The Twilight Saga

Full Moon

Twilight Series from Stephanie Mayer.

Carla Patricia Lopez and Carolina Cardona

Preface: It’s bean almost a year since that day at the field, the day we al thought that our existence was going to end in the hands off those that are the law for our kind, almost a year since the day that had let a mark in all of us. There where many things to considered this time but in a good way, this time nothing was coming to attack us, nothing of that source.
For now, at least.

Chapter 1: Renesmee´s Birthday.
I was lying in bed curled around Edward’s strong harms. We were having one of those very passionate moments looking into each others eyes, his gorgeous topaz eyes. This was one of my favorite things to do while we where waiting for the sun to rice. This was going to be a very long day, everything was already done, Alice had done all the planning, it was going to be a surprised party and for some reason she insisted in the fact that we will have nothing to do but get her our own gift. It was going to be very beautiful and Nessie will love it.
“What’s on your mind?” Edward asked. This was something that I was used to by now. He always wanted to know what I was thinking and it bothered him that my mind was off limits, a fact that I was graceful for.
“Just thinking about the big day Nessie will have today. She’ll love what Alice has been planning to do for her birthday tomorrow, well I guess I should say today since sun rice is not going to be too long now.” I answer him trying to give him as much detail about this as possible since this was a topic I feel comfortable charring with him. I had been working on letting my shield down some times but after five seconds of showing Edward whatever it was on my mind, memories or feelings about us, our life together, the beautiful things that we had done when I was a human or after the change he will start kissing me and that was all for my concentration. I hardly do that anymore, firstly because there where things that I like to keep private like the way I felt when he touches me, when he kisses me or when he looks intensely at me, and knowing like I knew Edward, he’ll probably will push it to know everything that I felt. The only times that I did that it was to communicate whit him when we were hunting or when we where in the house and I whanted to tell him something important.
“Yes she will love all of it”.
“I wonder where she inherited the taste for being the center of attention and loving gifts.” I said with a playfully smile on mi face.
“Well it was certainly not form you, that’s for sure” He said teasing me, all thou he was right about that.
The night was coming to an end, another day had passed and I was still living in a fairy tell. My gorgeous loving husband, my beautiful baby girl, this was more than I disserve for sure, all the people I love are a part of my life, even Charlie and Jake where here with me, all thou I didn’t like to give much thought to way that was. I was getting used to the fact that he had imprinted on Renesmme seconds after I gave birth to her, but thinking about the future was kind off painful for me. Nessie’s childhood was going to be very short and then like is was supposed to be she will go, fly out of the nest, into the loving hands of Jacob.Thank’s God it was Jacob, someone I knew and trusted.
That was something that bothered me, because of the little time I will have to spend with her after that, she will make her own life witch was a natural thing, but for me it was a bit early. This day was about her, and no dude she was going to enjoy it, but it was sad in a way for me, it was a year mark, the date that told me that it was one less year that I will be with her, our time together was counted. That is why I was compelled to spend as much time with her as possible and Edward understood that the second I let those intentions clear and felt the exact same way, we hade the nights for ourselves when Nessie was sleeping anyway.
No one was better than Edward to know when my thinking was going on a painful road, and the fact that he couldn’t read my mind was not a problem, maybe it was because he was thinking the same or maybe we where connected in an unconscious way to each other, like a defense mechanism to make any one of us feel good when the other wasn’t perfectly happy.
“There is still time, love. She is not going any where” He said while holding me tighter to his body. Yes he was perfect at making me feel better when ever I was worried about something.
“I know” I said. “I just can’t stop wondering what we will do, where will she go, when will she visit? I know I’m being such a baby right now but I can’t help it, it’s like a reflex.”
“You’re not being a baby, you’re just a concern mother, that is perfectly natural and besides maybe they’ll stay right here, maybe they won’t go away and if they do maybe another trip to Isle Esme will be good for us.” He flash a smile of anticipation at me and that give me an idea, in one quick move I place myself on top of him and look straight into his topaz eyes.
