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What if Bella could be human again, what if Jacob found out about an old legend that could make Bella human.  But in the process Bella looses her memory. Will Edward save her in time before Jacob could perform the process? What if Edwards too late? How will he save Bella? Will he save Bella? Does Bellas memory get taken away or locked up and only someone can break it?

 Okay so when I finished breaking dawn I had this idea. Should I continue or not?

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Yes you should it sounds great!!!
thnx. ill add u n keep u updated ^^
Ya Sounds Great You Should Totally Continue! :)
thnx. i will do ^^
oh my gosh sounds amazing keep me updated
I sure will thnx for ur comment ^^
From Shock To Love chapter 1.

Jacobs POV
It’s been months since the volturi had come; Bella was well a vampire I still couldn’t get my head around that idea. I was still wondering if I really did imprint on renesmee. I would always ask myself why renesmee was so special. But I had to be very careful not to think about it when I’m around Edward. In reality I always hated renesmee I think I always have but when I saw her eyes that brown beautiful brown. It was my Bella’s eyes but only in that demons body. It was because of renesmee that she had turned to a vampire. It was because of renesmee that Bella had almost died constantly in the moths she was pregnant with that demon. I turned into wolf form. I didn’t even bother to know who was hearing as well I let out all my anger. Then I screamed ‘I’d do anything to get Bella back into a human’ that’s when I heard Sam. ‘Jacob I never told you this because I never really understood your love for Bella, but-‘I cut Sam ‘but what? What didn’t you tell me Sam?’ I was getting annoyed. The next words that Sam thought left me shocked. ‘Jacob there is a way for Bella to turn human again but there will be a cost.’ I gasped. Yes. I would do anything to get a human again. ‘ Sam tell me what I have to do to get Bella into a human again and I will do it’ and it was true I loved Bella then Edward and that demon that she has as a daughter came and almost cost her, her life. I looked at Sam. ‘Jacob there is a legend that if you truly love a vampire there is a possibility that they can turn back human, the process isn’t easy but we will try it takes 3 male werewolf’s that had already found a imprint, we had to corner Bella in a circle, then you have to knock her down you have to hit her in her stomach as hard as you can to make her scream then when the moons out that’s when you do it, then the werewolf’s that imprinted howl. Then if you truly love her she will turn to human, but only when there is a full moon. That is tonight. Is you wish we can do it tonight but you have to give Bella a excuse for her to come here’ I was so happy. I felt so thrilled that I was going to get bells back. The problem was what was I going to tell her to come and make her come at midnight with me?
Loved it! Post more soon. And keep me updated.
Thnx. I Will soon ^^
Interesting, I love it!
thnx! ill update u ^^
Thnx! i will. okay im going righ now ^^


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