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hi guys....this is my first fanfic. I hope you guys like it, it's about Jacob and Renesme, 8 years after. Thank you for reading it..
comment after you have read it....I would like to know what I could do to fix it and I want to know if I should carry on...thank you...!!

Chapter 1

Renesme’s P.O.V

“Mom, I’ll be fine. And yes for the fifth time, I have all my books!” I literally shrieked the last word. But I guess I shouldn’t always get so dramatic about it, everyone knew my mom-Isabella Mary Cullen –was always the one that would be the most anxious. But I loved her for that. She has always given me everything I have wanted in my 8 years of being and never failed to tell me she loves me. Oh, don’t get me started about m dad Edward Cullen, I wonder if he was always so over protective about ever-. But dad cut me off. Damn, I forgot he could read my mind!

“Renesme, darling, I can’t bear to see you ever get hurt. I promise you, “ he put his hand on his heart-or where it’s meant to be anyway-and said “that until you find yourself a loving, heroic husband” he eyed Jacob weirdly “ that will take care of you like I do, I will never stop being over protective towards you.” Argh! I don’t need this lecture right now. I thought to dad. “Or stop these lectures after you moan.” Dad came closer and kissed my forehead after a big hug. He turned 90 degrees to Jacob-my best friend ever- and gave him a venomous glare. Something I was not meant to see. Then ran out towards the garage. I felt confused but angry at the same time. Why the heck was Edward always so cruel towards Jake?

I looked towards uncle Jasper and he nodded. All of a sudden I felt a wave of happiness flood around me. “Thank you.” I whispered to him. But there was no point; I knew everyone could hear me anyway.

Me, Jake, mom and dad arrived in the parking lot with the Volvo. My aunties and two uncles didn’t want to go school this year so they were planning to go shopping and hiking-our codename for hunting- and stayed indoors doing stuff I did not want to be thinking about. Although I was 8 years old, physically and mentally I was about 17 years old. So I and Jake went as juniors and mom and dad went as seniors.

As soon as we were out of the car Jake grabbed my hand and I squeezed it tight. Jake was never hesitant about holding my hand nor did he think about what people would think so I did the same. As long as we knew it wasn’t anything like what a stranger would think, we were fine.
Jake knew I was nervous. Somehow, Jake always knew how I felt, since the day I was born. He was my best friend, my brother... my hero. Not a day gone without him being nearby, he was like... like a mother. Always fed me, put me to sleep, let me sleep with him when I had any nightmares, even packed my lunch today. He had put a dark coloured bottle filled with blood in case my throat burned too much for me to handle. And for that I couldn’t thank him enough.

By the time we got to the main office to retrieve our timetables, we noticed everyone was frozen, leaving their conversations unfinished to stare at the new people with either amazement or curiousness in their eyes.

My family had the most eye-catching beautiful people in it. I was told by everyone- especially Jacob- that I was the prettiest. I didn’t want to admit it. I knew I wasn’t what everyone thought I was. But they didn’t listen.

My first lesson was with Jacob. I was so grateful. Luckily there were two spare seats next to each other. Biology was my favorite subject. Jacob always said he was better at it then I was but when he saw me getting home schooled for that very subject, he knew there was no contest because obviously, my dad was teaching me.

Suddenly everyone fell quiet as they noticed us both. We just smiled back. I heard someone whisper “look at her cloths, isn’t she a bit over dressed?!” I felt my face fall. I looked down at my sequined tank top and my red snake skinned jeans and then to everyone else’s cloths. They were wearing plain jeans and t-shirts or hoodies and jumpers. Oh man I thought aunty Alice always dresses me up like this at home, I hadn’t realised people would only wear cloths like this at parties not if they were going to school.

“Hello class, how are we all today?” Our new teacher looked towards me and froze, then looked abruptly at Jacob realising how long of a time he took to study me. “Everyone say hello to...err...Jacob Wolfe and Renesme Cullen. I’m Mr. Donut.” He finished off with a smile. What a donut I thought.