He cut up to my mood and started kissing me passionately. Yes my life was perfect and this was one of the aspects to it, kissing Edward was something I never got used to, every time it was a new feeling, a new emotion, every time it was like after I changed, before I always felt like he was holding up on me, our passion was never going to end if it was up to me, even now after a year of being both active participants in every love scene we had I never ever had enough. Actually I wish the day had more hours or rather night to be more precise.
What I was about to do was out of character for me but the sun was already rice up in the sky and we had many, many things to do. This will just have to wait until tonight.
“Edward” I said quickly trying to free my very busy mouth form his.
“Yes?” he said, apparently not anticipating what I was about to say and keep kissing my neck in the process.
“I think we better go to see if Renesmme is awake so we’ll be there to kiss her good morning and whish her happy birthday.” I said so fast that a bullet train got nothing on me right now, to make him understand the idea and make him stop so I could concentrate on something else like…Getting dress and presentable. “We could continue this lather if you don’t mind?” I said wile characin his bare chest whit my fingers and biting my lip. I’ve just realize what I just said and if I could I be bright read right now I would.
“You’re right.” He smiled at me amused by my shame. “Lest go get dress”
We went to our over sized closet and started to get dress. He put on his khaki pants and a white bottom-up shirt, like always he looked gorgeous, it didn’t help my concentration of going to see Nessie that the sun was already up- all thou it was getting darker and darker promising rain - and sending rays all over the room and all over Edward, there was nothing that I loved more about Edward that seeing him glow in the sun light. I remember in that moment the first day he had show me this in our meadow when I was still a human, I remember thinking even then with my dim human eyes that he was the moust beautiful man that I had ever seen, and now, seeing him get dress being able to appreciate the full image the way it was, with my immortal eyes, and record that in my photographic memory….This was more that my concentration will be able to bear.
I when to his side and gave him a big bear hug from behind and started kissing every part of him that I had can. I hug him real tight, like I never wanted this moment to end, in this moment there was nothing more important to me that being here with the love of my existence. Not even Nessie. The moment that thought crossed my mind I fell very guilty, this was my baby’s special day and we hade to be with her, better yet, we wanted to be with her, this was in no way an obligation. Like Edward had said to me since day one. “Is all about balance, love”
I let go of him and then went in to my oversized part of the closet and- just to please Alice and because of the fact that she already shop for it and had especially requested that I had to use this particular dress- I putt the dress I had separated for this day and got out the closet ready to go.
It was a very girlie dress, white cotton with a princess cut and a little white satin strip right under my breasts that ended with a little bow in my back. I lifted my hair into a high pony tail and put on another hand-me-down from Edward. A few weeks ago in our wedding anniversary he gave me something that he loved and cared very much, Edward’s father had also given this to her mother Elizabeth. It was a beautiful set of earrings that matched perfectly with my weeding ring; it had the same shape of the ring but there where little thin chains that united that part to a very discreet little diamond that was perfectly round and about half an inch of diameter. Edward’s father bougth this, especially for her and now it was mine and I loved it. It was one of those presents that you could not refuse, not only for the beauty of it, but also because this was something that passed on from one important women in his life to the most important women of his existence, like he said before giving them to me and besides, it was so romantic of him… This was the perfect day to wear them for the first time; I have being thinking about what will be the proper time and place too finally make Edward happy that I wear his anniversary gift and this was the perfect ocation. Hu, I wonder if Alice had seen this in her mind when she got me the dress, maybe not but the dress and the shoes matched perfectly with my jewellery, coincidence, with Alice? Not likely. Alice had brought me high heels for the ocation since we where having a big party, they where much more high that I would like but well, I had no way out by now and since I already knew that my balance was not longer an issue this was more of a character problem and not a comfort one. I also had to admit that they where very pretty and simple, which was very good for me; at least Alice had left me that one thing. They where silver sandals, the sating silver strips where very thin and curled into one another making some kind of net in the part of my feet right after my toes living those free outside the net, and then the strips got wider and separate in two that I strap in my ankles and make a little bow by the side.
Every one was invited. Charlie, Sue, Seth, Leah, Billy, Quill, Claire, Embry even Sam and Emily said they where going to try to make it -there where two packs now, after the Volturi went to Volterra and hopefully will leave us alone for good, Quill and Embry where devastated about the fact that they and Jake will not longer be together in the pack and went to Sam, they talked and Sam understood them, they and Jake had friendship bonds, even brothers bonds, long before being in the pack, Sam could feel that every time they phased to wolf form.
