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The story replaces Breaking Dawn. So Bella is human in this one. The idea for this story came from one of the role plays that i was in. I don't want to say anything else or it could ruin the story. I just hope you like it and thanks for checking this out!

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I covered my face with the hood of the cloak and left the thrown room. I walked down the maze like hallways. When I finally got to the latter that let above ground I fought the urge to look back. I came out of the whole and walked to the opening of the alley that hid the entrance. The sky was black as coal. There was hardly any light at all. It was the perfect night for this. I heard voices and running feet coming from the tunnels that I had just left. I looked back as one of them was coming up the latter. I faced forward again and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could hear them fast behind me. I was not going back there. I couldn’t. I glanced back behind me and when I looked forward again there was a line of them in their black cloaks. Exactly the same as the one I was wearing. They planned on blocking me so I had no where to go. When I came to the line I jumped and flipped in the air to avoid them. I landed the way you would see a spy in a movie land after doing such a thing. I looked back at them and smiled. I got up and ran again. I got to a cliff and stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to look at my pursuers.


“You’ve got no where to run. Now come with us and there won’t be any punishment.”


He purred, somewhat like a cat. Like he thought that I would listen to him if he purred. They all talked that way, in a soothing yet dangerous tone. I probably did too, but not anymore. I looked down the cliff and there was the ocean. I had made it this far and I wasn’t going to give up now. So I dove off the cliff into the water and swam. I had lost them, but not for long.


Now I’m guessing you’re wondering who I am. Well my name is Rachel Crowson. I guess now I am an ex-Volturi member and a Volturi fugitive. This is my story.


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I love it!

Perfect prologue, it's like the best teaser trailer ever!

Keep writing!


Oh my lord i normally do not read fan fictions but this one caught me really quick! what a perfect way to start a fanfiction. 

Very nice job! Keep up the writing, Jada!

This sounds interesting and exciting!  I definitely want to read more!

great job!  please continue sounds great!


This sounds intense! Excited for it! Put the chapter up ASAP! Ha-ha


Chapter One – The Cullens




I could just go off and tell you about everything and why a left, but that’s just getting ahead of myself. Let’s just start with what happened after I escaped the Volturi.


I knew that if anyone could help me completely escape the Volturi, it would be the Cullens. I headed straight for their home in Forks.


I walked up the steps to their porch. Would they help me? Would they really want anything to do with me? I shouldn’t be doing this. I should just go and deal with the Volturi myself. It is my problem and there’s no reason to be dragging them into this. I turned to leave and the door opened.


“Rachel, please come in. It wouldn’t hurt to hear your story.”


I turned and faced Edward. I felt ashamed to be standing here. Last time I saw him we were both in the thrown room in Volterra. I stood there and watched as Dimitri almost killed him. I followed him into their huge living room. Everyone was staring at me.


“Please have a seat Rachel.”


I looked over at Carlisle. I had never actually met him. I’ve heard stories about him from Aro though. I’ve seen paintings of him with Aro, Ciaro and Marcus. Beside him I’m guessing is Esme. They looked good together. They both seemed very kind.


“I’ll stand, thank you.”


“So what brings you here?”


Edward spoke again. He seemed curious probably from my thoughts. I’ve been analyzing everything and everyone around me. It was something I was taught to do immediately in the Volturi and it is now a habit.


“I’ve left the Volturi and now they are after me.”


“Why are they after you? Carlisle, when you left did they go after you?”


Edward looked at Carlisle a bit confused. They usually don’t chase down member that have left.


“No. They let members leave as they please. I wonder what makes her so different.”


He looked at me with wonder. He looked at me like I was a puzzle that he was determined to solve. Like I was a problem that he needed to solve to get closer to an answer that he has been looking for. They all looked at me now.


“I’m different. Aro created me himself.”


They looked at me for more explanation. When I realized none of them were going to say anything I continued.


“I was created two years after Carlisle had left. Aro thought I would be useful and I was. That was until I realized what monsters we all were. He taught me everything that he knew. I was higher up than a guard, but not as high as Aro, Ciaro or Marcus. I was Aro’s right hand. He went to me for everything. I have gone hundreds of years not knowing anything, but what he has taught me. Yet when you, Alice and Bella came to Volterra, I began to wonder what I was missing. I began to think about what we were really doing and what was actually outside the walls of the Volturi. That’s why I left.”


