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Hey guys.

I just recently re-read New Moon and came up with a Fan--Fiction Story.

FYI this is basically ALL Edward. No Jacob. So I just wanted to warn you...

Yeah so this story is all about if Bella didn't jump. The reason I call it a short and NOT a Novella is because that this story will be only 7 long chapters.  I am also when this is done, going to write it again but in Edward's view. So anyways lets get to it.

-Table of Contents-

1 -Waking Up.                4- Fire or Ice.

2-New.                           5-Decision.

3- Committed.               6-Change.                 7-Future.

What if Bella hadn't jumped?

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i like it! plz update me when you next post! thnks!
Looks interesting. Would love to read it


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