There where no more territorial fights between us.-About a moth ago they decided it was a good time to finally get married since there was no problem on the horizon and now all of us got along thanks to the bond between Jake and Nessie. The wedding plans where taking most of there time this days, they wanted to do it the old fashion style, like when the elders got married the bonfire and the dancing and the chartings. There were lots of things to do. I felt graceful in that moment for having Alice as my sister, annoying like she was sometimes she did know how to throw a party with style, wish ever style, you named it.
Being ready was not a very long time activity for me or any of us. This was one of the longest times I had took to dress up, usually I just throw up the first jeans I could find and a T-shirt. I was also glad for the fact that I din’t needed any make up of any kind or brush my teeth. I was ready in about tree minutes after I got in. I walked out of the closet at a very human speed, I wanted to see the look on Edward’s face, if I knew Alice well and I did, the effect this dress will have will end up being the dead of it by the time Nessie will be fully sleep in her bed, she always had given me what ever color of dress or clothes she was sure where Edward’s favorite on me, like when I was human, it was blue then, even after I changed she had put me in a blue dress when I was to under the pain to even notice, so this may be a change that she was sure will have the same effect that my clothes had that day, and like I knew her I was sure that like my wedding day she had been very careful not to think about me or the dress near him.
When I finally made it out of the closet Edward was sitting on the bed waiting for me, he had a very puzzled look on his face, I was sure that he was wondering what was taking me so long. When he looked at me I got the satisfaction I was hopping for, yes Alice was a genius when it came down to this.
“Wow” Was all he could say for a moment not bothering closing his mouth with surprise, then the corner of his mouth went up with that crocked smile that I loved so much.
I was on a very good mood and also I felt like joking a little, if Nessie where near to being up he will know.
“What do you think am I decent?” I was turning around in my own feet to let him watch me from all the angles.
“Utterly indecent” He said quoting like the day I met his family.” No one should be aloud to be so tempting.”
He got up from the corner of the bed where he was sitting and very fast came to where I stood outside the closet and in one quick move grabed my face in his strong gentle hands and kissed me. Like I said this was always a one of a kind experience. This time it was gentle, like when you’re seeing a movie and finally the actors kiss each other on the lips, it was a love kiss, soft and magnificent, Edward was good at everything. I moved along at the rhythm of his lips in mine and at the same time taking in his wonderful scent and make the best of it by letting my tongue taste the howl bit of him. I really love my new senses, being able to remember all of these moments in my life with such a perfect detail, was a wonderful thing for me.
“We better go see Nessie now; she is going to be awake soon.” He told me making a very hard effort to get away from my lips and staying very flew inches from my face staring at my butter scotch eyes.
I composed myself in one quick second and answer. “Yes, let’s go.”
We went to her room very fast and sat on the nearest end of the bed by her. My beautiful baby was growing so fast, she looked like a tree year old child now, I thougth, watching her still sleep; she looked like an angel. She was curled on her right side, her hands under her face. Beautiful, just beautiful. If I had the ability to cry my face will be full with tears of joy right now. I stayed perfectly still watching her sleep until she decided by her self wake up; I could not make myself disturb such a beautiful event. Edward was standing next to me with one hand laid softly in my right shoulder mesmerized by our daughter, and I guessed also by her dreams, since he was able to hear what she was thinking right now and I din’t. I felt jealous in that moment. I also wanted to know what her dreams where about, so I whispered to him very quickly. ”What is she dreaming about?”
“She is just picturing different types of places, all kinds actually.”
We stayed like that a little longer, she woke up after only two or tree minutes.
“Morning” She said to us with a huge smile spreaded across her face that made dimples in the corners of her mouth.
“Happy Birthday, sweetheart” We both said at the same time.
“Thanks” She said getting up from the bed and kissing and hugging each of us.
“So, what is on the agenda for today?” She asked while getting up and going to her own closet that was not as big as mine since Alice still hadn’t being able to get to it and Nessie also had Edwards room back in the big house.