The room was silent. It seemed like it was taking everyone a while to take in what I had just said. I will admit that it is a bit daunting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t want to help me. I looked down at the floor and realized I was still wearing the cloak. It had dried when I was running. If I was still wearing the cloak then I was probably still wearing the necklace. I put my hand where the pendant would be laying and sure enough, it was still there. I looked around the room, waiting for someone to say something.


“Aro must still find you of great importance or else he wouldn’t go to so much trouble to get you back. He must fear losing you.”


Carlisle was slowly pacing. I wonder what he was thinking about. Was he trying to figure something out? I couldn’t help but feel out of place here.


“Perhaps she was made to be a weapon, possibly a body guard. She could be an enforcer for him.”


Edward spoke to Carlisle. Answering his thoughts I’m guessing. He spoke as though I wasn’t in the room. Why were they trying to figure out what my importance is to Aro? I told them. He created me himself. He probably doesn’t want what he has created to be destroyed.


“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Rachel just gave me the answer. Carlisle, we were to busy with thinking big, but his reasoning may very well be small. Rachel just thought that he doesn’t want what he has created to be destroyed.”


Edward spoke with enthusiasm. Was my little thought really the piece of the puzzle that they were looking for?


“Do you really think that his motive could be a simple as that?”


Carlisle was not convinced. He needed more evidence than that.


“Think about it Carlisle. If you were Aro and the one thing that you created had a possibility of being destroyed wouldn’t you go to great trouble to get it back? If you worked so hard to create something, would you take any chance at it being destroyed or ruined?”


Edward seemed so determined to prove to Carlisle that I was right. Aro wouldn’t possibly go to that much trouble for something as silly as that. Would he?


“I suppose you could be right. Yet I’ve never known him to go to so much trouble for something so little as that.”


“That’s the thing. Maybe she isn’t something so little. Maybe she is something big and he doesn’t want her destroyed or ruined. She said he taught her everything he knows. He wouldn’t want any of that to get out would he?”


“I suppose, but what are we going to do if they come? We can’t possibly defend them.”


It was then that I spelt it. I hadn’t noticed it before. It was a new scent and it was outside. It was over powering. It smelt somewhat familiar, like I had encountered it before. It reminded me that I hadn’t hunted since I left the Volturi. My throat burned.


“Rachel, no!”



Author’s Note: Sorry it took a while to upload, but here it is! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. It’s not much at first, but it will get better. I always find it the hardest to write the first and last chapter. Please comment below of what you think. Thanks so much for reading and giving this a chance.


I like how your chapters are short but action packed, sort of like soap operas, LOL.

Can't wait for the update.

Carlisle is probably wondering why Aro created her and why he wants to keep her.  The other question is what made her leave in the first place.  Also: Will they be able to teach her not to attack humans, or at least Bella?  Let's see what happens!

Oh wow nice job. Your writing is so good. :) Can't wait for next chapter.


- Dajah



I really enjoyed this it is very well written.


Best wishes


Chapter two – The Voice




Edward grabbed me before I knew exactly what was happening. Another one of the Cullens grabbed me soon after. I struggled to get free from them. What was going on? It was like I wasn’t in control of my body at all. My body had gone into instinct alone, but my mind hadn’t. Why was this happening? What was happening?


Kill her! Kill her!


The voice in the back of my mind kept repeating this over and over again. No! No. I can’t. I won’t. I don’t even know who it is. I shook my head to try and get the voice out of it. It didn’t go away no matter how hard I tried. It just kept repeating those same two words, kill her. Kill who? Why?


I saw Alice go outside to where the scent was coming from.


“I’m sorry Bella, but plans have just changed unexpectedly. I’m so sorry for the sudden change of plans when you’re already here. Why don’t I drive you home?”


I heard her sweet, apologetic, pixy voice clear as day. Bella? Edward’s mate? I was trying to kill her? It made sense, because I could remember the smell of her blood from the day she had come to save Edward. Why was I trying to kill her now? I could easily fight it in Volterra. This made no sense what so ever. This couldn’t be happening, but it was.