I smirked and looked up at Jacob to see that he was staring at me with unfocused eyes. I felt electricity jolt through me. I couldn’t turn around, what if I stroked his cheek, what would he do? What am I thinking?! Jake is like a brother to me, how can I be... ugh. Never mind must be the nerves. I made an uncomfortable face and swivelled my head. About to put my hand underneath my chin. Suddenly I felt warm hands grabbing my arm. Jacob turned me with sudden force I almost shrieked. What was this boy thinking?

“Jake wha-“Jakes lips pushed against mine with too much force. He seemed so... eager. I put my hands on his cheeks and ripped our lips apart.

Chapter 2

I was furious. How could he do this to me, what was he getting out of this? Was he getting a kick out of me embarrassing me in front of my new class that I just met?!

I thought of me beating him up after school and him lying on the ground with a broken jaw. I was suddenly in focus with reality as I realised Jake had slipped away from under my harsh grip. His arms trembling so hard I could feel my chair jerking under me.

“Jake, calm down. What are you thinking?!” I whispered quietly enough for only him to hear. I stroked his arm to soothe him but now only did he stop trembling, I felt the electricity I had felt a while ago. I’m sure he felt it too, I felt him shudder at the same time as I did.

A tear fell out of his eye. Guilt flooded my mind and washed away all the anger.
“I’m so sorry Nessie, I just ... it... I’m ... really very sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me Nessie. I can’t lose you right now.” He sobbed in between words.

None of this made any sense to me. And all I could do was soothing him down.
“I shouldn’t have thought those cruel things about you. I’m sorry. I can’t believe I actually thought that I would do anything of the sort.” Tears started to flow my eyes. I excused myself from the classroom just after Mr. Donut had written our work on the board. I dashed to the ladies and before I could check if anyone was there I started sobbing so badly I think I was having a panic attack. Why was this happening to me?
Was I crying like someone I knew had died because I was angry at Jake kissing me or ‘cos I couldn’t bear to hurt him?

After about an hour the bell rang.
I walked up the four steps that lead to the sinks and washed my face. My eyes were red and puffy, my hair was a total mess and I was feeling so down I couldn’t help but start to cry again.
I was a total wreck.
I wonder how Jake must be feeling. Well, what did I care? I don’t think I wanted to see him after what just happened and I don’t think he would want to see me either. Good. I hope he never comes back, and with that I smiled at myself for just how quick my mood had changed.

I went to my next class which was trig. It had passed in a flash of lightning. My mood had loosened up and people started to be nice. Jacob-thank God- wasn’t in this lesson.

I had made one actual friend that didn’t give me any fake smiles or sarcasm, sour tones or dirty looks.
Taylor Pattison.
He was one of the sweetest most lovable human being-apart from Grandpa Charlie or Aunty Sue- I had ever met. He had like an aura around him, giving off beams of happiness. He was very funny and I knew he would be there when I needed him.

He had soft blonde hair that brushed his cheek every time he moved. His eyes were almond shaped, dark chocolate brown-a muddy colour. He had a sweet vanilla smell to him which blurred out the scent of his blood a bit more. And he was left handed like me, it didn’t count for much but it helped when I sat next to him.

“Will you sit next to me at lunch today, err, Nessie?” he hesitated around my pet name although I had been the one to tell him not to call me Renesme. That name was a bit weird and seemed old fashioned.
“I’m sorry Taylor, I promised my family I would sit next to them today, maybe tomorrow?” I had rolled with the story that Edward was my brother and we were adopted by Carlisle and Esme, Bella was adopted and Jacob’s parents died in a car accident so we adopted him soon after.
I saw his eyes drop then beam up again. With a high pitched voice he answered, “Sure Nessie.” Then smiled a wide smile that would make his cheeks hurt if he kept it up any longer.

The bell rang for lunch, mostly everyone had left so I started packing my bag, and unfortunately someone had swung their bag on their shoulder and in a whoosh, knocked all of my books on the floor. As I bent down to retrieve them I saw a pair of hands before me. I looked up and to see Taylor smiling at me and noticed I was smiling already.

“Thanks Taylor.” I took my books before looking into his warm eyes.
“Hey, can I ask you something? If you don’t mind” he asked quickly, looking down.
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Are you dating Jacob Black?” WHAT?! Is that what everyone was thinking? I had totally forgotten about Jacob, where was he anyway?
“N...No!” I stuttered. “You heard huh?”
“Oh. Oh. cool. No I mean, because I heard you were crying and everything so I thought maybe you two broke up or something.” He sounded a bit too happy for me.
I turned around to face the empty classroom, too furious to look at him. After five seconds I turned back around.