“We want to stop by the family house first so they also get a chance to congratulate you and then we can do whatever you want.” Edward was the one that give the explanation since my laying abilities had not been improved after the change and she will have blow that cover in one instant, so I just smile in approval with what Edward had said.
“Ok, let me just get dressed and we will go, you think grandma Esme will make me breakfast at the house? I’m really hungry but I want to wait for Jake to go hunting. Is that ok?
“Anything you want” Edward said.
Nessie was already done getting dress so we went to the house. We where running at Nessie’s pace, she had wanted to run today instead of letting us carried her, we leaped over the river and headed to the main door. The house looked like there was no one in it, like it was deserted except for the two noises that Edward and I hear when we headed for the door. I tought it was a “Down” and a “Here they come” but now it was quiet, the only sound that came from it was the thirteen people breathing and the sound of seven beating hearts that I knew Nessie could hear.
Right after that thought crossed my mind Nessie jumped right into my harms, put her hand in my face and show me that exactly with a question edge to her thought. I had to come up with something fast or I will mess the surprise element for her. Why Alice didn’t thought of this and gave me the way out? Oh right, she could not see Nessie or the wolves. Well this one will better do.
“Maybe some friends came to visit or some of the doctors from the hospital are here to talk to Carlisle about something medical” I said putting a puzzled face close to the one she had. “Please, please, let this one work.” I thought to myself and it did work, she droped her hand to my neck and the next thing I saw was that she wasn’t giving this any more attention, she was dreaming about Esme’s omelet’s and pancakes. Thank’s god she was hungry.
We went thru the door and everybody got out of there hiding places and screamed “Happy Birthday Nessie.”
Every one was here except for Sam and Emily whom I guessed where too cut up in the wedding plans, and also will not want to make Leah uncomfortable with there presence here.
Nessie was very surprised and happy right now. She had the biggest smile I had seen in her face after the one she had give me the day we where introduce after I gave birth to her. I put her in the floor so that every one will be able to hold her and congratulate her.
The first who got to her was Jake; of course, I guessed that he was in that spot just to be the first to congratulate her from the whole crowd. He opened his arms and Nessie went to him with a big smile in her beautiful face. He kissed her and congratulated her smiling at her like there was nothing else in the word that mattered. I pushed away the same painful thougth that came to me minutes ago in bed with Edward and grabed his hand.
Nessie pass through the whole crowd, the hugs and smiles where always there. I was really glad that she was so happy. This had worked out perfectly I had to give that one to Alice.
Alice had went overboard like always, the house was decorated with white roses and beautiful lavender flowers, Nessie was in a purple face right now and she knew it. Well what didn’t she knew? She had got the whole bit; the cake was very very big, there where tree of them that formed a tower, and had three colors.
The first one was the biggest, the one that was holding the tower, it was purple and was also like the decorations flowers only this time the roses where bottoms all over the ends of the round cake and the other parts where purple and by the smell it had, it was a graves cake. The second one was the same in decoration only this time it was a strawberry cake and the third one was a cake with the face of Nessie on top of it, made out of what I gessed it was frosty. It was really creative of Alice to do this; well maybe the better expression was that this was so Alice, I also smelled something really disgusting to my taste in the kitchen and I guessed that Alice had really went overboar this time with a catering and everything, when the majority of us did not stand normal food. Well, since we had as guests five werewolfs, that had a very good appetite, -and will love this food since no vampire had let their scent in it, all thou they where getting used to that- and three normal people, well three and a half, maybe most of the food will be eated and the rest we will give to them to take for latter, well maybe I really didn’t have to pretend to eat and then had the unpleasant job to get it back out.
Also as an extra present Alice had a very beautiful dress waiting for Nessie to put it on, it was also purple and white, apparently Alice liked this combo, because the balloons where this colors and the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESSIE sign was too. The dress was mostly purple in a pastel shade with spots of white all over it without following any pattern, the white spots where just scattered all over it, It had a very thin strip that hanged around her neck, a to match with it a pair of very beautiful white satin sandals with no heels. Ones she put the dress on, Esme said.
