The Twilight Saga

hope you all enjoy it!!!     (if you dont know wo renesmee is then why are you on this site??)




i woke up in my green room with my alarm going off. i grabbed my iphone off its ihome. it was playing my song my father wrote for me when i was younger. i checked my clock, it was 6:30. Why on earth was my alarm going off?!? OMG!!! It was my first day at high school!! I then relized that my tv was on, i must had fallen asleep last night watching Romeo and Juliet!!  i raced out of my room and down the hall to my parents room (even though they didnt sleep , yes they had a bed and a room!!). my mother was reading Wuthering Heights for the billionth time. my father chuckled at my joke. "morning nessie" my father greeted me "why good morning renesmee!" my mother came over to me and hugged me. My dad went back to writing a new song at the white piano in the corner of their HUGE room. I couldnt wait to get to jake! i raced down stairs and down the hall to the tiny coat closet. i grabbed my coat and went out into the cold, wintry air. i then raced into the trees and to the big house where he always was and the rest of my family, too. i walked into the family room i smelled bacon and eggs, either aunt rose or gramma esme! i walked into the kitchen to find Gramma Esme AND Aunt Rose making breakfast, Uncle Em watching football, Uncle Jazz reading a National Geo. mag, Grandpa Carlisle reading the paper, Aunt Alice looking through a Macy's mag and Jacob eating the first batch of pancakes. Alice came over to me. "hey ness i think you would love this dress!" she pointed to a green strapless. i nodded. i walked over to Jake, he put his fork down and took a gulp of juice and smiled at me. "hi everyone" i greeted. "HEY NESSIE! THE GATORS ARE WINNING!" uncle em screeched. "NICE"  i said actually interested. I walked over to aunt rose and gramma esme. they both dropped their spoons and hugged me. Just then my parents walked in. " Oh, Bella, really?" alice cried. "yes, alice, yes i'm quite sure!" mom said sarcastically. my father laughed. " ok, ness, jake, breakfast time. oh and, Rosett McCarthy Lillian Hale! Time for breakfast!" she said. Rosett is my adopted sister, well cousin really. Rose and Em addopted her when she was 10. She is a vampire.









well hope u guys like this so far!!



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I like what you wrote on your page. It was wonderful. Keep up the great work twilight saga Friend. I can't wait for your next chapter.

hey I have so far read everything I thought it was fantastic !!!
Loved it !!
Is there more ?


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