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What if Bella could be human again, what if Jacob found out about an old legend that could make Bella human.  But in the process Bella looses her memory. Will Edward save her in time before Jacob could perform the process? What if Edwards too late? How will he save Bella? Will he save Bella? Does Bellas memory get taken away or locked up and only someone can break it?

 Okay so when I finished breaking dawn I had this idea. Should I continue or not?

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i loved it it was amazing. ^^
From Shock to Love
Chapter 2
I thanked Sam. I turned back to human. I sat down in a rock I had to think carefully. I looked up to the sky the sun was setting which probably would mean that it’s about 6 or 7. I had a few hours to think of a plan. But I couldn’t get my hopes up Sam told me straight it might work. It all depended if I truly loved Bella, and there was doubt in that. I truly loved Bella and I would do anything for her. I sighed what if this didn’t work what if something went wrong. I shook my head. No it has to work. I took a deep breath and started to think positive and thought about what I had to do. I had to convince Bella to come with me to la push at about 11:55 pm. Hmmmm that was going to be tricky what if the bloodsucker caught something in my thoughts. Hmm that would have to mean I have to not think about how happy I will be when Bella turns back in to a human! My next priority was knocking down Bella I think I could do it right. I was the beast! I grinned I was. Although the next part was going to be hard to do. I would have to hit Bella right in her stomach as hard as I could. But I could never hit Bella, I needed a motivate, but what? I thought really hard then I got it when I would hit Bella I would think of that leech and how mad I was when he had come back after he had left Bella. I started to shake. I smiled I was getting made just thinking about it, I could imagine myself hitting Bella in her stomach but I wouldn’t think of hitting Bella but that leech she loved. I got up from the rock, I had everything planned I would just have to lie to Bella that I had a surprise for nessie and I wanted to show it to Bella before I gave it to her. It will be a surprise to Bella. I knew she would be thankful. I started walking towards elimys house I knew Sam would be there I had to give him my final answer.
Bella’s POV
I was getting Renesmee to go to bed. It was 11:45 and she looked so tired she needed to rest. Once I her to sleep I went down stairs. I felt some hug me I smiled when it was Edward. I was happy I looked at him his golden yellowish eyes. He smiled and started to get closer to my face. We were just a few inches away when Alice came in and interrupted us. “Oh sorry guys, Bella just came to tell you that Jacob is going to come and talk to you; he will be here in exactly—he’s here” she said. I heard a knock on the door. I pulled away from Edward, he pulled me back and whispered “I will get that kiss” he leaned in again but Jacob was getting impatient he knocked 2 more times. I sighed I put my finger on Edwards lip “later” I said with a smile. He smiled as well. I went down stairs to greet Jacob. He smiled at me “hey bells can you come with me to la push?” he asked with a smile. I couldn’t help myself to smile back. I nodded. “Great” was all he said. I started to leave when I felt hand around my waist I looked up to see Edward. “Where do you think you’re going at this time?” he asked. I smiled, “I’m just going with Jake to La Push I will be back before you even realize I was gone.” Edwards smile disappeared. “Hurry back” was all he said before he left. I was walking with Jake to la push well not exactly because he was leading me farther and farther into the forest. I looked at him in a puzzled look. “Bella I had a surprise for you and I thought maybe you would want it” he said with a big smile. “Jake you don’t have to give me anything” that’s when it all happened I was surrounded by wolfs’ sam, Jared, Paul. That’s when Jacob lunged at me he was already a wolf. I was taken by surprised when did he transform so fast? I felt him knock me down. Then he raised his paw and hit me in the stomach I screamed in agony “HELP” then I heard the wolfs’ howl. I say mist surrounding me I was in much pain. I felt myself rise with the wind when I felt myself in coldness. I fought to keep my eyelids open. The last thing I remembered was Jacob saying “Bella, you’re going to be human again” before I felt my entire body frozen in ice and everything went black……………………………

so what did u think? pleaze tell me. thnx for readin ^^
lol. okayyy, i need to get more readerss.hmm
Thnx! maybe maybe not maybe he finds her maybe not? who knows? = ) ill keep u updated. thnx for ur comment
love it. Let me know when you update again. :) ~ Mehgan
i will. thnx for the comment.
srry for the waitt!

Jacobs POV
*continuing the part when Jacob went to Emily’s to give Sam his finale answer*
I was running at the speed of light. I was so excited about Bella becoming human again. When I reached Emily’s house I knocked on the door 3 times. Emily was the one who had opened the door. “Emily is Sam here?” I asked. She smiled at me “yes he is actually you seem happier than usual” she noticed. I smiled and I saw Sam on the couch. He looked at me with a grin “I see that you made up your choice Jacob.” He said. I nodded; I sat down next to him. “Tell me what I have to do exactly where to meet you.” His grin banished and he has a serious look on his face. “ First of all you have to give Bella an excuse of why your taking her to la push, tell her that you have a surprise for her or renesmee, then you have to be very careful what you think when your close to Edward, if you slip Jacob then I can’t do anything about it. Next you have to take Bella near our cave the one next to the river, there you will knock Bella down then you have to hit her as hard as you can with your paw. If you truly love her then there will not be a problem and she will turn human again.” I smiled. I was running as fast as I could but I stopped I calmed myself avoiding Bella becoming human again. I started to think about bells when she was still human I was calm. I knocked on the door. No answer, I knocked again still no answer I was getting very impatient and I knocked 3 more times at the same time. Finally someone answered it was Bella. ‘Edward’ was my last thought before Bella and I headed to the forest. Bella was looking confused when we ended up farther and farther into the woods. When I heard Sam says ‘Jacob NOW!’ I jumped on Bella clearly she didn’t see this coming and I totally knocked her down. Then I heard Sam and the rest of the packs imprint wolfs howl that was my sign for me to hit Bella as hard as I can in the stomach. Before I hit Bella I thought of the blood sucker how he left her. That was all my motivates I hit Bella really hard. She gasped. Then there was a mist surrounding Bella and she turned blue, I looked over at Sam ‘what’s happening to her?” I thought. “Well according to the legends of our tribe when you become a vampire you burn, well it only makes since for Bella to fell coldness even more than she’s already is, the mist surrounding her is the acceptation that she will become human again; the time that will take her isn’t much as well, when she was turned into a vampire it took 3 days for the process to make it complete then we will just have to wait 3 hours instead of 3 days’ he thought. I smiled even wider. This just keeps getting better and better by the moment. Bella rise to the air. She would stay in the air surrounded by the mist and all that coldness for 3 hours and then she would become human again. She would be my bells.
Hours had passed and only 1 minute remained. That’s when I heard growling I saw Edward standing there looking up at Bella then at me. “Yeah it was me bloodsucker, any second now she will turn in to a HUMAN again” I thought. I went behind a tree and transformed. The bloodsucker was in a crouch “ bring it” was I said when he grabbed my through and squeezing that’s when we heard a scream saying “leave him ALONE” Edward had let go of me when he saw who was the person who had screamed. It was Bella. She was human again………………….
it might change thnx for ur comment. maybe theres a twist to the legend thats all im sayin ^^
there is. sorry for the wait!
I love the story g! continue iwill b here suppourtin u!
i love it, i want it to continue


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