“There is just one little thing that will make this outfit even more perfect” With that she went up-stairs and was back after five minutes -since Charlie was here we had to act humans which was very annoying- with a silver tiara in her hands that she put on Nessie’s head making her look like a little princess. She was right, now she was even more perfect and I guessed that the tiara would be another family antique.
Actually, now that I took the time to analyze, every one in the room were all very nice dressed. Every woman had put on a dress for the occasion, even Leah. She had a long down the knee dress, with black and white horizontal strips that looked very good on her, she wore a pair of black shoes, half the size o my hells, and had her very short hear down , this was one off the many disadvantages of being a women werewolf. Esme opted for a very inconspicuous black dress very tight to her shape; very 70ths style so I figured se had it for a wile. Alice had a pink fuchsia dress with thin silver verticals strips; this was the shortest of all and a pair of high silver heels. Sue’s dress was all full of daisy flowers with differents colors shades, in gold, yellow and white, she was the only one of the women’s that was not wearing heels, instead she had a beautiful pair of low gold to the floor sandals in a roman style. Claire had a very cute dress in a very pale shade of blue, and Rose, Oh Rose was…. There was no way to describe how exquisite Rose was today. She had a beautiful yelllow dress long to the thigh, that shaped in a perfect way her unequal body, it was like seen a goddess, her long blond hair fall all over her shoulders, and matched perfectly wiht the tone of her dress, the hells where golden with a classic form. She really was something painful to wacth when she was normal, but like this, it was almost unbearable to be around her and not fell insanely jealous of my big sister endless beauty, even after I changed.
The boys were also very nice. They all had bottom-up shirts in different colors, Jasper’s was a pale green that looked very good with the color of his blond hair and some beige pants. Em’s shirt was light blue and he had put on dark gray pants, Carlisle and Esme matched he also had opted black for both his shirt and his pants, Charlie had clean up very well too, he had a brown shirt that went really well with the color of his eyes and a dark black jean. Even the wolves where out of there normal sweat pants and bared chest style and blend in with the rest of the people here. Quill’s shirt was dark ocean blue and his pants where white, Embry was bone white from head to toe, Seth had an orange shirt and light blue jeans, Billy was wearing a beige shirt with brown squares all over it, and brown pants. Jake had a light yellow shirt that looked perfect on him, it made the beautiful color of his skin and his darker long hear pop out; I haven’t seen Jake dressed up like this in a long time.
After all of them where trough congratulating Nessie, Alice got her by the hand and said:
“Is time to open your presents”
“Grate” Nessie said very enthusiastic. I was very happy for Alice, now she had a niece that was able to express the appropriate amount of enthusiasm about parties and dresses and presents.
They both danced out to the table that was by the end of the large living room, Alice had moved all of the houses furniture to an unknown place and had put a large dance floor all over the big space, she had the stereo next to the cake table with a bunch of cd’s in the side and chairs for each and every one of us. We had to keep up appearances with Charlie around.
In the presents table there were six gifts. Edward’s and mine were a two part gift, and the wolve’s and Billy’s where going to give her one that they made together. All of us headed to the table, when we got there Alice got one little box and started jumping up and down like a little child and said.
“Open mine and Jazz first” With that she handed Nessie the little box.
“What will this be? What will this be?” Nessie was saying while tearing apart the rapper and finding a key inside the little box. Edward and I chuckled when we saw the confused look on Nessie’s face, we all knew what that key will be for, but she didn’t, yet.
“Alice’’ I said suppressing a smile because Nessie was starting to get irritated for the fact that apparently for her this was not a joke and didn’t understood why everyone was laughing abaut. “I think you better tell her what it is.”
“Ohh!!! It’s a key to your new stocked closet Nessie, I made you a new closet here in the room that was of you father, since making it in the cottage will mean for all of you to move in here for a week or two so that we’ll be able to do the renovation, I thought this will be better.”
“It is auntie Alice, is very nice of you, I can’t wait for us to get up there to see how it is.”
“We’ll go later, but there is something more in there. See?”
“Wow that is awesome auntie now we can go together.” Inside the black box under where the key was, there was also a discount special shopping card for all the major stores.
“Thank you so much, both of you, I love it” She said now to Jasper too and went to hug them.
