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This story is about when Renee tells Bella that she can’t live with her anymore. So Bella goes to Charlie’s house so she can live with him. But when she’s on the plane over to Washington she thought about some things and decided that she wanted to be a bad girl in this town. Her plan worked out until the 11th grade when some new kids arrived and they change her back to her old ways or so they thought.(bella is in the 9th grade when she goes to charlie's house.)


Chapter 1


Renee took me to the airport and now I’m on the plane and I’m thinking about how I’m gonna miss my hometown until a thought came into my mind…… what if I would become the bad girl of the town?

It sounded like a good idea so I just put my ipod in my ears and put on the song…… ignorance by paramore.

I slept the rest of the plane ride until I heard the flight attendant say that we were to put our seats up and put our seat belts on.


(after the plane landed)


I got off the plane and went to get my luggage. I got my luggage and went over to where all the people were waiting for a taxi.

I saw Charlie and walked over to him.

I gave him a hug and gave him my luggage to carry to the car.

All I carried was my carry on bag.

“Hey I’m glad you decided to come here.” Charlie said.

“Well there wasn’t anywhere else to go so I thought I might as well come spend some time with my daddy.” I said trying to get him wrapped around my finger, which is part of my master plan.

“Well that’s great.” He said.

“Ya so can we go home now I’m really tired??” I said.

“Of course Bells” he said.

He put my luggage in the trunk of his car and we were off to my home.


10 minutes later


We drove in the driveway and I got out of the car and grabbed my carry on bag and left Charlie to get my luggage and bring it up to my room.


I went in the kitchen and got a mountain dew out of the fridge.

I drank the mountain dew then went up to my room to unpack. When I was up there I took out my toiletries that were in another bag.

I went into the bathroom and got a shower. When I got out I went into my room and put on some pjs.


After that I got into my bed and went to sleep. Tomorrow was my first day of school at Forks High. This is gonna be fun to be a bad girl. Oh s***. I forgot to get my new wardrobe. Oh well i'll go to school in the hottest clothes I have.


bella's dad's car

2010 Ford Fusion SE, exterior, manufacturer


bella's carry on bag


bella's luggage






toiletry bag


Bella's pjs




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heyy everybody srry its taking me such a long time to post but i forgot all about this story!!!
so please forgive me and ill try to have another chappy up by tomaro

i luv it!!
thank you!!
i'm not gonna have any more chapters im just gonna countinue it on from where it left off so im gonna update here in a second. i have to get ready for my aunts wedding thing.
chapter names that is
sooo good
bella's pov

once i was home i was fuming because that punk ass b**** touched my baby.
GRRRRRRRR... oh well my other car is coming in sometime this week so i'll just alternate cars.
Let's see what happens when that b**** sees my new car. He'll be all over it but if i were him and in this situation then i wouldn't even look at it for too long.
My stomach started to growl so i went into the kitchen and got some chips to eat.
i went up to my room and thanked god that i didn't have any homework.
i went over to my laptop and turned it on. while i was waiting to turn it on i ate all the chips i got and finally it turned on.
i went into my email to find that there wasn't any new messages so i got off of it and went into my closet. i decided that i needed to go shopping so i went back downstairs and wrote charlie a note.

dear charlie,

i went to the mall so i wont be home until like 8:00 so there's some food in the fridge for you to eat. see you later.


i put the note on the counter and went upstairs to get my purse.
once i got it i went back downstairs.
i went out the front door and locked it then went over to my baby.
i unlocked it then got inside. i revved the engine and was on my way to the mall. i was making a new record until a red light had to catch me. grrrrrr....
finally it turned green and i was off.
i got to the mall and pulled into a spot in the parking lot. it wasn't as busy as i thought it was gonna be.
there was like barely any people there.

3 hours later

ugh im so tired!!
i'm on my way home from the mall and the entire car is full with clothes.
i pulled into my driveway and got out of the car. i'd have to make a couple of trips to get all of this inside. i thought.
i grabbed all i could carry and went up to my room. i dropped all of it on my bed. then i went down to my car and surprisingly got the rest of it.
i put all of it away then i went downstairs to get something to eat.
Charlie was downstairs watching a baseball game, as usual.
i went into the kitchen and made myself a pb&j.
after i finished eating it i went back upstairs.
i went into my closet and got into a tshirt and some shorts then went to bed.
i hope you guys like this!! i might have more up tomaro but you never know!!

so please read and review!!
wow luv it plz post more soon
luv it plz post more soon
thanks but i might have more up later but dont be hoping for it. i have to go my aunts wedding thing and i dont think i 'll have enough time to write more!! but i should have more up tomaro!! like i said earlier.





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