“I’m sorry; I don’t know what I’m doing right now. I shouldn’t be angry at you I shouldn’t be angry at Jacob. Plea-”
“Ness, it’s cool. Relax dude.” He laughed. “I’m not angry with you. I’m happy you’re not going out with that loser.” He grimaced. He’s right; Jacob is a loser. How could he even think of me like that? I didn’t want to think of him much longer, I felt sick but not in a physical sense.

“So what are you doing here?” I changed the subject before he could go on any further.
“Err, the lesson just finished remember?” he chuckled.
“Oh. Yeah. sure. Hmm, I better get going. My family must be wondering where I’ve gotten too. Thanks again for the books.” Well that worked.
“Okay then. Bye, see you next lesson.” He looked almost... upset?

After he walked out of the door I put my things in my bag and left for the cafeteria. Mom and dad were waiting for me at the far end of the hall sitting opposite each other. They both had a tray of untouched food in front of them and a can of coke too. They looked at me at exactly the same time and smiled.

I smiled back but then dad’s brow furrowed and he suddenly stood up. Damn, I forgot to control my thoughts. Dad please sit back down. Look, Jake said he was sorry and besides I’m sure he won’t do it again. I’ve already showed him what would happen if it does.
He finally sat back down. Thank you. He looked back to mom’s worried face and shook his head. I walked over and sat next to mom. I touched her hand from underneath the table and showed her what had happened throughout my whole day up till now. She looked at dad with a guilty look and whispered “Look honey, she needs to know the truth. The time has come.” Dad looked at her with a fierce eyes this time and spoke through his teeth, “Look Bella, I don’t want t o have to do this right now. That dog can explain to her what is going on.”

What is going on, what are they all hiding from me?
Why does he have to explain to me?

chapter 3

Gym was my last lesson. I'm sure my partner June whacked me with her tennis racket nine times and whacked herself fourteen times. She was crap. But she was very kind and sincere, she was friends with everyone. She had a short bob cut with blue highlights in her jet black hair, he must have been around 5ft one.

I saw Taylor wave at me. Everyone thought he was good looking, better than the rest anyway. They were all right. It was such an unbelievably huge thing to be Taylor's friend. He was so popular. The weird thing was that he wanted to be my friend. Maybe he was just being nice, maybe not.

I bumped into him outside the changing rooms, he looked like he was waiting for someone the way he was leaning on the wall.
"Hey Nessie, how's your head? I saw June hitting it earlier on, It must have hurt." He was watching me. I must have looked like a right old idiot. I giggled in embarrassment.
"Yeah it did hurt pretty bad but it's all cool, thanks." I had to act as if i could really get hurt although my skin was as hard as any other vampire's.
"Well, err..." He was hesitant. I wonder if he was always like that.
'What is it Taylor, you can tell me you know."
"Well, it's something i wanted to ask you. Do you want to ride in my car? Maybe we can go to mine and then i can drop you off home. What do you say?" He rushed through his words, almost sounding as if he were speaking in another language.
"Sure, just let me go and tell my family. They would be waiting."

He walked with me until we got to his car. He had an old Volks Wagon Polo, silver coloured with black leather seats and white outlines. A cool registration plate which said '74YLR 4 U'. This boy was awesome!

"I'll wait here for you. Take your time." He smiled. Taylor was kind of cute. Gee, i wonder what he thinks of me.
I walked over to dads silver Volvo and thought my question, can i ride home with Taylor today? I'll be safe don't worry.

Dad nodded and swayed into the car followed by mom. I smiled and nearly skipped to Taylor's car in joy. He go out of the car and rushed to the passengers side to get the door for me. What a gentlemen. He flashed his brilliant wide smile before i got in.
"Wow. You have such a nice car." I was impressed, the sets were softer than they looked and i could straight away smell his sweet vanilla smell with a very strong lavender air-freshener. It was so strong for my nose, he must have just sprayed it though there was no need. Taylor was in the car in a flash. His engine purred when he turned on the ignition.