“Now is our turn” Em said anxious to give her what he and Rose had got her. “Is this one” He reached and got a big square package and took a steep back to Rose’s side to wait for her reaction. Inside, there was a little rectangle Ipod that she loved as soon as she saw it, she loved music.
“It’s got eighty giga bytes and I put in some of your fathers songs, some of mines and some I think you may enjoy, I left you tons of space for you to fill with what ever you like later.” Rose said winking at her. Nessie went to hug them both.
“There’s one more thing in there, look” Em said, clearly this was the one he had bought for her. There was a little baseball uniform and also a cap. This was the uniform they used when they played any kind off sports.
“Now you’ll look like all of us when we play” He said with a very huge smile.” And don’t worry we bought a bunch more in other sizes for when you grow up, there in your new closet.”
“Thank’s uncle Em, I love it.” She said looking at him and then at Rose.” All of it.”
“Ok, I’m next.” Charlie said and handed her another little box.” I know it may be a little early for this but since I know you are growing at the speed of the light and all that maybe you’ll get to use this soon enough.” Inside the box there was another key, but this one I recognized, it was one key that I once loved. I could not believe Charlie had done this; this may have cost him a fortune to get it done.
“It’s kind of a hand-me-down, see, I gave a car to your adoptive -he said the word looking at me like he knew that it was one of the lies he had to know better than the truth, in the need to know bases he had agreed on- mother the day she moved back to Forks to live with me. So I thought that you may want to have it. I made some changes. I changed the engine completely and put a new one so that some of the limitations that had when she used it are not longer a problem, and repainted the old thing in the same color, it looks like new now.” He said that and winked at Jake. Of course he will have given my father the same services as a mechanic that he had given me long time a go.” We can go see it later after Alice takes you to se your new closet if you want? It’s out in the back, I brought it here”
“Thank you grandpa Charlie” She said with a much exited look and with that thru herself at him to hug him.” My first car, this is so exiting”

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Chapter 2: Plans Part Three

The moment I explained that to him his face lit up, like I just gave him the best gift ever.
“Or course you can come, how do you think I could do that to you? Really Jake that is just very stupid of you.”
In that moment he caught me off the floor and lifted me in a bear tight hug, yes this was a very important thing for him.
“Ok, that’s enough. Put her down.” Edward said to him after just one second.
“So, what are the plans, what do I have to do?” Jake was very enthusiastic, he wanted something to do.
“Nothing to do but your own choices.” I explained.
“What do you mean about choices?”
“Just that maybe some of the pack will what to come to, Edward needs the final number, he is going to the agency today to purchase the tickets to the first fly to Rio, we are leaving on Sunday. We have dinner with Charlie on Saturday; maybe we’ll even spend the howl day so that he can have more time with Nessie, and maybe that way the news will be less heart breaking for him.” I was worried about Charlie’s reaction to this matter, He knew some day we will go, this was nothing permanently, but it was the longest we will spend apart since I moved back to Forks.
“Oh, don’t worry about Charlie to much; he will be fine, you’ll see.” He said that with a smile and elbowed Alice.
“What is that mean? What don’t I know that apparently everybody else does?”
“Is nothing love, but Charlie asked us not to tell you, he wants to do this in person, is a good news.” Edward smiled at me; it was amazing how the howl world disappeared when he smiled like that at me, his face full of love. This was one amazing thing in deed.
“I’m all done” Nessie said entering the room. She was wearing some jeans and a red t-shirt. Ow, this will make Alice crazy.
“Oh my god, tell me you have not got a fashion lesson from your mother!” Yes, this was making her crazy already. I just laughed, what else was there to do? Alice!
“Well is a good thing I got you that closet, we will make a stop there before going to the stores.”
“Were are we going?”
“We are going to do some shopping for the trip; we are going to see Zafrina, like you wanted, isn’t that great?”
“Super, can Jake come?” This was her first thing to ask.
“Honey, as much as we know that Jake loves to spend time with you I think that a shopping day with your aunt Alice is too much to ask of him, not even I will be able to get true that.”
“Hey” Alice protested.” Is not my fault you don’t have fun like normal girls.”