I broke free of the two that were holding me. I had gained control over my body again. I looked quickly around the room of Cullens. I looked away ashamed and ran out the back off their house. The smell of her blood was still fresh in my nose. I tried hard to ignore it and the burning in my throat.


I ran for miles before ending up hiding up in the top of a tree. I wrapped my arms around my legs and laid my head on my knees. I can’t do that. I’m not a monster. I will not kill her. I spoke to the voice that kept saying the same two words over and over again. It was gone now, but it was still very eminent in my mind.


Not a monster? Who are you kidding girly? You’re as much as a monster today as the day Aro changed you.


The voice had returned. Yet this time it seemed to be here to mock me. I am not. I am nothing like that. What he told me was a lie. It was all a lie. They are all sick, twisted monsters. The guard is just a bunch of robots bending to Aro’s whim.


And you’re not? You haven’t changed. You never will change. You will always be just like them. Don’t act all high and mighty. You’ve done some pretty bad things yourself. You’re one of them. You always will be. You’ll always be Aro’s little girl.


No! Stop it! I’m not like them! I’m different. I see what they do is wrong. I want nothing to do with them! I’ve changed. I’m not a monster. I wanted to cry so badly. I couldn’t though. I wanted to get this infernal voice out of my head, but I knew that nothing I did would ever make it go away.


Go ahead, cry. It’s not going to help. Nothing will come out. You’re no different than any of them. You’re just like Aro and no matter how much you try and deny it, it will always be true. You’re his little girl, his little prodigy. It doesn’t matter what you want. That’s the only place you’ll ever fit in.


I shook my head. No. Others will accept me. If not, I can handle myself. I’m not his little girl. I’m not like him. I am different. I’m not a monster. I don’t want to be a monster. I want to be different. I want them to leave me alone. Why can’t they just let me go?


Stop being so stupid! You became a monster the day you were changed and you’ll stay one until someone kills you. So you’re not like him huh? Well then why do you know everything he knows? Why are you as knowledgeable as he is? If you weren’t like him then why did he trust you with all those things? You belong to him! You can’t run from him or he’ll find you. You are his property. No matter what you do, you will end up back at his side.


Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You’re not real! You’re just in my head. I shouldn’t even be listening to you! You are just I figment of my imagination. You’re just in my head and you can’t do anything, but talk. I don’t need to listen to this. I have better things to do.


I jumped down from the tree and took in a deep breath to take in all the scents around me. I realized that I was now in Canada again. I had a feeling that a lot of things would end up back here. I ignored the feeling and focused. I needed to get my burning throat under control. I smelt a deer’s blood, flesh and pouring. I then smelt the mountain lion that was devouring the defenseless deer. I was so thirsty that I didn’t even care that it was animal blood. I ran toward the scent of the two animals.


You can’t avoid me.


I pushed the voice to the recesses of my brain and continued on. I took the lion down easily and ripped it open, draining it of all its blood. I them went to the half devoured deer and drained the blood it had remaining in its body. Animal blood wasn’t nearly as filling as human blood was.


I smelt human blood and because I was still acting on hunting instinct, went for it. When I could see the human I hid up in the trees. He was holding a gun and had camouflage on. He was obviously a hunter. When he was in ranged I jumped down from the tree and snapped his neck before he could react. I drained him of all his blood as well. My throat stopped burning almost instantly. That should hold me for a while.


See, just like him.


Whatever. I need to hunt and animals aren’t going to satisfy my thirst enough.


It’s because you can’t help it. You want to kill them, because that’s all you know.


The voice sounded the way someone would sound if they were smiling. I rolled my eyes at the unseen voice. I put the hood of the cloak up over my face and walked away from the man that I had just killed.


Maybe the voice was right. Maybe I was destined to be a monster my whole life. Was I really Aro’s little girl? I laughed at that thought. I couldn’t possibly, could I? No use worrying about it now. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. One thing I knew that it was wrong about was the fact that I was not going back to the Volturi.




Author’s Note: I’m sorry that the chapters are so short. I’m also sorry that it took so long to update. I should be able to update sooner due to not having my own computer. I hope you liked it though. Thanks for reading.


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