was shutting the back door and getting in on his side. start driving on the road. The ride there was fun we had so much to talk about. I know they call me sometimes and I call them, but there was still lots to talk about. Shortly after, we just turned the radio up and started singing like old times. The ride home seemed pretty short because where already here. Right when I got out of the car door, I was hugged by Alice.

“ Alice! It's good to see you again!” I said.

“ Same here!” She replied. Right after Emmett carried my stuff to my room, I noticed that the house still looks the same every year and nothing really changes. It's not that I want it to change because I love it. I am glad they didn’t change anything, it will seem just like old times.

Alice helped me unpack. She likes some of my clothes, but she was the same old Alice saying we need to go shopping. I don’t really like shopping, but I like going with Alice. I mean no one can resist her. I feel bad for Rose when I leave because she is stuck shopping with Alice. Yes, Rose is the same way like me with shopping.
We where halfway done packing when we both heard the door bell ring and people
walking in. I think it was Rose that came in because I heard a girl ask for me.

“ Where’s Bella?” The girl asked and I knew it was Rose. I ran all the way down the stairs and, of course, with my luck, I tripped but this time my face didn’t touch the floor. I felt someone’s arms around my waist. I look up and saw a go… god... I mean, I saw Edward.

“ Thanks.” I said getting lost in his deep green eyes.

“ Still same old Bella.” He said as he continued to stand me upright. I could feel me blush because my face was starting to get very warm. I quickly turned my head away from him and went to hug Rose.

“ Don’t I get a hug?” I heard Edward whine behind me. I quickly went and gave him a hug. It kinda seemed like it lasted longer than the other hugs. Shortly after me catching them up on my life, Alice went next along with Jasper then Rose, Emmett and Edward. I found that Edward has been single for the past year. But who I am I kidding? He will never date me. I am just a plain looking, average girl.

After that, Emmett ordered 3 pizzas. It didn’t take them very long to get here either. All of us has girls grabbed two pieces and the guys had the rest. After that Rose, Alice, and I went upstairs to change in our PJs. After we came down, we noticed that the guys where in there’s too. Emmett was up by the TV putting in a movie. We always do this every year even when Emmett travels along with me.

“ Emmett, what movie are we going to watch?” I asked as I entered the living room and was looking for a spot to sit. The only one I found was right next to Edward. He patted the seat next to him, knowing I was looking for a spot. I half ran over to him, eager to sit next to Edward. Bella, clam yourself down. You guys are just friends. Act like it. So I slowed down my pace and made my way to the couch and sat down right next to Edward.

“You will have to wait and see.” And right then, the main menu showed up and it was Friday the Thirteen.

“ Emmett, why a scary movie? You know I hate scary movies.” I said, pouting. The last time I watch one was when I was 10 and it scared the crap out of me so bad that I slept in the same bed with Emmett so he could fight off the monsters. I never did sleep that night and I was really tired the next day and our mom found out and said no more scary movies.

“ Aww is little Bells scared?” Emmett said in a little kid whining voice. I could feel Edward eyes on my face as I was looking at Emmett straight in the eyes.

“ No! Just play the damn movie.” I said looking back at the TV.

“ If you get to scared, you can always sleep with me in my room.” Emmett said, giving me one last glance and then looking back at the TV as he hit the play button on the DVD remote. I then got goose bumps as I felt someone’s cool breath in my ear.

“ I will keep the monsters away from you.” Edward said. I would have turned around to look at him, but I couldn’t risk getting lost in those green eyes. We where halfway through the movie and it was just starting to get to the killing parts. During those scary moments, I would turn away and cringe into Edward. I look up to see if he was minding this, but I made a big mistake because he was looking straight at me. I bushed even more, making my face more red than and buried my head into his chest, making it seem like the movie was to scary for me and it was. But that’s not the only reason why I buried my head in his chest. It was because I didn’t want him to see me blush. Like earlier, I got goose bumps when I felt his cool breath by my ear.

“ Like I said, the monster won’t get you.” He whispered, wrapping his arm around me and holding me tighter to him. I liked the feeling of his nice warm arms around me. Bella, snap out of it! He is just doing this so you won’t be scared.

It finally reached the end of the movie. I was super scared. I didn’t realize I was holding on tight to Edward till my hands started hurting. I quickly let go and noticed that I had made wrinkles in his shirt. Wow, I must have been holding on to him really tight.

“ Edward, I am so sorry.” I said, sitting up and looking in his green eyes and getting lost in them, but I was interrupted by his voice.

“ Its okay Bella. As long as the monster didn’t get you, I am fine.” He said, and I found myself getting lost again until his smooth velvety voice spoke again.

“ Will you be fine sleeping by yourself?” He asked. I looked at Alice and Jasper sleeping on the floor and then back at Edward. I was still very scared from the movie and I really didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but wanted him to sleep with me.

“ That would be very nice because I am still scared from the movie.” I said using the movie has my excuse even though it was partly true. He got up so did I. I started walking up the stairs with Edward following me. Once I got to my room, I went straight to my bed, looking back at my chair in the room, but Edward wasn’t there. Right at that moment, I felt Edward next to me.

“ Edward, what are you doing?” I asked even though I liked where he was.

“ You're not the only one scared.” He said in a little girly voice.

“ Shut up.” I said, hitting my pillow at him and then laying my head on it so he couldn’t grab it back and try to get me. He was leaning up on his elbow looking at me.

“ If its too uncomfortable for you with me being here I can...” But I cut right in before he could finish.

“ No, it's fine.” I said, laying my head down. I then quickly lifted my head back up so I could I lay it down on Edward’s chest. I blush a little and am lucky it is dark in my room so he couldn’t see me.

“ You can lay your head back down on me. Its doesn’t brother me. Anything to keep the monster away.” Edward said, opening his arms for me to lay my head back down. I slowly laid my head down, but one thing I was not excepting was when he wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t really care even if it is just to protect me from the monster. But, shortly after, I fell asleep dreaming about Edward, wishing I could be his girlfriend.

chapter 2 =7

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i will write more when i can i hav to write for another ff!! know edwards screaming at me to write his pov... i will work on this one and the another later on today if i can!! edward stop screaming in my head!! lol L=thank u guys so much!!


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