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hope you all enjoy it!!!     (if you dont know wo renesmee is then why are you on this site??)




i woke up in my green room with my alarm going off. i grabbed my iphone off its ihome. it was playing my song my father wrote for me when i was younger. i checked my clock, it was 6:30. Why on earth was my alarm going off?!? OMG!!! It was my first day at high school!! I then relized that my tv was on, i must had fallen asleep last night watching Romeo and Juliet!!  i raced out of my room and down the hall to my parents room (even though they didnt sleep , yes they had a bed and a room!!). my mother was reading Wuthering Heights for the billionth time. my father chuckled at my joke. "morning nessie" my father greeted me "why good morning renesmee!" my mother came over to me and hugged me. My dad went back to writing a new song at the white piano in the corner of their HUGE room. I couldnt wait to get to jake! i raced down stairs and down the hall to the tiny coat closet. i grabbed my coat and went out into the cold, wintry air. i then raced into the trees and to the big house where he always was and the rest of my family, too. i walked into the family room i smelled bacon and eggs, either aunt rose or gramma esme! i walked into the kitchen to find Gramma Esme AND Aunt Rose making breakfast, Uncle Em watching football, Uncle Jazz reading a National Geo. mag, Grandpa Carlisle reading the paper, Aunt Alice looking through a Macy's mag and Jacob eating the first batch of pancakes. Alice came over to me. "hey ness i think you would love this dress!" she pointed to a green strapless. i nodded. i walked over to Jake, he put his fork down and took a gulp of juice and smiled at me. "hi everyone" i greeted. "HEY NESSIE! THE GATORS ARE WINNING!" uncle em screeched. "NICE"  i said actually interested. I walked over to aunt rose and gramma esme. they both dropped their spoons and hugged me. Just then my parents walked in. " Oh, Bella, really?" alice cried. "yes, alice, yes i'm quite sure!" mom said sarcastically. my father laughed. " ok, ness, jake, breakfast time. oh and, Rosett McCarthy Lillian Hale! Time for breakfast!" she said. Rosett is my adopted sister, well cousin really. Rose and Em addopted her when she was 10. She is a vampire.









well hope u guys like this so far!!



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Sounds really good...please continue:)



i look like i am 17 but i am really 7. Rosett rushed down the stairs. "hey loch ness" she greeted me. we sat down at the table and had breakfast. When we were done i walked to my room (at the big house) that i shared with Rosett. It was half punk rock and half was pink. my half was the pink fraction of the room. "hey rosie?" (we call her rosie and aunt rosalie rose or rosalie). "ya, Lochy?" she asked. i looked at my bed.There was short shorts, high top sneakers, a black knit vest, and a white tanktop plus a scarf. " Did you pick this out?" i asked rosie. "Alice" we both said at the same time. We laughed. I quickly got dressed and hurried into the large bathroom. It was a black room with an extra long counter top with two sinks. i put on my make up and did my hair. I stepped outside with my bag with all of my books plus my binder and some makeup. Jake took my bag and i reached my lips up to his. He neeled down on one knee and i gasped. "Renesmee Carlie Cullen i promise to love you every moment forever. Will you do the extrodinary honor of bieng my wife?" he asked. I could tell he was nervous. " yes, yes, yes!!" i squealed. he picked me up and swung me around. he then set me on my feet and placed the ring that was now mine forever on my left hand the forth finger from my thumb. " its perfect!" i said with delight. Just then rosett walked out of our room. " what on earth is going on out here?" she questioned. i held up my left hand. "oh my god!!!"  she squealed. " you stole my lines!!' my dad yelled up the stairs. i could here everyone laughing about how jake had said the exact same thing when my father had proposed to my mother 8 years ago.

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der u guys go updated


                                 RENESMEE CULLEN


"come on down kids. time to discuss ur stories!" Esme called up the stairs. We skipped down the stairs cheerfully. Oh my
God i havent even mentioned Rosie's power yet!! She has the power to sleep and usually in her sleep she has visions of the future.  " so heres our story: Rosalie, Jasper, and Rosett Hale cam to us and we addopted you guys. Now Alice, Edward, and Renesmee are our original birth children. the cullens yo would assume. Bella and Jacob are the Blacks." Carlisle listed. "Grades" Alice prompted him as if she has done this a million times ( probably!!). " Renesmee, Jacob, and Rosett you are sophomores. Alice, Jasper, Edward, and Bella are juniors and Emmett and Rosalie you are seniors." Carlisle read aloud from a sheet of paper. "Now, here are your schedules." carlisle stated as he handed out the thick booklets.  I grabbed mine::



creative writing


dance class


Social studies or history (depending on the day)


" you have GOT to be kidding me! does anybody else have dance class 5th period?" my mother said shocked. " i do" all the girls replied. esme smiled to her self. i guess she set up the schedules and we each had the same classes as our mates except that the girls had dance and the boys had P.E.. Because Rosett didnt have a mate yet she had all of her classes with moi!!