"Do you want to listen to some music? I have all sorts but i can keep it off if you like."
"I'll pass. Well tell me, what's your favorite colour?" I listened to the tires rolling on the road while he was speculating.
"Black, what about yours?"
"I love black. Okay, when were you born?"
"10th of July. So what do you want to do? We could stroll around the park for a bit, go on the swings maybe. Hey, we could get some ice-cream, my treat." He sounded excited, maybe i shouldn't say no. He was very kind for a new friend.
"Yeah sure, and then maybe you should drop me home before Carlisle-my dad- get's worried. It's gonna get dark soon." Not that he really has a problem with it but dad will.
"Okay." He said. He didn't sound the slightest bit angry.

Once we got to the park's parking lot he jumped out of the car and held my door open for me.
"Thanks." I smiled at him and he smiled back. I started into his eyes for a moment and got lost in them. He stepped closer and i looked down, embarrassed. I cleared my throat before i could speak, I turned round and said "Last one to the swings has to pay for the ice-cream." and i ran for it. Remembering to act 'normal' i made sure my pace was slower than usual and started huffing when i stopped. Five seconds later Taylor came around the corner to the swings and bent down to touch his thighs.
"I let you win." He said with a breathless laugh.
"Sure thing slow coach." He looked up and I winked. He laughed again.
We both sat down and swung ourselves slowly.
"So, you got girlfriend yet?" i asked jokingly.
"I haven't found my type yet." He replied in the same tone.
"What exactly is your type?"
"Dunno yet." He looked down, smiled. "What's your type like?"
"Well, someone that makes me laugh, kind gentle, fun, understanding. Well basically like myself." He laughed a nervous laugh. "What?"
"Do i fit in that category?" He asked still looking down.
"Err..." Was all i could say. To e honest, he did fit. Suddenly he stood up and turned to face me.
"Look Renesme," He bent down on his knees "I really like you, I don't know if you feel the same but... oh gosh, I don't know how to say this. Will you be my girlfriend?" He looked down when he asked me. I gasped.

"I don't mind if you say no." This time he spoke quickly.
"Taylor, we only just met and you're asking me to be your girlfriend. I... I can't do this right now. I want to go home." I can't believe it. He brought me here to ask me to be his girlfriend. Of course I would say no. I didn't know ABC about him.

The ride home was quiet.But I told him to drop me off to Grandpa Charlie's house. He would have gotten lost in the forest on the way back. The silence was awkward. His eyes were glistening which made me feel guilty.
He parked the car outside the drive, Gradndpa was at work-the Cruiser wasn't there.
We sat in silence for a minute.

"Ness-" he started but I cut him off.
"I'm sorry Taylor, I really am. It's just, all this is too soon for me. I haven't known you long enough. I mean I like you as well but as a friend. A good friend." I looked at my hands while i spoke. "Maybe after i get to know you a little better..." I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt my cheeks burn.

"No, it's okay, I understand."
I looked up at him, he turned to face me and faked a smile. He knew I could see how sad he really was and turned to look out the window.
I leaned in and kissed his cheek. His eyes looked like the were going to poop out of their sockets.

"Thank you for understanding." He blinked rapidly and whispered,
"No problem." I couldn't help but giggle. I opened the car door and started to get out until he grabbed my arm.
"I'll be waiting." He said quietly, I could hear he smile in his voice.
"See you tomorrow Taylor." I said with a smile in my voice too.

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Its Good :)
Write More I Wanna Know What Happens Next
thank you...:]
This could be a really good story...keep it up!!!
keep going this is really good
keep it up!
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if you have any suggestions, please do point them out.

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after all he is her best friend!!!
post more plzz!
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dang! i just finnished typing up my 4th chapter but it got deleted!!
GREAT my intellectual pally. 1 thing though. "His eyes looked like they were going to POOP out of their sockets" hahahaaaaaaaaaa. lmao. very good. 5 stars . What happened to the rest of the story that you showed me huh. It was vewy vewy good. c u l8r hot equator. =]
ROFL....i didn't realize...fankoooooooooooo000oooo..!!

lol that's funny..erm... just typing it up 'pally' :p

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