“Okay, enough, we better get to do what we planed last night or we will never be ready.” This time Edward interjected before I had a chance to rebut Alice’s comment.
“Ok, we will be on our way, say good bye Nessie; we have a long day ahead of us, and lost of fun wetting.” Alice was on motion in a second.
Nessie came to us one by one; she kissed us and then got to the door with Alice.
“Have fun, baby.” I shouted after them. “I will momma, bye” She yelled back in that beautiful soprano voice of hers.
“Okay, back to business, Jake, how many do you think will come? Edward was also impatient to do this; I guessed that his reasons were the same as my own, past through the day, occupied himself until the night will finally rose to make us one again.
“ I don’t know, I’ll have to ask them, I know Quill will never dream of coming, Claire is here and this is also his place, Maybe Embry, The ones I know will be there for sure are Leah and Seth, You can’t have one without the other.”
Yes, Leah will welcome this like no one else would; the more miles she put between her, Sam and Emily, the better will be for her. Specially now that they have finalized the engagement and were making the weeding plans, they were going to make it official in no time. The sadness that Leah felt was to obvious, even for a human, this was one of the aspects that had me confused by the sudden change in Sue’s face, she knew what Leah was going trough.
Like any other human been or creature, we always have hope, and my guess was that she always had hoped with no chance what so ever, hoped that maybe Sam will change his mind. This was the final Neil in her coffin, this was the last steep for Sam and Emily to spend the rest of there life’s together, I think that she deluded herself into thinking that they were postponing the weeding because they where having problems or maybe because they where not sure of themselves, I could not blame her, actually I was sure that I would have done the same thing if Edward had not chosen me in the end. I will have waited in the shadows, just like she did, and now I will be at the point of dead, just like she was.
I whish I had some way to help her, in some way this trip was all the peace I could provide her, and we did it, we all did it without thinking about her. Even knowing that Leah was not found of me I had her in good esteem. Even knowing that she had helped us thinking about herself. She did put her life in danger for all of us, for me, for my family and my baby girl, which is something that I’ll never forget. Some day I will find a way to repay her, some how I will find a way.
“How long you think it will take you to ask them, to know what they decided.” Edward asked.
“I don’t know, maybe an hour, maybe more, depending on how long they take, and besides we have all to get to the bank, this may take some time. I’ll let you now, ok? Jacob’s answer let my stunt; did he really think that I will let him spend every dime he had on this trip? I will be damned to let that happened.
I was determined to make Nessie go to college and to a good one, so I had plans in that area for him to, I knew he had some money saved, like I did, but I will make sure that Edward will do the same thing he did when he got me into Dartmouth.
So I answered him with the most determined voice I had ever used since I became a vampire.
“Don’t even think about doing anything of that source, there is no way I’m, better yet, there is no way that we are going to let you use the money you have saved for this trip.” He was going to argue like I knew he would, but I didn’t even let him start.
“There is no way, I told you, that money is for you to go to college with Nessie when the time is right, this matter is not up for discussion Jake, I will not hear another word.”
“But Bella…” This time I did something that he had done to me. I pitched his lips with my fingers and cut him out middle sentence.
“You can’t talk when you’re being stupid.”
”Okay, okay, but I’ll pay you back, even if it takes me a century to do so.” Was all he said about this.
“Oh, and this goes to all the members of the pack that are going on the trip with us, you know that money is not a issue for us and I don’t see a better way to spend it that to do it with friends and family, so they are cover to.” Edward say this to Jacob in the most sweet voice, he really had come to cared about Jake the same way I did and he also cared about Seth and Leah, mostly about Seth, they had been friends long before he and Jake were.
“Okay, I will tell them, but I’m sure that they will tell you the same thing I did.”
“I know you are probably right, please just tell them the same I told you.” Edward really wanted them to join us. I could hear that in the tone of his velvet voice.
“Okay, I will call you to you cell the moment I have the official number, I have to talk to Sam also, the ones that chose to stay here will have to follow Sam while I’m gone. How long are we talking about?”
“We were planning for a moth, but that could easily turn into two, maybe even three. There is no way to know for sure.” I had to explain this to Jake; he had a right to know about this.

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