i like it





"let us go!!" i said excited for my first day of being/acting 100% human! "k" they all said. We headed out to the garage. Jacob and Rosett in my ice blue volvo SUV. My parents plus Alice and Jasper in my mom's guardian. Last but not least Rosalie and Emmett in Rose's red convortable.  We sped down the highway and along the long line of trees. I could tell my mother a car behind me was having deja vu. We parked next to each other. I was glad no one was there yet i REALLY didnt like big entrances. I could hear Aunt Ali sigh as we parked. I chuckled to myself.  " off to calculus!" said jacob mocking a sarcastic tone. I grabbed his hand and together we sauntered to calculus. we walked in and began to intro our selves. " hi were the new kids: Renesmee, Rosett, and Jacob. Are you Mrs. BRown?" rosie asked, fearless child.  " why yes i am. i am pleased to meet you! why dont you all take a seat at those three desks in a row." she said " thankyou" i said.  I took a look at my watch 20 mins. early!  i walked up to my new teacher. " May we plese go set up our lockers? we forgot?" i asked innocent as ever. " Sure. Just be back in time for class which is at 8:05." she answered. WE all scurried out of the room only to find that Gramma Esme had lined us all up in a row of lockers. My parents, and aunts and uncles, too. I opened my locker and started hanging up my posters and my calender. Then, I put my backpack and my books in on the shelf and hook. Below it i put in an extra supply of hygenie items for me (pads, deoderant, bra, underwear, shorts and a shirt plus an extra pair of flip flops.) Rosett doing the same, but leaving out the first on the list. Cuz she was a full vamp she didnt get her period. But, i did when i was physically 11.




When i was done i slammed my locker shut and sank down to the floor. I put my head between my knees. " Oh, honey, are you alright?" my mother asked with concern. " Bella, love, shes fine. Just a little overwhelmed." my father answered my father for me. I put my hands in my lap and started tracing the ring on my finger. I smiled at the thought of me, 2 months later, Mrs. Renesmee Carlie Cullen Black. My aunt sat down next to me.  She handed me a bridal magazine. I flipped to the 1st page. Ooh.. ahh.... Those would be perfect for my brides maids, maid of honor and my flower girl.  Bridesmaids: Zafrina, Kate, Emily, Alice, Rose, and Rosett. Maid(s) of honor:  Mom and Gramma. Flower girl: Claire. Mom and Gramma Esme would walk with her one on each side. Then, mom would stand with the bridesmaids and gramma esme would stand with Claire. I couldnt even begin to imagine all the groomsmen!! Dang!!! 13 groomsmen!! The bridesmaids dress would be white with an orange ribbion around as a belt.  Same with the Claire's except it wouldnt have tank sleeves. It would have short sleeves.  My dress... well, i am planning to go shopping with Alice tonight to Paris.  I put my palm up to her chin. ' can we go shopping to Paris tonight?" She nodded. I looked toward my father, " go right ahead." he granted me without a thought.  I pulled out my cell.


        NessiedaVH: gramma, can u get a bag ready 4 me? Me & ali r gonna go shoppn 2 paris tonite


        Decorlady: sure sweety. clothes?


        NessiedaVH:  no me & ali 'll $ some!!! :)


        Decorlady: k. how long 'll u guys be gon?


        NessiedaVH:  bak by 1am TOPS


        Decorlady:    all rite sweete hav fun!!  :)


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I stood up & headed towards calculus. I sat down next to Jake. I showed him the dresses in the catalog. He nodded his head approvingly. "Alright class, we have 3 new students. Come on up here guys."  Mrs. Brown called to us. We headed towards the front.  " Introduce your selves."  Mrs. Brown prompted us. " Hi, i'm Renesmee Cullen. Some people call me Nessie." I said. " And umm i umm...,, Im Jacob Black." everyone laughed not cuz they where making fun of him but cuz jake did that sorta intentionally.  " I'm Rosett McCarthy" Rosie said strongly.  " and i understand you, with an exception of Renesmee, are adopted by Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen?" she asked us. " yes." rosett answered her first. " any other siblings" she asked us. " yes, Edward & Alice Cullen, Jasper & Rosalie Hale, And Bella Black." i spoke. " Alright go on back to your seats. Class, today were doing a review on fractions." she said to everyone. Yes!! I thought. I pulled ut my cell. I started to text  my mom. 

NessiedaVH: hi mom


lamby:  hi renesmee


NessiedaVH: ugh ? does skool repeat???????????


lamby:  cuz, well, ur mor advanced. ?????


NessiedaVH: FRACTIONS!!! u????


 lamby:  mr brown thinx weve nvr herd o da civil war befor


NessiedaVH:  im gonna tlk 2 ali tlk lata!! luv u!! cya afta clas


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